I worry about that boy sometimes.

Luca has a lot of titles… and a lot of names too. Pasori naming convention is my favorite thing. It is basically a long string of first names. There is no “last name” per se except for your tribal affiliation (in this case, Gulo). Most people’s full names are around fifty words long, but for convenience one tends to shorten it to three (Luca’s family also has a Santrified last name, deSadar, which sounds better on the ears for a lot of his subjects).

Are you proud of me? I got the page up on time. Despite all my deadlines :) I’m not anticipating any miracles for next week though, haha. Once again, if you are in the SF Bay Area and have nothing to do this weekend, feel free to stop by our table at APE! My friend and I are going to be kicking ass at table 554 (Armada and Shingworks Studio). Here’s some of the cool stuff I’m selling this year:
– The Meek chapter 1 (beautiful full color printing)
– The Meek poster
– The Tide mini
Snowball in Hell stuff
– Water Tribe comics on behalf of Rufftoon
It’s going to be rad.

Whoever is updating the TV tropes page for the comic is cracking me up. I stumbled upon it again yesterday and spent a few minutes loling.

I have a ton of comics I want to pimp but I will limit myself to one this week, White Noise. Great concept, and the execution is not too shabby either! One of those comics you can’t stop reading (and then you hit the last page and want to bash your face into something in frustration).

See you sometime late next week!


  • BrittanyB

    I’m glad that Luca finally shows a tiny bit of affection! Just a pinch, though. ;)
    His suprised face is priceless! Someone is there he doesn’t like?

  • Nice strip. His son is a real wise-ass, isn’t he?

    I agree, that Luca’s face in the last panel is priceless. If his eyes were any bigger, he’d either look like a cartoon character, or Marty Feldman. It’s great.

    And either there’s someone there he doesn’t like/didn’t expect to see, or he doesn’t like being called “Hand of the North”.

    • Neverfilledvoid

      Or he just noticed he didn’t wisit the bathroom before he went xD

    • haha, I was thinking Rodney Dangerfield! Same difference 0_0

  • Suda’s face in the third panel….omg. XD

    • ditto, hahaa.

    • I love it too! The second panel really sets it up.

    • Railena

      The third panel simply makes this my favorite page thus far! Suda’s expression is priceless!

  • Ver

    Suda is cracking me up.

  • “The author admits to liking sideburns and gloves, and Luca happens to have both. ”


    Btw, can’t wait to know what’s the meaning of Luca’s face in the last panel :’D

  • Neverfilledvoid

    I spot some major shade improvements ;D Looks so damn awsome <3

  • Height difference moe~

    He gets it from his mother ^_-

  • sweet_gardenia

    ” What th….When did they tack THAT title on? ” >_>

    haha the whole Grand Entrance thing was shaping up to be a total badass entrance until that title.

    Suda is adorable! And I hate to break to you, Luca but….everyone is probably taller than you sorry

    Ahahahah those tropes! Napoleon complex XD

  • sweet_gardenia

    And yes I am totally proud of you <3 GOOD JOB!!!!

  • Lee

    Love that banana grin.

  • kindle

    Suda looks so happy to get some sort of affection/approval from his father. It’s hilarious. :D

  • rufftoon

    Urf- first panel is really dark on my monitor. May work better in print (hint-hint- next Meek book!).
    Panel 3- like the little sliver of light on Luca, indicating the door is opening. Always loved little details like that.
    Great drawings and expression throughout, and I like this little cliff hanger. Looking forward to the next pages- I swear, they are becoming more and more gorgeous with each posts.

    • Thanks, I tried lightening that first panel a bit (the original was even darker!) but I do agree it needs some more lightening.


    • You must have especially awesome socks now

  • LMAO. Suda’s face in the third panel = ROFL! Ah Can’t wait to see what happens!

  • As Rufftoon said. When I viewed this page from my monitor at work it was super dark – but at home it was a lot brighter (perfect to be honest). It’s so troublesome to make digital art look good on all monitors! I guess the most important part is that it looks ok in print? :)

    Love the light-rays of when the door opens and Luca’s final expression when the doors are wide open! What a cliffhanger! Oh, and Suda’s face features and expressions make me smile! Awesome!

    Good luck at APE! <3 Let us know what it was like on next update, please? :D Can't wait to get my hands on that poster someday!

  • B

    Now I’m wondering what Luca and Suda’s full names are. Impractical names are so entertaining.

  • aw man

    i want a meek poster. but i dont want to drive 4 hours to get to san francisco to get one. RATS.

    • Haha, I will sell them online too once I make enough money to buy some freaking mailing tubes!

      • I wish I could drive, I would so drive eight hours to pick up some meek merch, and be in San Fran. I love San Fran.

  • Andyman

    Regarding Luca in panels 2 & 3: “Sometimes when I get nervous…I stick my hands under my arms and smell my fingers like this.”

    This page serves as a great small-scale example of how the Emperor and his son (often?) interact with outstanding shading in the last two panels as well. Blah, blah, blah pseudo-critique, I’m definitely looking forward to the next cliffhanger.

    • Superstar reference for the win! :D

  • Basho5eyes

    I love the part when Luca ask “When did you get so tall?” and Suda has that huge grin on his face

  • pancakes4all

    Why does the interview i read and TV tropes refer to you as male? Am i completely retarded for thinking you were female this whole time? I AM CONFUUUUUUUUUUSED. D:

  • Marianne

    omg suda’s face is so funny hahaha I love it, and Luca in the last panel priceless hahahaha

  • BentKatana

    Expressions in this are so damned awesome xD Oh man, a new page! I thought I was checking merely out of obsession and felt silly because I figured there was no update, but DAMN! Can’t wait to see what surprised him! Thought: Are the outfits of the other clan, perhaps, revealing? Just wondering; we learned in my Greek Civilization class of popular dress for women consisting of a vest that exposed the breasts, with the nipples painted red. I thought it sounded pretty cool, lol xD

  • ccoa

    I’m the one who created and did most of the updates to the TV Tropes page. I’m glad you’re enjoying it. ^_^

    Interestingly enough, I also did the page for White Noise. Small world.

    • Haha, thanks very much for updating it! I liked seeing all those categories. And one clarification while I’m at it, Suda is not a lech… more like just a normal guy, haha.

  • rainey

    “When did you get so tall?” PFFF. Luca, you inobservant dad.

  • general-blue

    Okay, it’s official. I love Suda.

    Hmm… who could Luca possibly be surprised to see? I have a feeling it might be Phe, but… who knows? (Except you, of course… XD)

  • Suda’s slightly dememted face reminded me of a motivational poster i saw today, making my day ten times better. Which is really really good, because it rained today, and i didn’t think that could be topped.

  • The O!

    Aha. I feel your spiel on Santrified names has connected a couple dots for me.

    Feel your spiel. That’s hot.

    ANYWAY, great as usual. The little moments like Suda’s smile make it so magical.

  • “Nope sir.”

    I can feel the humorous emphasis behind that “sir” and it is so, so wonderful. I’m really enjoying this story so far and it’s held my interest the whole way. I cannot wait for more. The dialogue is very human and entertaining to read, the expressions are executed so well, and your coloring is outstanding.

  • A.L.

    You know I get a giant grin on my face like that when someone says something like about me :P.

  • Vert

    Could be two reasons for that grin, actually.

    1) Grudging compliment from dad
    2) Got away with being a smartass. It looked like Luca was going to say something else to him about the “nope, sir”, then decided to change the subject. So.. *GRIN* got away with one!

  • Have you ever heard of Whispered Apologies? I stumbled across it and thought it would be awesome and fun if you did it!

  • 80

    Do you know deviantart?
    I hope this is okay.
    Check these out. My twin sister and I did this.


  • rockfish

    EEEE that smile! That made me giggle so hard

  • Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

    • Hi! Thanks for asking, and you sure can :)

  • D:

    The suspense!!!

  • Aemilius

    Ahhh, I miss reading this comic! :( Alas, it is blocked on my campus’ interwebz…Horray for Fall Break and playing catchup.

  • the_pale_lady

    Ah the second panel just cracks me up. The LOOK on his face. Everytime I see it I just can’t help but laugh. THANKS!!!

  • OH MAN, this comic is GREAT. I love the expressions and the coloring is SUPERB!

  • I positively love Suda’s sh**-eating grin at panel 3. It’s the kind that just says to me, “Ha ha, you love me.” XD

    • Yes, that is the precise word for that kind of smile XD

  • Amy

    I love Suda’s face in the 3rd panel! Priceless!! I want that as a background for my puter!

  • Hahaha, I love Suda a ton. He’s absolutely adorable. So you have the print editions! Will you be selling them online as well?

    • Also! Your art while always beautiful, is so much more improved in this chapter. I think it’s the coloring, there seems to be more… love in it. Maybe I’m just a fan of indoor lighting, I don’t really know, but this chapter is really gorgeous.

  • Ave

    This comic makes me so happy… it’s so beautiful. I also agree with the person(s) who think that Luca is strangely attractive, I was worried it was just me!

  • Skaski

    The face on Suda when Luca calls him tall, it will make me laugh for a few days I am sure. I’m so happy every time you update :3

  • Link Man

    Suda seems like such a joker.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that HE was the one who shouted “Hand of the North!”, after his father expressly told him not to speak.

  • Karlee

    White space! gasp! Looks lovely :) I especially like the colouring/shading in the bottom two panels.
    Hm… I haven’t commented here before, actually.
    The Meek = The Awesome =D
    I can’t wait to read more ^____________^
    Your colouring and artwork are absolutely lovely, and I love that you obviously have a huge amount of thought and information (i.e. detail) behind the scenes :)

  • Maya

    Think this is the third to today I’ve been looking at this. Suda’s grin makes me so happy, every time I see it. Love on Suda xD

  • Herisson

    OOOooooooh so much suspense. Who’s in the room? I know you don’t update the site more than once a week but i stil HAVE to check the site at least every day!
    And Suda’s cute but he doesn’t beat the charismatic charm of his dad. ;P

  • Grey

    I love Suda! I think he’s my new favourite character.

  • Whats so bad about being the hand of the north?!?!
    LOL I’m ecxited for updates…

    • Update will be late this week, due to my having been away all weekend XD But hopefully no later than Thurs or Friday.

  • Nora

    Charlie says it looks like his son gave him a wedgie =3=…
    I’m engaged to an idiot…

  • Kashkin

    I discovered this today, courtesy of Mr. Codak. I love your art, and the story of the first chapter.

    But, the old-fashioned affectations of these new characters is pretty… forced. This isn’t your dialogue at its best. Read some classics, that would probably help. Or some minor editing would go a long way.

    Anyway, I love this comic. I’ll keep reading no matter what you do.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Kashkin! Glad you enjoyed reading the first chapter. I can’t agree with how you feel about the dialogue in this chapter, but then again I have the benefit of knowing a lot more backstory than you do :) I hope as the story continues, the intentionally stiffer elements of this chapter will start feeling a bit more ‘natural’ to you.

  • Simone

    lol, I love Suda. So adorable XDD His grin in the third panel is just priceless :D
    I love this comic. Fantastic work :D :D :D

  • Del

    I love this comic. It’s actually fantastic. Though you need to update faster xD You don’t know how eager I am to read more about this. Keep it going! :D

  • annoyedwabbit

    One of the recent comments prompted me to post…

    I really like the dialogue this chapter! It conveys a completely different atmosphere than the previous chapter, which is what I think it’s supposed to do. I respect people who can create different “vioces” for characters without making them be stereotypical or forced. I think little differences in characters’ speech patterns can say a lot about them.

  • RJF

    Well, it’s good to see that a father who’s a wee bit crabby in the mornings hasn’t dampened his son’s spirit.

    • Kili

      Oh! I didn’t know this was his son! Did I miss a hint somewhere, or was I supposed to figure this out from the dialog and the resemblance?

      I love this comic, and it’s a labor of love, but the only way I can read it is to go back to the first strip and read it from the beginning…

  • Allie

    Hello! I saw your stuff at APE and bought a copy of chapter one. I love it! the colouring is beautiful and the characters are so full of life! Anyway, you can count on me following this from now on. Great work! Keep it up!

  • M

    Coming back through the archives for another look, and I’d forgotten about how great this page is. Suda reminds me of a hyperactive puppy. <3

  • baconlol

    Look at that trollface lol.

  • Lizzie

    I love panel <3

  • S+

    The son is seriously cute.

  • Shoebox

    Hehe I love reading comics like this. I mean you made this panel in 2009 so I know I won’t be waiting for the next one to come out. C: I love the story too but not waiting.. Thats a huge upside XD

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