Luca is a good dad. Also today is backwards day.

Drawing all those columns was, as you kids say, a hot mess. Also I hate the colors, it looks way dark (although it is supposed to be dark. Every Pasori palace tries to have a hall of columns, it represents the homeland/ boreal forests and the transition from being animal to human)

In RL/comic news, these next few weeks (and this one, haha) are very busy for me. Hence the lateass page for this week… I am going to do my damndest to get a page done on time next week but I am anticipating late comics (thurs or friday posts) for the next two weeks… I have some teacher workshop to go to this weekend, a big presentation and some other projects for school, and then APE next weekend (come visit)! So there may be a day or so delay, but if I gather my shit together, maybe not…

In other news:
– Pimp of the week this week goes to B.I.B.L.E. not only for the clever acronym but for the wonderful art and good writing. Take a look!
– Another pimp/ shout out to my friend Mario, who has been doing his Wyliman comic for several years now! Notable because he has a real site for the comic after all these years on dA.
– An interview! With some bg info on the Meek, you can read it here at Flashes in the Dark.

I didn’t update the vote incentive today because I am late as fuck for work, but you can vote to see the lines for this page that I put up yesterday. Thanks for putting up with me XD

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  • rockfish

    I think it looks beautiful, the darkness kind of gives me a sense of space and enormity to the inside of the palace. Ah, Suda, be careful not to get people into trouble. I love how rigid Luca is with everything, he’s the emperor of his family. Sort of. I can tell his wife has some influence on him <3 Not just with cookies

    • Thank you! Luca acts like an emperor all the time, which obvs gets his wife annoyed. Nobody else is able to do anything about it though, haha. That’s dictators for you, I guess.

  • Coryjonc

    Wow, I can tell Luca is an emperor’s emperor- harsh on his men and stingy with his money.

  • I <3 Suda's face in panel 2.

    Going to check out pimp'd sites now.

  • A.L.

    I figured that’s what happened; it seems alot of webcomic artists are having to slow down updates to compensate for their workloads.Anyway,great page! And Luca is a great dad and role model *sarcasm*.Palace looks cool though,too dark or not.I did have a comic I was going to pimp,but I forgot what it was xD.Also seems Sean from Tomcat LTD is plugging Mario Gonzalez about having a website up for his comic.You guys know the same people O: !

    • Well Mario is a great guy! I hope he’s getting his fair share of pimping, he works like a fiend on his comic and does a great job :)

  • Maya

    Ooohh! Can’t wait to see what’s behind that door! I really like the big hall, I don’t think it’s to dark at all. It gives that ‘you’re just a small bug’-feeling that goes with such places xD Nice one!

  • Oh hey, thanks for pimping us over at B.I.B.L.E. :D

    I really admire how well you pull of this pompous palace architecture. It gives a nice atmosphere with the huge size difference between the building and the itty bitty people.

  • I love the Pasori culture. Can’t wait to hear more about them.

  • coltkhaboom

    Wait, what are these ‘incentive’ things? Where does one access them? I am confused.
    A. The architecture continues to be amazing. And my dad’s an architect, so I’ve… seen a lot of it? I dunno where I was going with that.
    B. Poor Mustachio, gettin’ in trouble with the Emperor. I guess that’s what he gets for gossiping like a schoolgirl, but I still feel bad for him.
    C. I love how cranky Luca is. Like, I thought he was cranky at the beginning of the chapter, but I see now that that was laid back for him. How can a short, cranky, greying man be so attractive? I don’t get how you did that. But you did, and I’m glad.
    D. Suda is cute, but he’s no Luca. Just…saying, I guess. Maybe he’ll grow into it.

    • See that long vote button under the comic? If you vote once a day, you will see the image that I post as the incentive!
      c. Yeah, I started out with him being verrry laid back. It’ll be more evident in later chapters that he was actually being sort of easygoing.
      d. I think Suda can do better XD

      • coltkhaboom

        Oh, I’ve voted plenty of times, but I’ve never seen any incentive thingies. At least I think I’ve voted. My computer’s kinda weird sometimes. Ah well.

        • Maybe try a different browser? I use Mozilla… usually after you vote successfully it says “Thanks” or something like that and shows the picture of the day.

  • Hel

    Pasori are fascinating. I loved the detail on the columns and the sensation of deepness. Dark is ok, and the progression of light/darkness through the panels is perfect, what’s the problem? xd Just, in the first panel, there is a portion of red carpet that seems to be reflecting the illumination from the walls. That detail is not much clear (I mean, is it a reflection or an error?) Anyways, everything else is perfectly fine. I feel like in a museum, wanting to go around the palace and look at everything xD

    • Thanks. I don’t like how I handle atmosphere, I am not getting the depth I want with this style of coloring :/ I’m sure I’ll figure it out on page 43 and have to go back and correct everything, haha!

    • Oh, and re: carpet illumination, it is hardwood flooring on the outside of the carpet and that is what is reflecting :)

  • Silver Lady

    Maybe that´s the atitude expected on an emperor, but still I think that Luca was very petty and unnecessarily stern, especially for deciding taking his son´s acts out on the staff. :(

    • Maybe! But he also knows that Suda is a nice guy and will not get his friends in trouble/distract the staff again. Its a tad manipulative.

  • New page yay! Now with more Suda. xD

    I love the colors and why is Luca so mean? He’s got a hot wife and a handsome son. (And his other kids are cute too. xD)

    • Well, you’ll see the source of pissiness in a page or two XD He has a good reason.

  • I loved reading that interview; you’re so intelligent and thoughtful and that is one of the many reasons why I love your work.

    • pft haha no, I am the opposite of intelligent and thoughtful. But I’m glad you liked reading it :B

  • KoniraThax

    I saw the lines for those backgrounds and they are just wonderful, I actually picked up a prespective tip from the third panel. Very nicely done.

  • Yeah those pillars look like they took an insane amount of time to draw/color. They still looked awesome though

  • AngelBolt

    So, I just got done reading that interview.

    … I had no idea you were male. .w.

    And I’m quite entranced by the face shading in panel two. As for the colors… They’re certainly very tones, but I think the major darkness comes from the vignetting.

  • ♥ ♥ ♥

  • Maggle

    I love how you drew a dinosaur on one of the columns

    stegosauruses rule

    • Where?

    • Oops, haha. You’re not supposed to be looking so hard XD Its actually a musk ox.

  • i see that you started to use a bit of 3D stuff for background :)

    • Well, its in perspective at least… all hand drawn, no software used.

      • ha ? i though you were using blender like i mentionned in the previous page ^^; ho well, you can still try it as experiment :)

        • I may experiment in sketches later on, but I have so little time for learning new things that I am sticking to photoshop and hand drawn perspective for the time being.

          • i see, well, in few weeks, blender.org will update his software for a new interfzce that will make more easy to use an beside, you have alot of video tutorial on youtube :)

          • You may have a look at google sketch up, its even easier than great Blender.
            Seriously it is easy as hell and has a vast online growing lybrari of made objects.

            Many pro freinds use it coza had no time for blender or 3dsmax

            great page indeed, but didnt like the roof glow, i would prefered a bit harder sun beams,

  • faerypocket

    I like them :> And you did a nice job with the page.

    Also, I always thought you were a girl, but the Interview says otherwise.
    Im confused now!

  • Evan

    I love the detail in the blown up voting incentive!

  • Looking great! It was lovely to see the line work as an incentive before you posted it too. Truly shows how much work and love you put into each page, both color and line art wise. :)

  • sweet_gardenia

    Luca is totally right. What this place needs is DISCIPLINE *whipcrack*

    Good way to guilt your son into completely not relating to the help thar Luca haha.

    I really love the hallway. It sort’ve makes me think of Saint Peter’s Basilica with the design of the columns and the high ceilings wow. It looks enormous. Incidentally I hope that skylight is glassed in otherwise they’ll have a lot of problems with rain and mold XB Good luck with all your projects and awesome things! looking forward to the next update when it happens

  • Wyvern

    That room is absolutely amazing.
    I want to see what the palace looks like on the outside.

  • Eddy

    beautiful 3rd panel, but the carpet going left-to-right is a lot narrower (even taking perspective into consideration) than the carpet going top-to-bottom. But maybe they’re not supposed to be the same width

  • sarahbob

    us girls do love men in uniform!

  • PD: Still wondering why is this fantastic GNovel free

  • Laura

    You mentioned how you were dissatisfied with how dark the picture was in general. One suggestion I have is to not have the beams of light coming from above (in the 3rd panel) diffuse out quite so soon. You could use them to highlight Luca and Suda walking along, making them pop out a bit more. It looks like you did add a bit of light reflection on the floor right around them, but not enough for much of a contrast. Strengthening the light beams themselves as well as using their reflections bouncing back from the tile floor as another source of light could help add depth. But all in all, your comic is fantastic and I love it :)

  • BentKatana

    Ah, I see the carvings on the pillars now, interesting! I gotta read all your info about all these tribes soon, lol. Oh no! Muskateer man’s gonna get it! :o

  • The lighting looks perfect to me. Especially the glowy roof opening. Since it’s morning the sun wouldn’t be shining down in there yet anyway.

  • ujana

    aaaaaaaaah I’m just adoring the color of suda’s suity thingy.

  • Martel

    The third panel is breathtaking. I only ever got that feeling from actual buildings, not from pictures.

  • Pip

    I like how you threaded that speech bubble around the collum, it’s a nice effect.

  • Mcof

    Should be either “fewer export regulations” or “less export regulation” :/

    • English (??) is not his first language! You’ll see a lot more grammar mistakes coming out of his mouth, so don’t freak out XD They are intentional.

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