Well I guess I survived this bg. Its nice to have the establishing shot not only to set up the scene, but so I can go back and reference it again and again and again D: Today’s vote incentive is about horrible, horrible Pasori foods, but later on in the week I’ll post my giant extensive wip animation for doing the perspective on that long panel.

Optional background information: The southern palace (where we have been all chapter, though that is not yet obvious) was built when Luca was Secretary General and not Emperor. This was done during the expansion period where he was busy making jobs to occupy the new citizens of the Territories after he had… well, assimilated them. Since he was still an elected official at the time, things were a bit more heterogeneous back then. Accordingly, at the time of its construction this building incorporated some Santri uses. While the less ostentatious Northern Santri follow the Generalist religion, Southern Santri tend to follow the Carissi religion repelete with showy rooms of worship. This room used to be used for Carissi religious services. At the present, Emperor Luca finds it amusing to use the space as a dining room.

Pimp of the week goes to Boxer Hockey, which I only found last week. Just the art alone is like woahhhhh but the writing is also great. Awesome expressions, character design, paneling, action, humor etc etc etc. Despite the non-serious topics its a seriously pro job. This strip in particular keeps cracking me up *single tear* I don’t think I’ve looked forward to staring at a comic so much for a while.