Wondercon! Are you going? Cuz I sure am. I’m going to be at table 814, with the folks from 4DE. You might be headed there anyways because I will be at in very close proximity to the fantastic creator of Lackadaisy Cats, the only webcomic whose quality that I don’t even attempt to compete with. OMGGG yeah I know. I’ll probably be there Sat, maybe Sun, and will have copies of Ch 1/ posters and just some general good cheer. Hope to see you!

Because of the Con I might be late with next weekend’s update, but probably only by a day or so since I’ve got SPRING BREAK halleluja. Can I wrangle an extra page out of a 5 day break?? We’ll see!

Before I forget, please take a look at this Meek opener made by a fan, it is awesome!

Last thing, pimp of the week goes to Lovecraft is Missing. I’m a big Lovecraft dork so it was fun to catch all the details. You could say the author is really worth his salte (heh heh). The new chapter is starting up in a few days so now is a good time to start reading!

Oh, and check back on the 1st for a small surprise :3