And we’re back! With some disturbing imagery, yay.

I’m going to be updating as often as possible in the next few weeks to get back on track. Thanks to your support, I have a new computer (that works) and I’ve gotten over the hump of figuring out how to use it properly :) Since I feel like I’ve been gone forever, and since its been 36 weeks since the chapter started, I wrote up a small recap in case you’ve totally forgotten or were confused about what the hell is going on.

I have another big piece of news to announce: The Meek is going to be officially published!!

This news has two side effects: one is that I am not going to be selling my self-published Meek comics any more! So if you got a Ka-Blam copy, thank you very much and I hope you really enjoy your signed prototype XD Maybe it will be extra special one day and be worth enough to send your kids to college on when I’m SUPER FAMOUS (ahaha no).

Another side effect is that I’m going to be putting out comics at warp speed to try to get 3 chapters done by the end of the year. Last summer I was sort of farting around trying to find out what I was doing, this year I’ve been busy with school and work, but Summer 2010 is going to be the summer of comics if there ever was one. So please stick around, posting and updates are only going to increase from this point on!

Speaking of which, I’ll stop typing right here since I’ve got to get back to work… another page will be up tomorrow :)

Thank you all SO MUCH again for all you’ve helped me with, the comic would not have gone anywhere if not for all of you!


  • Awesome! I’m excited to see that everything is back on track :D!

  • Arison


  • Mister Mighty

    Whoo! Good news all around.

  • Nassayan


  • It’s great to see that you are up and running again! I look forward to the coming updates – this is exciting! Poor Phe though. :(

  • Pixie

    I have the worst feeling that this will be the end of Phe. *severe frowny face* ;_;

    Hooray for more comics!

  • Cheri

    Oh God I’m so glad your computer didn’t crap out AFTER this page!
    That would have been the worst cliff hanger ever.

    &Poor Phe. She’d better be okay or…

    -shakes fist menacingly-

  • Congratulations on your new computer and publishing news!!! I’m so excited that I could poop kittens!!! This new page was WELL worth the wait. I’m so excited to see the rest of this chapter! Poor Luca, I looooove the dichotomy of his character. He’s a dick, but he’s also genuinely loves his wife. ooooo, I can’t wait to see what’s next! You are my comic hero! Oh man, now I have to draw you as a superhero… :D

    Wow, that was the gushiest comment I’ve ever posted, lol.

    • I was going to write something nice back to you but I can’t get the visual of kitten pooping out of my head D:

  • Danreiv

    Glad you’re back on track.

    Unexpected, beautiful, as usual. Yeah It’s good to see your work again ;)

    Poor Phe :( I get the feeling she won’t survive the poisoning attempt. I feel the plot, I wish it’s chapter 8 already so we all get revenge for her death (along with like 300 pages of The Meek)

    2) Congrats on being back and better than ever! Both in terms of your publishing deal, and (crazy as it sounds) the break seems to have benefitted your art somehow. It could just be not having really looked at it in weeks, but hey.

  • Zsy

    Never have I read a more bittersweet comic!
    Amazing news coupled with horrible events in the comic!

    I’ve imagined several possible outcomes of this situation:
    Phe dies, Luca blames ambassadors, goes to war with Caris
    Phe dies, Luca becomes mentally unstable, goes nuts
    Phe lives, Luca blames ambassadors, goes to war with Caris
    Phe lives, everyone lives happily ever after.

    I think our glowing red eye friend is killing Phe out of jealousy, or to cause more chaos.
    I can’t believe I didn’t notice the coughing at the end of the last page!

    • Another option: Phe lives, everyone eats some delicious snacks! Delicious!

      • But no more of whatever caused her throat to swell up like that! I can see the rash on her neck, whatever she ingested is causing an allergic reaction of some sort. I and a couple of my friends would really love to see her live, but I’m not about to make you rewrite your story for our sake. We’ll wait it out, and worry the whole while D:>

  • Invaderk

    Wow, congrats on the publication news! That’s so exciting. :D I can’t wait to buy your work from a real comic book store someday.

    As a side note, does this mean that I can’t vote for you for top webcomics anymore? I habitually look for the little VOTE HERE button after I finish reading an update, but found nothing. -depressed-

  • Ponthion

    Her look in the third panel is so painful D:
    And even it is such a terrible scene.. Luca acts so – I dare to say – cute ;_;

    I’m glad that you’re back at making comics, yay! (btw is it still possible to purchase a Meek poster before you publish over 4DE?)

    • Ponthion

      oh whoops, I read the comment more carfully next time

  • Alexander

    Good God. Hell of a way to announce you’re back.

    “Hey guys, comic is up! Oh, I’m killing Phe. Thanks for the new computer!” :P

  • Wood

    Congrats on the new computer and the publishing deal !


    No, no. This is just a minor upset. She can’t die yet… SHE’S GOT MORE ASS TO KICK RIGHT??


    Anyway. Congrats on being professionally published! I shall cherish my Ka-Blam copy with all my little heart. <3 And maybe buy one of the new ones too, so that when the rest are out I'll have a full set!

    Cheers to a summer of the greatest thing in creation: drawing!

    And art comments, of course! I'm trying to figure out how you can make Luca's bored expression anything but boring. :') And wow, all of a sudden things explode into action… I love how Luca shoves the tablecloth aside and knocks stuff over; that was a nice touch. I'm thinking, though… the cup should be falling the other way. Pfft, picky. *slaps own wrist*

    Oh. And Tesa's "OH SHIT" expression amuses me. :')

    Patiently awaiting the next update…!

    • I bet both of the ambassadors just wish they had stayed at home…

  • Ernest

    I have been waiting so long for this comic to continue. And good luck with your new publisher.

  • Rachel

    I’m sooooooooooooooooo happy you’re back. :D
    Also, sjlhgoiksjrh;nogifkn, Phe! NO!!!

  • dusky_rue

    Y’know, waaay back in ’07 when I saw the rough comic on your sketchjournal I said to myself, “this is gonna be published someday.” AND I WAS RIGHT.

    GO YOU! <3

    • GO YOU as well! As you appear to be clairvoyant 83

  • I am so very happy for you, getting your comic published and whatnot! That’s a huge step! I’ll definitely be buying you comics. (:

  • Sybyll

    I’d like to add one scenario.

    Phe lives through virtue of the help of one of the ambassadors, creating good feelings between the two and a small understanding.

  • Luzerne

    Is she choking, or is it poison? D:

    • DanielleK

      It might be neither. If you look on her neck its all splotchy and red, it might be an allergic reaction to food, like peanuts or shellfish. However, none of the options bode well for poor Phe. D: I hope she makes it!

  • Glad you’re back! Congratulations on being published, you deserve it! =D

    …this sequence ain’t gonna end well… D:

  • Emily

    Congratulations! That’s such exciting news!

  • Glad to see you’re back! And extra glad to hear updates are coming faster!
    The fact that you’re getting published is fantastic news! They’ve done a fantastic job with the Lackadaisy comics, and I’m certainly looking forward to adding The Meek to my collection!

  • Rosemary

    Glad to hear you’re back! Sounds like great news all around! I’ll keep my first edition chapter 1 around as a keepsake. :)

    As for Phe… oh dear. This can’t end well.

  • Laura

    OMG! You come back and you leave us with this! NOOOOO!!!! PHE!!!!!!!

  • Welcome back, I missed your comics. They brighten up my night! I like how Luca changes from pure boredom to panic and terror. It’s moving.


    You cad! Not Phe! Nooooooo!

  • Konira

    AH! This is the page you come back with?! *Sadness*

  • Em

    It’s great to see you back!! And CONGRATULATIONS on the publishing deal! That’s every comic artist’s dream, right there. Good luck, I’ll be looking forward to the page tomorrow! :D

  • Dori

    Congratulations on getting the new comp to work! :D This is exciting!

    But… gah! Phe! She’s my favorite character so far :< Please don't tell me something bad is gonna happen to her!

  • Linda

    Oh noes!!! Seems like poison… Who could do that?!!
    (my english is not very good)

    And, and… Congratulations! … you are awesome!! *hi5 and rainbows* yay

  • Kate

    I have one of the Lackadaisy books, and they are really nice. (Even though the stupid post office tried to shove it into the mailbox and almost damaged the book.) I’ll be picking up a Meek vol. 1 when it comes out!

    Poison or allergic reaction? I’m guessing EpiPens don’t exist in the meek universe. =(

  • Whoo, congrats on your new computer <3 Hopefully this one will last a long time.

    Summer 2010 is going to be a summer of comics for me as well, and as your work inspires me to work harder on my own stuff, I suspect this summer will be even more productive than I expected.

    Are those marks on her neck from whatever is happening to her now? They look like something she may have always had, but I've never had a 'reaction" so maybe marks can appear much faster than I think…

  • Jennifer

    OMGOMG soooooo excited! About…er…your updates, not so much about Phe’s current predicament :o

    Congratulations! Lackadaisy is another fantastic webcomic. You’re certainly deserving of a great publisher! Really love your comic, thanks so much for keeping up with it and sharing it will all us internet folk. :)

    We wish you the best!

  • sahara

    so great to see you back, it’s wonderful when a community responds so strongly to an artist in trouble which i have seen more than once, and it’s really nice to know that people care.
    poor phe, hope she’s going to be okay :( can’t wait for the next update! and i am totally buying the Meek once it’s published!!

  • Lurker

    I’ve never commented before now, but just wanted to tell you congratulations on your publishing deal! I can’t wait for the book(s) to come out. :3

    And oh lawd, Phe’s expression is genuinely terrifying.

  • Matsar

    It’s good to see you back to comics :) oh…and, NO NO NO NO. DO NOT KILL PHE ;___; PLEASE.

  • SladinForever

    I hate my intuition sometimes. Phe’s gonna die, isn’t she? I’m betting poison. Though there are two theories; poison and allergy. Though poison seems more plausible to me

  • All of you have CLEEEEARLY never seen this happen in real life before —
    Darth Vader has entered the scene in the shadows and is using Force Choke.
    I mean look at her, it’s the force! Everyone goes through it at least once in their lives.
    Watch out for that Darth Vader, guys, comes outta nowhere.

    • This is a spoiler free zone >:c

  • Congratulations! On everything, obviously, but particularly on the book deal. Will I be able to find it in stores, or exclusively online?

    Anyway, back to the story, I hate watching Phe choke like that. Again. It’s not exactly the most attractive way to go, and it really is terrifying for others to watch. I dunno…the next few updates should be grim. Great job on the way Luca shifts from complete non-interest to total panic.

    • Online at first, I think. It depends on me :B If I do a good job then good things will happen!

  • MissMercurial

    Oh, Phe!
    I made a wibble noise out loud when I saw her face, ngl.


  • Oh boy, things are about to get real! It sucks because I really do like Phe a whole lot. Oh Phe! :( It’s terrible in an awesome way, because you really get what not being able to breathe looks like. Frightening! Also, the Meek is back and that also makes me ridiculously happy!

    Congrats on the publishing! That is so entirely awesome in many, many ways! :D I only hope that someday I can join you in the getting published thing for comics. XD

  • Ryl

    Welcome back, and huzzah for the new computer up and running well with seemingly minimal hassle! I have to agree with Cheri in that this unscheduled break would have been a far worse had it happened after this page was up. I like that the splotches on her neck aren’t immediately evident, as Phe’s hands are right there and the marks could (at first glance) be assumed to be shadows.

    My money’s on the serving girl in purple though, standing there holding a goblet (removing evidence? dun dun dun). Evil minion of Dagre! Or possibly a possession. Or maybe Dagre’s just exerting power to punish Luca / remind him who’s boss.

    • Haha, all good hypotheses XD

  • Sky

    Yesss!! I’ve got a limited edition soon-to-be-worth-millions comic on my shelf now! XD
    But you calling me a happy named person makes it priceless, I will never part with it!

    Congrats on getting in with 4DE! Now that company produces BOTH of my favorite webcomics!!!

  • Ryl

    Boo, it cut off the last of my post, probably because of the wierd brackets I used. Alas.

    Queue dramatic music!

  • Khaine

    I realy hope this is an attempt, rather than succesful.

  • Quats

    YAY! I’ve been checking obsessively every day, hoping you’d be back… and now you are! Welcome back (so to speak)!

  • Megan

    YES!! Ive been following you for the past year! congrats on getting a publisher!!!! i cant wait to purchase it!!!! :D good luck getting back on track with this!! :D

  • Ana

    Phe! NO! I wonder… weird shade w/eyes or the ambassadors(I doubt that for some reason)? Or something we haven’t even seen yet?

  • fawn

    First Townsen in the Abominable, now Phe. :,,,,(

    • dadman

      Oh, please, no. Please?

  • Erica

    2. CONGRATS!!!

  • portheiusJ

    And so it begins (or ends I guess, eh)? But it does kinda suck to see her being all sick and whatnot…

    she was nice. :(
    Congratz on getting in 4DE! They pretty much rock, and so does this, so it’s all rockin’! :D

  • Wildace

    the ambassadors did not seem to have murderous intent, so im betting the shadow, but since the ambassadors are on either side of her guess who te prime suspects are

  • Dragonair

    Glad to see you’re back and with such great news too but OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO PHE!

  • Lurker

    Oh no! Please please don’t let Phe die!


    Super glad to see the comic up and running, though! Can’t wait for tomorrow.

  • korilian

    Double congrats on the fixed computer and the book! I hope you’re not killing Phe in celebration though 0_o

    • Ahahaha “yay! I’m published! *kills everything*”

  • Simply Me

    This is a total crap situation for Luca. He just patched things up with Phe, like, RIGHT before this. Like, about an HOUR or so ago. She was going to leave him and he FIXED it! And now this?

    I pity the poor guy. D:

    • I know XC This is why you should never listen to your wife.

  • speearr

    Man I hope she doesn’t die, I really like her character. :(
    Congrats on the publishing deal, and welcome back!

  • rainey

    noooo Phe ;__________;

    Congrats on getting published! YOU SHALL BE SUPER FAMOUS, don’t worry about that. :D

  • Eddy

    This part is soooooo tragic!

  • OMG yay update! Fantastic to see you back and congrats on publishing!!!

  • Andrew

    D: !!!!

  • You’re back! I’m glad your computer is fixed!


  • Gray

    How embarrassing for Phe, choking at the dinner table sucks.

    Best of luck on your published work!

    • I know! She should have the decency to excuse herself first!

  • Yenkaz

    If Phe dies, the last time Rana saw her parents, they were having a major argument.

    I wonder if she wold suspect that her father killed her own mother? Does she hate/fear him that much?

  • Huzzah! The comic is back! I’m glad that your computer troubles seem to finally be at an end, and excited to hear about the publishing deal.

    The fact that your computer meltdown seems to have been all that was sparing Phe a painful death(?) makes me a little conflicted on the matter, though.

    • Haha, yeah… I’m glad I appealed to the generosity of my viewers before doing horrible things to my characters.

  • Joe

    Regardless of whether she dies, Luca’s gonna think the ambassadors did it, when it might just be a food allergy or something. I might see where this story is going…

  • Fleece

    Plot happens!!

    Wow, what a horrible way to die! The third panel conveys it terrifyingly well.

  • Oh good Lord. I have this awful feeling that Phe’s going to die and Luca, in his grief, is gonna blame the ambassadors, all talk will fall through, and hell’s gonna break loose… D= I really hope I’m wrong!!

  • Shay

    Ohgeez, you should’ve seen my face when I checked today. It was all: *GLEECOMICYAYYYYEA-OHGMADFGHJK;L NO PHEEE DDDD: ‘

    Pretty much exactly like that, smack dab in the middle of my history class. XD

    • LOL hey, what are you doing reading comics in history class?? XD

  • dadman

    Welcome back, congratulations, and I am amazed at how you step right back in stride with your graphic story-telling. Just twist the knife gently, if you will.

  • QuoteRadar

    Wow, kind of a startling return to the comic…

    I’ve been checking pretty much daily to see if it’s back up, and today was like ‘OH! It’s back!” and then “Oh! Phe’s in trouble!”

    But… congrats on the book, and thanks for the new page!

  • You know this is my least favourite part of the comic because PHE!! OMG, NOOO! T_T

    Also yet another congrats on the 4DE deal!! I hope there will be an affordable way to purchase them in Germany (shipping costs are a bitch!).

    • Actually if everything goes according to plans, there will be a European release :3 Maybe that will be cheaper? But also maybe in French XD

      • Oh that would be hella awesome!! 8D (Why the hell would it be in French? XD)

        • For a French release XD My publisher has some contacts with publishers over there, which I’m hoping will work out.

          • Oh that’s pretty interesting. (too bad my French is a bit rusty) Maybe you could try poking him towards a German release, too? XD

  • BentKatana

    Horray! Great to see you again! Congratulations on the publishing! :D That’s so exciting! <3

  • Pixie

    “You can have your revenge, Luca, or you can have me. But you won’t have both.” – Phe Ch2 Pg 21.



    • Ohoho, close reader are we?

  • ImmortalMuffins

    We’ve been waiting for a new update for weeks, and you kill Phe off as soon as you come back?! You, good sir, are a psychopath of the worst kind! Now things with Carissi are going to go even more downhill than they were before.

    Good job on Phe’s “Oh, crap. I think I’m dying” face, you jerk. :P

  • Somebody tryna set up Caris… hope it doesn’t work. I have a feeling, though, that it will… otherwise no plot, right?

  • Leo

    This does not bode well for the ambassadors… being the only ones around the emperors wife as she is choking to death will NOT help their position at all…

  • Yay, you’re back!!! 8D I would have waited forever for new pages, though! I’m just glad you were able to get a new comp so quickly!
    Oh no, not Phe! T_T

  • Maggie

    haha “deSadar does indeed lose his shit”

    and you better make it big so I can put my kids through college with those books haha

  • I’ve always wondered wheter Luca would become the “man who hates in the name of love” Angoras grandfather (?) told her about. Tragically, it looks like it…

  • Drew

    Recently I found myself in a similar position to Luca – one moment everything is fine and the next you’re caught as a helpless passenger wondering what is happening to the one you love. It’s like a bad dream, you are miles away and no one is listening to you.

    Everything ended up well, fortunately for us, but I have a sinking feeling Luca won’t be so blessed. It’s morbid, I know, but you captured that moment eerily well. I had flashbacks, so that’s some damn fine storytelling you’ve got going here.

    Congratulations on securing your computer and your publisher, I’m thrilled for you and eagerly await more of your story to unfold. May you find success and happiness on this new venture!

  • Marbles

    Ew, her neck. D: Has everyone else at the banquet come down with that? The snaffling sound effects have changed to nothing but coughing.

    Conspiracy tiiiiiime! (Awesome you’re back btw)

  • Andyman

    Congratulations on everything you’ve achieved thus far! To say that we’re all eager to see what you have in store for the comic is barely scratching the surface, so let’s hope you don’t encounter any more mishaps before the end of the year. (At the very least.) Your new publishing deal sounds wonderful, but to clarify, are you implying that the Meek would appear in stores in a monthly comic format, or each chapter in a large (hard or) paperback book?

    Either way, exciting stuff, Der-Shing.

  • jawbones


  • DoggySpew

    Heimlich ? Heimlich !? HEEEEIMLICH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • DoggySpew

      BTW. Wouldn’t it have been fortunate if this was the last page you submitted before your computer exploded ? Would’ve been a great cliffhanger.

      • Haha, or people would have wanted to strangle me for a month XD

  • Hannah

    This is the most exciting news ever! You have inspired me!

  • Poor Phe! I think this is the very comic I’ve ever read that’s made me want to cough in sympathy. Like, when you hear a person with a deep wracking cough, and it makes you want to cough too, because just the -sound- of it gets down your throat. This was like that, only with a picture.


    And also, CONGRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATS!!! But I don’t know if it’ll be good for moi; I don’t think The Meek will arrive to Argentina, amirite. Could I still buy copies from you when the time comes? :(

  • Jerizon

    Where can we vote for your webcomic being number 1 (Which it is)? Can you post the banner on the main page again? Also, please don’t kill Phe, she is my favorite character so far!

    • I took it off :B I’m playing around with some different things, so it may come back in the future!

  • Mary

    You have no idea how much seeing that this had updated made my week! I’ve been checking everyday and when a new page loaded instead of the ‘my computer died’ message I had a fangasm. I can’t wait for meek to come to a comic store near me. Congratulations!!!!

  • Enchiladas

    Oooh… Are my eyes acting up, or is there some red sores or something on Phe’s neck? Suspitious.
    Either way, I hope she’s okay!!!
    I’m a poet and I didn’t know it. =D

    • Lizzie

      Hmm. Allergic reaction? I don’t know. I just don’t know! Somebody do something!

  • Bogrim

    Where is Angora and her super special awesome powers when you need them. >:(

    Please tell me she’s going to fly in through the window in a superman cape and save the day.

    • lol, more like fly in the window and shoot a tree at some crotches XD


  • Someone Else

    Haha, I love how the first comic you publish after your computer disaster is one where you potentially kill off a character. XD

    I’m guessing she’s been poisoned by some assassin. It’d explain those ominous eyes on the wall we saw a couple pages back. There goes all of Luca’s character development…

  • So glad that your back, great to hear that this comic is going in to print.

    Poor Phe that looks really bad, and I’m thinking its poison, because of the red spot on her throat. If it is poison the question is who put it in her drink it couldn’t be her food because Luca tasted everything before everyone sat down.

    I think some one trying to set up the ambassadors, to piss Luca off and make him do something stupid. I honestly don’t think ether one of them did it, since one of them is slightly dense and a suck up while the other wants peace far to badly to risk having her self skinned alive by Luca.

  • Chris

    There is no emote to display the facial expression I made so I’ll just do this

    And congrats on the publisher, I’m glad to know your work is geting the attention it deserves.

  • The Pink Ninja

    The person I feel most sorry for is Luca

    Fate seems to hate him badly


    Part two. WOOHOO Congrats!!! <333

  • The wait has been interminable – so it felt just like I was at the dinner with Luca! :)
    But now, Hurry Luca! Phe needs you!

  • AlbinoBee

    Yess you’re back! *highfives*
    Supercongrats on the Meek being published. This is seriously one of the greatest webcomics EVER.
    Aand what’s happening to Phe? :(

    • AlexTenshi

      looks like an allergic reaction to something? O.o
      i mean, that looks like hives on her neck and it looks a little swollen already but that might just be me
      poor phe… :<

      • Megan

        i think it’s that creepy shadow creature thing that was on the cover!! it kinda looks like a hand to me. X0

        • Sarah

          What if it’s poison?! D=

  • sweet_gardenia

    D8 Though I knew this was coming it’s still like OH NOOOOOOOO

    Good job on poor phe’s face arghhh it makes me feel like I’m smothering myself

    • You ARE smothering yourself D:

      • sweet_gardenia

        HHH HHHH croak

        Also DERP I forgot to add mad crazy CONGRABULATIONS on getting a published book. I’ll add it to my Awesome Comic Drawn By People I Sorta Know Thru The Internet Collection!

        …it’s errr…the only one I have so far. shameface.

  • duvi

    Im so happy you are back! And congratz on the big news. When i travel to the USA in the future ill buy the published version for sure. I really love the meek. Its so original, when its so difficult to be so nowadays.
    Note: Phe’s right hand looks a little odd. The fingers to be specific. I don’t know if this was mentioned in any previous comments, if that’s the case im sorry.

    • Yeah, they do XD They’re on my list of things to edit once I get to final edits.

  • :( Phe! the rash on her neck isnt promising ;_;

  • SilverInk

    Yay! .<

    But yes, <3 <3 <3

  • Tiuni

    Oh no…

    I sensed that this would happen, but I wished so dearly that it wouldn’t. I’m so sad right now. ):

  • Pirate

    I am cryin’ for reals )’: Please don’t die, Phe!
    Luca’s face in the last panel and his shouting her name are soul wrenching! Normally I can never ‘picture’ the voices of characters, but I can hear him shouting her name so clearly in my head. OH GOD PLEASE PHE DON’T DIE NOOOO

    Also, I’m loving all of the details you put into this. The shadow from the earring; the bear chairs (ahah… bear. chair. hahaha….) They really add a ton to this comic; KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! I can’t wait to buy a copy x)
    It should come with a poster inside, or maybe some stickers! Stickers are always fun… (:

  • “Oh my god, The Meek is back online! :D And…a-and Der-shing’s getting published!!! 8DDD This is awesome, nothing can possible ruin th-”


    “WHAT ”

    “NOOOOOOOO ;A; “

  • Rosemary

    This also uncomfortably reminds me of the time I accidentally had an ice cube go down the wrong tube. It melted and I could breathe after a few seconds, but realizing that you can’t get air into your lungs is really terrifying, and this conveys that feeling very well.

  • Michaela

    Waaaait a minute, didn’t he try everything? or is this an allergic reaction? or will the poison be hitting him soon, or -100000 more scenarios-

  • I don’t want this part to happen. Can this part not happen this time please? ;_;

    • You mean the part where she coughs up adorable kittens, and they have a party? What kind of heartless fiend are you??

      • Ponthion

        this cracked me up

      • Cestus

        The kittens might explain the rash though…

    • Cestus

      THIS time…?

      • The comic was developed/ posted a few years ago in thumbnail format :B So some people know what I am doing!

        • Cestus

          Ah, just call me NEWBIE!

  • Emma

    Yes, glad you’re back!
    I hope Phe is alright though….

  • Gharuel Shaan

    Glad to have you back! :D
    And as a sidenote:

  • Sybyll

    Ah you sly dog, you got me to check this comic once every four hours or so for the one that would update on poor Phe’s status, instead my eyes got accosted every time I came here showing only a miserably dying and sick Phe every time I showed up.

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    • There is, actually… my master teacher’s car was stolen last night, which meant I had to sub for her all day today instead of coming home relatively early to finish up the colors. And then my other master teacher is ill and I have to write a lab for tomorrow. So I’ve fallen a bit behind D: Haha, I’m not evil enough to withhold pages that I’m actually done with. Should be done by tomorrow though.

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    My guess is it’s someone we haven’t even met. Perhaps someone in the meeting Luca went to before meeting the ambassadors?

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    • Yeah… table designer is probably getting sent to the firing squad

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