Things aren’t looking good, are they?

Ugh, this week has been so exhausting. Why is it only Wednesday T_T Well, I’ll get back on track with comc pimps and other stuff soon, but not today. See you with the next page in a few days :)


  • Nick

    Sad face to the extreme :(

  • CMK

    The dialogue from panel 4 is exactly what’s going through my head as I read. :(

  • As people have said, it would have been heartbreaking if your computer had broken at THIS point.

    • Actually I think it applies to the rest of the chapter XD Slow start, heavy finish.

  • omggggggggggggggg D:

  • I’ve been lurking around reading this comic for a while. I was drawn in first by the beautiful coloring job and stayed for the story, and this page right here is why.

    When you can get your fan base to care about what you’re doing with characters drawn on a page, you’ve found the spark that gives them life. This, in my humble opinion, is what drawing a succesful and fulfilling comic is all about. :) Great work!

  • Oh no!!!!

    This reminds a bit of “The Count of Monte Cristo”, but I wonder if anyone would agree with me. Ha ha. Just a bit.

    • Herissonne

      Which part of Monte Cristo?

      • Colt-Khaboom

        Maybe they mean the movie, when SPOILER Mercedes gets shot. That’s my best guess, at least.

  • Aww that’s so sad. :( Such a good strip, but still.. so sad.

  • Oh, god… once again Luca’s breaking my heart. S-Stop torturing him like this! I’m all about putting OCs through hell, but PLEASE NOT LUCA HE DOESN’T DESERVE THIS

  • Eh, she can still recover. I mean, it’s not like she’s lying on the floor convulsing and gasping for breath or anything. She can st—

    Wait, what?


  • Emperial



    Luca’s hair is adorable mussed up. Which doesn’t detract at all from the EMOTIONAL SLEDGEHAMMER that is this page!

  • Rosemary


    It’s his”No”s that get me here. I know sometimes a Darth Vader “Nooooo!” is called for, but these hit a lot harder to me.

  • Ga'tor

    Oh no… not Phe. And she was sitting in between those two a$$hat ambassadors. This cannot be good an ANY level.

    • Meirnon

      I think one of ’em slipped her poison. Or… if you want me to get into even more conspiracy-ness, that someone else poisoned her to get Luca to over-react. C’mon, waiting for sinister-cloak guy in the background chuckling to himself. Any minute now.

  • speearr

    Man this cannot be happening… :(

  • God, I remember when this part happened when you were uploading the sketch version of the comics. I had absolutely no idea it was coming. But seeing this and knowing that it’s coming doesn’t diminish the impact one bit. It’s an, “Oh sh^t,” moment because you know that, for how out of control Luca was leaning to before, he’s just going to be strait up beserk now.

  • OMG, OMG! Seriously???? I’m gonna cry!

  • sahara


  • *sob*

  • Mage

    Wha–What what what no you can’t do something like this, this is all a misunderstanding.


    • rainey

      I laughed at the kitten part. I’M A TERRIBLE PERSON

    • Shay

      D8 This makes me feel better in a sad, ridiculously guilty kind of way.


    • Stop reading my chapter notes, damn it!

      • Mage


        …not just a river in Egypt…

  • Oh no ! Kill his stupid son if you want but not Phe !

    • Hey. Suda’s awesome. :<

      But don't kill Phe either! xD

  • Oh noooo poor Phe. :(

    But DAMN shit’s about to go DOWN!

  • Chiemi

    Notice how her little finger is twitching slightly in the fourth panel. I hope there’s a chance she’ll live through this…

  • Kebkeb

    AAAAH! noooo. :(





  • Tobu

    There isn’t any more coughing. Lord, I’d somehow been hoping…well. I read the thumbnails. I knew it was too much to hope for.

    *quietly doffs hat*

    • ampquot

      What thumbnails?

      • Back in the old days :) They’re not online any more.

  • PH

    Oh no! :(

    Shit, I really like this comic! It’s so intense! It gets me everywhere, on every emotional level.

    And congrats on the new computer!

  • Emma

    Oh no!
    Not Phe! I feel sorry for Luca. :(
    I hope she isn’t dead! Can’t wait til the next page….

  • Guzba

    Grab your gloves it’s fisticuffs. No one poisons his girl.

  • rainey

    Right now I’m making the same face Luca’s making there. WHYYY

  • DeliciousPineapple

    As terrified as Luca looks, I love his hair messy for some reason. I really hope Phe does NOT die, that would be extremely bad. Maybe it’s just a really bad allergic reaction? ._.

    • Rosemary

      I agree, the messy hair really drives the emotion home, not to mention making him look younger.

  • Enchiladas

    PHEEEEEEE! NOO! Please don’t die!
    You really, really know how to make this horrific.
    Damn you! XD

    But seriously..Phe… =(

  • This is just brutal.

  • Herissonne

    God that was quick…

  • Shay


    D: Phe’s my favorite. *emosob*

    It didn’t help that the ad under the comic when I read it said ‘This is the End.”

  • julitka

    oh no!! I don’t want her to die :(

  • Sky

    Thank goodness at least for those little white lines that tell us she is still moving!! >_> The dead cannot move! D:

    • Ristame

      The dead can, however, have involuntary spasms a.k.a. *twitch twitch*.

  • ): Damn, this is a whole lot more powerful than the old sketches, and even back then this part really struck me.

    • Glad you like it better this time! I felt like it was a real mess the first time around…

      • Digi

        …don’t suppose those sketches are still around?

  • AmericanNinjaX

    Son of a….

  • Ponthion

    I’m seriously going to cry.
    Didn’t thought you can come up with so much power. I mean, the old version was powerful, but this is just… shattering.

  • Lunaroki

    Okay, forgive me but this has to be said…


  • T_T

  • Christy O!

    Back in the day, when I could read the sketch comic over and over, I always dreaded this part. And she’s so much more… wonderful in this version. Such a tough page.

    Good job breaking people’s hearts.

  • Laura

    Some one does not want peace…..some one in their midst……

  • The Pink Ninja

    What did Luca ever do to you? :(


    Also, I like the subtle change in the atmosphere.

  • Verteiron

    Nothing an emergency tracheotomy can’t fix! Right? And I’m sure the “physician” knows about emergency tracheotomies. Right? RIGHT?

  • Maphysto

    Is she bleeding from the throat or something? Or is it a rash spreading?

    • PH

      Perhaps she’s coughing up some blood… :(

  • BentKatana

    THE SUSPENSE!!!! *faint*

  • Prisma

    *runs around screaming and flailing*

  • Mary

    but he tested everything for poison like 3 pages ago! How can this be happening!?!?!?

  • R BUG

    WHATS WRONG WITH PHE!!!!!!!!!!!!! is the glowy eye thing doing this?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!

  • TLL

    :( oh… Goodness gracious. I’ve been expecting this since their fight, because I read the original sketch-pages Way Back When, but… This makes me endlessly sad.

  • Why do my favorite characters always die?! *cries*

    I love how you drew his face; you really show the emotion of the scene. And his flowy messy hair is just adorable (adorably sad). D:

    Also, random note that I wanted to mention when I re-read the last page: Phe has (had? D:) cool nails. Is painting them a cultural thing or just for royalty/People of Importance? Then again, we haven’t seen her nails this color previously (I looked back til the beginning of the chapter and didn’t see them as such, anyway) so maybe it’s a sign of whatever’s wrong with her :(

    • TheBrigeedaRocks

      I actually wouldn’t be surprised if that is the case with her nails. For low doses of some poisons, you can actually track how long a victim has been ingesting it by looking at the nails. Though for her nails to turn so quickly, it would have to be a large amount of quick-acting poison.

  • Monkeymoo

    I’d be willing to lay money that its the dagre (or whatever) mochoril’s brother.

  • PaperTanks

    Ohhh, Phe! D:

    I don’t know if it is or not, but I have a strong feeling that this’ll be one of the last times we see her (I could be wrong and kind of wish I was D:). And I was getting to really really like her too >:I

  • WHAT. WHY?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But excellent page and details! =D

  • Colt-Khaboom

    I-is that blood on her hand?

    • Y-yes D:

      • Colt-Khaboom

        Aw… :∫

  • Nassayan

    Ooooh, waiting for death picture.

  • Renan

    Hes gonna go crazy xD

  • So, in complete ignorance of everything plot related in this post (Yay denial!), Luca needs to wear his hair down more often. He looks younger!

    Okay. I lied.
    If Phe is really dead I’m going to kick a llama.

    • LOL Phe’s last words: “you look much younger with your hair like that”


    • Shay

      Lol, and seconded.

      *gathers excessive llamas from dA*


  • Dan

    NO NO NO NO NO!!!

    Agh! I can see this as being the even that pushes Luca over the edge. If Phe dies…hoo boy, “land settlements” are going to be the last thing to worry about! If he thinks the ambassadors had anything to do with it…*gulp*

  • An


    You better update soon! I feel really bad for our distraught emperor here. :< Luca's my favorite lol. <3 Then Suda xD

    …also Rana is my mom's name lol.

  • ohmygod

    Oh !!! Is it…poisoning ?
    Waah, can’t wait for the next page !!!
    Love the expressions btw

  • sweet_gardenia


    On a completely shallow note Luca looks pretty hot with his hair all mussed like that. and ANGUISHED weeps more

    • Hahah, I was thinking that too. Hooray for being shallow!

  • Anon

    he was already pretty unstable, this trauma can’t be good

  • Lucius

    everyone calm down,
    this could all just be a hilarious misunderstanding!
    perhaps she was just spitting up the tomato that accidentally got stuck in her throat!
    maybe Luca is only panicking because she got tomato juice on the expensive new dress he bought her for the dinner! D: *denial*

  • It’s probably really bad that I’m thinking of how hot Luca is while his poor wife is on the verge of death…and I see from above comments that I’m not the only one. XD

  • awol360

    These last two pages, I’ve been having Master Clue flashbacks
    ” It was ——– (not going to spoil identities despite my hunch) with the Poison in the Dining Room!”
    Glad to see the comic is back up and running. Keep up the great work as always!

  • Gleebits

    … Ich bin krank…

  • Kara

    Noooooo, Phe, don’t die D:!. You’re not allowed to! I think poor Luca would go crazy then, I bet. Pleeeeeaaaaase don’t diiiiieeee.

  • SladinForever

    I bet Phe is gonna die (NOO! T.T) and Luca is going to blame it on the people he hates and he’s gonna go ape shit and he’s gonna want genocide on the entire race. That’s my guess.

  • oh man, we are both on the same chapter/page number. If we’re both going to update multiple times this week it can be like a race! Who will win??? (probably you, I am lazy).

    I’m really digging on the facial expressions and body language going on here. Looks great!

  • Cedarwolf22

    agnpiwang whatever it is it looks like it is making faint rashes on her fingers too? 8(((( Man, if what Luca does after this is a result of just a really terrible allergic reaction that adds a whole new level of awful.


  • Ponthion

    SERIOUSLY LUCA stop looking so hot, you’re distracting me from sobbing >:C

  • Has anyone figured out that it’s the “tiger”? The dark form that took shape in their bed as they were dressing for dinner?

    God, Luca IS hot with that hair all a-mussed…

    Very poignant….heart-wrenching. Wonderful work!

  • Chris

    Death by Murder!!! :O

  • OH NO PHE.

    I’m amazed at how fast Luca’s hair disheveled.

    I’m also totally amazed at how depressing you’re making this scene without doing any superbly drastic color changes.

  • Herissonne

    Her finger is twiching. It’s a good sign righ? She still moves?

    • Yeah, kinda like how rigor mortis is a good sign.

  • tree

    Ah. Not good. Could it possibly tuberculosis? But her neck has got a rash…poor guy.

  • Sv. Rogue


    • No better said than Mr. Vader himself.

      Just like I said, it was force choke.

  • Rika84

    Oh, you’re gonna make me crryyy….
    Please don’t kill her.
    She’s made of so much awesomesauce.

  • Are you not going to have the “vote for my comic” thing on the bottom of the pages anymore? I miss it… :[

  • No more make-up sex… ;_;

    • Weeelllll…


  • I knew this was going to happen and it still hit me hard. whyyy

  • AlbinoBee

    If you look closely in the previous page, she had the same markings/blood somewhere on the lower part of her neck..
    Poor Phe..:(

  • Tanize

    My brain hasn’t quite unfroze from the shock of the previous page, so the most I can do right now is quote Luca: “OH NO… NO. NO. NO! DD:”

    Er, also this page is gorgeous as hell and the details on Phe’s hand are amazing but… NOOOO! DD:
    I rarely find myself genuinely upset about fictional characters, but HOT DAMN am I upset/on edge right now!

    On another note I’m sorry you’re week has been so exhausting. I hope it starts to slope downhill from here. >:

  • nonononono! make it stop! :c

  • Ibuki-san

    I’m so happy that you’re back TuT!!!

    Jesus, no please, no Phe!!!!! WHY!!!! TAKE ME!!!! … Ok ehmmm sorry for that. I’ll be waiting for the next page with my handkerchief (hope thats the right name).

    Kiss from Mexico

  • Gharuel Shaan


  • ciran


  • mandy


    Why are you doing this to us?

  • Linda

    Even Mr. Door Guard is so sad!!
    But why nobody helps her? There has to be a doctor! right? right? ehhh…

  • Miki

    Noooo! Phe can’t die!


  • Eliza

    Nooooo! Phe! No!

    Incidentally, that poison check at the beginning of the meal now seems like a clever reverse-psychology foreshadowing…

    Those ambassadors might need to run away.

  • Bellar

    Man, this and the last comic remind me vividly of a movie about one of the English royalty where a maid by chance wore a dress poisoned and intended for the Queen.

  • NYAH! Cliffhanger Nooo! D:

  • Noooooooo! Poor Luca! Love the details in the background (all the ppl moving away, standing in the way, the panic!) and his hair getting messed up like that.

    Pheeeeeeeeee… I think I’m gonna cry. ;_;

    Ah, btw! I noticed the red cloth/knot on the first panel standing out in it’s color and position (vs the red on phe’s hand). Neat balance! Was it intended?

  • Annie

    Was going back to earlier pages to chase up another comment (The Cartoonist, about a tiger) and I saw this:
    Phe: You can have revenge or you can have me, but you can’t have both.

    suddenly more significant…

  • Ellemar



  • Ohhhhyeah. The foreigners are gonna get blamed for this one D:

  • Poophoop

    Was it this thing?

    Could that be Ol Grandpa Axolotl’s brother?

    • portheiusJ

      Holy crap! I didn’t even notice that!

    • Joe

      Is it on any other pages? O_o

    • Joe

      It’s very subtle, but it is on the Chapter 2 Cover as well… and Luca appears to be looking right at it! odd!

    • I cannot unsee it! I didn’t even notice that before! Wow, I’m shocked at how unobservant I’ve been.

    • Spectatae

      For a moment I thought he turned into a vampire. Then I realized that that would be a REALLY bad plot twist and resolved to stop reading Night Watch books.

      • Cactus

        NO! You can’t give up Terry Pratchett books! T-T

        • Owen

          I think Spectatae means Ночной лоэор (Night Watch), the Russian book. It’s the first in a series and part of it was made into the films Night Watch and Day Watch, which saw a bit of popularity over here (here for me being the UK, but I think in the US too).

          Erm, general pedantry aside, I agree though. You should *never* give up on Terry Pratchett.

    • Eternal1

      Well, I have seen images of Luka standing in front of some massive red eyed Tiger before. That shape looked a lot more like a tiger than Axolotl. In my personal belief I think the shadow is a being that will feed off Luka’s rage, making him angrier and angrier. That’s how it will tie back in with everyone’s favorite Green Haired nudist. But that’s just a guess.

  • Stephen

    I bet it doesnt help relations that both the ambassadors were sitting right next to her. >_>

    I’m just waiting for his distress to turn into rage.

    • Gleebits

      I’m waiting for them to be executed

  • Ange

    i’m not reading this ever again. *protests for two minutes*

  • I’ve been stalking this comic since you first started the website, but I thought this was an apt time to say “Noooooo! <:o". To say this doesn't look good might be a bit of an understatement.
    I agree with Stephen, I'm just waiting for Luca to go Hulk on the ambassadors, guilty party or not.

  • Linda

    Noooooo~ I can see where this is going~!
    Now he’s going to go down the insane dictator road with kids (especially that daughter) that hate his guts now that Phe is…*cry*

  • Jac

    OMG Luca’s teeth. For some reason, I love them. Actually, I love it whenever he is emotional enough that his mouth is open wide, but on this page in particular those teeth just make his expression all the more genuine.

    Also, is he wearing dentures to fill in that gap?

    • Thanks!! You might have noticed that I figured out how to draw teeth over my involuntary hiatus (they were a mystery to me for many years). I’m going to be putting them into my old pages too, I think I love them. And yes, he’s got his dentures in since he’s in public :B

  • ohhhh shi-

    according to his face, that’s not the best thing he saw this day.

  • Sai

    Damn did this get suspenseful all of a sudden. All I can think of, is it poison? Did she just have an allergic reaction but it’s going to make things escalate?

    • Spectatae

      It can’t be poison. Luca tested all the food, right? Unless it was added afterwards… but somehow the ambassadors don’t seem like the types to poison Phe. Mysterious.

      • Valdrake

        Actually it could be poison just not the kind you’re thinking of. There is a poison or irritant that can be put into people’s clothing that can cause massive irritation and death. Its absorbed through the skin as you wear the fabric, seeping into your bloodstream causing death.

        • first season of Dr. House XD

  • But – but – but – Phe – but – but ?!

    I was going to postulate theories on what’s going on, but I don’t want to get it right and ruin the story!

    • Eternal1

      “You can have your revenge or you can have me. You can’t have both.”
      Looks like someone made the decision for him, huh? I personally hope Phe doesn’t die. She’s one of my favorite characters up to this point. The necessary calmness in Luka’s life that keeps him from becoming a war-crazed lunatic.

  • Lunar

    If Luca thinks it’s the ambassadors, he’s going to get so pissed off. Also love the artwork. And why isn’t anyone trying to help? Someone’s choking for god’s sake!

    • The doctor is there! Some people were making room for him (and the guards are forming a protective bubble to keep the gawkers at bay). I just left him off panel since he’s not as important as Luca’s D: face

    Fffff Luca D’: </3

  • Drascin

    @Mana: Right now, I’m less in the “hug” mentality, and more in the “indiscriminate bloodshed of everyone even tangentially responsible” mentality. A scottish claymore laced in barbed wire and a spoon are likely to figure in it somewhere.

    And I think Luca is probably going to be feeling pretty much the same. I’d recommend the people around Luca start getting a head start. A man with his only love just killed is not likely to be in a merciful state of mind.

  • I think I’m going to cry. I saw the last page and freaked out. I saw this page, and then freaked out some more. Now I have to wait another page and oh my god oh my god I’m freaking out.

  • Airista

    Oh my goodness noo TT;;; aww ><; I know its for plot but hopefully maybe she'll be okay ? =(

  • Gneisha


    Not Phe! /cry

  • SirReginaldo

    I find I love how well is face shows emotion. You do such a good job and that damn Tiger makes me feel sad! This is now my favorite graphic novel due to your amazing story building skillz!

  • SirReginaldo

    Oh and is that blood on her hand?

    • Emma

      I think its a rash, like the one on her neck in the previous page.
      I think.

  • Pixx

    PHE!!!! Nonononononononono!!! Why do the characters I really like always die? WHY?!?!?! -goes and cries in a corner-

  • Shay

    Oh god as much as I love killing off characters for the sake of plot why are you doing this to us oh god noooo

  • adrienne

    Ooh. I like the way you greyed everything out but Phe’s hand; emotional mood through colors, gold star.


  • ImmortalMuffins

    Finally, the name of this chapter makes sense to me. And now I also know why Phe is only considered a minor character on the cast page. Dangit, I hate/love it when authors do this!

  • This is heartbreaking :(

  • Ellemar

    I’m scared to check for more updates now, because I don’t want to see Phe die :(

    • But what if she dies if you don’t check back D:

  • Emperial

    I just had a thought. What if it happened while they were doing it! ‘Cause you know… those creepy eyes… were in the bedroom!

    That would kind of make it the worst sex ever!

    Fortune cookie says: Luca and Phe, -in bed!-

    … *falls asleep on page*

  • Desrever

    How truly horrific.

    No one likes cheesy dust on their fingers.

  • N

    Aw man, this is getting really suspenseful! UPDATE PLZ D:

  • Mish


    This is not ALLOWED TO HAPPEN.




  • Comett

    Please may she just be romantically(?) bedridden for the next few weeks. :( Poor Luca.

    On a side note, I love how frazzled he looks: like in the few seconds he may have lost Phe, his entire world has been turned upside down and his hair reflects that. Erg, I’m a hopeless romantic even on the lover’s deathbed. I’m terrible. xP

  • Al

    Should I be happy to see a page full of disheveled hot Luca or sad that’s it’s being all sad emo stuff? you put me into such dilemma! <:C

    Now…seriously Dagre, you do things in such messy way! Luca 's got such bad tempered kitten. He should totally revise his taste in pets.
    Poor Phe…however It's one of those rare times that my favorite character is not one of the firsts in the dying line…:B

  • eliza

    does the stalker ghost help keep the war going? does it feed on CHAOS? cause there’s like, TWO scenarios after this that DON’T end in bloody war.

  • Anthony

    Wait a second…we help you fix your computer and you turn around and do this?!?

    Put the new PC into the dishwasher until all the sad comics get washed out.


  • Phe…Not Phe! NOoooo!

    She’s o.k. right?!?

  • Leon

    NOOOO, phe don’t die!

  • Whoa, he seems so different in the 3rd panel o.o

  • Kish




    *her facial expression on the last page was amazingly overwhelming!* congrats!

  • Jimmy

    I don’t want Phe to die because I like Luca and I don’t want Luca to be sad..

  • spiffy

    i smell an assassination.

    • SirReginaldo

      I smell a huge Tiger spirit with issues :D

    • Sv. Rogue

      I smell a conspiracy

    • Crowbar

      I smell the toilet… plz flush lolz

    • I smell… I smell…


      • sweet_gardenia

        You smell me? adorable giggles

        I better start using deodorant

        • LOL yeah dinosaurs tend to get a bit smelly after a while, what with all that running for their lives.

  • Pheeeee, but she’s his sanity anchoooor ;A;

  • Draw2much

    WAH! PLEASE don’t let her die! I really liked her! Wah! Why must writers/artists be so cruel! D:

  • Dreysabriel

    I may very soon channel my rage/tension from this turn of events into a single fist and then punch through the 4th wall,commencing the wholesale, bloody slaughter of numerous fictional ambassadors. There will be many sharp things, and screaming.
    You know what the really scary part is? SHE’S NOT JUST CHOKING (other ppl have probly caught this already but oh well you are getting it again). In the previous page (and bottom of this one) Phe has these scary orange splotches on her neck (and hands). Any poison that could do that in such a short amount of time does not leave me feeling very hopeful. :(
    I write too much.

  • “Beware my brother and a man who hates in the name of love.”


    • *gasp* HOLY crap…revelation O_O

  • SP

    Noes! D:
    She doesn’t have that thing that Satine had in Moulin Rouge, does she?

    • A bad case of being tragic and annoying? Hopefully not!

  • Lindsey

    OMG PHE NO!!!!

    This seriously punched me right in the heart

  • Carlota

    No, no – just… NO ! D8

    (Oh, by the way, you are not censored any more in the UEA… XD Don’t ask me why…)

    • Oh! Yay XD After this segment I feel like I should be censored again though XD

      • DoggySpew

        Uh oh, gore ?

  • Doozigitis

    Love how you used the crowd as a compositional element. It’s like poor Luca has to swim through the gawkers.

  • AllenaGuinn

    Yeah, I was thinking like some other people that it might be poison or a some disease.

    BUT then I thought “What if she’s having an allergic reaction!?” Anaphylaxis causes hives and can close a person’s airway. So now I’m not sure… what if they poisoned her with peanuts or something? That’s scary, man. They could totally claim it was an accident. :O

    So yeah, either peanuts or crazy disease. Either way, the suspense is cruel.

  • LeDayz

    I am only happy this occurred AFTER the computer malfunction so we get to speed through these pages twice as fast. Can’t have my heart stopping beating for weeks while we wait to see what happens! I am trying to avoid reading the comments for spoilers after what happened last time [“What are Dagre?”] *hands over eyes* >_<

  • This must be an ELEMENTAL, CRUCIAL thing for the whole plot,. Things are gonna turn nastier for everybody after this, and that’ll make Angora’s task even more difficult. amirite. D:

  • ElfPrincessFlannery

    D,: my gawd why!?!? i hate suspense like this, makes me crazy! is it a rash? is it poison? im dyeing to know. [but thats just what you want isnt it?]

  • Jeanne

    NO! Phe! Don’ die on us! D: God, if she’s choking to death on a piece of food or something, I may just cry…

  • Alex

    And guess who’s going to be blamed for this…

  • Lauren

    OMG O_O Poor phe!

  • MAD

    This is killing me! His face in the last panel with Phe’s hand is driving me crazy–I need to know what happened! :’C Ima cry if she dies, especially after she just gave him support.

  • Megii

    Oh dear; it looks like he’s seen this before, but never dreamed it would happen to his wife. How intriguing though, he tasted every dish, yet it seems that someone snuck her poison anyhow. Perhaps it is in the wine? Or perhaps it trigged a dormant illness she was already carrying? Those red blotches on her skin do not look like allergies.

  • AgentSH

    Great D8 in the last panel.

  • my first impression was that she was bleeding through her skin…like she’s collapsing from the outside in if that makes any sense?

    I doubt the ambassadors poisoned her because they see her as their ticket to peaceful negotiation http://www.meekcomic.com/2010/03/06/2-27/
    It wouldn’t make much sense to kill someone you see their existence being advantageous to you; I agree with the people who are suspecting it was that weird spirit thing…

    I love this comic, by the way :D this is my first time posting, but I’ve been reading it since the beginning!! I’m always excited for the next update. Keep up the great work!

  • grove

    oh no no no no no


    no no no no no ;w;

  • Trent

    Please…please don’t kill off Phe. She’s become one of my favorites, and I do not want her to die!

  • Sam

    Okay I freaked out when I saw this but I am calming down now… anyways now that I am calmer I wanted to point out how Luca’s hair goes from being all nice and stuff to all messy. :) Nice touch.
    But you’re not allowed to kill off Phe. That’s just wrong. D:

  • Shrake12

    I’m not sure if Phe can die if you follow the plot carefully. Luca is talking later with his brother (I think) retelling the events as they happened. He doesn’t seem to be in mourning in the scene with his brother and based on the kind of man that Luca seems to be, I doubt he would be in an emotionally stable enough state to discuss his domestic problems with someone that is as criticizing as his brother. I believe that if Phe dies, it would put Luca in a murder frenzy and have the ambassadors executed on the spot. He would then go into recluse for a while, brooding over Phe’s death and plotting against perceived threats under the influence of a hateful paranoia. Then he would emerge bloodthirsty and (in both meanings) mad, starting with increased domestic suppression on the people and military campaigns abroad.

    He would not be talking it over on a bridge.

    But I can see why someone would want her dead. Revolutionaries hostile to the Empire and the political regime in Caris; they could be ultra revolutionaries who believe that the negotiations are too liberal. Killing Phe would end any peace talks and force war between the two countries and another opportunity to fight a war.

  • Mina

    T____T You wouldn’t really kill Phe would you? Would you? /sobs PHEEEEEEEEEEE!

  • Okay I freaked out when I saw this but I am calming down now… anyways now that I am calmer I wanted to point out how Luca’s hair goes from being all nice and stuff to all messy. :) Nice touch.
    But you’re not allowed to kill off Phe. That’s just wrong. D:

  • ooa3603

    this is not good for the other country, Phe is the only one holding back his anger

  • Poots

    That look in the last panel is getting to me. ;-; MOAR

  • Sean

    Ok, I just discovered this yesterday, and I read the whole thing. Re-reading today, and I wanted to comment on this page.

    What you’ve done with this chapter, in just a few short pages, is remarkable. You’ve managed to impart a believable humanity into Luca, but even more so, you’ve created a character in Phe that your audience truly cares about.

    There are actually 5 “Noes” in the last panel. The fifth is your audience all saying the same thing.

    Wonderful storytelling. Superb. Oh, also, I like the art! Your use of color is fantastic

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