Just a reminder! I’m going to be at the upcoming Wondercon (next weekend) along with Tracy and Wenquing. We’re doing a panel there on April 1, so if you’ve been waiting for the opportunity to ask some questions about webcomics or to hurl a tomato at my face, this might be your best chance.

BTW, some posters in the SA thread (hello) recently were wondering wtf is up with the visual gender portrayals in this chapter… Maybe some other people were wondering that too so I’ll clear it up now: this is kind of just what they look like. If you think that Alamand looks like a girl I suggest you go look through your middle school yearbook and laugh a bit. I tutored a lot of kids his age so I guess it doesn’t look as weird to me. I designed him off of this hyperactive kid I knew in highschool that hadn’t yet developed distinct secondary sex characteristics though he was already a junior, he cracked me up. As for Soli… she’s just Soli, she doesn’t care what she looks like as long as she’s cool with it. She doesn’t run into a whole lot of mirrors I guess. I know she has a dudely kind of facial structure, but if you look back at one that ambassador in Ch 2 you’ll notice it’s more of a racial thing. There’s an overarching purpose behind their design as well but it doesn’t have to do with soapboxing about heavy societal issues.

*edit* btw I don’t mean to suggest at all that anyone was flying off the handle or something. These were just general questions, not some drama thing.

Well I have a deadline for things on Tuesday, so next page will be after that, probably Thurs or Fri! Still doing 2x a week though, so will be chugging along to get another one done by next weekend. I WON’T LET YOU DOWN, INTERNET