He does have a point…

I had so much fun with this page you have no idea.


  • i did stupid stuff when I was six all the time.

  • glueboy

    He? She?

    I’m so confused re: genders for this chapter…

    • He= the police officer

      Soli’s a woman
      Alamand is a boy
      Amen is a dude

      • Nah, I’m pretty sure Amen is a chick.

        jklol gender

      • I know this and still think Alamand looks more like a girl than Soli. xD

        • Haha, he’s counting down the days till puberty I’m sure.

  • Amen looks adorable all ruffled up and tied up lol XD I hope they don’t do anything too terrible…and I don’t him to die. D:

    Great page though! Love their faces and the dialog is hilarious! :D

  • Ladybookbat

    (long-time lurker here)

    I can SEE you having so much fun with this page, all the gesticulating, and the long fingers, and Amen’s OH. CRAP. face :D

  • Oni

    This page is BRILLIANT, I am cracking up so badly over it all. So well done!

  • Love the expression in panel 6.

  • Tiuni

    0h my gosh, that last panel = hilarity.

  • Emperial

    Best. Reveal. EVER!

  • Blackkaida

    : | The suspense is killing meee.

  • parissmiles

    this page is hilarious!
    “when you were….six?”
    and amen’s face in the last panel!! oh gosh.

  • parissmiles

    can we please have a big ass panel of panel four? cause those expressions are just too good.

  • Erode

    Aw, please don’t kill Amen! I was so happy when the hiatus was over and he was alive! Now I’m all worried again :(

    • Ailynne

      I knoooow. If Amen dies I’m going to cry! (Okay, not really, but still.)

      You better not do it!

  • beckie

    Oh, Alamand. I love his faces.

    Hahaha, when you were 6.


  • Naw, don’t kill him. You can, uh, just leave him on my porch. Wearing only a bow.

    • :U

    • NeverfilledVoid

      I hope you are talking about Amen and not the old man.. xD

      • -shudders-

        What am I, some kind of gerontophiliac? Of course I mean Amen, with or without his wonderful uniform. But if you bring Jon’s horse, the deal’s off. That thing’s scary.

  • Arison

    I want to say that I only just know realised the subtle use of colour relations with Soli’s tattoo and Alamand’s scarf (it took seeing Alamand right beneath the picture of Soli in the header for me to get it, derp) and IT IS BRILLIANT. I’m sorry I’m a total nerd for colour theories and using colour to imply and cohere character relations (when it’s done well) and I was just like “DUDE that is so cool why didn’t I notice it before.”

    Also I am happy to have more Meek, because I love The Meek, and you should really feel awesome for accomplishing all the work you’ve done in the past months. Especially with continuing The Meek so diligently. Seriously, I really admire your work ethic and determination.

    • Arison

      Also also this page has made me love Alamand as a character.

      • Don’t love him, he doesn’t deserve it.

  • Kyn

    I adore just how un-feminine Soli is, it really gives her an extra special little bit of characterization. And its awesome that she’s just as capable as traditionally male heroes! Nothing sucks more than a strong female protagonist who constantly needs to get rescued.

    Poor Amen! His face is absolutely adorable in the last panel. And nooooo, Alamand, you can’t kill him! He’s the dashing, blushing paladin to Soli’s tough, roguish outlaw! Their interactions must be further explored!

  • Yes.
    Kill them.

    • Thank you, Leah.

      • dadman

        Ah, Leah’s just jealous of her sister Rachel. ;)

    • John

      Only one who’s gonna say it.

  • Cherry B.

    The entire page is just awesome, but that third panel is AMAZING. So, so funny.

    Thank you for another fantastic update.~

  • Lizzy

    Here I am not sure whether to take Alamand seriously. >__> um

    Also I’m sure they don’t have to KILL Amen…just USE him…drag him along to get them into secret police-y functions until he gets stockholm syndrome. jkjk

    Can’t wait to see how this pans out, as always :D

  • Shilin

    AHAHAH alamand you scold her good

  • awol360

    I’m loving Amen’s ” Oh S*** ” / life flashing before his eyes look in the last panel. Along with the facial expressions from panels 1-3. Great work as usual, the wait was worth it.

  • bendemolena


  • Meself

    Quite frankly, her tattoo is visible even without the mask.
    And, Oh, Alamand’s faces are awesome. :D

    • Quite frankly these two aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed XD

  • Quats

    Interesting how suddenly Soli is reporting to Alamand instead of the other way around. Just who is in charge here, anyway?

  • Maphysto

    Amen has a very expressive OH SHI- face.

  • engelen

    “when you were… six.”

  • pbqd

    Yes. Kill them and eat them because YOU ARE BOTH TOO DAMN SKINNY make some man-wiches seriously ;;

    Looveee this page. So much :’D

    • TEAGAN

      …I suppose that could be considered grandmotherly if your grandmother owned a house made of candy…

  • Sky

    HMM! I feel like, because they NEED to kill them, it shall not happen! XD Only one ones we truly will not see it coming will die D’: Like Phe! ;n;!!

  • I love how this page plays with people’s typical character expectations. The 13 year-old boy comes off as the smart and ruthless one, while the tall and lanky blond woman is the somewhat dim muscle instead of the fan service or “heart of the team” or something. Excellent. :-D

  • Karrey

    Augh! Poor Amen! Panic!

    Hey, lovely update! Endeed looks like you had a lot of fun with this page. :) Love their faces!

  • Matt

    Alamand’s epic rage in panel one might just be my new favorite thing ever.

  • Amazing! I love expression in cell three. Also I think this is the first time their relationship has been so clear. Wow.
    How did they meet each other? :)

    • That shall be addressed in Chapter 6 :B

  • Emma

    I’m seriously thinking Soli and Alamand are siblings – they fight like they were.
    Also, Amens face hahahaha

  • arkan

    they are so funny!

  • Reo

    Ok, so maybe it’s because I haven’t looked at the cast page in ages, but-
    Alamand’s a DUDE? :p Damn you androgynous comic characters, bein all confusin and stuff1

  • cedarwolf22

    Now’s the time, Amen! Learn to run away using only your face!
    General Alamand is ruthless, surely at six he was massacring ladybugs by the dozens. Haha this page is great, that top expression is begging for an icon. WHUT.

  • sweet_gardenia

    I so want Amen’s ” Oh SH–! ” face as an icon. SO much love.

    Amen’s all like ” oh Damn oh damn where’s a paper clip and a rubber band and chewing gum to improvise a bazooka when you need one?!?! “

  • I’m so happy for the updates ^^ Soli looks very pretty on the previous page (she reminds me a bit of my friend, btw :) ), and here… the dialogue is just so cool :D “when you were young… when you were… six…” :D I imagined a six-year-old Alamand being all badass with a cigarette in his mouth or sth. And huge tattoos made with markers.

  • Man it looks like you did have a lot of fun with this page. Love it! And I wonder if Soli is just being funny about Alamand’s age or if something really did happen when he was six… HMMM.

  • Emma

    Two updates in three days? *faints*

  • John

    You can tell she really doesn’t want to kill them, perhaps she is falling for Amen’s dashing style and good looks.

    I think she liiiikeess him,
    She wants to kiiiisss him…

    • Quats

      After he was so condescending? Pfft. I have a niggling little sense of “So THERE” on seeing his look of horror in the last panel. Horror over hearing the announcement of his impending death? Or horror over being Captured By A Girl? Perhaps some of both!

      He is awfully darned easy on the eyes, though, and is trying to do the right thing, so he does get some points. Now to see what fate has in store for him.

      • He is also overwhelmed with horror of failing at his job, that is probably the biggest one. He is most comfortable when things go by the book, and the book never warned him about this.

        • Jac

          The manual doesn’t explain what you should do when you accidentally step on boobs, for example.

      • John

        I wouldn’t be so quick to assume that he condescended to her; what he said was implicitly sexist, but there are three obvious gender stereotypes I can think of that could lead him to the surprise he expressed:

        “Women are weak, and thus incapable of crime and thuggery.”

        “Women are cowardly, and would rather run than fight if the opportunity presented itself.”

        “Women are genteel ladies, and thus incapable of the brutish and mean deeds requisite of the crime in question; like beating the crap out of a little old man.”

        Amen may feel any combination of these, and though the first two are possible I would say Amen’s characterization makes the last and most positive stereotype the most likely one. As always remember that it is a different time, not to mention a different place, and that what a ‘good’ person does in one time may be very different from what a ‘good’ person does in another.

        There was no disdain or frustration in his voice when he realized Soli was a woman, only surprise. If he truly thought less of women I think that we would have seen a different reaction.

  • Awesomeness!

  • Oh dear, everything about this page makes me laugh.. so hard, but especially Alamand dramatically declaring that they must now die for seeing Soli’s completely obvious tattoo.

  • Fleece

    The last panel made a very loud dun-dun-DUN!! sound in my head.

    Aand I think I like the stupid!Soli. XD Wait, what exactly gave me the impression she was smart in the first place?! Oh, author, you and your unexpected, totally-not-obvious characterizations, you…!

  • Blunderbuss


    …. Aaaaand Amen was glad he was wearing brown trousers.

  • LilithLynx

    I love this page! I think thus far it is my favorite! Especially Amen in that last panel.

  • gingerfu

    Something about the way you draw hands is just fantastic.

  • I can’t help but wonder how she got that big dude all subdued and tied up. He needs to work on his manliness (*snort!) I bet he’s feeling really small right now. Some officer. TIs a funny page. Nice to see the comic up and running. Have been missing it of late, but I know how real life can be…..pain in the ***.
    Keep up the good work!! Gotta’ go update my own comic now, bye!

    • I’m thinking she probably had him throw his belt/ weapons away, tie his own legs at gunpoint, then finished the rest herself.

      • Laura

        I’m thinking you’re right and it had to be a little fun.

  • Mk9

    Haha good lord, I love Alamand’s “WHAT” face more than anything.

  • Decoy

    After that long hiatus and then two updates within a week, I feel spoiled.

    Last panel made me lol.

  • I like the minor role reversal here. YOU LECTURE HER GOOD, ALAMAND.

    And yes, that OH SH– face is glorious. Absolutely glorious.

  • Mani

    Heh. They’re worried about the guy recognizing their faces, and here Alamand was saying Soli’s name out loud in earshot of the conscious hostages just a few pages ago – wonder if Soli’s gonna call him out on that :>

    • Alamand’s obviously planning on killing them. He probably thinks that nothing is going to happen that will make plans change.

      aww, isn’t genre blindness cute

  • junebird

    Honestly, it wasn’t really THAT much of a mask haha

  • Haha, the funny thing is, I keep looking at Alamand and thinking he’s a girl. :)

    Great dialogue – love the “Oh Shit” face in the last panel. Personally, I don’t see a problem with the tattoo, it looks cool.

    • titaniumspork19

      Well, yeah, it looks cool, but the problem is that tattoos are hard to disguise, and since Amen is an officer of the law and would give out a description of the person who attacked him, Soli would be really easy to recognize anywhere she went. Unless she wore a face mask in public the whole time, which would also look suspicious. I don’t know about the viability of covering it with makeup, either – if they even have the right kind of makeup, you need skilled techniques to make it look like you’re not actually covering something up.

      • Eclectus

        Except that you could see the tattoo even /under/ Soli’s mask, so I don’t really see why the fact that he got her mask off is so significant.

  • The guard doesn’t look happy about this.

    • Fuhgeddaboutit

      Would you look happy if you met some random girl in the desert and she gagged and bou…nevermind. Good point

      • lin

        from a dude’s perspective, it depends if she’s hot or not… :/

        • Somehow I see Soli as being hot in a… Ripley in the third alien film kinda way.

          Which, y’know, kinda goes nicely with the bondage.

          Just saying.

  • Lisa (the other one)

    I love this page so much, you have no idea. *grin* That third panel especially. Amazing how many criminals don’t think of their tattoos interfering with their career/lifestyle choice…

  • Alison

    Doesn’t Amen just look dandy with his hair in his face?

  • mishaa

    NOOO, NOT Lt. DEGLADOBET</3333333

  • Essie

    I love Alamand’s facial expressions. WUT D8

    Soli COULD cut her hair and put, like, a bandage over that tattoo. And an eyepatch. Pretend she fell off her horse or something. Totally worth a shot. Plus then she’d be wearing an eyepatch and she’d be even cooler than she already is.

    • Haha, I’ve come up with so many ideas on how to cover that tattoo up, and all of them either look like concealment or are totally stupid XD She realllly should have thought harder before she 1) got it and 2) decided to break the law.

  • Tazzy

    Geez louise, a 12-year-old giving the orders to kill! What a psycho.

    also alexds1 why you gotta kill everyone we love D;

    • If you think kids aren’t psychotic and deadly then you’ve obviously never done tutoring. They are CRAZY.

      • I second this. Tutoring made me give up my idea of majoring in education. I think I’ll stick with being a research librarian.

        • Jess

          I work in special education, I can confirm that all children regardless of age are fucking psychotic.

          • Anna

            oh yes. utterly insane. I dare those politicians who say we teachers are not doing a good job to spend one day in a kindergarten classroom, and if they make it our alive, Then they can tell me I’m not doing a good job.

  • darthclaire

    The expressions in this one are fantastic.

  • Fisherman


  • Sterrance

    aww, poor ruffle-haired Amen. Don’t worry, you could probably scoot out of there somehow

  • Kathy

    I know…this is strange….
    But I find Amen so attractive in the last panel

    • SireTigs

      It’d be strange if you didn’t.

    • Grey Lady

      same here… :D

  • Android 21 3/7

    …Alamand, that’s… more cutthroat than I would expect from a preteen…

  • jecomdmoy

    Of course, Soli is an adult, which means she *could* just take an extra couple seconds to think through the consequences, say no and Alamand would have to listen because she’s bigger than him and carries weapons. Although, this is the person who saw nothing wrong with the tattoo. (It probably seemed like a great idea after a post-breakup drinking binge!)

    I’m still really curious how Alamand managed to get Adobart and what happened to him. Walking back through the desert without his horse? Dead at the foot of a cliff? The world may never know.

  • aspectabund

    HOMG. I love this page. If you had a bigger version of that last panel… I would love to ogle it. Ogle it HARD.

    Also, LOL Alamand. I doubt Soli went through all the trouble of tying him up just to kill him. Possibly… Amen’ll be coming with them?

  • overloaded with two uploads! Loving it! mmmmm spoiled.
    Though Alamand has a point about the tattoo… shouldnt be so obvious if you want to hide yourself

  • Sparrow

    Alamand, you are my favorite.

  • Weeee I do love new pages. And you never fail to disappoint.

    I love this page as much as I loved the last panel of the previous page – having the freakishly tall woman acting like a guilty child TO a younger person is just such a funny role reversal. Plus we can see that she doesn’t PREFER killing people, or she would have already done it.

    Actually, during my first Art History class, I noted one of the collections of ancient heads or masks that used paint to mark out facial features – black, red, and also unique blue markings. Made me wonder if you drew any inspiration from that.

    It’s the same kind of thing when I take a science class and they mention sloth moss or axolotls. Suddenly makes every subject a little more interesting.

  • I thought Alamand was a girl! BAH! Well hes a cutey!


    How long till the begging starts do you think?

  • Black

    The expressions are particularly hilarious and awesome on this page!

  • 孟玲


    I think you do not kill phe but you did! please do not kill amen, thank you. :)

  • BentKatana

    I love that I love Alamand even though he’s threatening to kill. :3

  • lin

    “when you were… six?”

    hmm… i smell a side story that needs explaining… XD

  • Pneumonica

    I was wondering about the interplay between the veil and the tattoo. “Yes, officer, the culprit was wearing a mask, and had a big, obvious tattoo right under the eye.”

    Awesome update(s).

  • Loral

    Hmmm. Is Alamand ALWAYS the sensible one, or is this a special occasion? :P

    Lovin’ the updates. Your comic pages make me smile.

  • Beautiful work, as always! I love the expressions. Is it my imagination or are you drawing skinnier arms? They look really good. Sort of remind me of Chris Sanders.

    • Thanks Steve! If they’re getting skinner it’s because I’m finally getting the characters on-model after struggling through 24 pages, haha XD

  • Keerzin

    Been reading Meek for a very long time, but never really felt the need to comment on it; always felt the comic/gfx novel was great without needing any input from me!

    But the last line, in the second to last panel… it just doesn’t seem to read as well as maybe you were intending? It seems to stumble along without giving the full impact of the “kill them.” that you’d maybe want delivered with a statement that heavy. Maybe having the full text in the frame before the last one, and just leave us with his shocked face? Just thought I’d mention it!

    Loving that you’re updating again, and can’t wait to see where this goes. :)

    • Erica

      I would agree, something about it isn’t hitting the mark. I think that the entirety of the line, “We’re gonna have to kill them,” should be in the last panel. It would read much better, with more impact. Because then it’d lead from “one choice left…” to the cold, final statement last, with Amen’s reaction.

    • I’m pretty open to suggestions and I did give this a thought, but I don’t think I’ll change it. The scene’s looked this way in my head for a few years! But I’ll take another look after the chapter is done and I can read it in sequence, maybe I’ll feel differently by then.

      • I get why you’d want the “kill them” in the last panel to indicate they can hear what is being said. What about having the speech bubble overlap into the panel?

        • Like I said, I’m still thinking about it :)

      • Keerzin

        I just thought I’d mention it, anyway! It’s in no way negative feedback, I just figured that if it felt odd to one reader, maybe others felt the same (but they might be a bit… shy to mention it? :p)

        Looking forward to tomorrow :D

  • Gilthwixt

    Bet anything now Amen is going to be taken “hostage” and forced to go along with them. I smell shenanigans :D

  • Carol

    Oooooh, the story is starting to roll! Can’t wait for Meek updates.

    As for the tattoo; if this world has ham radios, them they probably have pancake make-up. Soli can be the new Cover Girl.

  • Lady Trelane

    NUUUU! Don’t kill off the random Canadian, he hasn’t had his Timmies yet! D:

  • OH, Soli. XD

  • steffyanie

    Gah! The more I see her, the more I love Soli. This page is definitely one of my favorites. ♥

  • eilidhgw

    Oh my god. I feel so spoiled with all these updates, I’m almost worried this site will drop of the face of the web if I enjoy it too much.

  • E.P.Flannery

    Love Alamands face here, fantastic! <3

  • Oh my!

  • Love the dialogue on this page, really natural/flowing (and hilarious haha!)


    Great as usual!

  • Matt

    I really love these characters! I especially like their complex back histories – like all of the stupid things Alamand did before Soli knew him – when he was…six. What was that, eight months ago? Great interplay – these two need each other in ways best described by other examples: Lenny and Squiqy; George and Lenny (cant tell which is George yet); and maybe Sid and Nancy.

    You cannot possibly produce the next page too soon! Thanks for your dedication to a great story!

  • dimpwnc

    I just found your comic and found it so engrossing I read it straight through.
    Your art has so much energy and captures emotion so well–and your plot is engrossing that I can’t wait to find out what happens next.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful art and imagination.

  • Emjee

    Anyone else notice that Amen looks a lot like Captain Mal Reynolds in the last panel? It’s awesome

  • Ely

    Soli and Alamand are easily your most expressive characters. Not even Angora was quite as outwardly emotional. It must be crazy fun to draw that body language.

  • Vulpe

    another update ^_^ yay! Can’t wait for the next
    his face, his shocked face in the last panel, priceless

  • Hey Der-Shing, I have to ask.

    Like everyone else, I LOVE this page so much, and I have also grown very attached to Amen. However, when I think about it, it seems odd that we fans have adopted Amen so quickly and adamantly. Maybe it’s a defensive maneuver after Phe’s cruel fate, like a recoil? Haha. But anyway, were you expecting readers to take a liking to Amen as much and as quickly as we did? Because it’s fairly humorous how quickly he’s been accepted to the point of us begging you not to kill him.

    • Honestly I did XD My readers are awesome, but there is only so far I can push them… if you’ll notice, in the last 3 chapters all of the characters have scored around “average” to “less-than-average” in the relative looks department. Or, like Angora, are cute but in a sort of “wait what’s going on here exactly” way. Also a lot of them are not very nice, haha. By comparison Amen is a genuinely nice guy, just a little bit of a badass, and he is not that bad to look at. And he is tied up and waiting to be saved sooo yeah I guess you could say I expected it.

  • Dainty

    I’m so happy to have you back :D I hope you regain the weight (if that’s what you want) and your hand heals soon.

    By the way, I just discovered the arrow keys can be used to read and I want to think you for that little piece of coding magic, it’s excellent. I went back to the beginning of this chapter and can I just say again how much I love these characters and the flow of your comic. It’s beautiful

  • batfangirlamby!

    Argh! I can’t decide which chapter I like best!

  • Tim Kietzman

    FINALLY! When is the next installment going to be? Will you be doing it once a week again? Please say yes! PLEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEE!

    • Nope! Twice a week. Hopefully next page will be up tomorrow!

  • glockblob

    What an embarrassment of riches! So great to have updates, and such great updates. Second panel Soli is my favorite.

  • Weilyn

    I love the last panel. That is the face of a man who just crapped his pants.

  • Weissmuller

    That’s exactly the reason i’ve never gotten a tatto.

    Great artwork as always.

    • Because you’re going to rob people and don’t want to be identified by authorities??? Oh, my readers.

      • Raoul

        Like you don’t know what sort of riff-raff this comic attracts.

        I agree with your earlier comment that children can be cute (or not) little homicidal maniacs. Totally insane, they are. Even Bill Cosby, as clueless as he can be, knows it (see “Bill Cosby: Himself”)

        Amen’s face may be the funniest thing in the strip so far. Are those uniforms equipped with, ah, absorption capabilities?

  • Jac

    I kind of want to turn the third panel into a livejournal icon. Can I do that?

    • Absolutely! If you can mention the comic’s name in the description that’d be much appreciated :)

  • dot

    I’m starting to really like Soli.. (She looks more feminine without her coat-less confusing )
    I kinda like seeing Amen’s hair all ruffled up!

    I see why you had so much fun with this page-so expressive! :)

    Keep up with the great comic!

    • dot


      ‘When you were… six’

      I just got that! (Yeah, I’m slow)

  • hel

    oh my god. all of their faces crack me up. Ameeeeeeeeeeen! (he’s gonna need to change those pants later on)

    • hel

      also, just HOW MANY ROPE was necesary to tie him up?

  • pandemonium

    Alamand looks like he’s going to have a little bit of a Dagre moment there in that first panel. “BE ZO WHY DO YOU MESS UP? FOOL” **eats Soli**
    Meanwhile, Amen’s thought bubble says “D8”

    One of my all-time favorite pages ever in the history of the Meek, for those two panels alone. You, alexds1, are my hero.

  • Hoheh

    Technically, awesome tat is awesome. He still has a point about identifying traits, though. He mad. Hopefully, him yelling won’t draw unwanted company.

  • Gira

    It’s quite obvious who’s the adult around here!

    /cold shoulder Alamand

  • Ciregoist

    When I first saw these two, I had their genders completely switched around in my mind. XD

  • lovebuggery

    I feel totally silly, because I want the officer guy to be a main character. I have a soft spot for tough military folk who get tied up a lot, I think. Or brown hair.

    • lovebuggery

      ohohoohoho i do NOT read cast pages as often as I should. because if I did, I would know he is a supporting character.


  • Aisca

    Poor Amen. : /

    Everyone freaking out about the mask…might just be me, but isn’t it more about the fact he realized she was a chick than the fact he saw her tattoo? There’s probably a reason she wears that big coat/binds her breasts/ties up her hair in the headdress. With police working under the assumption that the attacker was male, Soli could probably pop into a dress and walk around scot free. She loses that advantage the second Amen sees her face.

    Also, great expressions on this page [/generic praise.]

  • Mish

    I just love this page so much. Everything about it. You’re such a master at expressions and body language!

    And Soli! She’s grown on me so much as a character, I just think she’s awesome.

    Also… she’s… erm… Weirdly attractive. And I have no idea if as a guy or a girl or what the hell. You’re causing me a lot of confusion in my life.


  • Kathleen

    You guys: panel two, you can see Soli’s chest! I don’t mean to be creepy, but it’s just nice to be able to recognize a gender when you see one.

  • Bob

    I’m confused as the how the officer ended up tied up.

    The bandit lady pulled a gun on him, sure, but HE still had a gun on HER so… huh? How did he end up tied up? I guess it’s sort of possible that he didn’t shoot her as she was drawing her hidden gun (not very possible granted, because he already had a gun on her, and just because it happened int he transition between panels doesn’t mean drawing a gun is instantaneous), but at what point did he say, “Oh, well we’ve both got guns on each other so I guess I should surrender mine and let her tie me up. Despite the fact that I’ve seen her face that she was purposefully hiding, so she’ll probably kill me if I give her the upper hand.”

    There doesn’t seem any solution to that problem but to shoot her in the head and hope your shot goes off before hers. So what happened?

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