A COMIC. In case the beginning of chapter 3 seems like a distant memory, you can refresh it by rereading from the start here.

Not everyone follows my every move on the other networking sites, so just a quick recap in case you care:

What I’ve been up to
– Finished coloring a graphic novel, a project of 4 months. Finished inking a 45 paged kid’s book and started on a second one. Finished a short comic for the last Flight anthology.
– Injured my drawing hand during the deadlines to the point where I couldn’t bend it in order to draw (aka I am stupid)
– Lost 8 lbs in the last 2 weeks from stress (aka I am really stupid)
– Accomplished more work than I have in my entire life

What I will be up to
– THE MEEK. It’s my main priority, and there won’t be any more big hiatuses. Am aiming for the 2x a week updates like in Ye Olde Days
– Relearning how to draw, since I’ve been soaked in the works of others and would like to get some new skills.

I’m going to start using my Tumblr soon with a goal of sketching a little every day. I won’t link it here yet until I have stuff up (but it’s easy to find if you like sleuthing).

One last plug! The comic ReMind is on hiatus and in the meantime, has a bunch of cool guest artists making comics. If you don’t read it yet, or even if you do, keep an eye on the lineup since there are some stellar folks making guest pages.

And now… BACK TO WORK. Are you excited? I’m excited.


  • Beata

    officer Alamand, sir.

    • Gotta respect the badge!

      • lin

        respect his ah-tho-ri-tay!

  • Wood

    YOU BET I’m excited !

  • Rachel

    I just want to say that, wow, this is an amazing page. I love Soli in the last panel (and I’m relieved she didn’t kill Amen. He’s too handsome to go so soon!)
    And I’m totally, completely amazed by your work ethic! I can’t believe the page is up, but take care of yourself! Eat well, sleep well, and don’t lose more weight!

  • Sara

    OMG OMG. This is exciting in SO many ways! I love Flight, and I love it even more now that it will contain your work! YAY! You are a superhero!

    Might you divulge the names of the graphic novel & kid’s book you’ve been working on?

    • The kid’s books are being put out by the same folks who I did this book for. They are really cool people and the books are cute and educational.

      The other book is a nice fat graphic novel by… well I’m not sure if I’m supposed to talk about it yet. But it’s by one of the people in my links list who has other graphic novels out. He’s mentioned the title already in interviews and on his site forum so you can try to figure it out if you want!

  • Yaaay you’re back :D I’m excited~

    That’s a looooot of work you got done. I don’t think I’d be able to handle that much. o-o Glad you’re feeling better and recovered now too. So welcome back I guess! We missed you. :3

  • LeDayz


  • Spazzplosion

    Tumblr? Did I miss a link for that? ; u; Tumblr-stalking my fav artists is so great.

  • Elviella

    I haven’t commented here in ages, so I thought that now would be an appropriate time to do it. What I want to say is…that I love this comic. And I honestly mean it. It’s inspiring and intriguing in so many ways and I’m glad I’ll start checking the website again for updates!

    Also! Congratulations on all the work you got done! When I read about the comic in Flight I literally said out loud “I’ve GOT to buy this!” (my sister snarkily replied “God, it’s not like you’ve GOT to buy anything”). Having heard that a lot of amazing artists that I’m already familiar with through the net (and deviantart especially) are contributing… I really have to get that volume.

    • Oh, I know, I am SOOO honored to be in a volume next to all those art heroes, especially since it’s the last book in the anthology series. I read Homarusrex‘s submission… without any exaggeration, it’s one of the most beautiful comics I have ever read in my entire life. I can’t wait to see it on paper.

      • hel

        Oh, gosh, you and Nicholas Kole are two of the most talented young people on the internet and I seriously skip a beat every time I see something new on your sites *rant about inspiration and etc*, but seriously, how amazing is the last installment of Flight going to be?!
        And also: great congratulations on everything you’re accomplishing. I’ve been following The Meek since it started in this form, and from time to time I like to re-read everything, and everytime I find some new interesting detail and get amazed by foreshadowings and ambiences. This comment doesn’t really make sense other than the fact that I cannot really get tired of meekery, from the slugs on Pinter’s tent to Dagre’s goo!

  • Dafla

    I screamed out loud when I saw the update.
    The girl I was skypeing with was so pissed but OH LORD this page it’s so beautiful
    so worth the wait

  • Something tells me that this won’t be a “small” problem, but at least that should make it all even more interesting! :D

  • ohmygoshtheartonthispage. definetally worth the wait… well, the wait since the beginning of the new month, where I have been checking on it multiple times a day…..

    anyways, this page looks great, glad your back, sorry you hurt your hand, and lets have a merry continuation of pages! :D

  • Someone has been a busy bee – I’m glad to hear you managed all your deadlines, though I suppose you could’ve done without all the stress. Hopefully you can get to kick back a little now, take a break – oh! and a little Meek work doesn’t hurt either, this page worked super well. The compositions, the colours, everything – thumbs up to the entire thing. And I love Alamand in the 3rd panel and Soli in the last, great expressions. You do that so well!

    Oh – and don’t stress yourself out even more meaning to update – I’m pretty sure this lot will stick around to learn more anyway ;D


  • Austin

    worth the wait. every comic is.

  • ShibuyaCrow

    >_> Soli looks SO different in this page than she does in the banner up top.

    Damn I’m excited for more Meek!

  • Decoy

    I’m excited.

  • Kitty

    I’m excited and ILU

  • I just came across The Meek a couple months ago and am LOVING IT! so I’m excited to see you’re back at it again and lookin fwd to it! :D

  • grove

    Holy crap this page is amazing

    You definitely improved during the hiatus… Your facial rendering is super amazing in this page. I love the first panel, too.

  • Dude, I’m argentinian so I never knew about the Flight comics… but if you AND Homarusrex are in there, I’M SO, SO GOING TO HAVE TO BUY IT.

    Yay for hiatus being over! Is it me or the sky’s more saturated now? It caught my attention, but it’s probably because some hours passed in the comic, and it’s getting late, right? I JUST DON’T KNOW. Anyway, glad for you!

    • Same color as the previous page :B But it is getting later in the day, headed towards dusk!

  • It’s the third time today I checked the site. (I’m a genius, right? I’ve felt it comin’)
    Also, you’re awesome.

  • Kali

    Ahhh so happy it’s finally back! I think my joy may have startled some people in the computer lab. XD Note to self: wait until you’re on your own computer to check for Meek updates. (Dare I ask what happened to Soli’s coat?)

    Congratulations on completing all your projects! I’m sure it must be a huge load off your shoulders to not have to worry about all that any more. Your work ethic is amazing.

    (This may not be something you’re even interested in thinking about at the moment, but I was curious if the second chapter is going to be up for sale/pre-order soon?)

    • Actually yes, second chapter was supposed to go up for sale a while ago but there were some printer setbacks. It’s going to be officially available sometime next week or the week after? if there are no other holdups.

  • and whatnot


  • Ailynne

    Grats on finishing aaallll of that work! I don’t think I could have done it myself, lol.

    Also, with you coming back from your hiatus, your colouring is amazing! I saw this page and I was just like, “wow!” Keep it up, yo! (Also, I have a feeling that that “problem” is that she’s fallen for Amen, just like all of us. <3 )

  • Maphysto


  • cedarwolf22

    HAhaha, I love the last panel, it’s like… a role reversal XD Good to see the comic back and kickin’- I just realized you’ve got more than twenty pages left to this chapter, so I’m looking forward to more Soli/Alamand shenanigans!

  • Chicago Ted

    Is there a link to your tumblr anywhere?

  • Claire

    Ah yes, an update! I almost screamed when I saw the update. Thanks so much for the page, I’m glad to see you’re back into the schedule. Oh and Alamand’s face…so much win XD.

  • My eyes are just eating this page om nom nom dat shading. This has me so excited for the pages to come, asdfasfasdf

  • i feel special (or maybe just a little stalkerish? o.0) cuz i found your tumblr site! whee hee! *needs to cut back on the caffiene*

  • The expressions in the third and last panel are so great!! This story has me rapt.

  • Cherry B.

    Yay! You’re back! ^_^ Mmn, Soli~ I knew you didn’t kill that officer! <3

    Glad to read most of your workload is done. But I get the feeling you're a workaholic, so I think you'll be drowning in more work soon.

    Good luck with everything and hope your hand/wrist feels better!

    • Workaholic?? Where did you get that crazy idea


      • Cherry B.

        Oh I don’t know…Maybe it’s just a gut feeling of mine. Completely out of the blue.
        I’m sure you didn’t do or say anything that would make one think of this, right?… <ω<

  • gingerfu

    “I almost crapped my pants!” Accurate description of how I felt when I saw an update.

    • Cassiline


      Man, you have no idea how much I am in love with this comic. AGH. I can’t wait for more.

      And I hope your hand is not dumb and lets you draw and do normal things.

  • septentriones

    Thank you! Yes! This just made my day. :D I love panel three especially, what a great grin.

  • Somehow, and I don’t know how, but somehow this page looks slightly different than the earlier ones, but in a good way! The expressions seem more animated and lively. I especially love Alamand’s little sidelong smirk at the badge (and the teeth, of course). :B

  • Tyler

    Funny enough, I love this comic but I dislike infrequent updates. I just decided to check it today to see if anything new was up. Glad I did, welcome back. Good to see the workaholic is at least doing well.

  • chris w

    Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father prepare to die!

  • Kyle F.

    Huh. It may just be me or the new setting, but it seems to me that the shadows cast have a slightly different look, at least over the character’s faces, in this page. Crisper, maybe?

    • I forgot how to draw in the last month, but I finally gained a more natural feel for using my tablet so I think color quality went up by… mistake? or like, naturally/ without conscious thought.

  • I’m Excited! :)


    The raised-pinky cig-grip in the prior panel is pretty great, too.

    Lovely to see an update, nice to hear you’ve had work and recovered from injury. I look forward to more, so I can be even more jealous! I’m anticipating the last Flight; it’ll surely be a bittersweet moment! As they say, though, all good things…


  • Roon

    yaaayy!! Comic! :D I never gave up on you!!! I was here checking o-o almost daily! BecauseIcan

    yusss more comics on the way o3o

    …. *refreshes page*

  • 孟玲

    yaaaaaaa!!!! this comic i like it very good, nice art.

    sorry, my english is bad lol. but i can read good, thanks. :DDD

    wish that you soon have new page!!!

    • Thanks very much XD I’m glad you like it! I’m already working on the new page, it will be posted early next week :)

  • Hoheh

    He took a mounted officer with only an ambush? Probably armed somewhere, unless he can fight like that officer Soli shot could. They sure have an interesting relationship. She’s the boss, but he sounds like the brains of their operations. Heh. She almost put a hole in him.

    • It’s complicated XD It should be sort of obvious by now but she isn’t extremely… I don’t want to say “smart,” but you know. She lacks some critical thinking skills. And Alamand lacks any kind of moral ballast, haha.

  • Patrick Alix

    Just read everything non-stop, pretty sweet. I’m hooked!

  • Emperial

    Please tell me the problem is that Amen somehow lost his shirt and maybe his trousers and it turns out he has a treasure map tattooed on his body so Soli decides to take him along with her and prevent him from every wearing a shirt ever again.


  • blix


  • Erin

    So happy with update but I’m so sorry to point out a flaw in that page:

    one panel Soli holding her cigerette in her right hand.
    Suddenly next panel she toss it with her left hand.

    Sorry I did alot of figure drawings so I notice that pretty before I finish read the page. Stupid habit.

  • Relearning how to draw seems to have paid off, since the quality and expressiveness seem to have improved by a few notches.

  • Marbles

    Welcome back, don’t work too hard again!

  • Mai

    AN UPDATE!! :D I was… SO not expecting that when I checked today! Eeeeee, this is so exciting seeing The Meek back again!


    … I’ll stop now.

  • Jac

    “Problem?” :D

  • Rebecca


  • Wheat


  • This page is so dayumn fine. The dialogue and their expressions really bring the characters alive and enforce their characteristics nicely. I of course don’t know what Soli is like to you inside your head exactly but I get the feeling you got Soli very ‘right’ in these panels. And I love how tangible the hand motions look. Can’t wait to see everything that lies ahead!

  • JMo

    Ahhh, I am so glad you are back!
    I just love how you draw expressions! I am happy to hear we will be seeing more of the Meek in the coming weeks!

  • Matt

    YAY! Soli complicated things! You go, girl!

  • Eskimio

    HUZZAH! Congratulations of completing all of your work and I was very pleasantly surprised when I checked Meek today to see if it had been updated (which it had been)! I can’t wait to see where the comic goes. =]

  • At last all that page refreshing has paid off! So happy to see you back!
    And wow, you’re doing something for Flight? Excitement incarnate.

  • Reed

    Yeah, the Meek is back! Let’s hear about the problem! :-)

  • SWEET HEAVENS ABOVE. You’re doing a short story for Flight?!? I’m in bliss. I’m so excited to see that, you have no idea.

    I particularly like Soli’s set of expressions. She is such a sarcastic, expressive person. I enjoy anticipating how she will react next. But not just that, I love that you’re character’s whole body is part of their expression. The last panel for instance, Soli’s big eyes, raised eyebrows, looking down indicates something is wrong and she’s reluctant to explain it. But her whole body is shrugging and her hands tucked in her pockets drive it all home. Just one example out of many for why the heck I love your art so much, you put such life and character into every line.

  • Hana

    Yay! You’re back!

  • Rachel

    OMG an update!!!

    Thank you for adding a little light to my pre-finals hell!

    • D8 Good luck on your finals!!

      • Rachel

        Haha Thanks a lot ^-^

  • Myn Anthony

    I just started playing Metroid: Other M yesterday. WHAT does this have to do with the Meek, you ask? Well, I’m all sorts of disappointed with Other M. Mainly Samus herself (the character you play as). She’s so…SO….. girly. Her voice is all soft and high and she’s all sentimental and emo (compared to how I interpreted the character, at least). I mean, she’s supposed to be a bad@$$ bounty hunter, for cryin’ out loud! So then I come here and find a new page with…Soli!! Who is an epic, blue-eyed, blond-haired, TRULY bad@$$ lady. :D

  • Blunderbuss

    You lost weight and hurt your hand from stress alone!? Jesus, that’s not good. I hope things will quiet down for you now so you can take it easy.

    *offers footrub*

  • amadre

    The one day I don’t check for updates, you update….still SOO HAPPYYY

  • zeb

    I actually think you’ve improved from your later pages (not saying they’re bad). Looking forward to see more!

  • B

    pretty cool,
    i make comics myself but i find it hard getting people to read it -.-“

  • soli has freckles, holy poop.

    why is she so attractive

  • dot

    This is an awesome page! Glad your back on track with everything!

  • Sterrance

    YAYYY! Updates! And Soli’s being BA again, I missed it. (thanks for not killing Amen)

  • Erica

    Oh wow, that sounds…nearly impossible! Haha. That’s an insane amount of work! Hope your hand is recovering!

    Speaking of hands, I noticed the hand that Soli flicks her cigarette with is not the same one she’s holding it with in the panel before. Dunno if that was on purpose or not, but…just an observation.

  • glockblob

    Hooray for a new page! But be nice to your drawing hand.

    Also, seconded, thanks for not killing Amen.

  • sweet_gardenia

    lol alamand’s expression

    ” Soliiiiiiiiiii! You got some SPLAININ’ to do! ”

    I’m EXCITED FOR WORK. YESS. WORK WORK WORK (also will be picking up the Flight anthology sqweal)

    • That really catupers the spirit of it. Thanks for posting.

  • We’re excited too! Yay!!

  • Adie

    YOU’RE BACK!!!

  • Emperial

    … WAIT. I JUST GOT IT. The small problem is a reference to Amen’s manbits!

    • Jac

      Soli’s on the verge of a trollface, just watch. XD

    • zaqzaq

      Nnnn D8

  • I’m excited too!! Yay! Glad to see ya back in the saddle.

  • Dragonair

    I’m sure there’s already a comment about it, but Soli is flicking away the cigarette with the wrong hand – unless she switches hands to flick, haha!

    • Haha, yeah, you’re the third to notice/ comment. It’s on my list of eventual edits!

  • Jac

    Good to see you back – and that kid’s book looks awesome! Good job, and happy Purim and spring equinox! :D

  • oooooh the suspense!

    So glad to have you back!!!!

  • Liz

    Huzzah! Small updates!

    …Small problem? XD

  • Caitlin

    I’m REALLY excited! Glad you’re back and feeling better!!!!!!

  • Azulu

    It’s… It’s… A NEW PAGE! ZOMG! :D

    *Very happy fangirl squeal*

  • Ahtna

    I am SO glad this wasn’t the last comic before the hiatus!

  • BentKatana

    *raises hand* I’m excited! You go, keep it up! :D

  • Wait–what happened to Adobart?

  • Shindel

    Suddenly, now that we know that Soli is a girl, I can’t stop seeing how feminine she is! Or maybe you purposely draw her more curvy or something… Mmm O_O

    • She just hasn’t had her jacket off until now XD That makes a big difference.

  • Soli you are so hot sobsobsob

  • BG

    Whoa, wait a minute! Where’s the bruise on her face from the last page?
    And your artwork is amazing, by the way. I am truly inspired by you. :) Looked at all your tutorials on Deviantart and everything.

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