Where the hell are the updates?
Stupid Valentine’s Day cards here, in case you missed them!
Hello hello, new page. Not much to say :B

I have to start my last deadline-induced hiatus soon. I think I can squeeze out one more page before my life gets crazy, but I apologize in advance for having another update gap. I should be done with everything in a month though, and back to 2-3x per week regular updates uninterrupted after that.

There are a lot of new webcomics popping up lately! One awesome one is The Swefs by my good buddy Dirk. His art is reminiscent of those really expressive cartoons from the 90’s (like Rocko’s Modern Life, if you remember the good old days)… Unmistakable inking style and a fun story makes for a strong recommendation if you’re looking for something new and stylish to read! Also I have to admit I get a huge kick out of reading non-American sound fx. FLUTSCH

Again, trying for one more page so I will hopefully see you again soon XD I scripted out the rest of this chapter this weekend and I am dyyyyying to get to it.


  • P-chan

    I was sort of imagining the spy soundtrack for Alamand hehe
    Never thought Soli for a smoker. Is it really okay to smoke in a desert?

    And no worries, no matter how long your hiatus is, we’ll be here waiting for a piece of masterpiece to spend 10 minutes worth staring at :D

    • Soli has bad habits :C I would like to say she is a bad influence on Alamand, but he’s probably as bad an influence on her, haha.

      And thank you! I feel TERRIBLE about taking these hiatuses, even if it is to do more work. Sooo appreciative of your guys’s understanding.

    • Matt

      Thanks, P-chan, now all I can think about is this scene from “The Emperor’s New Groove”


      Also, I absolutely love that Alamand’s anatomy goes so cartoony on this page. It really fits his character and the scene well.

    • Lady just killed a man when she wasn’t expecting to. She probably needs it.

  • Dafla

    Alamand is so observative.

    I really love the action flow in this page, and the lack of sound really makes for the mood.

    I’m still worried about Amen though.

    • PT

      Yea, I hope Amen is okay. Maybe they made up and that cigarette is the after sex variety?

      • PT

        I personally doubt it of course.

  • Lisa

    Hahah, ‘FLUTSCH’ is really something. I like asian comics too, they have stuff like ‘Xiu’ and ‘GERUJUK!’ thrown around pretty often XD

    Annd are you telling me I CANNOT see Seli beat the crap out of Amen? D=

  • Lisa

    Oops, I mean Soli*

  • lol this was so worth getting up for! X3

  • Rachel

    Soli as a smoker. She just got ten times cooler.

  • Blunderbuss

    Man, that kid shoulda been an Olympic hurdler. Lookit him go!

    And now I have the Mission Impossible theme stuck in my head.

    • MiK

      or “Secret Agent Man” song :)

      • Gharuel Shaan

        I have the Scout’s theme intro from Team Fortress 2. XD

  • I like Alamand’s hurdle jumping technique. Or is it more of a kung-fu super jump?

    Is it just me, or did Alamand suddenly get more awkward and gangly?

  • The way you draw your characters’ poses, I can just see them moving. Really expressive!

  • JulesElyot

    Heh, Soli is just too much of a badass mofo for her own good. Though I have an inkling that she might be sitting with a gunshot somewhere. I hope I’m wrong. On the other hand I don’t want Amen to kick the can it just yet. (Though I guess he’s got the secondary-character plotshield going for him, lol?)

    There might not be exeptionally much going on this time, but you always manage to make the most of all the scenes and panels. That’s skills right there, if you ask me =) I actually quite like this page. He is after all running through a desert to an (mostly)abandoned house looking for his boss. It shines through. Love it.

    I’m a longtime reader/lurker; I thought I should finally get my sh*t together and start commenting on your work too. Cheers! :D

    • Haha, thanks XD It was a hard page to lay out (the pacing is slow to show movement over a large distance, but that movement has to be fast), so I’m glad the work that went into it it paid off :)

      • It certainly did, you can be sure of that! Oh, and good luck with all your projects and things, I hope everything turns out well for you :D

  • Alamand’s expression on that last panel is absolutely priceless… :_}

  • Phil

    Oh, no… Amen’s dead! The other guy probably got hit in the face with a rock or something…

    Ah, well, nice knowing you, Amen!

    (Ha! Everything sounds like a prayer!)

    I’m bummed, but I still like Soli.

  • Pneumonica

    Kung Fu Alamand, secretly the true instructor of Kung Fu Jimmy Chow!

    And incidentally, nice job noticing the tell-tale plume of smoke indicating that someone was standing right there, Alamand. You’re a peach. XD

  • Eh, tough luck Amen. You’re probably the shortest lived character in this comic.

    • M

      He’s not dead yet! He’s still alive! …..he’s feeling much better now!

      • Merbrat

        Heh. Nice Night Court/John Astin reference!

      • Marion

        He is not dead yet
        No need to go to bed
        Don’t put him on the cart
        ’cause he’s not dead yet!


        Oh, *now* he’s dead
        she shot him in the head
        Sure, now he’s dead
        It makes me just see red
        She is such a brute
        To murder that old coot
        That homicidal bastard, now he’s really dead!

        Who is the knave who put him in his grave
        And who needs to manage his anger?

  • Lizzy

    *__* While all the previous pages were lovely and beautiful, this one is the best in a while. Esp. the lighting. gaah

  • John

    I love how huge Alemand’s eyes are, especially for the last shot where he’s all: >8O

    There’s a boy who lives a life of danger…

  • LordOfChains

    I’m noting her right arm isn’t in view… I have the distinct feeling she’s cuffed to something.

    • The Pink Ninja

      I expect it to be loosely holding a gun.

    • Dafla

      She’s also missing her coat. THE PLOT THICKENS.

  • Sensenmensch

    oh Alamand.
    you are not a ninja.

  • Kitty

    oh shit, Soli how are you so awesome. XD

  • Kristen

    Arrrr you are too good at setting up your panels! I was watching Alamand’s ninja-ing around and the way you set everything up, and with Soli blending in to the foreground, I barely saw her before Alamand did.xD I love how you make your readers feel as if they’re experiencing the events right along the characters’ POV.<3

  • Vert

    I actually didn’t imagine the MI theme, but instead Kronk’s sneaky “Theme music” from the Emperor’s New Groove.

    • Matt

      I know, right?!

  • Sarah NG

    Ahh I love how Alamand moves through the panels in this page! The whole pose & layout on that third panel especially awesome lol you can really feel how he’s sneaking around~ You are so good at leading people through your pages :D Can’t wait for the next one.
    And good luck with all of your work!

  • Macbeth

    I imagine Alamand doing his own theme music like Kronk in The Emperor’s New Groove.

    • Yes! That!!! Oh, Alamand.
      Wow, lighting. Geeking out over here.

      For the first time, oddly, I find myself curious about Soli’s hair. I read a story where they tried to pass off a princess as a boy to fool a dragon, but the queen insisted that they leave her hair alone. I doubt Soli’s concerned for her femininity, but the story still came to mind.

      • Dafla

        You wouldn’t happen to remember what story it was? It just sounds interesting.

        • “The Dragon at the Well”, I believe.

  • Abisian

    If you’ve ever seen The Emperor’s New Groove, you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say when I saw Alamand skirting around the building, I was imagining Kronk doing his little spy theme when he was going to throw Kuzco off the waterfall .. > A>;;

  • Abisian

    And as I looked up when I submitted that, I saw the person above me thought the same thing! Very nice. xD

  • Jac

    Hmm. I wonder where Soli’s coat went.

  • Sky

    Alamand’s foot! Kicking the air, and then later trying to sneak away from his body! XD I love how you draw feets~!

  • Erode

    Aw, I was hoping we’d get to see a bit of Amen on this page. I like his character and since I know you aren’t afraid to kill off awesome people, I’m a tad worried.

    Still, awesome page; Soli’s lack of coat somehow gives me hope! But maybe I’m just grasping at straws….

  • Yay another page!
    I love love love the movement, the flow here is just wonderful.

  • tastyjustice

    Some of her clothing is missing and she’s smoking a cigarette very languidly? Sounds like post-coitus to me ;)
    Haha, that would be the most unexpected thing right now if she had seduced Amen.

    • Haha, oh god XD That would be a much different story.

    • P-chan

      Honestly that’s rather out of character, but I’d love to see that happen! xD

    • Raptorbane

      Hahahaha oh my god i snorted like all of my juice

    • kittengrl39

      Soli tops.

  • Marbles

    May I just say, this chapter’s cover is gorgeous… I need it on my wall, giant white writing or not. <3

  • Simply Me

    So….is Soli sitting/standing in a crater, or something? Cause uh, I don’t remember a crater being there before…

    • HAHAHAHAHA! I love this comment.

    • DracMonster

      That’s what happens when two badasses collide…

    • The house is on the edge of a cliff XD Though Soli blowing a crater into the ground through sheer force of awesome would be a nice plot twist too.

      • Simply Me

        Ooooh, got it. Yea, I see it now. I didn’t notice it in the 1st panel. Silly me. ^^;

  • Sarah

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Not amen. I kinda liked him even if he was only in a few panels. I had really hoped that gunshot had just hit emty air and not anyone else. Why does this always happen to the secojndary characters..WHY!! I’m gonna go cry in a corner now :[ poor Amen

  • TLL

    You must have a lot of fun drawing Alamand. All those silly stretchy cuh-raaazy poses. XD He’s just so animated.

  • sweet_gardenia

    now I’m picturing Soli pulling on her cig and looking over at Amen going ” was it good for you too, honey? oh wait you’re dead nm ”

    alamand is secret agent man

  • Anton


  • Random Bird

    Considering Soli’s lack of coat, I am guessing that after Soli fired the gun, Amen fell unconscious with a bullet wound and Soli used her coat as a makeshift bandage before getting away. I refuse to believe Amen is dead just yet.

  • lol Soli is so calm about it all. Having a smoke just watching the entertainment go by. So amusing

  • N

    Anyone played Battlefield 1942 in the past, and have flashbacks to running towards a bunker (and jumping the inevitable barrier around it) while viewing this page? Ahh, good times.

    Wow, you can really make bland colors look awesome. I hope the setting changes before I feel compelled to paint my bedroom khaki.

  • Mark

    I just need to ask a question. I know you’re really busy, and I’ve been hesitant to ask, but I just can’t restrain myself.

    I’ve read the entire comic from page 1 up to this page. I absolutely LOVE the art, and that’s always the first thing I look at in a comic to determine whether I’ll keep reading. But your characters are absolutely real, and I enjoy them so much.

    So, my question is this- Do the three chapters have anything to do with each other? Are they going to be tied in? Or are they each one shot stories that are meant to leave you hanging? Because right now, I feel so lost, like I have no idea what’s going on…

    • Haha, it’s no problem. Yes, these are three separate arcs within one larger story. It’s frustrating right now because I’m still building up the characters and their respective environments, but later (within this chapter, even), it will become clearer that they’re all operating in the same story.

      It always seems silly to me. Finishing 3 chapters is taking more than 2 years, but when a person reads through them it it will take them probably… what, 40 minutes? Less, if they’re a fast reader? I’m putting these on the web one page at a time since that’s the only way I like doing it, but in an ideal universe you’d be reading through the story without waiting several days in between pages :3

      • Mark

        Thanks for the reply and explanation :) I don’t mind waiting in-between. My boyfriend and I are avid comic book readers, so I’m used to waiting a month between issues, so this is normal.

        I honestly think this is one of the three best drawn comics on the internet, and I’m really glad we found it (via the web comic awards). Thanks for all the time you put in to it, and keep up the great work!

  • Ailynne

    If I don’t see what happened to Amen by next update, I’m going to cry. ;-;

  • naamee

    Wow, look at Alamand going all Ninja!

  • Jac

    Alamand is the cutest thing. :D

    That said, his name reminds me of almonds.

  • Jules

    Oh man, what don’t I love about this page? Lighting, movement, expressions… cigarette! Hah, I don’t smoke and I doubt I ever will, but somehow, someway, despite all the gross adverts showing how gross it is to smoke, I will never be able to shake the idea that IT’S COOL.

    The only reason I’m skeptical of Amen’s death (and either way I’m gonna keep loving Soli, she’s hella BAMF), is that Soli has a job to do — to kill her ex. Not some random patrol guy. Accosting this government dude in his home is bad, but idk, I get the feeling the shitstorm could be exponentially worse once murder gets involved this early. I COULD BE WRONG THEY ARE CRIMINALS… blah blah blah /slidesss ss out

    p.s. good luck on what needs doing!

  • Cherry B.

    Man, Soli is cool. Without even TRYING she’s cool…
    I <3 you, Soli! I'd love having a cool-looking Soli shirt…@_@

    I'd rather remain slightly positive (delusional?) on what truly happened to Amen. I'd still keep liking Soli either way.

    And again, awesome job on…everything. (I wants yer talentz!)
    I particularly like the lighting/shading on the last three panels.

    Good luck with your deadlines! We're already super anxious to have you back. :)

    • Lys

      It is not (only) talent. It is WORK. Cherry B., get your pen, your desk is waiting.

      Alexds I am absolutely in love with your way of building and giving personnality andd life to your characters.
      But if there is some wind (the cigarette’s smoke), can I have a bit of wind in Soli’s ponytail too ? :)

      • Raptorbane

        There probably is wind in it closer to the end X: The wind probably isn’t strong enough to be blowing the top of her ponytail around like a ragdoll, since that’s where the hair would be held densest :3

  • Lizzie Madd

    I just imaged Alamand with the Secret Agent Man theme song.
    Then when it got to the last scene, the music suddenly get’s cut off like a record when Soli speaks.

    And how Soli is just sitting there like that smoking.

    I’m thinking that SOMETHING happened.

  • Tim Kietzman

    A hiatus!? Aw man…. Well, I hope you can handle whatever troubles are causing it.

    Say man, this comic is cool. However, I would like to know. Are you ever going to go back to the other stories? (You know, what happens next in Angora’s story? What about Luca’s?) Are you going to come back to them? Please say yes. You left their stories hanging and I don’t like it.

    • Yes, there are three stories in rotating arcs! Chapter 4 gets back to Angora.

  • Taheen

    Not only is this comic beautiful in every aspect of art, but this is an *awesome* story. I think I stumbled on the Meek through some Dagre fanart on DA. I thought anything with a tiger like that *had* to be awesome…and I was right.

    Not being able to draw more than stick figures myself, I am always at a loss when it comes to giving my appreciation for art. I don’t know how it works, and so I don’t know how to tell you what I like about it except: everything. Absolutely everything.

    However, I am a writer, and as such I can’t help but watch in awe as you weave what is a truly marvelous story. You threw me right into the action at the very beginning–who is this naked girl and what is she doing running wild through the rain forest???–and the tension of yearning to know what comes next has not let up. Your characterization is incredible, each person feels fully fleshed out and alive. And with Luca, you have us deeply empathizing with (I’m assuming) the “villain” which always hooks me on a story.

    Furthermore, you have my full trust as a reader. I realized this when I was reading through the other comments and everyone is hoping Amen is alive. On the one hand, as if with mild detachment, I hope so too. But I also feel safe in the hands of the storyteller here, and I know that no matter how it turns out it will leave me feeling satisfied.

    Thank you for sharing this with the world.

    • Raptorbane

      I F this comment.


      For F A B U L O U S

    • Jac

      Wish I could *like* this comment. C:

  • NeverfilledVoid

    Loving where this is going! <3
    Though, I am a bit confused. Didn't you say you would go back to a more paintery coloring, like back in the days? oO I really prefer the old coloring more, more unique. :) But, I think it is more important for you to have fun doing these pages, than living up to someone else's expectations, so don't mind me if you think otherwise. ^^

    • Yeah, I’m still testing around. This page is actually all painted (in that I didn’t use flat anything but the base colors) but with a smoother look.

  • Damn that little squirrel kid. I’m curious to see happened with Soli and Amen.

  • madness

    The woman who cries without sheding tears, eh?

  • Genetic Imperfections

    …Alamand still strikes me as more feminine that Soli…heh…Just the way he’s drawn and facial feature…might just be me though…

    • dot

      No, I see what you mean. I get all confused with these two character’s gender too. O_O Great page anyhow. I love Alamand’s expression in the last panel.

    • Kylie

      I have such trouble remember Soli is a woman every time I see her!

      • schazzah

        I see it too, but i think alexds is aiming for that? idk :P

  • Chris

    I at first thought Alamand was a girl and Soli a guy.

    So yeah.

    • nici-k

      Me too! Then I realized Soli was a girl, but I still thought Alamand was a girl! Then… yeah, I realized.

      *late comment is late*

  • Hoheh

    And Soli is totally nonchalant after that fight. Soli has amazing nerves. Usually, at least. And, to be fair, the getting mad was about her past and she warned the man not to go there. And he did. Smart…

  • Weilyn

    The second panel might just be the most awesome drawing ever.

  • Avise

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s really funny that Soli’s smoking a cigarette? After a cut-away from what was happening? Does anyone else know what I’m talking about? Hmm? :D

    • Zeph

      The cigarette afterwards… I chuckled at that too.

  • Genetics

    I love you and your comic and everything but… when did you ever update 2-3 times per week? 3x a week would be like heaven, absolutely.

    • Chapter 1 was twice a week for nearly the whole thing. End of Chapter 2 after I finished my teaching program/ internship I did 2-3 page a week. I can manage 2 pages a week no sweat when I have no other obligations, but I signed on for a lot of non-Meek work this year :)

      • Genetics

        Actually I understand you quite well. If I had the time, I would have started my comic 2 years ago. I’m in a horrible cycle anyways; I start drawing, I get better, and I feel like I have to start all over again. And then I do. :D

  • Well that made me crack up quite a bit. XD

  • Ivy

    I personally cant see any problem seeing Soli as a woman. Alamand in other hand is another story…

    • Don’t say it to his face D:

  • Mike

    typical woman. get her on her back then five minutes later, having a cigarette.

    • I’ve been laughing while approving all your recent comments Mike…. Please stick around XD

    • XD good heavens!
      I laughed so hard!
      Thanks Mike. Now I’m busted for for reading webcomics at work…

  • Lizzy

    I know you won’t be updating for a while, but I also know I will probably check in vain every day :P out of habit if nothing else.


    • Haha, I miiight have a little valentines update :B But not a real page for a while!

  • Olivia

    Woo, I bought your chapter one comic! I know I can read it online free, but there’s just something to having an actual paper copy in your hands.

    Anyway, I love this page, as I have loved all the previous ones. Can’t wait until you can have a more regular update schedule again! :)

  • Holly M.

    I love your comic, take your time! You have nothing to apologize for. :)

  • Stephen

    You take your hiatus, we’ll be here.

  • Hannah

    I just found your webcomic last night and it is wonderful. I am going to tell all my friends about it. And watch every update. Just wonderful.

  • After not reading anything for months, I finally caught up to my reading on The Meek! Love the way its going so far….my only question is, how big is this Story!?!

    …not that I’d care if it went on for years more! :)

  • Peggy

    Just wanna drop a note and tell you how awesome I think your comic is. The characters are so well developed, their actions traceable, their personalities disarming! I fell “in love” with nearly everyone… Wonderfull work!!!
    I really hope this whole thing is going to be published one day (soon?). It really is worth a place on a book shelf.

  • Just keeps getting more & more exciting!

  • CelestialTeez

    Wow…just read this whole comic in one sitting
    and it RULES!!!
    i love it and it shall become a regular comic for me!

  • Eagerly waiting for the update :D That would be the best thing this month so far.
    Stupid question: your lines seem rather different from the prev chapters, they used to be lighter. Why’d you change them?

    • Not stupid at all! I got a Cintiq at the start of this chapter (way back in Aug, argh) and had to relearn how to ink. Along the way my lines kept creeping thicker until I was inking at 25px. Someone complained about the art quality dropping and it pissed me off, then a friend pointed out my lines have been getting bigger (they can make art look clunky) so I dropped back down to 20px max. I think this is what I was doing originally in the first two chapters :B Anyways, deadlines will be done this weekend, next page will be up sometime next week!

      • King Todo

        ‘next page will be up sometime next week’

        Truly, this is the best news.

  • Navigirl

    I think someone already said this but this page reminds of the Emperor’s new groove.
    Watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fv-sKP17xTw
    Just saying if this comic had sound, Alamand should definitely have his own theme song.

  • Kathleen

    What? Alamand isn’t a girl? Seriously. I thought that this whole time.

  • Azulu

    I seem to constantly bump into comics the moment they are going to be delayed… but no matter, the awesome stories and art makes that all worthwile! :B

    • As a matter of fact, you bumped into it at the moment it’s about to come back! I’ve been on hiatus over a month, now my work is nearly done and there will be a new page this weekend :)

      • Anton

        Oooh rilly? :O

        • Azulu

          Well that’s even better to hear! That’s really really really better to hear! Fabulous! Can’t wait for it already! :D

  • maow

    I missssssssssssssssss you Meek updates. But I am willing to wait, for the eventual arrival of new comics shall be glorious and sparkle in the sunlight.

  • Concerned


    • Ame


  • Carol

    Update? Squeeeeeeeee!

    Hope your real life endeavors went well and you made lots of paper, so you can buy lots of computer artist stuff, so you can make more Meek updates. Its win-win!

  • M

    I like how the height of Alamand’s ponytail changes from panel to panel with his sense of alertness.

  • boooooooooored...

    Note to self: check The Meek webcomic in a couple years for the next update.

  • Azulu

    I thought you said there was going to be a new page this weekend! Where is it! :(

    • You can always find updates on where the comic is in the future by checking the comic’s Facebook and Twitter. I don’t post them here because it’s too much clutter.

  • spas

    i want an update on your insane month of coloring hundreds of pages of some comic project! tell tell! and have you been doing some kind of stretches to avoid carpal tunnel or some such?

    • Balthasar

      heh if there has been time for that, there should be a momentous buffer, that is in no way meek =P

      • Asia

        What? If Der-Shing has to color hundreds of comic pages in one month she had better just relax for whatever time she has left over, not kill herself trying to draw The Meek as well (as much as I would love an update). That is a heroic, HEROIC effort. I say this as somebody who just spent an entire week coloring ONE measly comic page.

        Der-Shing, you are a superhero. I fear and respect you.

  • Adie

    I will check back everyday! I won’t give up on you, Meek! You’ll never lose this fan!

  • Irene

    Alamand in this page strongly reminds me of Kronk from “Emperor’s New Groove” when he’s sneaking through the city, providing his own theme music. Just that overdone “stealth” thing; love it!

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