Soli: Wow, it feels like you’ve been standing on my chest for a month! Haha!
Amen: *clubs her*

Some notes: Amen wears his gun in a crossdraw style because it is easier to draw your gun that way while riding on a horse (you can let your dominant hand shoot and your other hand drives the horse or whatever it’s called). Unfortunately it’s not so great when your dominant hand is holding something and someone else pulls a gun on you because they have two and they are ambidextrous.

Thank you all for your patience during this second hiatus! I actually have one more coming up, but let’s not think about that right now. I’ll at least get a few more pages up before I go back to my cave. That will be the last one though, if it’s any consolation!

In other delightful news: The Meek got 3 nominations for the Webcomic List Awards :) I am not sure who or what made this happen, but it is pretty cool! I was annoyed that I didn’t get a nomination in the “Most Annoying Update Schedule” category, but you know I probably would have won that anyhow (or at least tied with Dresden Codak) (yeah I went there)

In case you missed it, the venerable Doug TenNapel of comics/ videogame/ webcomic fame left a thanks message on the late lamented hiatus post saying how awesome you guys are. I have to repeat once more my thanks to all of you for being such a vital and supportive part of the webcomics community. Webcomic makers are one thing, but if nobody was around to read it, would there be a point to creating it? Something to ponder while waiting for the next page.

Last, a lulsy Meek prayer posted to the FB last night by Jess Vooshe. Let us join together in sacrilege:

“Our grandfather in heaven,
Mocheril be your name,
your kingdom come,
your will be done
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us today our weekly Meek,
and forgive Luca, the wrong he has done.
as he forgives those who wronged against him.
Angora, Luca and Soli.
Get your foot off my chest,


  • iron

    okay the last two lines of that prayer almost made me choke on my food.

    • TLL

      I was mildly amused until the sheer cleverness of the last two lines. Then I actually lol’d, quite loudly.

      • speearr

        Yup the last 2 lines really tied everything together in a ‘lulsy’ package.

        Uh-oh… who got shot? Where’s Adobart?

        That tree looks like a really nice spot to sit under!

      • Zsy

        I have to say, those last two lines really are the greatest thing ever.

  • cheddot

    I WAS HOPING FOR MORE SOLI BUT REALLY IT’S ALL ABOUT ALAMAND. Dammit kid! Oh well, at least know I have a ref for her gun holsters… sort of…

    And how did Amen manage to miss her second gun holster? Some policeman! xD

    • Maybe because he was staring at her boobs (but mostly because I forgot to draw it on the last page… redoing that now XD)

      • cheddot

        Boobs? What boobs..? xD And LOL, I didn’t even notice… and I’ve been staring at most of the pages with Soli in them D: (I’m not a creeper, I need the references lol)

        • Anton

          Don’t creepers explode and destroy your house?

          • Novarri


    • PT


  • TLL

    I call ‘no way she made that shot’. XD Not holding her gun like that. I know the awkwardness of that position far too well.

    Alternatively, should Amen have been shot, he is manly enough to get through it. His chiseled jaw will protect him.

    • Kath

      It could be a fake out. He did just drop a loaded gun. Though now that I look, the hammer isn’t pulled back, so it’s less likely to go off by accident.

      Actually, looking back, I’m not sure the revolver has ever been cocked. There’s one time on page 14 where it might be, but the other scenes with it either have it uncocked or I can’t tell one way or another. Is the revolver a double-action or has she just been bluffing this entire time?

      • Squeak

        I looked at that a while ago, too. I couldn’t find any pictures with the gun clearly cocked (although I can’t tell in some, like where she’s pointing it at the old guy’s nose), so I just assumed it was double-action.

        On the topic of firing positions, Amen could have pulled off a very cool shot, had he not dropped that first gun:

        Holding it by the barrel, with your finger in the trigger guard, flip the barrel downward and catch the grip so that it’s upside down, then pull the trigger. I wouldn’t recommend trying that on a gun with a light trigger, though, in case anyone was getting any thoughts…

        As always, Der-shing, another fantastic page.

        • Haha, he’s not that cool unfortunately. If he had been even a tiny bit cooler, he could have even drawn his own gun with his left hand. But that takes some practice and like I said he’s not very fancy.

      • TLL

        Oh! I didn’t even notice the loaded gun dropping from his hand–I just assumed he was going for his own gun. This makes the entire situation much more interesting! =n=

      • Phil

        One problem with old-fashioned revolvers is that when the hammer is lowered, the firing pin is touching the primer. So if you drop the revolver, it could very easily go off, even if the hammer is lowered!

        This is why most people only load five chambers in a revolver… The empty chamber is kept under the hammer to prevent accidental discharges.

        Soli’s an outlaw, so… I’m betting she keeps all six chambers loaded. Oops!

        • Why are all my readers so freaking smart? Seriously you guys make me look bad.

          • Kath

            Hey, at least you know you wrote a webcomic that attracts smart readers.

  • MichaelHowe

    Great page today, Der-shing. :) Loving your sense of motion.

  • Bah. Humbug.

    Amen to Amen.

  • Lizzy

    “Get your foot off my chest,
    Amen.” <- This is the BEST.

    I refuse to believe that Amen has been dreadfully hurt, because he's on the cast page. Then again, so is Phe. So, I guess we'll just have to wait XD

    Also, that horse is pretty rad.

    • I thought the same.

  • 1] Woah, I didn’t even notice its been a month since you updated. o_o
    2] That horse’s face in the second to last panel is the most hilarious thing I’ve seen tonight.
    3] That poem is awesome.

    And this page is awesome too. Great work as always.~ <3

    • I wish I was cool enough to come up with a bitchy horse face emote, but I have no idea what that would be… maybe : (B) lol nm that’s scary

      • TLL

        := perhaps?

  • blix

    I’m always really impressed with the research that you put in. Stuff I’d never think of. Crossways guns and horseback riding.

    And of course also horse attitude face.

  • It was worth the wait for the first panel alone! Love it!
    But now I have to wait to see who shot first…
    Amen or Soli…

  • corvideye

    Dang, I was starting to like that guy.

    Fantastic horse sneer.

    • Mani

      I doubt he’s dead, based purely on the meta-knowledge that he’s on the Cast page. Which means either:
      A) Der-Shing gave a section on the page to someone who dies a few pages into his debut
      B) He’s going to be in a LOT of flashbacks and/or a ghost from now on
      C) He’s not dead yet

      Cheating, but I’m going with C :)

      • Jac
      • Lali

        Yeah, but Phe is also on the character’s page and she died : C

        • Mani

          After like a whole chapter of being relevant and important to the development of a main character, though.

        • She’ll be around :B In spirit or whatever. I still consider her a vital character even if she doesn’t have a pulse, haha.

  • I am crazy-happy to see The Meek, and our lovely artist/writer/fantasmographer, back in action! Yay Meek! Yay Der-Shing! Yay… in general!

  • Dayan

    You know I love you.

  • Jules

    Darn, I was all, “Dresden Codak” has fun looking art … Wait, must not… get into another comic with a sketchy update schedule!111

    Though, I don’t really mind. Life happens, and in this case at least, what does come is always fabulous. DON’T BE SHOT AMEN if you must be shot, then live. Just ‘cos.

    I love… that horse’s face ahaha. A+. And for Soli being bad-ass. AND TO THAT PRAYER, best.

    • DC has some of the greatest comic art out there. But you can tell by looking at each page that it must take forever to make it XD Usually it’s upward of a month or two between updates, but I guess that’s what RSS is for.

  • Keep on rocking! <3 (That horse expression is the best!)

  • Erin

    That horse made my day.

  • Rolly

    Yaaay an update, I’m glad I didn’t give up on the RSS, and I didn’t know there were such committee, cool i hope the meek wins :)

    I love panel 5 it reminds me of my dog :D

  • Comic! WOOT!

    Too right about the cross-draw. And Soli looks PISSED.

    ” …“Most Annoying Update Schedule” category, but you know I probably would have won that anyhow (or at least tied with Dresden Codak) (yeah I went there)…”

    Aaron doesn’t even PRETEND to have a schedule. I think Megatokyo is walking into the pages of legend, Fred is at least in theory, is a PRO webcomic artist. But there are more that extenuating circumstances, prayers our to Seraphim. And fatherhood is quite the journey ain’t it. My two are just now ALLOWED in the Studio during working hours.

    You got nuthin’ to be ashamed of.

    ….Other than horses. (And yeah, they are damn tricky to draw ) But YAY, Panel 6!


    • Michael

      Pfft, both The Meek and Dresden Codak lose out on “Most Annoying Update Schedule” to Outsider.

  • Mani

    Choreography saves/ruins lives.

    It’s pretty amazing when you look at the specifics of a situation to see how a man holding two guns and with his opponent prone can be so screwed like that: His active hand is holding her loaded weapon too awkwardly to fire it, and thus is occupying him from grabbing his own holstered weapon.

    Also, from now on every time I make a sharp-shooter in a pnp/rpg, I’m going to make them ambidextrous.

  • Emperial

    I am torn between “AAAAAGH oh no a GUNSHOT” and “AHAHAAAAA that horse is hilarious.”

    You are simultaneously worrying me and making me laugh. -Awesome-/ <3

  • I’m glad you’re doing well! And congratulations on your nominations! They’re well deserved!

  • Is there a new internet-webcomic-hype for characters to shoot offscreen?

  • Coni

    I see a ·¬· face at Alamand’s ponytail.

  • Nihok

    Most Annoying Update Schedule for you? Hardly. Dresden Codak is close, but the prize should go to Mort’s Gone with the Blastwave (http://www.blastwave-comic.com/)

    They are all good comics. Your’s too!

    Thanks for being here and doing what you do!

    Un saludo.

  • Best “bang” I’ve ever seen.

    • Benedek

      I agree! The revolvers in Sergio Leone’s movies always had high-pitched gunshot sounds, and that “BANG” looks like one of those gunshots.

    • I’m tempted to lead into a NSFW joke but I’ll just say thanks instead.

      • Jac

        Let’s just leave the joke for another Oglaf comic. ^_^

  • Sterrance


  • coelestis

    Can’t.. stop.. laughing at the horse’s face..

  • There it goes the famous and handsome Amen 0x0

  • John

    Perhaps, his exclamation would have better served him if he has said:

    “Good lord, You’re still armed!”

    • lolll and he just continues to stare for another two panels as she pulls her weapon awkwardly

  • Gharuel Shaan

    May I just make a note? When horses aren’t pleased, their ears are always back, practically onto their necks. When they feel pleasant or neutral, their ears are up. Interesting thing is, when you ride them and talk to them or praise ’em, they’ll flip one or two ears back in your direction to listen to you. :3

  • DoggySpew

    Wow, for someone who hates drawing horses, you are pretty good at it.

    I hope it won’t take another month to find out if Amen died. It took us too long to finally confirm that Phe died (And you shall rot in heck for that). ;)

  • Nes

    The ‘get your foot off my chest, Amen’ at the end caught me by surprise! XD
    So funny though!


  • Yu

    I’m so impressed by how well you’ve been doing with the horses. I totally love the personality that you put into your animals, even if they are drawn realistically. Animals don’t need to be cartoons to express themselves. That’s how I love to draw them. XD

  • kittengrl39

    Everyone else is laughing at the horse’s face. I, on the other hand, know that I will be seeing it in my nightmares. It’s just that freaky. (Even having seen real horses do that, it’s just… whut. D8 T_T)
    Also, ffffff Amen please be alive. I take comfort in the fact that judging by the panel with the gun and Amen’s implied movement, it would be very awkward to get in a fatal shot, although he might get seriously wounded. T^T I like Amen…

  • Everybody shush, hewillbefine! …Right?

    Your perseverance with drawing the devils that are horses continues to inspire me.

    • I’ve been drawing horses for over five years now, so in a weird way, I’m glad DS isn’t super-fantastic at them. It gives me hope when I’m better at one thing than my favorite artist evar is! Ha!

      • Haha, most people are better than me at drawing specific things XD I’m just a little bit proficient at drawing a lot of different things. Somehow it’s enough…?

  • Adie

    The last two lines were definitely genius.


    that horse must be made into a .plz on deviantart

  • Junebug

    Oh man, the horse’s face…. thank you for that, I laughed so much.

  • sweet_gardenia


    Amen’s chiseled jaw and manly perplexity was just…just not long for this world. I’m so sad. So very sad


    • Amen!

    • Marbles

      Let us join in prayer for his poor soul…

    • lol, manly angel. I’m picturing Gaston flexing his pecs and busting through an angel toga or something.

      • Jac

        Oh god, with all that chest hair. O_O

  • LOOOL I love the second to last panel. Having grown up on a farm, I know that look. LOL.

  • Bea

    I LOVE THAT HORSE. Especially the second to last panel.

  • Sara

    I love that Soli’s pupils (or, rather, iris/pupil combo things) are just SLIGHTLY different sizes.

  • Tom

    You are like some kind of freaking wizard with word balloons and paneling. The entire transition there from Soli to Alamand is just goddamn genius, I can hear the dialogue and its direction and see the camera panning down without even thinking about it. Really great comicing!

  • Soli is ambidextrous like I am! NO WAY! @_@
    Now if only I could shoot, that might actually be useful for something.

    I wonder how many ambies there are out there?
    Google says 1%
    So I guess 65million or so. Ok… maybe our ambi bond is not so special then =_=

    • lilloudmouse

      <..> I’d still say it’s pretty darn special lol

      Also: GO Horse! ^.^

  • Pneumonica


    In other news… Amen appears to have the upper foot, while Soli has the underhand. XD

  • Topsy Krets

    I want that horse’s face on my dollar bill

  • Tim Kietzman

    Finally! What took so long? I thought it updated every week? Oh well, that was cool.

    • You can get schedule updates on any of the social networking sites listed up there! And I’m working on 3 freelance projects right now, so comic had to be put aside temporarily to make room for deadlines :)

  • Big A

    When someone draws a gun in that position, the correct response is to move your boot toward their hand while they haven’t got a clear shot.. I guess the first time he controled her was a fluke.
    Too bad, for a guy named Amen he was pretty cool…

    And the prayer is the best thing I’ve seen all week, good update

  • Hoheh

    Called it. Pissing off Soli is unwise.

  • Yay, a new page! I must say I don’t mind wonky update schedules NEARLY as much as seeing a comic creator just quit (for whatever reason), so thank you for always coming back with more Meek awesomeness. Also, oh my goodness, that prayer was hilarious!

    • I will never quit! That’s my promise to you. It may get slow or fast depending on my rl stuff, but I won’t ever stop… At least, not while I’m still breathing and have brain functions. And arms.

      • The world would be very sad if you lost your arms. D: We’d cry.

        • I’d probably drop one as well :

  • Dang. Every time I turn around there’s another great comic discovered. I don’t have time for this shit.
    Love your work man.

    • lol, stop turning around? But yeah, I know what you mean. If you want to annoy yourself further, go check out my links list (and despair).

  • Cheri


  • Stig Hemmer

    Yay! Update! But…you evil artist! Not showing how that BANG turned out. Letting us suspect the worst. I don’t want to lose either of those two great characters!

  • Fish

    Really? That’s all for this page? ]:<
    At least you're back from your hiatus. -throws confetti-

    "Get your foot off my chest,
    That was awesome.

    • lol, well I am working off a script. And the last time I came off a month hiatus Phe died, so you should probably be thanking me.

      • NeverfilledVoid

        Those where the days when hiatus where a lot worse. *nods*
        Glad to have you back on track! ;D

        • Anton

          Shouldn’t that be “Hiata”?

      • Fish

        Well, there WAS that gunshot…
        I’ll shut up now.

  • isabeel

    I am pleased :)

    “Get your foot off my chest,

  • MarkS

    That horse has EVIL in it’s eyes!

  • Fisherman

    Boobies: the leading cause of death for men.

  • Lord Enrique

    Talk about getting a serious weight off your chest…

  • Riddle

    Actually, in terms of craziest update schedule, no one compares to the works of Dan Kim of Clone Manga.

    Especially since he’s been updating a lot recently, sometime three times a day, this is after several months of absence.

  • Phoenix

    Omg please make that horses face a PLZ account on dev.



  • Lmao well thats the best face ever! comic is awesome to see it back but the horse rolling back its lips, makes my day :D

  • Valadilenne

    Ahahaha the horse in that last panel.


    • Anton

      No he didn’t! NO HE DIDN’T!

  • Sarah

    OMZ I really hope no one got hurt in that BANG Thingy! Cause if Amen dies I’m gonna cry. CRY I TELL YOU CRY. But I really do love this comic even if it sends me into a deep dark depression like when phe died. Please don’t kill anyone else!

  • Greek Geek

    I have some good news!! :D

    You have a new reeeeeeeeadeeeeeeerrrrrrr! *

    *(This is supposed to emulate a sing songy voice. This failed. Thank you, that is all)

    • Greek Geek

      I *have* some good news.

      I swear English is my first language.

      • hahaha XD I am a merciful comic creator, and inserted the “have” for you. Thanks for being a new reader by the way!! You obviously have a fine taste in webcomics.

  • Sile

    *parties* I’ve been checking back here everyday, even before the 15th came around *dances some more* Andohcrap a Bang. ._. Please tell me that wasn’t a fatal bang. *stares at the page for however many days it takes to update again*

    • *Tuesday at the latest*

      • Sile

        FWEE. all I have to say. I promise to check as soon as my skating lessons are over tomorrow.

  • Jonathan(swe)

    Is the gun barrel in panel 2 the gun he drops, or the top of her newly pulled gun?
    And welcome back! Iv missed this comic.

    • The one he drops. He just confiscated one of her weapons… It has more flow/ makes more sense when read directly after the last page like I intended, and not with a giant hiatus in between :B

  • Jac

    Eh he’s fine. I don’t think there’s any way Amen would allow a horse face like that to be on the same page as his death. XD

  • Novarri

    I love the speech bubble in the first panel – specifically, the way it tracks back via the holster before going to Soli’s face. I think it really helps…speed up the action? Emphasize the quick-draw? It’s something of that sort, and it’s very well done.

    I feel like the horse face in the next-to-last-panel should be a meme. Not sure why, it just feels right. Can’t you imagine that superimposed over the face of a belligerent cat?

  • ADC

    Oh, that horse is plannin’ something.

    By the way, have you ever read “The Abominable Charles Christopher”? It’s a really great webcomic, if you haven’t seen it before… *pimpity-pimp*

    Glad to see The Meek is back on. :3

  • Danny

    You know I was in france last year and I was looking through some arty books in a street market, and they were all real expensive and I saw a comic that had real cool artwork, I tried to remember the name so I could look it up in english but I failed… and I swear it was this comic…

    P.S. Awesome comic, gonna keep checking in on this! Keep up the very good work I hope you make a lot of money off this and keep making comics :D

  • Lisa

    Oh… Right. I missed this page. She killed him… D=

  • haley

    NOOOOO! Amen!
    eh…..well he had it comming…sorta.

  • Dan P

    Wait, what? Dresden Codak has an update schedule?

  • Android 21 3/7

    That horse feels like it has so much personality…

  • Mike

    that’s why you dont let up on a bitch once you got the advantage. they be sneaky and evil.

  • Twigs

    That prayer is the shiz. Moar sacrilege pleez.

  • Alexis

    I know this page is how old now? But using one hand to steer the reins is called Neck-Reining. :3 *Fist pound* You’re a God, just so you know. Like, fo shizzle.

  • Alexis

    I know this page is how old now? But using one hand to steer the reins is called Neck-Reining. :3 *Fist pound* You’re a God, just so you know. Like, fo shizzle.

  • Sully

    I have no idea why that second to last panel made me laugh so hysterically. I LOVE how expressive your characters are, all the way to the damn animals.

  • SotiCoto

    “Webcomic makers are one thing, but if nobody was around to read it, would there be a point to creating it?”

    I’m not sure it makes a difference to whether there is a “point” one way or another, personally.
    If you want to webcomic and you can webcomic, you webcomic. If you can’t or don’t want to, you don’t. Whether there are readers or not is quite irrelevant. ^_^

    • Irrelevant to you, maybe. From a practical standpoint having readers is a large motivation to creating the work, not to mention a financial necessity.

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