Aw yiss first page >:D Nearly completely different from the sketch page, if you remember that old thing.

I’m going to be updating once a week until the week following the 10th, as I have some kind of annoying test coming up and I need to study for it XC But after that I’m gonna do at least two pages a week, haven’t decided on the days yet… In honor of democracy, are there any opinions on whether I should do 2 pgs of updates in a single day, or one page on two separate days? Please to head over to the LJ comm to discuss if you care (you do).

HOWEVER there will be vote incentive updates every day (even weekends)! Mostly sketches and that sort of thing, if you watch my sketch LJ you will be either happy or unhappy to note that these are new sketches that I’ve not posted before. So yeah, go get them 8B

Thanks in advance for reading ;__;



  • beta-joovey

    I LOVE the pacing and colors in this page. Particularly the perspective, it’s really fantastic.

  • darkNarel

    I dig it =)

  • You’re amazing. Did you know that?
    Love what you’ve done with the colors.

  • Hot damn, The Meek is up! I can’t even express how excited I am.

  • Hellphoenix-san

    You have absolutely no idea how long I have been looking forwards to you finally getting The Meek up. Ever since I timidly started looking at your art on dA (then totally attacked you and watched you D:) I’ve been intrigued by this side of your work. I’m looking forwards to discovering your geniously devious comic~

    Best wishes, Hell-san.

  • Ah yes i found your other site but i think i’ll wait for this one. Tried to vote but don’t think it went through. You’ve improved so much. I wonder what you’ll do as time goes by.

  • fish

    mmmmmmm ^__^
    can’t wait for more…!

  • rinipaninikins

    kewl….i can’t wait for more.

  • Wow, this is looking wonderful so far! I love the bright colors and the sense of movement from page to page.

  • Eeee I can’t wait for this thing tostart!

  • It took me a good look to notice the spots on the animal’s back. You pay such great attention to detail! :D

  • Absolutely GORGEOUS colours~<3
    And the site is so very…augh it’s so beautiful, too.

    (Are you coloring the whole thing, now?)

  • Druida

    Nice work, this is gonna be cool!

  • turntap2

    This will be utterly fantastic.

  • cedarwolf22

    Completely different indeed! Totally in love with the color scheme so far.

  • illidasi

    Indeed. A cover and a first page, and already I want to see more. Very good composition and drawing style.

  • Candeldandel

    … And now I want a pear.

  • This is the most adorable and awesome starting page of a comic I’ve seen so far XD I love how those last three panels show the critter dude peering out from the bushes <3

  • whoooo hooo! lookin NOICE.
    i will leave other comments about your sweet site on eljay :3 mewp

  • hito-w

    It’s really really cool. Your colouring style is just great! And I (heart) the fox. I’m going to follow this for sure, hoho!

  • Wow, the colors really make the comic come to life! This is gonna be awesome :D. Thanks for sharing your work with everyone!

  • Rasselas

    Looks promising so far. If you’re gonna go with two updates per week, the best days are Tue-Thu, because most other comics update M-W-F and it’s cool to have a comic which fills in the gaps.

  • HC_Missile

    Wonderful art and creative design. I definitely be keeping track of this comic ^_^

  • Awesome! 8D

    I little thing that’s totally irritating me: 1st panel, on the tree branch in the foreground: WTF is this thing that looks like some claws?!? It’s making me totally nuts because my stupid brain tries to add it to the pet’s anatomy which just won’t work. D:

  • RayGunCowboy

    Wow. For a comic – especially for a web comic – your art is spectacular.

  • I haven’t seen the entire sketch comic but I will definitely catch up on the clean version, really looking forward to it because I admire your art and your cover page has again wonderful colouring and it got a lot soft feeling to it [LOVE IT] XD.

  • Simone Kesterton

    I love the first panell! beautiful perspectove, colors and depth! hehe and the bush with eyes is hilarious! ^.^

  • Even this simple page promises a nice story! :D

  • I love the colors, they’re so vivid, and I can’t get my eyes off the first pannel, the perspective is amazing!

  • Jason

    Love the first page, keep up the good work. I await more.

  • Sparrow

    Very nice looking so far! I love the little fox!

  • Looks absolutely beautiful… Blue shadows are so pretty. Are the sketch pages still up anywhere?

  • God I am such a retard, I didn’t realize I had to moderate all the comments to get them to show XD Thanks soo much for all your nice comments guys. I’m so glad you’re digging it so far. Working on pg 2 as we speak! And Pretty_Angel, those ‘claws’ are tree fungus, haha. Sorry, sort of random huh.

  • Oh, and Maze, sorry the sketch pages aren’t up any more! I took them off when this site went live :) It’ll be better if you’re not spoiled anyways, in the long run…

    Way to go!
    Watching avidly.

  • Ash

    OH MAN! I loved your sketch comic so much; read ch. 1-7 and wanted to see more!! I’m totally excited about this; it looks amazing polished.

  • Taelis

    Ooh, they’re awesome! I love the little snout of the fox. :3

    The colors go super well, even the pear is fantastically drawn. (:

  • Leigh

    Hooray! I’ve been looking forward to this! :3

    I love the color palette you’re working with. Very nice. :)

  • Yey! finally! always been a big fan of your work! since i knew you in DA.:D you’re everything i want to become one day. a great artist.:D will be waiting for more!:)

  • Flormar

    Looks amazing, will you post all the finished comic here?
    Keep them coming!

  • Fyris

    You have a truly gorgeous art style. That thing is adorable! :3

  • Wow, the colouring is wonderul. I remember the sketch page, read them all a while ago.

    Definitely staying tuned.

  • The sequence of this page is well done! I’m not so sure about the pear thought balloon, but if that’s the way you’re going with the comic it could be really good in the future.

    This is a great start, I always find these pages the most difficult.

  • Nice revision! When I saw the original, I thought the fungus in the first panel was the critter’s claws, and I couldn’t quite figure it out. Took me a while. This makes it much clearer (and prettier!) The little tounge is cute, too!

  • This is. Awesome.

  • K. Slater

    Dammit I see what you did there and I love ittttttt

  • Argh! cant believe i haven’t commented on ur site yet @.@ Well keep up your excellent drawing, u got style :D

    and… we can never go wrong with guy with a white hair hahah :D

    • Thanks! And of course I have to agree :) Which is another reason I enjoy your work as well!

  • Emma

    This panel reminds me of a cartoon. I can actually see the movement

  • KigV2

    Just searched and rediscovered this. One of my favorite webcomics from the “good ol days.” Rereading hoping to find some catharsis, and peace from my thoughts. Cheers to the creator.

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