Page 2! This was sort of a bitch to pencil.

That’s Angora up there. This comic is going to have some unabashed nudity in it, sorry to those of you with sensitive tastes. None of it is drawn in a sexy way if that makes any difference. Its just anatomy. If you have a problem with that, feel free to 1) stop reading and/or 2) take the stick out of your ass.

Daily incentives are continuing for the next week! So please vote if you feel like it :3 Thanks so much for all of your kind words and support so far

Anyways I’m sort of braindead right now so I don’t have much else to say… wish me luck on my test on Saturday ok D:


  • Coldwater

    Good luck on the test!

  • Bess

    Huzzah! Good start! :D

  • cedarwolf22

    Bonne chance on your test! OF COURSE he had to step on the pearapple. Think of it this way lemurfox, it is now delicious sauce!

  • faerypocket

    i love this version of the page!
    and good luck with your test :)

  • I’m so glad I found this webcomic right when it was starting out! The art is absolutely stunning, and I’m always filled with some strange sort of glee when I see word bubbles eating into panels.

    It’s refreshing to see some unabashed nudity. Too many movies and comics call for nakedness in the plot and then go through ordeals with awkward angles to cover up nipples and penises. Keep up the good work I EXPECT TO SEE A NEW PAGE NEXT WEEK.

  • haha, wow, the first dude looks soooo desperate it’s funny. Hmm, the rodent and the pear remind me of that squirrel with the nut from Ice Age… Hmmm…

  • Fyris

    That’s some incredible artwork. I love the way you’ve planned the opening.

    Aww, poor thing. I feel so sorry for that creature. More so than I ever have for Scrat. …But what is it, exactly?

    The nudity isn’t really a problem. I mean, there’s no call for it, but I certainly understand that it can sometimes make sense, and it seems like Angora’s some kind of jungle girl. Or do her folks wear clothes, and she’s just in a bit of an unusual situation?

  • Hellphoenix-san

    Mmmm~ Loves the chase! Poor little lemur-creature thiiiing D:

  • Elphie

    I love that lemur-fox…I think its going to be one of my favorite character (even if it only shows up for these two pages). Anyway, as for everything else, I’m glad you started off with action! I agree that comics are just not exciting if they have a whole monologue of epic boredom before anything happens..Art/coloring is nicely done too. Good job!

    As for the nudity, I have no problems with it. It’s art, and people need to grow up. I don’t understand why she’s nude, though…but I figure you’ll explain later. :D

  • Haha, thanks for the comments guys XD To answer your questions Elphie and Fyris, Angora is nude because she is a weirdo. Everyone else in the comic wears clothes but she is more comfortable with being natural and has very little self-consciousness. In terms of the deeper meaning of the comic it has to do with doing what is instinctive and natural vs doing what others expect from you, but thats not really relevant on page 2 :3 And the little animal is a Wen, you can read a little bit about them here: http://wiki.shingworks.com/Wen

  • Candeldandel

    I am SO EXCITED I get to read your comic ALL OVER AGAIN in COLORED GLORY!!!!!!!!!

  • Dianaa

    I’m so excited for more of this comic in wonderful, beautiful COLOR! I`m gonna keep voting everyday!
    Good luck on your test!

  • Skaski

    Waaait, Angora isn’t wearing her neckscarf thingie! The colors are so amazing…I’m awfully excited to see the colored, final version of this comic, finally!

  • Jen

    Looks beautiful! You put so much work into these pages, it’s amazing!

  • Best of luck on your test, this looks great…characters now…it’s picking up!
    bee-tee-dubs: I linked you up on my website, let me know if you’d rather I link to your devArt or whatevs. ROCK ON!

  • >>Candeldandel

    Seconded :D.

    It’s just as good as reading it the first time… but better :B. Everything looks so great in color, but I think I like the unique appearance of the jungle environment the most. It’s great how that third guy is interacting with the tree leaves in the background too :D. Attention to detail = incredible.

  • good luck on the test master!:D

  • Hell yeah an update! It looks so amazing in colour, can’t wait for more.

    All the best for your test o/

  • Druida

    He looks like Willie E. Coyote XD

  • herdofsheep

    well you’ve certainly set yourself quite a challenge, writing out the story with this incredible level of quality. Hope you manage to stay on top of it all- if you can keep up this standard it’ll become an amazing webcomic!
    Good luck! (on your test as well as on the rest of the comic)

  • Sio

    I am blown away at the quality of these pages…and just by the fact that this is really happening! I’ve been looking forward to this like crazy 8D Cannot wait for more! And may you pass your test with the speed and grace of a gazel!

  • hito-w

    This is really good!
    I feel so sorry about that little animal! (I’m not sure of what it is, thou. Maybe.. a fox? A very skinny Coyote-like vegetarian fox?) Got his lunch meal crushed by some hunter’s dirty boots, tsc tsc tsc. What guys aren’t capable of doing when they see a green-haired wild girl running through the jungle.

    Haha, anyways, enough talking. Good luck with your test! Banzai!

  • Awesome so far! I love the coloring, especially on the skin tones, and your in-panel composition is wonderful. I’ll definitely be following this as it progresses.

    What’s your update schedule for this?
    (HEY! That could potentially be your first FAQ! Ain’t that special!)

    Also, from the look of Angora’s hair, I think she needs to quit swimming in pools full of chlorine :p

  • The coloring just makes me so happy. :3

    And oh my word, the fifth panel is adorable.

  • amazing secuences, great quality! i love how it seems to an animation :3

  • Vir Gnarus

    Hi, a newcomer here that came across your comic of which the main character’s display of naturistic attitude piqued my curiosity. I do want to send my regards that I am witnessing a very professional display here. Your comic so far seems to flow very well (in most cases, as noted below), and the angles depict the action in a very fashionable manner, allowing the audience to immediately perceive the focus of each panel while expressing the activity vibrantly yet passively, without resulting in an eyesore from excessive detail.

    I do want to make one negative comment though, as a matter of constructive criticism. I’m not sure about others in regards to this, but the stance the wen has in panel 2 looks far too much like that in panel 5 and far less of panel 3. While convention persuades me to continue reading starting from 3rd panel to 5th, my eyes – and therefore my brain – *insists* I continue with the 5th panel. This is simply because panel 2 and 5 show the wen with similar stature and are adjacent to each other, far more in relation than the 3rd is compared to the 2nd panel. This detracts from the flow and makes it difficult to view the comic comfortably in a fluid manner.

    I understand you were trying to have him resume his previous attempt at nabbin the fruit, but the brain is inherently lazy, and loves to try to perform interpretations in the simplest way possible.

    In any case, keep up the exceptional work. I am eager for the rest.

  • Rana Formaggio

    I love the art style and the fearlessness. I cant wait to read more!!! BTW i absolutely adore the cover!! SPLEEE

  • haha! this is wonderful :) I love the art, and your coloring job; the characters are so alive! (for lack of a better term ;) ) and I absolutely adore the little critter nabbing the fruit. his face reminds me a little of that Looney Tunes coyote XD again, wonderful stuff! i’m definitely bookmarking this site :3

  • I don’t think I agree, Vir Gnarus. I think the panels are generally large enough to detract the reader from jumping ahead. I see what you’re getting at though, and it could be polished up, but I think the issue is minor and most people (especially those that frequent manga, anime and cartoons more often than trad american comic and graphic novels) will not feel the need to jump.

  • Rayne

    ^_^ That little critter is SO fracking cute! Love the movement. and very good anatomy! Definitely going on my bookmark list!

    • awkward turtle

      hmm… the rodent’s eyes are wandering toward’s a certain body part….

  • Love the Ice Age style squirrel-thing….

  • No nipples?

  • 613 The Evil

    I must say that I find your need to justify the nudity in your comic, or even have to mention it… well at least saddening. It should not be a matter. At least in other cultures (I don’t want to say countries) you wouldn’t need to mention it. The comic looks good by the way, your style/skill is already on high levels, specially for a webcomic! Please continue.

    • Well, in the real world I know that some people will mind. I think a lot of issues clear up once the chapter is read in context.

  • Willa

    I have had the second panel stuck in my head all week. Something about it… well, its sheer genius.
    Thank you so much for blessing the world with your awesome.

  • DF417

    I thought you said it wasn’t supposed to be sexy :3
    Jk. Your art is outstanding btw.

  • Hey, I’m not sure how I stumbled on this comic, but I just wanted to say that this is a great opening that really grabbed me – I’m already looking forward to reading the rest!

  • SotiCoto

    As a matter of personal preference, which is of basically no interest to anyone else but I’ll note it anyway…

    I’ve got no issue with nudity.
    But I find vote-whoring (i.e. voting incentives) to be crass and distasteful.

    • You’re entitled to your opinion. However, the readership cultivated and maintained from a free advertising source like voting is essential to the comic. I don’t particularly enjoy the extra work that incentives take, but I do it because this comic is important to me, and when something is important you WILL learn to hustle for it.

  • Bau

    I really like the placement of the first bubble in the last panel, it really helps with the pacing of the comic, as if the sound of his voice interrupted the animal.

  • Mr Chaotic

    re-reading author mentioning they’re going through making the kind of page number consistant after the lastest update…
    I *just* noticed that that thing is like Scrat from Ice Age!! *Facepalms*

    • Pretty sure Ice Age didn’t exist when I first penciled this scene (when I was in highschool!), but I can see the similarities.

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