New page today! In case you weren’t paying attention, the posting schedule has moved to twice a week as promised, now that I am finished with my big grad school app and that test. I’m trying out M-F for now, we’ll see how that goes…

I’m getting close to the point XD Sorry if this sequence is boring the shit out of anyone, really this whole one page every once in a while thing is killing the pacing.

And thanks a ton for all of your votes and such, as always. Though I said I was only planning on updating the incentives for the last 2 weeks I will continue putting up sketches and stuff in case you like to vote for a reason!

Thanks again guys <3

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  • bahaha, your expressions rock my socks.

  • faerypocket

    Love the first panel!
    The light is faboulus <3

  • Jason

    Angora just gets more pretty as it goes along. Poor her though, falling to her death/rape like that.

  • GREAT perspective in that first shot. I like that panel of her face closeup, too. Her hair is so awesome.

    HAH I had to be the immature one and laugh at Kizzer’s butt.

    And don’t worry about the pacing – the quality and color is so amazing, no one minds if the pacing is a tad slow. :)

  • I love how every page is a cliffhanger. It’s kind of cool.
    I’ve gone ‘AHHH WHAT?!’ until i remembered that she’s obviously not going to die.
    woo. love it.

  • Baw yay. I love the way you shade skin tones and shadows and whatnot, it’s absolutely lovely. I can’t wait for Pinter. :D

  • Lei

    When you read it, its a lot less slow paced than what you as an artist think it is. We’re not the ones staring at your page for hours…. well, I am actually, but …

  • turntap2

    I’ve RSS-ed this. :)

    This is so freakishly professional. I am so amazed!!! Good job! I can’t wait until 50 years from now when they’re making a movie from this. ;)

  • Sen

    I am keeping my eyes glued to this comic. I found another source of inspiration… yay <3

    Pretty great what’s going on so far…XD

  • I’m so envious! I want to make an online graphic novel just like you!

  • candeldandel

    Ahhh, glorious buttcrack. She is so adorable.
    Also, I could just eat up those colors… I’m impressed at how quickly you’re turning these out. <3

  • Kitty

    Oh, what an angle in that first panel. XD

  • hito-w

    Haha, exquisite as always! Congratulations. I just love your angles!

  • wyrd

    I read the three chapters posted on your livejournal, and was totally psyched to discover that you have now dedicated a whole website soley to the Meek. On a related note– are you seriously going to do the entire comic in color?! You are a crazy person; but the comic will be beautiful.

    One question: um… where are those “daily incentives” you speak of? I’ve look all over this site, and can’t find them.

    Keep up the good work! Have a nice week!

  • Hey wyrd,
    Yeah, I figured I might as well go for colors seeing as I’m already here inking and whatnot. As for incentives, that brown bar that turns green when you rollover it (under the comic) links to the vote page with the incentives! I’ll be posting the incentive archive to the LJ at some point though, since there were a few ok ones in there :3

  • Lei

    Noticed how the vote-bar disappears after you’ve selected to show all comments. This is probably why some haven’t been able to immediately find this important option =D Youz missin’ out on votes

  • Stella

    I love your style!! The shading is magnificent, and I’m so glad i got to this comic starting out. So far the art and the suspense are killing me!

  • Druida

    It’s awesome but the axe looks… hum… empty =/

  • Druida

    (Typing mistake, i meant “the axe strip” not “the axe” XD)

  • This is just awesome. I feel like sobbing at the coolness of it all *sob*
    Keep it up! ^^

  • Bowee

    Nooo! Angora! Don’t fall outta the tree!

  • Fyris

    Your artwork is a pretty as ever, and everything you do seems so well thought-out.

    Poor Angora. I’m slightly concerned that she gon’ get raped, but I guess she’s sort of asking for it, running around like that. If she doesn’t fall out of the tree, it gonna be difficult to conceal her nekkidness on the next page.

  • V

    He’s a hunk of man-candy. I wouldn’t run away. >_>

  • I love the pacing of this, don’t speed it up at all! Take your time, I’m just getting to know the characters and what they can do!

    Now the panelling on this page is a little confusing for a webcomic, mostly because people scroll down to see the rest of the pages and will want to read the right hand side before the bottom left. I have a huge screen resolution, so I can’t image what it would be like to look at on 1024×768

  • Eccentric

    I love this page, but I’m curious… If (from what it looks like), if Kiz only hits the tree twice, and not deeply at that, how can such a sturdy tree fall? I’d assume over half of the trunk would have to be penetrated before it crashed.

    Eh, but that’s just me.

    • Yeah, thats a good point, one of the few things that doesn’t sit well with me either (but I can’t change it without messing up the page badly). I’m just explaining it as Angora being shocked by him doing it, or startled or something XD

  • J

    Wow, niiiiiiice perspective. My favorite is the last panel, it’s a wonderful lead-in to the next page, makes me want to see this in print so badly! It’s nice how that particular panel could be done in a much simpler way, but it pulls off more functions because of the way it’s done. Verrrrry admirable.

  • Knilch

    Ah, back to the start in preparation for the upcoming updates. =)

    I know I’ll miss Angora running around fully naked, i.e. not wearing pants. I really like how casually you depicted her throughout. And how other characters reacted to that.

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