Just in time for a… SATURDAY UPDATE??!!1 Yes its true, sorry I’m a day late. I had a lot of work this week and couldn’t get to sit at my comp for hours like I usually enjoy doing v__v Haha. In the future, if you want to know status updates or any such thing, please head over to the_meek LJ comm! I post things there sometimes. You can post things too! Nobody has yet, but I am metaphorically sitting by the phone waiting for communication (not really, but it sounds funny).

As always, thanks so much for your voting! I am doing my best to keep up my end of the bargain and post a new incentive every night. Tomorrow’s (in 1 hour) incentive is a view of the pencils and my layers for doing these pages, in case you are interested in the more technical aspects of the comic making :)

Thanks too for your comments and emails. I am SO SORRY if I haven’t replied to your emails yet, like I said I’ve been busy lately, but I will try to get to those asap.

Anyways, next page is finally Pinter :3 The other mainish character for this chapter, so I am looking forward to that. Considering that I’m updating today and not Friday, I am expecting the next update to be on Tues or Wed. For now lets just say that the comic updates twice a week, on a weekend day and a weekday (day), and leave it at that XD

Ok thats enough talking for now… thanks again for your support!


  • beta-joovey

    New page! Fantastic, just what I needed. Love the last three panels, great pacing.

  • janoxide

    O hey, good work on the latest page! It had been a great read so far with the expressions and the extra effort with the color so keep it up :D!!

  • Bowee

    :”D *heavy breathing*


    I really like the motion of her breasts, it really adds to the movement.

    ALSO YAY PINTER. I’m excited. :D

  • You know what? I love the way you draw her naked body. I really do. I’m so used to hentai-ish proportions and unnaturally round plastic boobs that I didn’t realize just what I was missing!


    in short: you are awesome.

  • Shogun

    Ha ha. Love the pause then there off again fantastic.

  • Will you post in any of your sites (especially DA) your comic page process or tutorial?:D

  • Druida

    I love green hair XDD

  • Jo

    Beehehe <333
    I love your lining and colouring ^^
    And Angora totally makes me laugh. ( That /is/ her name right? -is very bad with names-)

  • charoncakes

    hahahaha i love it! also i can’t help but admire how realistically the boobs defy gravity in the fourth panel.

  • So… rape? Y/N?

    Also I second what dadodagreat asked for, except I request that the coloring step be elaborately detailed.

  • hito-w

    Hohoho. Poor guy. He should’ve grabbed her right away in order to win!
    Your colouring and expressions are fantastic as usual! Congrats! Keep it up =D

  • Hellphoenix-san

    The vine-fall stop is well portrayed, the last panel quirked a smile out of me. Still an excellent job.

  • naturallycomplex

    Love the coloring on the comic a lot. That awkward pause in those last few panels is hilarious. xD

  • eika-sama

    hey, alexds1. i luv “the meek.” u should publish it.

  • Hahaha @ last panel!
    He’s like an angry Pepe Lepew!

  • No boobs for you, Kizz. :’D

  • ListenPeanut

    Dood this is amazing.
    Your colors are so awesome!

  • Critter

    Ahhh I’m so, so happy to see this – you’re such a great artist, I love everything about this

    my week just got sooo much better

  • Your pages are just so so so cool. Good job with the movement when shes swinging from that vine :D I really enjoy seeing this colored and finished, it’s super sleek.

  • Q.

    impressive, really, *adds to favorites* I will be a regular here from now on. keep up the incredible work.

  • Kris

    Alright, you are my hero. This is freaking awsome! Love the wikipedia clone. I was confused there for a sec…..good work ^^

  • Fyrisvellir

    I can’t really tell whether he’s finally caught her, or just missed her in that last panel.

  • candeldandel

    After looking at this again, I noticed I really like Angora’s legs in the 5th panel. They’re very characteristic of her… kind of playful. Hehe!

  • haaahaha i’m such a nerd but I really love the lighting in panel one. I’ve also GOT to add that it’s really refreshing to see some nekkid without it being perverted or sexual

  • Sara

    ha Kiz’s expession completely cracked me up when shes dangling in front of him on the vine…
    lol.. priceless… any way… KEEP DRAWING AND WRITING!!! ur simply amazing at what you do!

  • Sara

    o yea and also can ya make another page or two… soon… cuz the suspence is killing me

  • I lol’d at that last panel. Dude is horny.

  • MTD

    Wow. Never seen someone so desperate to GET SOME.

    SO glad i found this gem. Sometimes you really do find treasures when you’re not looking for them.: )

  • Ashley

    I love the fact that her boobs look like actual boobs.

  • Adam

    Kind of wish I knew why a bunch of men are chasing a naked chick through the forrest

    • Thankfully the rest of the comic exists/ will exist to explain that (and more!)

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