Page 6, right not-on time. I had more work than initially anticipated this week, so I’ve been pretty bushed at late night when I’m usually doing my inks and colors D: Oh well.

Finally a semblance of plot? If you’re familiar with the original version you can see that I’ve changed a lot of things but in general you can tell where its going :B

By the way, some people have mentioned that its annoying trying to figure out when I update this mess. If you don’t feel like checking back all the time, you can subscribe to the RSS. The link for that is at the bottom righthand corner of the page!

As usual, thanks very much for all the support and love. I’ll try to respond to messages this weekend when I (possibly) have some free time… Also TWC is being bitchy atm, otherwise I’d be uploading the next incentive… I’ll try again in the morning…

On a tired scale of 1 to 10 I am at about 15 XC I’m going to bed.


  • candeldandel

    Is that moonshiiiiine I see? That stuff is POTENT and NASTY, btw. Also, <3 Angorabutt.

  • Wow, excellent page, looking forward to seeing the next, going to bookmark this!

  • Skaski

    Hhhh, Pinter! Oh my gosh I love this page because he’s so adorably awkward :D

    Oh, Pinter. The adventures you are in store for…you have no idea.

  • Lei

    She’s pretty fast, compared to her pursuers. Also, Pinter needs a crate

    Why are there people nagging about how annoying it is when they don’t know when updates are available? How hard is it to check back 1 or 2 times a day?

  • wordpictures

    I discovered this a little while ago and it has become my second favorite comic. (Favorite is Gunnerkrigg court) my favorites tend to be those with phenomenal organic feeling art. I love, I absolutely love the way the bodies move. Her smile and eye in the last panel is captivating. the way draw your character’s eyes are astounding. It’s probably just a little bit of white paint/digital ink but the glints, highlights make them feel so liquid and real. My wife likes the way the one female body shown so far looks real. She doesn’t have what I call “overinflated hyper animatronic boobies that could crush a Pepsi can between them with a single twitch”

    wow. I’m looking forward to more.

  • Critter

    Yay xD He’s so cute – look out Pinter, there’s a horny dude with an axe headed your way

  • DAWW Pinter. I love him and his beer belly. :D The dude is awesome.

    I LOVE his colors, too. It’s hilarious that the first of Angora he sees is her ass. xD

  • Wow, I love how you used the three panels at the top!

    Yay, Pinter! 8D

    As always, the expressions and movement are top notch — but this page looks a lot sharper/crisper than the others as well :D.

  • OnionVolcano

    Excellent comic! I love the nudity, it’s sexy and goofy and REALLY gets the reader’s attention.

  • yey!:D

  • I don’t mind not knowing when it’s going to update; I’m always pleasantly surprised when it does.

  • I LOVE Pinter’s body language in this page. Both in how he holds all the jars and then how he tries to hang onto them as Angora’s butt knocks him off balance. Your colors are, as always, very rich. <3

    Oh, Pinter. I <3 you and your beer belly. XD

  • Jason

    Love it. One problem though about the RSS feed. Clicking that link just takes me to a page with alot of coding.

  • O!

    Haha. I initially missed that Pinter (oh, Pinter) was shirtless–an odd thing since there’s clearly some moob-squishing going on. I have the sense that my subconscious was trying to protect me by WILLING MY EYES NOT TO SEE IT!

    Hang in there! And thank you!

  • Danny

    :3 Squee cute<3

  • Haha – bum attack!
    Love the top three panels. And the way you render feet is awesome.

  • faerypocket

    Some pretty strong alcohol, huh? :D

    And what is that thing on his head?

  • DemonRoni

    i love her smile and eyes on the last pannel xD

  • Thanks for the comments guys XD I’m not sure why this page looks sharper, it may be because I said ‘fuck it’ and went with the saturated colors that I usually enjoy coloring with instead of the muted ones. I’ll probably go back and tweak the other pages once this chapter is done… as for the thing on his head, its like a skullcap. Just sort of more… shiny…

  • Oh Pinter, you and your alcohol.

    I spy a clothesline. 83

  • Smash42

    Pinter’s just plain awesome, loved the rough sketch of him where he’s so serious. Really nice artwork!

  • Critter

    I don’t think you have to change the color levels – I interpreted it as a shadowy forest and then bursting out into the sunlight so the colors get more vivid :P

  • Druida

    It’s nice to see him again =D

  • it’s so cool :D
    I really like the colours you used so don’t change them :) ! and the story sounds interesting :P
    pinter huh? :) cool name XD

  • Wonderful!
    I really adore how realistically you draw everyone. Angora just looks like a healthy green-haired girl, and there’s no need to draw her over-the-top skinny so that her breasts are huge and her ribs are popping out. Her and Pinter’s shamelessly realistic figures just make the comic all the better. <3


    girl, what’s in those jars >:U

  • I like the pacing of this. There’s no fuddy-duddy wasting of time with narration or flashbacks or long introductions of characters. It’s straight to the point; nekked lady fleeing weirdo guys. Well, I’m hooked. Can’t wait for more! :D

  • hrm

    why is she naked? or is everything gonna be revealed in the comic? very interesting, i’d like to read more so please continue.:)

  • I don’t really like how similar the male character designs are. It really confused me for a while there. Other than that, fairly gorgeous technique and I love nudity.

  • madelaine

    love how you set up the first three panels.
    and i really like the bright colors in this one!

  • First time reading your comic — and I’m liking it so far! The art is absolutely beautiful, and Angora’s character is very amusing. Keep up the great work — and try not to feel so stressed!

  • Konira

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey, Pinter. XD

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