The colors are becoming more and more saturated XD I can’t help it.

Sorry for the updates being so off the wall, I guess I found out the hard way that balancing work and comics is hard D: Maybe I shouldn’t have been so optimistic back in winter break time. I will be updating at least once a week from here on out, likely Thurs or Friday, but may do more as time permits. I’m sorry to keep changing this around but a full page or more a week is a pretty heavy output for me, considering that I draw serious things like once a month usually XD

Some of you have asked questions like “whats in the jars?” and “what is that hat thing?” etc… those are all great questions XD I’ll be answering them in the form of vote incentive throughout the week, so if you have a question ask it here and maybe I’ll get to it :3 Saves me from running out of things to post. As usual, incentives update every day at midnight my time so please keep checking back!

I’m also going to try to get the FAQ/ profiles/ fanart/ links section updated soon, possibly this week, so keep an eye out for that :B I actually have things to answer in a FAQ now, haha.

Ok thats all for now, time to start thinking about page 8 :3



  • And keep your enemies so close… that you’re almost kissing.

  • Also, will you post a link to wherever you want me to vote? Thanks.

  • Tams

    Hah!! Angora’s “Nahh!” made me laugh. Her hair is so awesome.

    Is it weird that I think Pinter is now somewhat attractive, what with the nice left arm in panel 2 and the resolute stare in panel 4? I dunno, I’m an odd duck. xD

    Ohhh, some shit’s gonna go down.

  • Hey Eric, the vote link is that giant long button right under the comic XD

  • Tams: lol XD Pinter starts off fat and slow and as the story progresses turns into the hotness that I’d originally planned for him, so you’re sort of looking into the future!

  • Selofain

    Could I suggest browsing buttons on top of the page? It makes browsing through recent pages a lot easier.

  • Uh oh! No TV and no booze make Pinter something something…Go crazy? XD

    Sorry, I can’t help myself. Simpsons references are hard wired into my head. Anyway, I have to say panel 4 is my favorite. Kiz’s tilted head is wonderful body language. :D

  • Sara

    Pinter is the hotness.

  • Oh no, there goes the booze! You don’t mess with Pinter’s booze. D:

  • amy

    I love how everyone could easily read as butt naked throughout this entire page.

    btw This comic has already skyrocketted to my favorite, ever.

  • Oh yeah, I’m going to try to get the nav buttons updated too, I realize not having a first/last button is also really annoying XC

  • I’m laughing because I know what happens next. XD

    Is there a reason Pinter’s nose is brown? Also, I agree with amy: everyone looks naked on this page, which is hilarious.

  • Tams

    Well, awesome! Yeah, running around after a naked chick all the time is good for dropping calories. xD

  • Mage

    I actually clicked back a page to make sure I hadn’t imagined the pants.

  • faerypocket

    I really like Angora’s expression in the last panel xD

  • Skaski

    I think Pinter is the hotness no matter what his weight is, haha! Also @ charpal, I don’t think his nose is brown, really, I think it’s supposed to just look rosy? Also, Kiz, way to be a freakin’ jerk and shove Pinter around D:!

  • Danny

    I think this it’s super cool. ;-; *hug*<3

  • Charpal: His nose is brown, actually :) Northerners have brown noses for whatever reason, that guy with the bandaged head also has a brown nose. Also this page will be forever etched in my memory as “the naked page,” I totally didn’t notice that they all look pantsless XD

  • Dr.Wiley

    I love how this is progressing! Kiz reminds me a bit of Gaston. Haha.

  • LOL they’re all so right! YAY for the naked page:P

    And…umm… Pinter is indeed kind of hot.

    Angora’s expressions are hilarious.:D

  • sweet_gardenia

    Ahah I bet they make all kinds of bad jokes about Northerners

    I predict those jars are going to fall and explode and envelope everything in flames. Or maybe they will fall and Pinter will be like, ” YOUUUUU BROKKKKKE MY BOOOOOOZE ” and do some kind of secret badass marital art stance that will make everything explode and envelope in flames. Or Kiz and Pinter will kiss and make up. And then they’ll explode and envelope in flames.

    Either way I’m guessing there’s gonna be something flaming ;D

    I’ll go do some nice fanart now instead of making silly speculations

  • Hey guys! What time is it?


  • tenthwit

    Angora is making the cutest little face aww

    *LOL pun*

    Oh Pinter, it’s nice to see this time you ACTUALLY got out of your bush and went outside to socialize (even if it was just to buy booze)
    <3 <3 <3 <3

  • I love her face in this page! :giggle:

  • Sara

    well kiz is rude and all but he’s a hottie… sorry couldn’t resist. it looks AWESOME!! love please update!

  • Critter

    Oh God, I love the angles and everything arg <3

  • krystal

    why does kiz wanna like rape poor angora????? thats the only thing i don’t understand.
    wow. u are really amazing at drawing and writing!!! go u!!!

    pleese i beg i need to read more :) :D XP

  • Ahaha! Angora’s :P face is hilarious! XD

    There’s so much nice movement and expression in these pages I can clearly imagine their tone of voice in each panel. I can’t think of any other comic that makes the reader feel so much like they’re watching high quality animation. It’s awesome :D.

  • Oops, I didn’t know that would make a smiley XD.

    To reiterate, Angora’s XP face is hilarious!

  • Druida

    Nice expressions =)

  • that guy is an asshole. go get ‘im pinter! oh, I have to wait for page 8.^^;

  • Smash42

    Ha, awesome art work! This is such a great story, and it turns out we do get to see the back of Pinter’s cap. Actually, is there any way we can see some of the old Voting incentives, like the rough sketch of Pinter? Don’t know what happens next, but my guess is, Angora catchs it and makes a life long friend.

  • Smash42

    Oh, and two questions, where can I find the original comic, and do you go to any cons?

  • FahimK

    looks cool :D

    first time reading this..never seen ur art :D…i like it!

  • SpazGirl

    gah!!! u have to up date!! all ur fans are going insane!!
    me included :D !!! wow awesome work

  • > Eric
    > February 6th, 2009 at 2:10 pm
    > Also, will you post a link to wherever you want me to vote? Thanks.

    Eric, you can’t see the “vote” button if you are browsing the commic. You need to go to “http://www.meekcomic.com/” if you want to vote :p

  • I can’t even express how much I love Pinter. He’s probably my favorite character in the comic, and I think he’s ridiculous. Draw him more plz, and keep up the great work!

    Question: Are you ever planning on selling hardcopies of The Meek? I would absolutely buy a copy, without hesitation.

  • I just love Angora’s scrunched up face! The penultimate panel with dude-in-Pinter’s face is pretty sweet too!

  • Chirpysniper

    Hmmm why they picking on pinter

  • Looks awesome!

  • whoooomeek

    haha, nakedness!
    actually, you can see the top of kiz’s pants in the last panel.
    aww :(

  • OmiGOSH!!! That comic is so cool! Just found at comiclist, and I’m rly impressed (o_0)!

    ll be watchin it :) Greetings from PL!

  • HayThar


    Lol, anyways I’m kinda new to your art. Someone directed me towards your tutorials so I checked out your gallery as well. This comic looks interesting so far (lol incidentally there’s a naked chick in all 7 pages) and I’ve never really started following a web comic from the beginning before (usually it’s on the 4,000th page by the time I find it) so this could be kewl. =]

    So anyways see yah! Good Luck!

  • I love all the comments about how they all look naked. >D

    Angora’s faces are so adorable!

  • whoooomeek

    Was just browsing through the other comics on topwebcomics.com.
    And this might come out sounding childish/spiteful, but i just have to say that ‘the meek’ should be #1 on that site. It’s WAY better than all the top 10 comics listed so far.
    i mean, this is a really cute and original story, plus every page has appealing colours and fantastic drawing.

  • Hey guys XD Sorry for not replying here, I AM LAME. I’ll answer all your questions tomorrow when I update :3 I have a faq written up, hopefully that will be put up sometime soon!

  • Lei

    tomorrow 8D thats today! anticipation!

  • Never piss off a man with an Angry Face tattoed on his arm.

  • DenverT

    is this the land of the nakidians or sumtink?
    clothes, shirts in particular, must be abstract concepts to these people.
    the guy wasn’t even taken aback by a lady running up to him, asking for help, 100% naked.
    i’de be a little bit starteled.
    so far all the guys have been following a strictly pants based regimen too. heh.

    oh well… pay no attention to me, very smoth artwork and i cant wait to see where tis goes. :P

  • nes

    I love how that even if Pinter isn’t perfect in his body mass, he’s so much more attractive than that other ass. XDD

    This is awesome. :)

  • FIFI

    for some reason i can imagine preston lacey’s voice as pinter’s.
    notthat it’s a bad thing. ^^ i love preston lacey.

  • Mairead

    Aaaah, I love the way you fade really sharp shadows into more graduated ones. It’s awesome and I wish I could do that.

  • Ashley

    Wow, he’s an ass. And I love the whole “It’s a bush, not a rock!” Also, amazing expressions!

  • Crestlinger

    NOOO the booze!

    Well if they’re in a tropical climate as depicted by the amount of vegetation present then its humid. Not your average balmy humid but the cut-the-air-with-a-knife-so-you-can-breathe humid, yeah I’d not want a shirt either.

  • Eirikr

    THE HOOTCH! I like how both Pinter’s AND Angora’s eyes are following the bottle down. Does Angora even know what it is? Probably not.

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