Wow, way to be 5 hours late, self. Ah well. I had an okay version finished around 1 today but decided to wait until I had time to fix up some silly details. Thats good right, quality over timeliness? right?…

I decided to quit the previous inking style, which was me using a fancy brush instead of the default hard brush. I like the fancy style but I can’t get all the sharp details that I’d be able to get using a 1) real pencil or 2) the hard default brush. Also I love the weights I get with my regular inking brush so this is the way its going to stay for now! You probably won’t be able to tell the difference at this size but oh well X3

A few small updates around the site if you care to look for them. A FAQ should be up soon, I actually have frequently asked questions now! I’ve never had those before. There were a few questions from the last post that I’ll answer here since the FAQ is not posted yet:
When does the comic update? Either on Thurs or Friday, depending on how much work I have! This week was busy, hence Friday.
Can I see old incentives? Thats a good one, I think I’ll do a massive incentive-recap post on Sunday as the Sunday incentive (plus a sketch so its not all reruns). Does that sound ok? The last few incentives were sort of helpful, so they bear repeating…

Last, I just want to pimp two of my fav comics at the moment, Johnny Wander and Evil Diva. Both are excellently drawn and funny as hell, go check them out since I take forever to update XD

As usual, if you like today’s page feel free to vote! The button is right under the comic (it is the one that turns green, btw). And also if you want to chat more about anything do not pass go, go straight to the Meek LJ, you can seriously post whatever you want pertaining to the comic there, its all good.

Thats all for now! See you next week :B

*edit* Durr, I just noticed the FAQ is up after all XD Have a field day.


  • Tams

    Whoa, am I the first comment? ….clearly I have too much free time.

    But yeah, I definitely prefer quality over timelines. Besides, it’s your story. You shouldn’t post it just because of demand unless you’re happy with how it is. :)

    Words cannot express how much I love Pinter. :) The dude is badass. Even with man boobs!

    As always, Angora has the best faces. What race is she, by the by? Or would that be revealing too much?

  • Panel 4 is just….just…..wow.
    Love this page!

  • I just love how your hair is kinda transparent :D Very stylistic

  • okay so this was totally worth it. I’d been checking back hopefully every day and was like “well…it’s still Friday!” (I’d already checked earlier today) and lo and behold!

    I’m pretty sure I like Pinter already. :D I’m a newbie fan & whatnot. But excellent work!

  • pineappleator

    I love the 4th panel! I like the way you draw your characters’ noses.


    by the way, FALCONPUNCH!panel is absolute win.


  • Em

    So… this just occurred to me. Is there a specific reason Angora’s hair is green? I only ask ‘cos none of your other characters (that I know of) have… unnatural hair colors. :P

  • I think those were mason jars of Whoop Ass, not alcohol. Beautiful colors, as always, and I really like panels 4 and 5. Oh Pinter will you ever stop being awesome? The answer is a definite no, never. You’ve gotten me wanting to get back into my own comics, and I was waiting with bated breath for this to update. Thanks for making this comic, I love it, and keep up the good work!

  • Tams: Thanks! Glad you liked it XD Angora’s race is… uh yeah I’m not sure :U I think she’s probably Santri? Maybe thats cuz I don’t like the Caris that much. I sort of envision her as having light brown hair though (if it weren’t green).

    Mary: Yayy thats good! Pinter is badass, he just doesn’t know it yet…

    SuperPineapple: lol that’d be hella funny if she just ran off somewhere and got wasted

    Em: No, no other characters have silly colored hair, and there is a reason for hers! I won’t say it yet cuz the reason will be coming up soon, and the explanation sounds better in context X3

  • KCF

    Quick, she’s escaping with the moonshine!

    Love your comic :D

  • Critter

    This is so awesome! Go Pinter go! xD I love this comic so much, it makes me so happy to see it updated

  • LOL
    I love all the expressions!
    and the old man coming to break up the fight with his cane/stick in the last panel :)

  • doktorjung

    It has to be alcohol, because there’s something awesome about a naked girl bearing copious quantities of booze.

    Also, Pinter is your friend. He fights for JUSTICE.

    But yeah, enjoying the comic so far. The expressions are really likeable, and the calm-to-aggro contrast between panels 4 and 5 had me chuckling. Looking forward to more.

  • Smash42

    Awesome! As always, great art and Pinter going crazy badass was my second guess. Qualitiy is definetly worth the wait. Great expressions in panels two and three, Love how Angora’s not really sure what to do. Thanks for posting old incentives, I’ve been trying to keep up but I missed a few. Great Comic!

  • Druida

    Coool XD
    I love this kind of things

  • sweet_gardenia

    lol better not run off with them jars Angora or you might get punched too



    also I’ve got a bit of feminist streak in me but arghhh…A GENTLEMAN AT FISTICUFFS FOR THE PROTECTION OF HIS BOOZE…I MEAN A LADY’S HONOR just get to me in that good way <3’s

  • 46137

    Woo! Excitement for the new page! I’d go for quality over quantity any day. :3

    I really love how it goes from calm (emotion and coloring) in panel 4 to boom-bam! in panel 5 – the aggressive colors give the impact more, uh, impact. :D

    Looking forward to the next!

  • Skaski

    I love how calm Pinter looks as he asks Angora to hold the jars, hahaha. Oh, I’m in love.

  • Flormar

    Amazing, love ow Pinter suddenly reacts

  • Lol, S_G… Lady’s honor doesn’t even figure into this, its all about protecting the weak and innocent (ethanol)!

  • oros

    Er…I never found the vote link under the comic. Even when I click the comic then press tab. It jumps to ‘first’ ‘previous’ and the chapter title, none of which turn green :B
    I do love this thing, even though everyone but me seems to know all sorts of secrets (like those jars- I assumed they’re water filled and precious cuz water is rare? iunno)

  • Hey Oros,

    Yeah I realize now that the vote button only shows up on the main comic page, not on any of the pages you get to by using the navigation buttons :B So you can either click the orange “vote” word in the body of this comic’s journal post, or return to the main page to see the button!

    As for what’s in the jars, its alcohol… that’ll be show in the next page or two but most people know cuz I’ve been talking about it elsewhere or in the vote incentives.

  • Storm

    -giggle- I just love Pinter’s reaction. His booze drops and he’s just like, O…M…G, but he still protects the rest of the booze before breaking Mr.-Would-be-rapist’s face open XD
    Poor MWBR, if you hadn’t messed with he booze Pinter would have let you go >>
    The first frame I saw was (ironically) the last one and I just thought, WHY DOES ANGORA HAVE TEH BOOZE?!? Did she steal it? o0;
    Then I just had to lol for a few minutes nn;
    She should have left a little line of booze bottles to lead Pinter to her. The second he stops beating on MWBR he’s goign to be looking for her and go WTF?!
    Also, is his nose like red/brow/changes color because he’s a acholic?
    Also also, I loved MWBR in the ncentive -giggle- that made me laugh for awhile :3
    Also, Also, also, will you put up the sketches of the chapters up here, please? ;-; perhaps you could make them incentives to see the old version of teh story or something.
    As always the shading/coloring is fantastic, I wish you could update mroe even if it was in black and white but ofcourse you can’t ;-; still I look forward to the next strip!


    (Man I rambled on and on)

  • candeldandel

    D’awww, the “Rrargh!” makes me miss your handwriting :<

  • Hahaha, this was one of my favorite little scenes! XD I love how he’s able to suspend his aggression long enough to hand off the rest of the jars :D. And the addition of the crotchety old man coming out to break things up is awesome, lol.

  • Quality > timeliness :giggle: I love how you conveniently cover up her nakedness with objects. :D

    • Thomas

      They’re … uh, modesty jugs?

  • whoooomeek

    LOL! Angoras face in panel 3.

  • YEAH!
    so manly <3

    You really made me feel excited about PIngora, and then you said it is not canon… and I got SAD:

  • Dammit, I love this comic! The fourth panel is so funny! The expressions on both of their faces… Oh god, I can’t wait for the next update!

  • Tams

    Pingora’s not canon? *sadfais*


    PFFFFFFT, Pinter, do you realize how bad ass you are right now?
    RUN ANGORA RUN! and don’t drop his booze!

    Also, your faces are so expressionate. ((I LOVE ANGORA’S FACE))

  • I love Pinter’s face in that third panel. It’s all “I’m gonna fuck dis guy’s shit up.” GO PINTER BEAT HIS ASS NO ONE MESSES WITH THE BOOZE

  • Oh, this is amazing. I love the comic so far, the nudity is artfully done. I wonder what the plate on the back of Pinter’s head is? The girl is so cute.

  • whoooomeek

    ooh it’s actually like a hat, if i’m not wrong. a tribe hat.

  • SpazGirl

    i am wondering why kiz was all like what we REAL men is no of yo bizness.
    is pinter not a guy????? :O

    angora’s my fav character still!!! love her hair

  • piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie

    love. a lot.
    write more. PLEASE.

  • haha yes SpazGirl, Pinter is a guy, just not a MANLY MAN XD

    I am working on moar right after I finish typing this. Ok here I go!

  • Naktarr

    Woah, this is awesome! I’ve just stumbled on your comic but I’m already putting it on my list of webcomics I must keep track of because… well its awesome, ’nuff said really :D

    I keep having to look back at the content, you really pack in the details in the simplest of forms!

  • Dude, I have to give you mad props on the colouring you use in your comic. *MAD PROPS*
    You’re going to print this one day, right? *shoves money your way*

  • DenverT

    i knew the girl reminded me of someone

    you gunna have some dominoes pizza banners up later?

    kiddn im sure its urelated

  • BrainBlow

    You just don’t spill a guy’s booze! That is deserving of an ass kicking. Something Pinter seems to think too.

  • Thomas

    Hi. I found a link to The Meek on the Fay Wind comic web site.

    Enjoying it much, but I can’t believe I’m the first to point out: You’re using jars to cover jugs?

    • Dangit, I’m five years too late to point out this joke first. But seriously, I’m surprised no one else did in the years before you. This is great. Jugs covering jugs. I love this artist/writer.

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