Comic! Technically it is still Friday here, so I’ll make myself feel better and call it a successful Friday update. You have no idea how many times I re-inked this D:

There is a ton more detail in this page than in previous pages. I’m going through some growing pangs atm, I sort of realized I’m not going to magically turn into Alessandro Barbucci anytime soon v___v So I am going with a simpler coloring style, the time-saving aspects of which were immediately negated by the horrendous detailing in the bg, haha. I’m working at a bit bigger ppi as well so my comp is accordingly slower. Ah well.

Finally some escapin’ going on. This is where the plot gets a lot different from the original Chapter 1 plot, its less cutsey and gets right into the damn point because after 9 pages I’m sure you’re all wondering where the hell I am going with this!

And as ever, if you have something to say or just like keeping abreast of news (yeah I said “abreast”), feel free to check out the Meek LJ community! Or if you’re bored you can look through the Meekipedia, I arranged some articles by chapter and such so its a bit easier to navigate.

Ok, enough of that… maybe now I can get some sleep XC


  • sweet_gardenia


    I actually really love her face at the end. She looks so worried and scared :C

    Of course Pinter’s gonna chase after her. SHE HAS HIS BOOZE DAMMIT

  • Carmencita

    I really do adore this comic so far. The attention to detail in the art just makes it all the more enthralling!

    I also like the last panel.

  • Leon

    Hey, cool everything. The art and the story is great!

    Anyway, i have a suggestion, why don’t you make an rss feed for the vote incentives? so we know whenever there is a new one!

  • Critter

    I adore your comic so much <3 GIT

    Run chubby boy she took your booze! Poor Pinter

  • Magofirst

    im a noobie to ur work but so far its really nice looking and the story so far is interesting. oh wait im a noobie to everything outside my lil box lol

  • MxSavior

    Holy Crap…your art is amazing. Keep up the good work, this is definetly a comic I’m going to recommend.

  • Lauren

    that was booze? D:

    love her leg in the first panel.

  • lol, thanks guys XD Sorry its sort of a boring running page but what can you do… oh and Leon, sorry but I have no clue how to make feeds 83 Luckily for you though the incentives are updated automatically at midnight my time (PST) so they will be updated everyday around that time for sure! And incentives update daily every day for even less confusion :D

  • Also lol at how you can’t see any of the detail in that 4th panel, that shit literally took me like 3 hours.

  • Whooo I likez. Your style is great, I love the simplicity of the figures/lineart generally and the richness of the colours.=)

    Poor Angora! Her face in the last panel is just so worried! Amazing expression!

  • Haha, I remember looking for this at, like, 10:30 las night. Glad you managed to get it up though!

    Oh you guys! Don’t you know it’s bad to cut down trees? GLOBAL WARMING IS IMMINENT!

  • Smash42

    Nice action shots, I really liked panel two, and its amazing she’s still holding onto Pinter’s jars. Also, panel four is really kool, love the forest scene, the lighting and coloring are great. Amazing artwork, keep it up, can’t wait to see whats coming next.

  • whoooomeek

    wow, GREAT colours. especially panel 4 – the light coming in where the trees have been cleared.
    if you don’t mind me asking, did you forget to finish the logs there?

  • The ones in front you mean? Yeah I can see how they look a bit jarring, I should have made them darker… I was thinking they’d be lighter since the sun is supposed to be coming from behind the reader for panel 4 but thats a bit too light (and anyways Angora is in shadow so it doesn’t make any sense no matter how you look at it).

  • Enigma

    I am loving this comic so far. The art style is simply incredible!

  • I like how creative you are at blocking out any naughty bits when Angora runs about!

  • Emjee

    Beautifully stunning work as always! Your backgrounds look fabulous btw, especially in panel 4. Though my favorite panels are 3 and 6. Your very talented at expressions, it just blows me away

  • Way to totally ditch Pinter in a fight (and steal his booze), Angora. Some friend YOU are.

  • Dr.Wiley

    The fourth panel must’ve been difficult; there’s soo much detail in it! I love how in this comic you really get a feel for the world through the detail you put into each character we’ve seen. Both major and single-panel appearances. I’m stunned.

  • Angora’s face in that last panel makes me want to give her a hug :<

    The way you handle anatomy continues to be amazing, I love how you draw Angora’s body in such a natural way. HAY GUYS SKIN IS ELASTIC.

  • Kitty

    ooh a thing I noticed – I think it should be “where d’you” rather than “where’d you” – the apostrophe goes where the missing letters are, and I assume he’s saying “where do you think you are going”.

    SORRY. I am a sadact and I notice these things, although not until 3rd – 4th reading of course having been bliiiinded by the arts. :D

  • whoooomeek

    haha (: oohh okay. thanks for that!
    gosh, i’ve looked at this thing like ten times and the art work still amazes me.

  • I’m fairly new to your work, but I was so intrigued after the first page that I’ve been keeping up. I’ve gotta say I’m really impressed with how quickly you’re producing such excellent work, and the dynamic second panel has to be my favorite yet! So much in that instant, and the drawing and color work so well. I’m waiting for the next page!

  • Deadmeat

    “Where’d you” is not wrong actually. Same as “that’d be right” or “what’d she do??”.

    It could be “where d’you think…” if you want, though. Shifting the apostrophe just puts the emphasis slightly later in the sentence. “Where D’YOU” rather than “WHERE’d you,” etc.

    Excellent work anyway. Faultless!

    (Deadmeat then hides and tries not to be such a pedant in future. :-] )

  • Smash42

    Thanks for the voting insentive, its really kool to actually see the panel so close, lighting and the backgorund trees is really good. Also, I agree with the Dr and Rainey, your expresions are amazing.

  • Sen

    I love how essentially simple these pages are, yet so vibrant and effective. You’re a master of your craft for sure.

    Her face in the last panel makes me “awww”.

  • Everyone seems to love the last panel, but I prefer the second, anatomy is awesome. =D

  • I like this! I can’t wait to see where it goes. That poor guy’s pint ;-;

  • cedarwolf22

    I don’t know how, but I missed this page and am angry with myself >8(
    J’adore the slight silhouetting in the second panel, and all the gnarly bark on those logs. Also, teeny tiny ox <3

  • spastic

    very nice art. good job getting a link from feywinds, too. if you’re a girl, sign up for tomgeeks and that will also bring you traffic. your art makes it worth it to hang on a while to see where you are indeed going with this. 2 points.

  • Dyre

    I found this and another one by you through a link from your Deviantart page ( I think, really I just randomly follow links to comics from there so I have no idea) . The link took me to rough sketches of the completed comics. I was under the impression you were never going to finish them or really release them, but here is Meek, getting the color treatment. = )

    I’ll be keeping an eye on it now, it’s a great story, so was the other one but I can’t remember it’s name. It may have been the same one, if the story branches to different character perspectives.

    Love the style too. Very nice.

    I also agree with Spastic, join up with Tomgeeks if you can, it’s a great community from the looks of it and it’ll definitely get you more readers.

  • kittengrl39

    OMG!! I just spent an hour going though everything on Meekipedia. THANK you. You have no idea how much I love going through background on stuff like this.

  • woot you! =D
    artistically this comic is awesome,.. Story wise.. I’ll have to read on to find out * on on page 9* ~ I’m sure it’ll be sick though ^^

  • Rick Savage

    Hey I love this comic. Once I seen the first page I became hooked. Now I am compelled to read through to the end. …and that’s what it takes to make a great comic. You got it. Great job.

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