Woo! an actual Friday upload. I liked coloring this page!

The salamander is a Bolitoglossa, they are aboreal salamanders :3 Their feet actually look like giant flippers too, its so cute.

Today (Friday’s) vote incentive is the first draft/ sketch of today’s page, haha XD Its hilarious how bad it looks when I first start… as you can see I switched those two panels around so it’d make more sense.

Anyways, yeah. In case you are still out of the loop, The Meek on Facebook exists! I’m uploading the old incentives there, slowly, among other things. I’m thinking about taking away the LJ, since more people are into Facebook…

I’ll end with my usual message of thanks for all your support and love! Thanks for reading and see you next week X3


  • The salamander’s face was so INCREDIBLY CUTE I spontaneously combusted.

  • you even included a nasolabial groove ;_; Such herpetological dedication!

    enough about the salamander, this is my favorite webcomic right now and I think it’s great that you at least update once a week.

  • Man, the third panel is just beautiful. And, obviously, the salamander is just adorable.

  • Naktarr

    Elise, what’s this groove thing you’re loving so much? :/ You’ve got my curiosity fired up now *looks it up*
    I… don’t see any in this weeks comic, except on mister Salamander there, so you mean him?

    Mister Salamander reminds me of a frog, weirdly enough. I’m glad I’m not the only person around here who talks to animals, even if Angora isn’t actually real XD

  • naso: nose, labial: lip… the nasolabial groove is the line connecting the nostrils to the mouth :=3

  • Deerinheadlights

    I love the lighting :) Cutest ickle salamander too!

  • catol

    The Meek is sooo fabulous in colour! You’ve done such a great job, not that you weren’t doing a great job with your first drafts on lj. It brings tiny bits of tears in my eyes, no joke! hahaha
    I can totally see this in my book shelf.
    Okay, enough gushing XP!!!
    Keep up the good work, yo~

  • scott

    mmm starts to give a prospective on the chapter and how it’s going to lead nice page. love the night appearance

  • candeldandel


  • Kelsey

    Oh man, that third panel. I would buy it if I weren’t broke.

  • Lee

    I love the coloring of this page. AND THAT SALAMANDER. I WANT ONE.

  • Smash42

    Brilliant night Sky! THe Salamander rocks, great expression, Elise said it best. Angora’s probably the only character outside of serious fantasy to ever have a salamander as a friend, and I love the conversation.

  • Critter

    Oh wow, the color on the salamander is vivid <3

  • Wow – great use of light for night time! I love the adaptability… great work, and I think the salamander is cute, but they really freak me out in real life :(

  • I love the colouring, it’s great!! I want this salamander, it’s so cute!=D XD Good job as always, keep it up!!

  • No! The salamander is mine! >=3

  • Enigma

    :D yeah, i really love the colours on this page.

    She looks beautiful in the 3rd panel!


  • The lighting/shading here is really nice! Salamander!

  • Your work is amazing ^^

  • Laurens

    Yeah, that third panel would look amazing as a poster.

    What, does the first draft of that panel look bad? You must have high standards. xD

  • rainey

    I want to give that salamander a hug :3

    Love how you did the lighting on this page :D

  • talc

    really like the color especially her hair really stands out for me (i actually prefer that color to her daytime hair :) ) gotta love how shes holding a conversation with the sally

  • itypeslow

    please keep the LJ. I’m not on face book, and I’m useing the RSS

  • Do those Bolitoglossa salamanders actually make a ‘chk’ noise?

  • Also… I’m not into Facebook and don’t trust it. They play fast and loose with users’ privacy, more so than other companies. Please keep the LJ.

  • Thanks for the feeback, itypeslow and Reindeer. I was totally going to not use the LJ but now I see that some people use it, so I will update there more :3

    As for salamander noises… I have no idea XD Few salamanders vocalize, though I guess this is a fantasy comic so I will say that *my* Bolitoglossa can, hehe.

  • weichimaster

    I just started following this comic, it looks really good. I might purchase a copy if you publish.

  • The comic looks good so far, but one thing I don’t get is, (this may sound a bit annoying, but it’s bothering me and I want to know), why is the main character in the nude in the middle of the rainforest?

  • There’s such a nice atmosphere present in these panels :D. The blues you chose for the sky here are beautiful, and I love the contrast offered by the salamander’s orange-ish colors!

  • Brandon

    I absolutely love this comic so far. Great pace, and really intriguing characters.
    Why is she nude? I was just wondering. Is she just a “natural” woman, or is that part of the culture of this world?

  • Osric/ Brandon, she’s nude because thats the way her character is :) Its not part of the culture, she’s just able to get away with it in this environment. Kind of wacky. In general she doesn’t really like following the rules, but that’ll be more evident later.

  • Druida


  • :O
    The colours are so amazing on this!

  • whoooomeek

    wtc, you even make TOENAILS look good! :D

  • I haven’t mentioned it before, but I ADORE your big ass vote button. It’s so cool… and big. All webcomics should have huge VOTE buttons.
    It’s coolness rocks my world! XDD

  • Smash42

    ON the subject of voting, has anyone else noticed we appear to be in combat with Earth Song for 11th place? Just wondering if any one reads it? ALso, if thats Pinter in the incentive today, awesome.

  • VickyL

    darn I missed the sketch incentive ’cause i dont have this website booked on my gran’s pc and I couldnt remember the webcomic title (yes my memory is terrible).
    any chance of a link to it at a diff location?

    great page by the way. I love your art style.

  • Thanks! Its like header, comic, GIANT GLOWING BUTTON (and yet people still miss it XD)

    Haha, combat w/ Earthsong… if combat meant being way, way behind your opponent

    And Vicky, all incentives will be up on Facebook eventually :3 So just wait around and it’ll probably be there!

  • RnH

    This page should have a warning sign protecting people from melting as a result of the extreme cuteness of that lil salamander ;)

    love your comic :)

  • ED

    Neat o.o I am liking of this comic.

  • dusky_rue

    Oh wow. Look at that nighttime lighting scheme. XD Awesome. That salamander is so adorable. I want one. 8)

    And I know I don’t ever comment on this site, but I’m de-lurking to third what has already been said. Keep the lj please! I don’t have a Facebook and I would miss seeing the in-progress Meek stuff. ;_;

  • kuhaco

    fascinanting. Beautiful night. I like this comic! Waiting to see the next pages ^^

  • Kitsters

    That salamander is so frikkin cute.
    Love the art of this comic. Can’t wait for more. <3

  • Kay

    I’m loving this comic already. Bookmarking and looking forward to more.

  • no update…? :'(

    is everything alright?
    i’m becoming a little anxious/paranoid… ó__ò

  • Hey Fish XD Sorry, update is late cuz of life. It’ll be up tonight, hopefully!

  • yay, a sign of life :dance: (<-blame dA)
    now i’m patient again… xD

  • scott

    it’s alright as anything getting it within only three days late isn’t bad but it gets harder to rework your schedule the farther it gets

  • Yeah, normally XD But I was really tired because of a deadline this week, and won’t be next week. Also the next page will be easier/ is already sketched out! There is hope :3

  • Sen

    Love how nice and simple this page is.

  • Sen

    Oh, and by the way, I also love this page’s lighting. And that salamander looks kinda pissed.
    Freaky eyes~ so cool but they always creep me out. O_O

  • Katie

    I work with salamanders all the time, and I LOVED this part. I’m hooked for life, I love this comic. And they are that cute in real life, with their little hands….so cute. *sigh*

  • Christianne

    The artwork here is absolutely amazing! The third panel is perfect, I love the way she is sitting and her expression rings very true. Also, I think you portray her nakedness very well, its not smutty or sexual, she just happens to be naked. Though I’m still confused as to why she’s naked..

    • froufrou

      I second that! The facial expressions are incredible.
      I like the fact that he draws her decently, even if she’s naked. Not many people do that, and only strive on making their women look super-sexy, sometimes to the point where is anatomically impossible! I really, really hate when people do that.

  • Steph


  • j greg sturko

    Your art is spectacular.

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