Sorry XD I can’t believe its not Friday. What can I say, this page was messing with me big time (lucky page # 13?). Originally it was 5 panels, then I was like, no it would flow better if I added this, and how about this and argghgh. So yeah I had to redraw a lot of it and of course there is the “I’m a lazy bastard” factor to take into account.

Today’s incentive is the shitty sketch page for this page XD Not the 5 panel one, but the one I did yesterday before inking. I don’t know if people actually like seeing that stuff, but I do, haha. So there you go.

A small plug before I go, Katmomma from DA just started up her own comic, 5 Days a Week! If you like expressive comics, then you should maybe go check this one out :3 That reminds me, I reallly have to update my links section, I have a bunch of stuff I need to add before I forget what they are T_T

If something horrible like this late post happens again and you want to know whats up, go ahead and check out the Twitter for the comic! I hate Twitter but I like you guys enough that I’ll abase myself and use it! And of course theres always the Facebook for old incentives and stuff that I need to update today. Yeah.

Ok thats it, thanks sooo much for all your patience guys XD Thankfully I have the next pages sketched already, I’ll try to get it up early this week to make up for the horror of that was this week’s update.


  • I love Angora’s expressions. Awesome. =D
    Also, that lizard gets more adorable each time he makes an appearance. =3

  • faerypocket

    The 7th panel is reaally adorable :3

    And overall her expressions, bodylanguage is great, like always.

  • sazzlysarah

    Bloooooo :) much love to the blue

  • Forget the tutorial, your incentive was freakin’ useful! *hugs page*

  • Tams

    Best expressions EVER. Especially that third panel – she looks super intense. :) And who cares if it’s late, when it’s this good?

  • lol that expression is so great, she’s a fantastic character. Super gecko therapist to the rescue!

  • Awwwww Angora, you’re so sweet and sad. She’s so expressive it makes her hair fly around in all directions. :D Gecko Pal will help you, Angora.~

    Hip hip hooray for a new comic page, finally. XD Keep up the good work.

  • cedarwolf22

    andsgapwaghjp I can’t wait to see Grandfather all colored up and trippin. That little guy’s smile in the third-to-last panel is too adorable.

    And if you must know, I was refreshing your mainpage all day yesterday haha. ANXIETY /stalking.

  • I love third last panel; it’s golden!

  • I just love her little banter XD I love the last panel a lot; nice emotion shows there. And I love the salamander; makes me squee because he is just so cute

  • Sen

    Aww, the last three panels. Sadness, and salamander love.

  • How often do you use Twitter? You don’t abuse it and update every hour, right? x)

  • Haha, no I don’t XD The Twitter is for the comic, so I only update it if theres some update for the comic. I have a personal Twitter as well but I sort of only use that to make fun of Twittering :B


  • scott

    no worries and great chapter great great great!

  • Hawk

    Keep up the good work!

  • rainey

    I love Angora’s crazy expressive gesturing in those panels there. Poor salamander’s trying his best to hang on :D

  • whoooomeek

    hahaha! panel 2 is like: sudden self-awareness.
    and the profile in the last panel is just lovely.
    great expressions, great colouring, great job as usual.

  • ED

    How cute ^^ I love this character. Plus, this reminds me of Fern Gully.

  • Ice


    I just discovered that one when lurking on dA, and I must say, very nice. Colors, expressions… It’s a really nice job. I’ll follow the comic from now on ^^. I’m eager to know the next episodes, too.

  • I was looking forward to this page(I checked the site 3 or 4 times) but the result is worth waiting. I think this is my favourite page so far, it’s so full of emotion and we get to actually know more about the story and Angora herself. The art is amazing, too, those in the beginning expressions were so funny!

    PS. Ph, I forgot to say I absolutely adore the salamander. I hope he’s got a role bigger than a “guest-star”‘s xD

  • Critter

    Aw, poor thing

    I love the salamander’s face, I really do – adorable

  • Laurens

    Hahaha, using a salamander to keep from breaking the fourth wall while explaining the plot to the readers. Brilliant!

  • Druida

    I love the expressions XD

  • TheAntimonyElement

    OMG salamander feet in panel 2. I think I just melted.

    Awesome, as usual.

  • Hey there :D I’ve been following these pages on and off on DevArt, but it’s so nice to read them in this format :D I guess I wasn’t following close enough to realize you had put up a site for it already! I love your style! It’s so absolutely perfect! For some reason this latest page reminded me of Miyazaki’s films…particularly the third panel…like the way Chihiro’s hair puffs up when she’s scared or angry! It has a very cute, whimsical feel to it.

  • Novus-Aurigo

    Awww, that salamander is so cute! ‘Specially in the third-last panel :3

  • Stranger

    Ho, new reader here.

    I must say, I adore this comic- but thus far one question has been nagging at me:

    How is it that Angora can speak perfect English (suggesting at least some level of education), yet is woefully ignorant of what promenading about stark naked will inevitably lead to?

    Particularly strange in a girl who is evidently past puberty.

    • She grew up in a rather sheltered environment, which will be talked about more later :) Obviously she’s not from around these parts, wherever they are…

  • i love the lil salamander….whats his name?

  • Looking at this again, now that I know Grandfather’s real form, I’m struck even more by how subtle and layered this comic is. I just LOVE the multiple readings possible of the relationship between A’s line, “You’re a lot like Grandfather,” and the panels that go with it. Sure, Grandfather could be pretty laconic, as is your darling little frog-salamander-gecko thing. But, you know, he’s also -like- it in that, um, other, more obvious way… Brilliance.

  • tranland

    That last panel on the bottom right – it’s the hook that tells me to follow this comic to its conclusion.

  • Everything is lovely, but I can’t unotice that you accidentaly inverted her feet in the 7th panel.

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