Hello! Hows it going. Page 14. um…

I keep thinking of stuff to write here throughout the day, then once I’m finally writing this post I forget what I was going to say.

Oh, I remember now. Okay, so in Feb I got this 2 month project to work on, but seeing as its nearly April that means that project is finally finished! So I’m going to try to get back to two updates a week starting the second week of April. Isn’t that exciting? I wish I could have done that earlier but you know how it is with having to make the monies and eating and all that stuff.

Anyways, hope you’re still enjoying the comic so far. I keep thinking the plot is going to get going soon, then I realize it is going (albeit very slowly. Like listening to one song stretched out over a few hours or something).

Just to reiterate, please vote if you have a chance! We’re pretty solid at 12 right now but it never hurts to show solidarity XD And of course, theres stuff like the Facebook, the Twitter, and even the LJ (which needs some love T_T). Have a good weekend!


  • Tams

    Ooooh I see now how everything ties in :D

    Also, I have to say about the salamander….cutest flying leap EVAR. *hearts* As if he jumps off just to prove her point. XD

    Goodness, I hope Kiz isn’t waiting at the bottom of that tree.

  • candeldandel

    I miss your LJ posts :(

    Your colors are pretty damn solid…. will there be more colorful interesting animals in the future?

  • O!

    The center panel, where you can see that little bit of glitter in her eyes, is pure magic.

  • Jen

    ffffffffff her hair is painted so pretty. I’m jealous.

  • AngelBolt


    Ahem *cough*


    I love this story so much :3

  • scott

    great job can’t wait till next excited about the multi-weekly updates!

  • sweet_gardenia

    lol the salamander is like ” TL;DL…see you latr bai ” Salamanders have no time for teen angst! there are things to be eaten

    also I had to laugh at the first comment about Kiz…now it makes me think of stalker!Kiz staring up at the tree with big hopeful eyes 9^9 HE’S BEEN THERE ALL NIGHT…

    Keep going Alexds! YOU CAN DO EET. I like stories that unfold at a leisurely pace truthfully. It lets me soak up the world as I go along. Don’t feel obligated to rush things just cause a couple of chumps are complaining it’s taking too long or something >.>

  • Sara.

    I’m in love with her face in the second panel. Especially the eyes! So pretty. ;) And multi-weekly updates make me dance.

  • Oh man, the closeup is so exquisite *luuuv*

  • Great, Angora, look what you’ve done! You’ve depressed the little guy so much, he’s leapt to his death. =(

  • whoooomeek

    hahahaha sweet_gardenias comment about kiz… ROFL!
    anyways, i like how this is going. it’s like we’re slowly getting to see what kind of a person angora is.
    oh and, panel 4 – that is one graceful salamander! (:

  • whoooomeek

    aaand AND, more updates would be awesome! whatever works for you though.

  • lol I also hope Kiz isn’t down there, that’d sort of take the story in a bad direction D:

    And I’m looking forward to moar updates too XD Snail-pacing has been getting on my nerves a lot lately.

  • nofrigatelikeabook

    love her face in panels 2 and 4. This comic is awesome!


    Haha, I kid. I love this comic! Her face is epic win and I love your coloring style. <3

  • Coral

    When read all at once, I think your pacing would be perfect…but having to wait a week in between is madness! I get it, life and all that…but I’m still really excited for twice-a-week!!!!!

  • rainey

    The centre panel is stunning. I love how you draw eyes, they’re so expressive.


  • Sen

    Your faces, I love them. Not sure if I mentioned that to you yet.

  • Amanda

    Great art, great comic!! It does seem to be going slowly but that’s just coz it’s a lil wait between updates, the pace is totally fine otherwise! It’s a good thing ppl are complaining (if they are) coz it means they like it and they want MORE!! XD Again I love your art style. Keep up the great work!

  • ED


  • Salamander has places to go and people to see :D

  • aaron

    dude, great page. i love the color of that background man. awesome how you put the stars up top and fading down into the light. great job on that.
    and that second panel is very nice.
    and it still makes me mad its done with a tablet. makes it that much more enjoyable

  • Enigma

    beautiful expression on the second panel!

  • weichimaster

    Keep up the good work.

  • Whoa, surprise update! :D

    That middle panel is beautiful! And I love how the salamander readies itself to leap. Can it glide? XD

    And damn, the line art for the incentive was great! O_O So crisp, and clean…

  • Jeez, don’t fret so much about the pacing, girl. I just read the current pages in one go and they actually seem really fast paced that way (I think it has a lot to do with the fact that there’s a new character on every other page). Having lurked on this comic since you started doing the finished pages I’ve never thought it to be boring or slow either. For a non-strip-with-punchline-in-the-end type of webcomic this is about as good a pacing as you can get.
    Of course, if you can manage to make several pages a week it’d be great and you’d get through the story faster, but don’t worry about it too much. People are just being impatient.

    Thanks for being an inspiration by the way :) Me and a friend of mine are about to start a webcomic of our own and your way of storytelling kinda reminds me of my own – exept that you’re so much better than me of course. It’s great to have someone to look up to.

  • Smash42

    Missed two weeks worth for swimming trips, came back, and thank you SAL-A-MANDER, Awesome comic, once a week is great, twice a week would be Super Special Awesome!, ,also watch as the salamander lands on Pinter, that little guy needs a name.

  • Ha! Lovin the little salamander’s hop!
    Also, the super-close up of panel 2 in the incentive was totally sweet!!

  • I know, it’s probably been said a million times, but, I can’t stop looking at the second pannel, It’s just so beautiful…Continue the great work AlexDS, and (as always) I can’t wait for the next page!

  • I love this page, especially the close up. You can really see the distress and tension in her face. Man I hate web comics, I AM TO IMPATIENT AND EASILY EXCITABLE FOR THIS :(.

  • CptnSuz

    Her expression in the second panel is SO lifelike. I expected tears to start pouring. Bravo.

  • Critter

    Oooh, I’m so excited about more updates :3 I love this comic so much

  • I’m glad to see I wasn’t the only person to survive Genetics by doodling in the margins.

  • new guy

    I’m sorry, I’m new to this story, is this a sequal to something or do I just need to wait a few more pages to catch on. ‘Cause I’m actually a little slow on the uptake sometimes. : P

  • @new guy, no its not a sequel, though it starts out in the middle of current events in the world :) So it may be a bit jarring and confusing at first but it’ll clear up soon! If you want more info you can always check out the wiki linked in the “about” section!

  • I’m new, so I just read pages 1 through 14 all together. You have nothing to worry about with pacing, you obviously have a talent for it. Each page works perfectly on its own, but all together the pacing’s still intact. I noticed you worrying about it in some of your comments, so I wanted to tell you that it’s actually coming out really finely crafted. You probably have an intuitive grasp of storytelling, which means A) You can’t necessarily tell how good you are at it, and B) You’re really good at it.

  • caili

    Your art is gorgeous, and regardless of plot speed, your comic’s designed to hook readers from the first page. I guess I’m a new fan.

  • Mai

    That second-last panel really made me laugh for some reason. The combination of her startled face, and the leaping salamander. xD And the second panel is just gorgeous. Wonderful art.

  • Emma

    “Tenn angst. I’m outta here!” Totally what the salamander’s thinking in that second to last panel

  • Guys! It’s not teen angst, it’s messianic existential angst! This is what religion was invented for. (Not religious, but a bit of a Bible nut–am just LOVING the way you’re building these elements into the deep architecture of the story.)

  • Syhkane

    mushrooms a’ growin’

  • She just drove the lizard to suicide.xD

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