Wow! A comic 8D Almost as if this were a webcomic that updates every week! Thats amazing.

Anyways, stuff ensues. Did you like my transition from boring conversation into ADVENTURE? Cuz I sure did 83

Don’t ask why the bushes look so fucky, I don’t know why. Actually I do, its cuz I flattened the wrong layer and saved and couldn’t fix it in time, but there will be time for editing later… in any case, if you enjoy the comic, please vote! It will make me make more comics XD Not really, but we can pretend. This week I’m uploading fanart of other webcomics I like as the incentives, so check back daily (yes, daily, the one for today will be up in a few minutes).

As always, you can find news and discussion scattered about on Facebook, LJ and the Twitter. Thanks all for your comments and patience! And don’t forget, the comic will be updating twice a week starting next week!


  • Lovely as usual. However I have a suggestion: the nighttime pages would be a lot easier to read if the Spaces around the panels weren’t white. The contrast makes it easy to read the text, but hard to see the panels.

  • Yeah, I know XC I can’t really compromise that, since I want to maintain a consistent framing for the comic. It may also be a matter of monitor darkness, on the comp I color on everything looks relatively balanced but then on this other one I use for the internet its all really dark. I haven’t got a chance to but I’m going to print some of these out soon and check what they look like irl, then adjust from there.

  • watch printing stuff out to check colors too, because each printer will be different and some of them can be outrageously different. its an outrage! I don’t think it the white interrupts things too much, but then I tend to be really oblivious to things when I read comics…for me there are often not panels at all and it just streams together.

    I love the waiting salamander though (or is it a gecko…) :D

  • The last panel is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. ^^

    • Kate

      So cute!! <3

  • Smash42

    *Golf Clap* as you have earned it, though I was getting a little impatient, this comic is always worth the wait. Maybe its just me but the contrast seems fine, yeah its really dark, but its night time and I can still see everything. Also, It looks like Angora, might have, hit her head in the fourth panel? Salamander ROCKZ!

  • I LOVE that last panel.

  • Awesome! I love the color composition in this. A little dark but I really like it. :D Glad to know the salamander’s okay! <3

  • cedarwolf22

    The last two panels made me laugh more than is probably necessary. Googleyed salamander is god.

    Funny people are saying this looks too dark- I can make out everything on my laptop (which is darker than all my other monitors lol). And I really really like that third-to-last panel. You kept all the landmarks in mind from the previous pages (that little eroded river bank and everything) which a lot of people would miss!

  • marinatedfish

    Huh I guess that’s Pinter… hey there! XD

  • ED

    Final panel is so full of win.

  • Uh-oh, what if Kiz is holding a lantern?! I really like the fourth panel.

  • Naktarr

    *salamander face*
    My bet is salamander won’t do as he’s told, because he can’t understand a word Angora is saying. Or he can pretend as much – who will ever truly know?

  • Love the expression in the forth panel :3

    Cute Salamander is cute!

    And the bushes look plenty good to me, dark and not so busy that they detract from the flow and focus of the panels. And horray for starting some action!

    I know I’ve already asked you some questions about how you color your pages and keep color consistent from page to page, but I really would like to see a tutorial, or even just a walkthrough on how you color, because it strikes me as more painterly and less flat compared to your already existing tutorial on how you color. Just a thought.

  • rainey

    I love Angora’s crazy expressions @3@

  • candeldandel

    Her hair really does blend in with the night, eh? Soooo pretteh.

  • I’m so slow.
    Today I realised that the round leaf behind Angora’s head in the chapter 1 cover is basically the angelic halos that saints have in glass windows.
    That was pretty obvious.
    Well done with the foreshadowing, haha. (is one of your lj watchers)

  • ellen

    is that a giant mushroom? o:

  • Hooray for more Meek goodness!

  • Mai

    I am in love with that little salamander. <33

  • Kitty

    Hahaha, I see that arm got moved. XD

  • Great comic so far! Been enjoying it quietly from the start. Updates twice a week is great news! I really hope you’ll manage the tempo. My best wishes to you Der-shing

  • Is that a crazy-tall mushroom? Awesome!
    I like the different opening. Excellent pages are excellent!

  • Rhett

    Absolutely love it!! The lizard owns my heart! So freakin’ cute!

  • sweet_gardenia

    EMOTES *points*

    hahah I love being annoying

    That last panel…brilliant touch of humor, plus her concern for Sal. So cute awwwww

    I predict the next dialogue will be RUN FOR HELP SALAMANDER ARGHHHRGHHAHRBLLER

    And salamander will be like 0___________0

  • SG: lol, nice try again! But this was posted at 8 in the morning, whereas my LJ was in the evening at 7 or so. I think I messed up once yesterday but I’ll be damned if I tell you where it was, ahahaha

  • hello! i just started reading your comic today and im loving it!
    keep up the good work :3!

  • sweet_gardenia

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO *angst hands*

    I am a emote-spotter made of fail alas -^- (it’s cause I’m a greedy brat and want pictures hahah)

  • Don’t worry, I’m sure to fuck up soon! Its only a matter of time until you publicly humiliate me FOREVER. And anyways I was going to do you some art when I had a chance so you really don’t have to try so hard!

  • sweet_gardenia

    It’s the challenge of the thing that appeals to me, I guess



    (I also need to do some overdue and nice fanart for ya. Maybe with Monet!leaves strategically placed hee. And a chilly :3)

  • lotte

    b’awww the salamander is so cute <3

  • kat

    DAMN that amphibian is CUTE. That last panel rocks.

    Your project has inspired me to work on sequential art (nothing DONE yet, but roughs are the hardest part). Keep it up!

  • Yo

    “Say something!”

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha. Silly Angora.

  • Tati

    Just DRAW HER VAGINA. GOD. It’s driving me crazy. It’s just a vag/bush. All the ridic ways you find of avoiding it is driving me bananas!

    • Hahaha, I could. But I think it would draw away the readers focus and make the comic a little bit coarser that I want it to be.

  • Amanda

    Aw. After reading this comic up to (12.9.09) I’m sad thinking about if the salamander is still waiting…?

  • lol, the face in the 4th panel is too funny

    Yes, my email given is fake, i don’t give out my email. ever,

  • laughfornii

    haha, the ‘thing’ looks so cute in the last comic. awn

  • kessler

    I’m really starting to love this comic. I am also loving the salamander.

  • Your comic is not too dark! Honestly, I kind of love having to work a little harder to make out the colors. it’s like you’re not DRAWING the dark, you’re EVOKING it.


    Also, Salamander! :}

  • So far I’m rather enjoying everything about the comic, except that it’s getting fairly obvious your policy of “unabashed nudity” only involves breasts. It’s not that I want to ogle cartoon girls and of course you’re only going to draw what you’re comfortable with, but after the tenth or twentieth shot of Angora with a hand or a plant or a leg or an angle or a panel border conveniently obstructing the view of her pubic area it kind of strains the suspension of disbelief.

    Just a little advice, author to author.

    • As an author you should understand focusing your reader’s attentions. If I wanted to flash vag, I could have, and then people would be staring at that instead of at everything else I want them to look at. Do you really look at this comic and think I’m only drawing the boobs because I’m comfortable with them? Or because I find them personally stimulating? I’ve drawn cityscapes, jungles, old people, little kids, monsters, horses, canyons, several types of clothing, stairwells, etc… it’s really confusing that you think I’m drawing breasts because I don’t know how to draw something else. As an author you should know that authors make deliberate guiding choices and not assume that I’m incapable of deciding what’s best for my own story simply because you would have done it differently.

  • DavidJCobb

    So I’m commenting from the future and all, but I’m just thinking it’s gonna be hilarious if the story comes back here in a few more chapters and that lizard’s still sitting there, patiently.

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