Yes, an update. Its crazy. I’m hoping to get the next one up on Friday, but its probably going to be more like Saturday so try to be patient with me!

This page was both fun and aggravating to draw… I had a background overload. I’m still not sure if I established the shot well enough, but you get the idea… a big tree, a bush, a tent. I enjoyed painting the lighting on this page.

As usual, please vote if you don’t mind! Today’s incentive is more comic fanart, and tomorrow’s is going to be a little animation of my inking process for this page. Since it was a lot more complicated than I’d originally thought, I thought it’d be fun to share that. So yeah, thats tomorrow, then followed by more fanart until I run out of things to make fanart for, haha.

I’m hopefully going to be updating the site soon as well, I want to update my links and some other things. One day I’ll learn to do this without having to bug my WEBMASTER er er *reverb*. I should probably also update my main site, which hasn’t been touched since October 08, ahaha. Seems like just yesterday…

Ah well, again, feel free to comment here or check out the other places (Facebook, LJ, Twitter) for commentary and updates. These misc links will be updated on the site as well cuz I’m getting real tired of linking them in comments every damn time…

See you in a few days!


  • beta-joovey

    Oh, she’ll get that nasty old fire: all she needs to do is speak softly and carry a big, BIG stick.

  • And guess who’s living under this bush… :0

    Love the third panel. Well actually I love all the panels. Angora is very curious, I guess. Even though she’s been through so much from the “crazy people” that live here, she still needs to see what’s inside this tent, silly girl.

  • marinatedfish

    Don’t start randomnly stabbing people with sticks, Angora, or else the comic will be over sooner than you think! XDD
    A quick upload! And you want to have a new page up for tomorrow?! you’re crazy! :D (But it makes me happy nevertheless!)
    Ah, and… a somewhat weird connection boob/body in the first panel?
    I love Angora’s curious look in panel 3, though, because it looks so much like her.

  • Bereaver

    Great work as always! I love the style and the colors, dont stress on the background, the way you do it meshes well with the comic! Keep up the good work :)

    Also, that lil lizard/gecko thing is CUTE.

  • Gasp. Another update. You’re really Wonder Woman, aren’t you.
    I don’t know why, but the second last panel with Angora holding the stick and the -crack- sound effect is so funny to me. Haha.

  • Oh my goodness it is not WEDNESDAY it is CHRISTMAS. Updates updates whoo. :D Needs moar Pinter. <3

  • @ Limely,
    Yes, he even said he lived under a bush in a previous page, hehe! Its all coming together… Angora’s lack of foresight or planning is one of her bigger problems.

    @ MarinatedFish, its wednesday here so that gives me some more time! When you say “tomorrow” like that I want to freak out, haha. Yeah, the first panel looks odd to me too, I haven’t decided how to fix it though.

    @ L31gh, maybe? Practice makes perfect, maybe one day these won’t take hours and hours of effort, arg. This was the first sfx I put in too, somehow it hurts me…

  • EXCELLENT. I’m loving the lighting very, very, very much!


  • Teresa

    Angora is so damn cute!

  • The third panel is awesome! sweet! 8B It looks just like an artwork put into the comic.
    Yay, can’t wait for the next update! That’ll be soon, right? :D

  • Smash42

    HOLY COW That was fast! Awesome new update! Just got on for the incentive, Yays! Looked at the background and it is awesome like Bereaver said. A+Great fire light, and I am so excited about the bush, might be nerves from hard week, but this is,…well you get my point, keep it up.

  • Smash42

    Ok, I know I just posted, but sweet incentive today, didn’t realize it was another comic, almost thought it was Pinter’s older brother.

  • YAY this definitely helped make my day today :D Congrats on the new update schedule! Best of luck.

    The lighting is very gorgeous yes and I’m still lovin’ all the bluey greens in these pages. I don’t know why, but that one sliver of light coming from the tent is very, very effective. Kudos!


  • The lighting is fantastic on this page, particularly the glow from the tent and how it hints at things on the inside.

    I love the various additions that weren’t in the sketches, especially this scene and everything involving the salamander :D. Can’t wait to see the dynamic duo interacting again too!

    Haha, and thanks so much for the spot in the incentive!


    He lives in a big ol VAGINA. Take a look at that. That is a cooter as sure as slugs slime

  • YAY!! Wednesday update=JOY.
    I can’t wait to see what’s next, and also HOORAY Pinter again(to come, really, but it doesn’t matter :P)
    I like the lighting here, very nice :D

  • whoooomeek

    oh my gosh :D i’ve been so excited about this i had a dream that the meek was an animated cartoon.
    anyway, does pinter live in a tree trunk? that’s really cool!

  • “a big tree, a bush, a tent. ”
    Oooo…I totally read that as a burrow INSIDE the tree, with a canvass flap for a door, and bushes incidentally surrounding the tree. Hm.

    I find it interesting how, in the incentive, the action poses change the least from stage-to-stage. You’re clearly a natural at them.

  • scott

    love your drawings :d this was a great panel to lead up to an epic moment… what gonna happen next can’t wait till next one and good job on the double update

  • Woo, the update caught me off guard! Looks like Pinter (?) has a steady supply of insects…

  • @ Emily: haha, whut?? That means that anyone who has ever gone camping has been unbirthed and uh. rebirthed. Ew…

    @ Eugene: thanks! Yeah, the bg is the part that tends to change the most, since I try to frame the character without losing the flow of the panel. For panels 1 and 2 on this page the bg elements are slightly shifted so they are none of them obscured by what she’s up to…

    @ DrWhyly: Uh… yeah. And its bound to be pretty damp and gross, I have no idea why he lives there, haha.

  • Excellent work as always, you’re inspiring

  • Naktarr

    I’ve been waiting for more Pinter – did I ever mention he’s the spitting image of my other half? Even down to the weight, heh – though my RL version doesn’t have a red nose from drinking moonshine, I think that’s a good thing ^^

    I LOVE the tent lighting/shadows too!

  • sweet_gardenia

    Always good to carry a poking stick. You never know when something just need a good ol’ pokin’

    Thank goodness the salamander is the point man back there with the getaway car..wait no he left didn’t he? THE LITTLE BASTARD HE TOOK THE MONEY AND RAN *shakes fist*

    Her little ‘ hm!’ face in that third panel is just so gosh-awful cute I think I might splode to look at it again

    *looks anyways, splodes*

  • Angora is wearing too much.

    • Sow

      Oh, yeah. Butt-naked is too modest for ya.

  • Wow, I love this comic :D
    The drawing-style is so unique and awesome, and the shadings are like nothing else!

  • Fedorablekitty

    Ok, I’ve only read a little bit of this comic and all I really can think of is 1) awesome artwork! 2) why the fuck is she butt naked in a jungle filled with what appears to be an all male logging crew that appear to be in a ridiculously long dry spell?

  • Comic hater here

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