Page 18, yay!! I will never stop being excited to finish a page, I don’t think.

Finally the answer to the question you’ve all been asking. Unsatisfying, isn’t it?! In the meantime Pinter is rocking a what, C cup? Haha, drawing his moobs is a lot of fun for some reason. I’m sorry theres so much boobage in this first chapter, you’ll be relived (or disappointed) to know that the skin-showing is going to drop off dramatically after this chapter is done.

Ah well. In any case I’m going to prod you for votes! Haha. You can vote by clicking right here, thanks so much!

And though I remembered to get some things updated on this site (links, threaded comments, edits on pg 17), I totally forgot other things like linking this stuff! So to reiterate until I get my crap together, we’ve got the Facebook, LJ, and theTwitter. I’m also going to be updating the fanart LJ today since I have a lot of awesome stuff to add.

See you on Saturday or so!


  • marinatedfish

    Oh dear god, you know how awesome you are? Cos you are. >.D >D
    Pinter sure needs some serious training. (Oh I know some like cuddly men but… well. Having boobs can get you serious problems with your back you know, Pinter.)
    haha messy comment is messy ^^

    • marinatedfish

      hey, my comment got abbreviated! er…
      I also said that it’s a pity there’ll be no skin-showing in chapter 2 (haha what a joke)
      and asked where the difference is between the tent colours in this page and the last one…
      sorry for the double-post >.<

      • Where the difference is? Do you mean that there is a difference, or asking if I was going to make one…? I did put that big block of dark on top of the last panel, but that was more to focus the picture vs to be accurate. I had to leave out some things that should have been in the foreground anyways (like the lamp and the planks) so I just kind of did what looked fitting.

        Also lol, Chapter 2 without shirts would be verrryy different!

        • marinatedfish

          Nuh, I meant the difference between the previous page 17 and the edited one, but I took a look at both pages again (how they looked like in comparison) and noted several differences – I did this because we talked about why you thought that the temporary colours were not good. Thanks for the info nevertheless :D

          YEAH it would. (haha I imagine a shaved Dagre 3.3)

        • Kass

          DO IT. No wonder the diplomat is so freaked out. XDD

          somehow it seems in character for Luca. *lol I dunno*

  • Hi! I like the comic so far and your style is like….. epic win. Anyway, I’m glad to finally find a comic where the GIRL is supposed to save the world (aside from cliche shoujo manga). FINALLY a comic has a strong female character….

    • Kim

      Ah, I’m surprised with that. lol. I have quite a few webcomics I’m reading (non-shoujo) that have the girl saving the world. Now I can add this one to my tidy little (oh, if only it was that small) collection.

    • SotiCoto

      Because she is naked for non-sexual reasons?

      I’ll grant she is agile… but strong might be a stretch.
      She seems a bit of a fish-out-of-water at this stage.

      • DoubleU

        She might not be strong like Prince Adam or Popeye, but I’ll bet she has some gifts to her.

  • Tams

    MOOBS :D Yeah I agree that moobs are ridiculously fun to draw.

    Also, I’ve always been a fan of how you draw your noses kind of connected to the line of the mouth, and it really shows on this page. I love it! Of course I might be biased because this page is so full of Pinter, lol.

    Such lovely lines in this update, I have to say. I’m such a line girl in my own drawing, it’s cool to see a professional who’s the same!

  • “Why are you naked?” “Because I am.” WIN. :giggle:

    I love the way you color! <3

  • rainey


    Angora got him right between the eyes >D

  • Love the new page! Am enjoying watching this comic grow because I know just how much fun I will have reading it all from the beginning two years from now :)

    Question: how come no “motion lines” in panel 4? I do get the idea that he was smacked – was it supposed to be a gentle tap? I mean, I know it suggested in context but am curious.

    • Thanks!

      And no motion lines because I hate them! haha. But I think I will try to make the action clearer, so thanks very much for the crit.

  • Lol poor Pinter waking up in that way! Auuugh… traumatic! However, if the naked chick was not Angora, he’d quite enjoy it xD I’ll stop now:P
    Awesome as always ^_^ I love the brownish colours.

  • Enigma

    What?!! No more boobage!!???


    i suppose it couldn’t go on forever….


    all good things must come to an end…

  • you know sometimes i want to comment to show that i read and really like your work. only when it comes to it, i have nothing really brilliant to say. so just this, i love this story as is so far, and respect and salute you on your art (inky and colors)
    and she is great with her answer to that question! XD i lol’d

  • Hahaha. Awesome facial expressions, as per usual.
    I’m wondering if you should have added motion lines in panel four though, I thought the stick was poking his face at first.

    • Hmm… I actually despise motion lines, so I don’t think I will. I may edit that panel tonight though, you’re the second person to note that the action there is a bit confusing. Thanks!

  • “What the h-” Haha, I love Pinter’s reaction.

  • cedarwolf22

    I love all the brown in the past couple of pages- great use of different tones!

    IF I MAY make a suggestion which you are of course welcome to not take lol: motion lines aren’t really necessary for the stick movement. Personally I’d add a blur and kill the linework on the top side of it. It would feel more consistant with the style you have for the comic so far (I think?). BUT I’m sure you have it figured out anyway haha XD

    • lol, you give me too much credit. Thanks very much for the suggestion, that does sound a lot better than what I have! I also realized I forgot to put in the sfx, which is supposed to say “whap,” oops. I always forget one thing per page, its like a rule or something.

  • Pinter, you find a naked girl in your tent (LOL) and you ASK WHY instead of just being thankful?
    סּ_ סּ

    Also, my beautiful twin, could you please update your links section from
    http://gallery.boyxboy.org/ to
    For some reason, the redirect is not working -_________-

    • Aww, I sure will! Might be a delay since I get my friend to do it for me but it will happen!

  • scott

    i love this page :D you don’t need a reason to be naked :D when is the chapter gonna end though?

    • Haha, no you don’t! And each chapter is 45 pages.

  • Love this so far, especially your art style. Adding it to my “Good Stuff” links page!

  • Smash42

    Okay, know I’ve said this before but two updates a week is awesome, especially with Pinter, the man who asks the tough questions. AN don’t wanna beat the point to death, especially since the details are so awesome, but I did have to go back over panel 4, it looks like shes poking him, totally agree with cedarwolf22. Still, great expression, only how does his skullcap stay on?

    • Um… I have no idea about the skullcap! I wish I knew. I suspect theres a fabric base that can be clipped but honestly the whole setup sort of mystifies me. I’ll ask Pinter next time I see him.

      • sweet_gardenia

        hot glue lol ;)

  • butbut, pinter’s manboobs are THE SEX. D:
    dun take them away from meee. ; 3;

  • Kim

    :) love the colors and your art style, guess I’m a sucker for the softer lines and whatnot. Can’t wait to see the reasoning behind needing to find the centre as well as more plot points and obviously just to see what other hilarity ensues.

  • Heather

    Pinter’s mah dream man. lolz. No really. God! Look at those sideburns. <3 <3 I wanna jab him in the gut affectionately.
    I think it is Angora who should be thankful for running into individuals…. tents… and stuff.

    -ahem-; Amazing work. Your artwork is so smooth. I love that you can dabble mostly in earthy tones and till have everything stand out so perfectly and vividly. I can’t wait for the next page.

  • RnH

    The last panel cracked me up. :D

  • Authorette_XP

    Ooooooh, awesome! Intriguing… fun word x). Another story to add to the faves! And Angora’s hair is a gorgeous green without seeming too out-of-the-ordinary. I also love the angular, pointy-type style you have with the anatomy. And the last panel IS funny; her personality is too great.

  • whooomeek

    it’s so great that the nakedness is hilarious as opposed to dirty :D
    and pinters tent is da bomb. the ultimate bachelors pad.
    awesome as always.

  • Grayson

    I really hope you’re planning on getting this published once it’s done. Have you thought about submitting some of your work to FLIGHT?

    Anyway, thanks for bringing us such an awesome story.

    • Thanks so much! I am hoping to get this printed somewhere once I’m done, but we’ll see… each chapter is 45 pages so it is going to be a few more months at least for ch 1.

      And no problem, thanks for reading!

  • Mike

    I honestly wouldn’t reduce the amount of boobage, and I’m not saying that because I want to see more angora boobs. Honestly I would feel more comfortable with her nudity if I saw it all the time, rather then only seeing it in a few panels.

    It feels more normal and less sexual that way IMO.

    • Well her boobs aren’t going anywhere for a while, but she will be getting pants soon. I don’t really like having the threat of her vag showing up on my pages, that seems a bit much even for me!

      • Mike

        I can understand that, even in nudist colonies gawking/drawing attention to the genitals is considered indecent. Not quite sure how you are going to get that girl to wear pants though >_>.

  • Chameleon Kid

    Hey, this is a really neato comic! I absolutely LOVE your art style–it’s so cute and cartoony and so beautiful too…It reminds me of a mix between Jeff Smith’s from his “Bone” series and the art of “No Pink Ponies…” It’s really appealing, and the colors and lighting are ACE!

    Wowza, I just wanna say, I’m a new reader and I think I’ll be following this for awhile–hope you continue to write and draw for many more years to come!

    • Thanks a ton, I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I do owe a lot of my style to both Jeff Smith and Stuart Immonen (the guy that Eisu “references” heavily, ahaha). Thanks for reading!

  • Korilian

    Ooh Clothes! I’m not sure if I’m pleased or dissapointed. Obviously nekkid is it’s own reward, but putting some clothes on her will mean exiting new *cough* full frontal *cough* poses. I suppose we’ll always have Pinters man boobs.

    • Man boobs are better than no boobs at all? … haha, or not…

  • Aw, neat! I love discovering new solid webcomics out there … about the motion lines, I myself didn’t feel anything was missing until it was mentioned down here – I definitely got the *WHACK*!! impression without them or the sound effect. ;)

    • Haha, I’m glad it read okay for you. I tend to put bits of flying stuff to show motion the way that Jeff Smith does, but I always make them too small or obscure or something that doesn’t work. Either way, thanks!

  • Whaaaa I love this comic so far! Your style is fantastic, really awesome and I can’t wait till the next update~ <3 I’m SO glad ArtsAngel linked to your comic from her “The Phoenix Requiem”! I’m gonna link you too in my Swedish art blogg~~ ^^

    • Aw, thanks so much! I’m really glad you’re enjoying it so far!

  • Rose

    Skull cap? I thought he was tonsured and tattooed. :)

  • holy crap those are fast updates….that was the answer? just because she is? and and no more skin in chapter 2? nooooooooooo :P

    • Haha, well chapter 2 shifts gears to some new characters! I can’t make a comic entirely out of naked people, I’m afraid…

      • james

        You can’t … or you *won’t*?

  • Treyos

    When in doubt, poke it with a stick!

    New fan; loving what I’ve seen so far and will definitely be sticking around.

  • Just read through the archives and I’m loving it so far! I can’t wait to see where this goes!

  • Aaron

    Your comic is freaking awesome! And I read a lot of comics… Anyway, thank you and keep up the great work!

  • Selenis

    Heya! New reader here got directed from Phoenix Requiem.
    Great work with design and its a promising story too :D

  • atom

    Love your work. The story is pretty gripping right now.

    I’d love it if the comic itself was a link to the next page, like on Phoenix Requiem, for instance – the link buttons are too tiny to be able to forget about them when reading (as you forget about turning pages of a real book after a while) and that is a constant distraction.

    Fix that, and this comic will really be an awsome experience to read!

    Regards, Gašper

  • sweet_gardenia

    Oh MOOBS. Now we just need him running somewhere in slow motion for the ultimate thrill. Also lookit his adorable li’l sleeping face. Awwwwwww. Also the ‘ hello ” interjection oh hoh hoh. SO clever ;)

    Am I wrong for thinking she should have just shoved the stick in a nostril? That’s what I would have done snicker

  • Flamefang


    Is it just me or does that map look alot like the western US coastline turned on its side?

  • Mike

    Made a seperate post for this comment. I know that you hate them, but motion lines *would* have made this comic a touch better, I didn’t really get a sense of motion from angora whacking pinter in the face. Also, I would have liked to see pinters cap follow the laws of physics (get knocked off after getting whacked?)

    Can’t really criticize you for laziness however, the art still is better then…
    Everything else I have ever read?

  • Man, I wish I could create such awesomeness as this. *sigh* Guess I’ll just have to enjoy it vicariously.
    I like the “realism” you gave An’s anatomy; real breasts do flap around like that when they’re not bound. I’ve gotten quite tired of anatomically impossible versions of females, so this is a treat! (speaking from the artistic POV, not any other)
    If you’re interested in a link exchange, drop by my site and have look around!

  • KiyomiChan

    Man this is awesome so far! I love the artwork and coloring. Really full of character :D Cant wait to see more!

  • Arrr new page (*_*) I like it a lot! Especially the perspective in fifth panel is awesome!
    About the motion lines… I don’t like them this much either, haha. I think a blur at Angora’s stick would be enough to point it out. And maybe after the whack Pinter’s nose should look more squeezed (?).

  • Hey, great new comic! The Art is spiffy, the expressions comic, the script apt so fr, nd i personally love how the plot, or scene is aided by the versatile yet mute animals through expressions! great job!

  • Tammy Lee

    I am so excited every time you finish a page! Having seen the roughs the finished versions blow. my. mind.

    *pokes the Pinter pudge*

  • hey, i just realized that you are not using any ‘sound-effects’ (if you know what i mean ^^; ),
    i guess this is on purpose…?
    i just thought the 4th panel was lacking something, nevermind… ^__^

  • mavmouse

    So when are T-shirts coming out? :)

  • anonymo

    poke the moobs and watch a modicum of milk dew out. yikes. back to the forest!

    good stuff…I liked the quirky stick drop between his eyes. The former anticipatory panel of her raising it is hilarious.

  • God, I love Pinter’s paunch. So freakin’ cute!

    Angora’s expressions always make me giggle. :D

  • I’m going to vote for the addition of at least a bit of blurr on the top line of that stick to indicate motion if you don’t want to add any motion lines. Sound fx would possibly also help there too, mostly because the visual look of the hit is not very exagerated (say if his head was being ripped off his body by the blow, you may not need a sound fx).
    No one mentioned the word balloons in the last panel. A first quick read actually got me confused for a second because the balloon tail disappears completely behind Angora’s dialogue. You may wish to play around with that to make it clearer at a quick glance who’s talking.

    Here I am nitpicking your stuff. I’m sorry! I’ll vote a couple of time for it to be forgiven.

  • Dean

    Oh Pinter, you make me such a chubbychaser. >__>

    Apparently you make Der one, too.

  • Otaku-sama

    I definitely love your work! I found this comic very interesting, it reminds me the French comic Pyrénée. The thing I admire the most is the non-sexualized depiction of nudity and its inhibited realism. Frankly I’m sick of the sexualized-nakedness which ruins the a lot of good stories around there if you know what I mean.

    by the way, it’d have been funnier if she’d have answered the “why are you naked?” question like this: “Because I’m not wearing clothes!” XD

  • I’m going to have to be a jerk and second (third?) the motion lines thing for the stick. I thought he was being poked between the eyes before I read the comments. Smacked in the face with the stick is way more funny! I know you hate the lines but, like rufftoon said, blurr? Sound fx? (I’ve noticed you don’t seem to like sounds fx either, at least, I don’t see you use them very often) Not even a *smek* maybe? If it only could all be animated, where written sound effects and motion lines do not exist. Until then, I’m a slow reader who needs action direction D:
    Other than that, I’m getting more and more impressed with each page on how many poses you can put Angora in without “revealing anything” and they don’t look forced at all. She is casually modest so to speak.

  • I love your art. Im gonna keep reading a check back for more!

  • Alan

    Much better with the motion on, shows exactly what’s happening. and not with rubbishy motion lines either. You got a good solution there methinks.

  • BrainBlow

    “’cause I am”
    Best answer ever :3

  • Woxsea

    lol He doesnt even care she doesnt have a reason to be nude XD

  • Crestlinger

    Hey listen!
    *Poke Hey! Listen!

    Angora could teach Nami a thing or two.

  • Okay I’m going to give you some more advice author to author: Don’t apologize for your story. It makes readers think you’re uncomfortable with what you have done; that you don’t believe your own work has merit. If you don’t think your work could stand on its own without you defending it, you shouldn’t have done it. You’ve wasted everyone’s time with your dishonest story.

    I suspect that you’re only nervous about the idea of someone somewhere not liking the comic, which is understandable. But the story is your baby, you can’t ever not be proud of it. If your baby bites someone in the balls, you don’t apologize, you tell them she’s got a wonderfully strong bite. And if people complain about your baby is running around naked for a full chapter you tell people that a) they’re prudes, b) it’s none of their damn business and they can just stay away if they don’t approve and c) they should try having a baby themselves before telling you how it’s done.

    And by the way, it’s always good to push the limits in chapter 1. Get in as much nudity, gore and foul language as you’re ever going to, and then the more squeamish readers will have a chance to drop out before they’re invested in the story. It’s good storytelling. Engaging plot, easy to read, very well drawn. It’s a decent comic that may well turn out to be great. I only wish you had never said sorry.

    • I don’t think I’ve ever apologized for the story. I was apologizing for the moobs in a tongue-in-cheek way. You’ll quickly notice that I’m not changing anything, just pointing out that I am aware that they are noticeable. I didn’t even apologize for the suggestion of rape, so I’m not sure what you’re referring to here… If you are getting the impression that I don’t stand behind my work you should keep reading.

      I also have to disagree with c), you don’t have to be a film director to know that certain films suck. Sometimes people’s work does suck. Being a creator doesn’t put you above needing basic skills.

      Anyways you’re commenting on stuff from 3 years ago, most of this is irrelevant now.

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