Another page!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yesss

also, clams

First of all, thank you so much to both Phoenix Requiem and Johnny Wander for linking me this week, that is amazing. They are amazing. Seriously, you should read both (or already be reading them).

I’d also like to take a second to pimp for my friend Sheana, who started her webcomic Team DUDE just this week! She’s been working on it a while, so if you like cartoony-expressive stuff like mine (but probably a tad more humorous) you can jump on the bandwagon. And as ever I need to throw Evil Diva out there cuz I love it.

Now for more srs bsns. Probably due to increased traffic I’ve gotten a small increase in incensed comments. Like people getting pissed about nudity, the suggestion of attempted rape, etc. Just to make it clear, sometimes bad things happen in real life. This comic is set in a real world, and there are, accordingly, real things in it. For example, attempted rape. There’s nudity, bleeding, mosquito bites on the eyelid, alcoholism, unhappy endings, etc. Later on when things get heavy there is going to be genocide. I’m not an unfeeling bastard, the world makes me sad sometimes. I feel better about it by making comics. If you’d rather read a comic about pressing social issues like fart jokes or catgirls, I’m sure there are a million for you to choose from. In the meantime, I’m going to continue writing about this stuff because it is important to me. If you don’t like my interpretations (now or in the future) you are more than free not to stick around.

You’re also free to voice your opinion! I am relatively communicative and I don’t mind having a structured conversation about differing viewpoints. You can always post a complaint or criticism here, or on the LJ if you like discussing things with others. Or email me, if you want to say something privately. Or even just not read the comic! Where I live, its a thankfully free country. All I ask is that you refrain from repeatedly shouting “PENIS” like the kids in my classes did yesterday.

Anyways, thanks for sitting through my small rant. As ever, I really appreciate all of your comments (both the positive and negative) and your support!


Have a good weekend!

Daaaamn guys thats a lot of comments! I’m sure half of them are mine, but still. Thanks so much for your overwhelming support… I can’t respond to all of them right now, cuz I gots work/ comics to do, but I’ll try to reply when I have a chance! Again, you folks really make me feel like I’m not wasting my time with this project, which means a lot to me!

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  • Ladyleyleybug

    his mooooooobs @____@

    yay for updates! :D

  • I think what you’re doing is wonderful, many people need to realize that a story told through artwork can be just as serious (or funny) as one told through words.
    The story sounds like it’s going to be really good, I can’t wait to see it unfold. :)

  • Why are people throwing such a big fit? I think it’s remarkable that someone is finally putting out a serious webcomic that isn’t gamer jokes and blatant fanservice all the damn time. I love love LOVE when fantasy stories take the serious route like this, and manage to balance it with a healthy dose of humor and action, like The Meek does.

    If people are pissing and moaning about it, why do they read it? It’s your story, not theirs. If they can’t take a bit of realism, this isn’t the comic for them.

    ANYWAY UM Pinter is love. :D I’m lovin’ the colors in this scene, and the moobs just make it that much better. xD

    Also, I have to say, Pinter’s fingers are really awesomely drawn. I guess he eliminated quite a few braincells after that fight, via fist-to-the-noggin or beer?

    • Haha, thank you for your comment. Though I guess some people would (creepily) argue the fanservice thing.

      Eliminated cells/ is not in a healthy state of mind… he needs to clean up a bit!

  • marinatedfish

    Welcome to Pinter’s amazing world! Sleep once and twice the amount of time you spent sleeping is being erased from your memory. Which can be both relieving and stressing.
    Free country, free internet. Which has its consequences. I wonder, though, whether you moderate the comments… because eventually people might show up here writing “penis” repeatedly?
    I’ll later drop a comment on the LJ about the latter matter (haha) since discussing on this site which is meant for comments *only* might annoy people. So.
    I like the page! It’s really neat how accurately you manage to define the light source inside of the tent. ♥

    • Haha, yeah I do moderate comments, but I basically let everything through that isn’t spam or someone telling me to eat a dick.

  • It’s sad that people feel the need to get in a moral outrage over things like that. It’s just ridiculous in many ways; bad things happen quite often in real life, so why should a realistic story have to be entirely sunshine and butterflies? It’s life’s difficulties that make the triumphs so much sweeter.

    On a better, more page-related note: Awww, Pinter, I love you. Don’t go changin’.

  • Pinter is rather mild-mannered, it’s sweet. Love how he doesn’t seem to remember he’s been fighting today, haha.

  • Well, I find the nudity in your comic just fine, not over the top at all, and I’m a pretty conservative gal. I do wonder how you learned to draw all the bits and pieces flopping while Angora’s running so well! :D

    Don’t worry about those nasty comments. I love this story and your sense of humor…I can’t wait to see where it goes.

    • Haha, its extrapolation I swear! I don’t go around referencing flappy boobs or anything (OR DO I)

  • ORZ. Are people really complaining about the nudity? I always thought that was an upside! (Seriously, I’ve always found it to be tasteful. It’s part of who Angora is, and … it’s not sexual, geez. She’s just natural.)

    Anyway, congrats on your pimps! And thank you for pimping me. <3 The thumbnail version of the comic was one of the best things I ever read on the interweb, so it’s kind of amazing how you continue to improve upon something I already found hella impressive. (For one, I didn’t like Pinter nearly as much as this time around!)

    • Yayyy I really fear for Pinter’s character in this version, I sacrificed the first scene with him to focus more on Angora, and I’m afraid he’s coming off the wrong way. I’m glad you like him more this time, otherwise I would probably DIE

      And no problem, I try to pimp it whenever I have a reason!

  • cedarwolf22

    ohlol, I don’t understand how people get mad at authors for including things that REALLY HAPPEN in their stories. Just because you write it doesn’t mean you support every act every character executes. I for one think you bring elements of real life to the plate in a way that is not morally condescending and preachy, which is something too many writers fall into, even the pro ones.

    BUT getting back to this page, hahaha clams. Cute expression on Angora in the last panel.

    Also, PENIS.

    • lol whatever, you know I am in 100% support of deathhands! And nudity and robbing old people.


      or, alternately, BITCHES!

  • It’s not very often that one finds a dark, more adult-oriented webcomic on the internet. This is the second one I’ve found. The first was discontinued after awhile (Seamonster by Nathan Castle). I genuinely appreciate your artistic goals, and I wish there were more artists out there who thought the same. That’s not to say that I abhor sites like Penny Arcade and 8-Bit Theater, but I don’t read them. I’m not a fan of comedy for the sake of comedy. I am, however, a fan of artistic ventures which thematically emulate real life.

    I’m more than anxious to see how you continue to carry the realistic social themes throughout The Meek.

    On a side note, I’m also extremely happy with the twice weekly updates. That’s so rare to find anymore.

    – Nayt

    • Thank you! I’m sort of like you, I enjoy reading those kinds of comics for entertainment, but they don’t really resonate with me.

      I too am looking forward to dealing with the bigger issues. Religion is another big one that I’m scared of messing up too badly on! We’ll see, I guess.

      • Religion, huh? That’s a tough conflict to capture without alienating readers. Essentially taking Catholicism and renaming it–but keeping everything else the same–and painting it in a diabolical light will get under the skin of numerous readers. Religion and politics, sadly, are the two most controversial subjects in literature.

        I look forward to seeing where you’ll go with that. Likewise, for the sake of a suggestion from one writer to another, making up religions usually goes well. A brand new religion with only a couple of few parallels with a real world religions (more than one, usually) painted in a negative light usually does not alienate readers, particularly because it requires an in depth reading to get that you’re making a comment about organized religion, and it’s not necessarily a favorable one.

        I hope that helps a little!

  • This has been really good so far, really enjoying it. :)

    As for people and nudity.. I don’t get it. I really don’t.
    From what I can see in the comic so far, it has been tasteful, not really anything unpleasant about it what so ever.

    I also agree, stuff can happen– people do get raped, but if people are getting upset about that, from what I can see on what I read– She was being chased, yes.
    She is nude, yes–

    But I didn’t see any hands going in the wrong places. Perhaps we all know that is what they really wanted too do, but hey, its not in your face right there, so I don’t see why people got upset.

    I guess sadly the American public, and some other majorities, believe that any form of nudity, even artistically done, is somehow, hmmm– sexual.
    Which is rather sad, because the way I see it, the human body itself is a piece of artwork and there is nothing disgusting about it.

    Anyhow, keep up the work, cause I really want to know who her grandfather was– why she seems to, perhaps, understand animals, and why she doesn’t seem quiet like the normal human…

    • Yeah, I get a lot of that. Especially with the nudity. Some people have said its porn, which sort of bothers me… there’s not going to be very much sex other than implied sex in this comic, so it bugs me that someone thinks that just because there are boobs that I am drawing some kind of sexy thing. Ah well, I guess I have to assume that a lot of the readership is going to be of a not extremely mature level…

      And thanks, all your questions will be answered by the end of the chapter!

  • Toni

    Very good, your comic is super.

  • Lee

    How can people be mad about nudity in a comic? And people need to stop complaining, it’s not like they’re paying for this. If you don’t like it, then don’t read it!
    I think your comic is great and you shouldn’t change anything about it.

  • Sir Reginaldo

    The first time I got linked this comic all I could do was laugh. The little monkey was so funny. Ahhh… Well to tell you the truth it got better each page. Hopefully though the monkey will get its revenge on the foresters, they crushed his fruit!

    Man I like Pinter alot, even though the memory loss, well, its quite peculiar. Maybe its the nasty water stuff he drinks… or is it something else…
    Well this is a sweet comic, and I fully intend to stay along (bookmark) XD

    • Yes, its the nasty stuff he drinks… alcoholics can blackout and do things they’re not aware of doing during the blackouts. I’m guessing he’s far enough along to have those, unfortunately!

      And thanks so much for reading and sticking around, hehe!

  • Mythee

    Woot! FInally! I was so happy when I found out that you were finally webcomic-ing this. Like Brinson, the thumbnail comic was one of the best things I’ve ever read on teh nets- I kept thinking about it and never forgot it, really. o-o I can’t wait for the other characters to begin appearing. So great <3

  • First off, I have to say that I adore your comic. How could people get mad about such trivial things? The world is a sucky and I love to see it portrayed that way instead of a “super kawaii” happy land. You’re comic has characters that are flawed, real, and interesting to read about. Keep up the good work.

    And by the way, Pinter is so my favorite character.

  • Zero Witefire

    I love this comic, it’s great… especcially since i don’t have to pay to look at it. I’ve read all the rough and I like how it’s turning out. My own comics are hideous, but then again i’ve never taken anything very seriuosly and i’m a lot less experienced. keep up da good work. (Psst… not like I wanna be rude or anything but when does Luca show up… :) ?

  • sweet_gardenia

    Ahahahahahhahahhahahahhaaaa *rolllllls*

    I’m sorry I just find that so ridiculously amusing. Sorry kids that’s life. I like a happy ending as much as the next person but ummmmm…Unhappy endings happen sometimes. and sometimes the world is a bastard/bitch. I actually admire any artist who has the gonads to be realistic in their comic. F’r instance Pinter’s memory loss. Completely in tune with heavy alcohol abuse. What, people were expecting that being an alcoholic is all about ” HIC LARLARRR IMMA HAPPY ALKIE COMIC RELIEF LOL ” with no consequences whatsoever? Lol whatevs. Also Angora’s nude, that’s who she is, don’t complain about. it’s tasteful and not skanky. Those guys most likely would have raped her because they have the mindset of ” NAKED = EASY ” It’s logical

    The loudest boos come from the free seats >:/

    • lol yeah, I was upset I didn’t think to include drinking-induced blackouts in the sketch version. Thankfully I have a list of things I wanted to change, otherwise I might have forgotten… and thanks. Most of the rude comments have been more on the lines of “this sucks I hate you” and such… I dunno, as long as you can justify it, I don’t mind hearing it. I guess justification is too much to ask from the internet, haha.

  • You tell ’em!

    Seriously people it’s a human body, what you don’t look in the mirror when you dress? It’s not like the nudity is blaring in your face anyway, it’s very subtle.

    I love this comic, thanks for the update!

  • sweet_gardenia

    whups sorry to edit ” Those guys most likely would have raped her because they have the mindset of ” NAKED = EASY ” It’s logical that they would think that way. Not saying it’s right. But it just stands to reason that’s what would happen ”

    there we are

  • scott

    good points in the comics but there is always someone whom takes offense to things none of their business

    • Thats true! I actually don’t mind if they do, I just want them to explain themselves instead of leaving some quick stupid message, haha.

  • Chris

    I’d just like to say a massive “good on you” for everything you’ve said. The world can be a really shitty place and tiptoeing around that isn’t going to help.

    So thanks for running a great webcomic, attempted rape, nudity and all.

  • Vee

    Yay updates! And Boo stupid people! Sorry you’ve been getting retarded feed back from some people. I love this comic and your drawing style and I look forward to seeing this story progress. <3

  • Aly

    Aahhh, that’s so stupid. I can’t believe that people are getting their panties in a bunch over stuff like that. I really love your comic because it’s realistic and not just happy puppies and rainbows and unicorns all over the place.

    I like Angora’s nudity, too. I find it really refreshing. Also, because I wish people didn’t make stupid social conventions (most of the time) like clothing ’cause being naked is really nice. xD; Bras are uncomfortable sometimes!

  • Oh snap, wasn’t expecting a link so soon. Thanks for that!

    Haha, as much as I like to lose myself in flights of fantasy, sorry kids, that’s how the real world works. Complaining about something not because it’s poorly written or drawn, but because it’s NOT NICE AHH? T’ain’t logical.

  • man i freaking dig the meek, serious issues are part of the reason why. i think they add depth to a comic, to allude to you know. REAL WORLD problems.

    and i have a serious soft spot for well-meaning alcoholics, so i am way glad to see pinter in the past couple pages.

    linked you on my comic, though it’s small-time. YOUR NAME, SHE’S GETTIN ‘ROUND.

  • Haha, I think Pinter needs to lay off that everclear for a while :p

    I blame Youtube for the disturbing rise in meritless criticism. A lot of people have simply turned “huh huh, this sux” into a default response to everything they see. You just have to accept the fact that a vast majority of the world’s population isn’t smart enough to communicate why they like or dislike something. So they resort to looking to the few smart or popular people of the world to help them form their opinions, like the sheep they are.

    It’s almost enough to give you a god complex.

    • Almost?? *hurls lightning*

  • Naktarr

    This uh, page you call it – so page it is! Pointed out how young Angora is, I hadn’t noticed too much before, I think the change is she looks a bit smaller compared to Pinter now – looking back, yeah there is a bit of a difference to back in the logging village and now – and I didn’t think the tent was that big to allow for much perspective :D
    Wow can I stop picking on you, sheesh I’m even annoying myself – she’s supposed to be young, so you’ve fixed the problem, naktarr shuts up now.

    And my other half has lost his tan from working indoors too much and his hair is too long to look like Pinter anymore *flails* Nuuuuu!

    • lolll damn someone noticed! Yeah my tent perspective has always been a huge problem, unfortunately. I can never get the right angles I want so I sort of flub it. Hopefully people will just assume Angora likes to drift around in space a lot… or something…

      I hadn’t noticed the size either, maybe cuz she’s scrunched up? When they’re back to standing mode maybe it’ll be better. Or maybe if I stop drawing these at 3 in the morning it will be better, hahaha.

  • Linden

    I noticed the comments over at Phoenix Requiem and was glad to see such a talented artist noticing your equally talented work. I was originally directed here by Michael of Dawn of Time who began posting his comic a few months ago.

    It’s sad that you keep getting negative feedback about the nudity and attempted rape. The nudity is (as pretty much everyone here points out) very subtle and non-sexual. And even the attempted rape wasn’t so explicit as to run a risk of seeming to be encouraged. Sure, it made me uncomfortable to recognize what the loggers were up to, but art needs to make people uncomfortable sometimes. It’s how society grows!

    So, to sum up: love your comic, glad to see you getting recognition from your peers, keep up the good work!

    • Thanks! I wish I could fast forward to the part where the lewd chasing is somewhat explained, but that would ruin the mood a bit, hehe. And thanks for alerting me to the DoT link, I hadn’t realized I’d been linked! That was kind of both artists for sure.

  • Pyxie


    Sorry, I just came in, and after reading the first 19 pages, I can tell it’s gonna be EPIC! I is excited!

    I’m especially impressed by your art style. It reminds me of something… Maybe old-school Nicktoons? Whatever it is, it’s definitely refreshing compared to all the comics out there done in generic anime-style, where everything somehow looks freakishly… uniform. You’ve got a great range of facial and bodily design; your characters don’t all look the same.


    • Thank you! I’m glad its looking freakishly uniform to you, lol, much better than it just looking plain old freakish!

  • yim-yam

    ….. moobs? lawl! eeeewww

  • Lunalover009

    awesome! I loved it so did my lil’sis we thought it was so funny I’m gonna get my other sis to read this to cause she loves cute funny thing’s like this! ^_^
    P.S that squirrel/monkey thingy at the start, SO CUTE!! XD

  • I love how people complain about a harmless comic like this when they’re probably reading comics from overseas that are completely dedicated to those subjects. I can’t even comprehend that and I hope you take all these comments with a grain of salt. Don’t let their opinions change what you’re doing because it’s fabulous just the way it is.

    • Ahaha, right… I’ve seen some manga at the library (of all places) that were basically sequential pics of panty shots/ cleavage shots. It was pretty horrific.

      And thanks! I couldn’t change or stop at this point even if I wanted to, probably!

  • TheAntimonyElement

    Lovely page, as usual. The sketchcomic was awesome, and this is even better! If I’m liking PINTER this much more in the real comic, how much will I love LUCA when we get to his chapter?!?… 030

    Quick question–what is that green scarf thing Pinter’s wearing around his neck? I just noticed it, and now I’m curious. Is it a religious thing like the skullcap, or just a strange fashion statement?

    Gorgeous as always. I can’t wait to see the rest unfold!

    • Haha, its just a scarf! Like a loopy little scarf, vs a strip of fabric. All the Northerners wear it (since its cold up there and the air quality isn’t very good) but its sort of strange for Pinter to have one seeing as he’s in the middle of sweatland.

      • TheAntimonyElement

        Oh noes–Pinter, don’t you know that the fashion police are watching?

  • thinofsubstance



    Oh wait it’s not. My bad. Carry on as you were.

    • ILLEGAL! Oh noes, someone better call the internet police…

      • I hear a chinchilla tipped the internet police about this comic already! D:

  • xerox

    I have a crush on Pinter. D:

    Oh, and I love this comic. Boo to the people too immature to love it too.

  • There are BAD things in the world?! WHY DO YOU SPOIL MY DREAMS, ALEXDS1?!?!


    Yay more Meek! <3

  • whooomeek

    wuhhhht! the naked thing is tastefully done. i mean it’s not the sort of naked that makes people feel awkward y’know? and not a lot of artists can pull that off, so kudos to you alexds1.

    anyway, wow, i’m really liking this pinter character! aside from the drinking problem, he’s totally decent for not leering at angora (yet?). and the clams advice made me lol! does that expression already exist or did you just come up with that? hahaha :D

    i think your comic is gold. there are a whole bunch of webcomics out there that are excessively violent and obscene, but yours is FINE. the story is so unique! some comics jump straight to like, gory battle scenes or kissing scenes within the first few pages just to keep readers interested, but then there’s no build up and the story appears to be lacking.

    with the meek, i don’t know how you do it, but there’s like this huge anticipation thing! like people are dying for the next update.

    okay.. so bottom line – great work! haha, sorry for the long comment.

  • Rogue

    Don’t let the shortsightedness of our fellow humans get you down. People like them would rather sweep all the dirt under the carpet rather than talk about it.

    I believe this is a tastefully done comic and I don’t see the reason why people are giving you flak about it. Maybe they should learn to accept the fact that a naked body is just that, naked, and completely natural.

    I, for one, say worry about real issues and stop bickering about petty things. Everyone wins that way.

    I’m new to this site and came via P R. So far I like the story and it sounds like it’s going to get much better. keep up the awesomeness. I’ll be anxiously waiting to see how it unfolds.

    Ohhh, I’ve been rambling a lot….

  • Haha, they’re talking under much more civil circumstances than in the sketches. Pinter didn’t have to get “kicked in the clams” himself this time XD. Loving the plot progression and the update speed (I can barely keep up with the new pages, lol). The new angle you’re telling it all from is no less intriguing than the first and I can’t wait to see what happens next :D.

    Aw, I don’t know how people could be offended by The Meek. The fact that it has any of those things you mentioned without them being gratuitous makes it a marvel among comics. It is VERY refreshing and unique as it is. Its realistic tone, the extremely human characters; all this is part of what makes the whole thing so enjoyable to read.

    Congrats on the links!

  • Les

    It is one thing for people to be upset about the way a touchy subject matter is portrayed, it is another to be upset that the matter is portrayed or expressed at all. Suppression or avoidance of serious issues often causes more problems that the matter does in the first place—that is to say it is better to talk about an issue than to ignore it. By the same token, if people are up in arms about the way you are portraying such things, some consideration should be given to that.. I’m not familiar with the complaints, and I’m sure many of them are ridiculous, considering what I have read of the comic so far, but sometimes things one does do not seem or are not meant to be offensive, but upon looking with a different perspective can be appalling.. At any rate, I really love what you are doing so far with the comic and can’t wait for more heavy story lines to be lain out! :) Keep up the good work and great art!


  • Ragashingo

    Nice rant. :)

  • Luridel

    Wandered over here from Phoenix Requiem, and was effectively snared by the artwork and riveting beginning. Don’t have any problem with nudity or violence or whatnot else. It’s a story. Keep it up!

    (also, clams.)

  • Eva

    i’ve been hanging around here for a while, i thought it was time to leave a comment now.
    i’m 100% behind your ‘rant’ :D if you can’t handle mature subjects you’d better not go around surfing on the internet, that’s all i can say.
    besides, the nudity in the comic is very tasteful. i wouldn’t feel ‘caught’ or anything when someone would see me reading this. as for the storyline: i prefer realism over fantasy any day, although realistic fantasy would of course be the best option – to my taste. i have great hopes the meek is going to be just that and i’m definitely looking forward to whatever will come next.

    on a side note: i love how the pace of the story is much slower than you usually see. i t gives more time (and space) for details such as facial expressions, backgrounds etc.

  • It’s ludicrous that it’s perfectly acceptable for a comic to have graphic violence and gore, but having a character running around without clothing turns it into pornography in the eyes of some village idiots. The even more tragic thing is that you could have done the same exact storyline with Angora dressed in pants and a shirt and having girl-deprived workers chasing after her, and I bet you’d not have heard a single peep in complaint.

    The comic looks interesting, is well drawn, and you do an effective job of covering up the nudity without making it look… blanking on the word. Basically your use of blocking is effective and natural. I look forward to seeing more of the storyline.

    Rob H., who actually found the comic before your linkage at Phoenix Requiem

  • Tally

    your comic rocks, don’t change a thing.

  • rainey

    Why are people complaining about the nudity and potential rape in this comic when there is much more questionable stuff floating around the rest of the Internet? D: They need a good kick in the clams.

    You’re doing an excellent job, keep it up 8D

  • Dean

    People actually threw a hissy-fit about having REAL LIFE THINGS happening in The Meek? What rock have they been hiding under and why are they getting angry at you rather than the government?

    But don’t stop with the nudity! When Pinter’s moobs go away all the light will leave my life D:

    And CLAMS. Never, ever have I heard anyone call testicles “clams” and I fell a little big more in love with Pinter for it. <3 <3 Oh, you alcoholic sod.

  • I have to learn how to read slower, to make the pages last longer. This is like watching your favorite TV show in 30 second segments every week; sort of torturous, you know.

    Good news is, I’m still coming back each week despite the torture. Can’t wait to see more!

  • Ninja

    Well, I for one like how realistic this comic is. Makes things more interesting and believable. Besides, it’s very tastefully done. Anywho, keep up the good work!

  • Rhett

    I love your comic, and anyone who says anything differently and bitches you out over it, is an idiot!!

    Keep up your AWESOME work!!

  • umbra

    Heyy I’m a new reader sent over by Phoenix Requiem. I gotta say I love it! And I totally agree about the whole real life thing. Shit happens. Enough said. lol
    I’m looking forward to keep reading it! :D

  • Hm, I gather this was pre-published in some kind of preliminary form, but I didn’t get to see that. The question that comes to mind is how did she know Pinter was safe to hide behind.

    • I thought about that too. In the original Pinter was a bit more proactive, but in this version she was exhausted from running and was lucky enough to make a good guess.

  • pinter’s naked breasts offend me

    and make me want to do terrible naughty things <3

    • !!!

    • Otaku-sama

      Holy s**t!!! Drugs’re harmful…

    • Abisian

      i concur. <3

  • OH NOEZ THERE’S NUDITY?!!123456!

    Sheesh, it’s boobs and a little skin. And the fact that Angora just doesn’t seem to care makes it THAT much more awesome. XD Silly people, I’ll never understand why they can’t just..turn around and ignore it if they don’t like what they see, instead of having to voice their rude opinions on a comic that DOES have a warning about nudity/etc.

    Anyway, beeeeautiful artwork as usual. <3 Pinter has me grinning like crazy, I don’t know why but he amuses me so much. XD

  • Jules

    Totally diggin’ Pinter’s moobs and/or gravy over here.

    Love the comic, btw, I am new but I’m TOTALLY crazy hooked now.

    ….even though I really should be working on a paper… CURSE YOOOOOU PINTERRRRRRR!!!!!!!

  • Laurens


  • Oh my, Pinter’s such a weirdo! It’s sad that people are really drinking so much alcohol that they have a blackout or even end up in hospital :c I hope Pinter doesn’t overdo it like the second mentioned. Anyway, in this case it’s funny!

    Well, I like the fact that you use these themes. It may sound macabre but such themes fit in a dark world very well because our world IS a dark one with all these horrible things, so I think it’s no fault to use and emphasise them.
    About the nudity: I don’t get it why this site should be banned D: There isn’t anything sexual yet. Ok, the potential rape, but there’s soo much stuff on the interwebs which is much worse than this.

  • Julia

    Wow congratulations 78 comments!!

    I must say you’ve caught me! Though yes i am totally smitten with Pinter….and the nakedness in general.

    You do have a lot of panache now don’t you? Keep it up I think you’ve got sommat special here and quite clearly you have a whole rabble who agree x) Kisses!

  • Alan

    I too came from Pheonix Requiem. And I’m glad I clicked the little link!

    I love this comic! The art work is brilliant brilliant, and the story/world looks like being something fresh and original. The pacing is fantastic too :)

    People who complain about it just need to get over themselves. Yeah, I can understand their view, but really they should be complaining about other things. there are many many books/films/whatever that have much worse events occurring.

    It’s probably just that it’s easy to get to you :p

    Anyway, keep up the fantastic work!

  • Getting me to bookmark a webcomic when I already have something like 84 to read is quite a feat, but I am very, very interested in where this is going. Stories need to have conflict and issues! Anyone who complains about the parts of a story that make it good is…well, wrong.

    Also, being a rubbernecker, I’m always curious as to what people have said. I won’t hold my breath waiting to see transcripts, though.

    Also I <3 Pinter. He’s a champ.

  • Wex

    Pinter must have some zen-like restraint to not be ogling the crap out of Angora right now. Either that or his libido drowned in alcohol. Probably the second one.

  • Stephany

    love Pinter, he not only is amazingly draw but i love the way your developing his character, I also agree with you about the real life aspect of this comic, but there will always be those who have to complain about something. I personally think your amazing though, keep up the good work! :D

  • Keep it up; the world needs more good comics that aren’t afraid to address the world with all it’s pitfalls and all it’s pluses.

  • heehee clams.

  • Courtney

    You have such an engaging drawing style, and I love how you portrayed the little lizard that Angora talks too! Just wondering – will Angora ever gain clothes as the story progresses? And why is her hair green?

  • Haha, wow, people are too sensitive. (Meanwhile I got all offended at Family Guy’s latest episode where Peter violently kills a cat…. But that’s not at all like your use of “offensive” material. You’re not purposely trying to be grotesque. While that gag was just tasteless, your use of nudity serves a purpose.)

    Wow, long parenthetical! Anyway, your comic is awesome, they’re being simple, and you should keep on keepin’ on!

  • This is a very pretty comic. I like to look at the shading, to see the individual lines, and then how they bring together a whole. I look forward to visiting this site more to see the story progress.
    Keep up the good work, and please don’t burn out!

    • Haha, thanks! I don’t often burn out, most of my problems stem from there not being enough hours in the day, arg. Speaking of which, I better get back to work and stop playing on the internet!

  • Kelly

    I’m one of the many linked from the Phoenix Requiem, and I have to say, this comic is amazing! I can’t wait to hear how the story pans out…I was sad when I saw that there were only this many pages posted, I’m already sucked in and hoped that there would be plenty to read! :)

    Contrary to what your other comments have been saying, I wanted to say that I find what you’ve been writing in your story as really refreshing. I love how you keep a good balance of things – you don’t have giant flashing arrows pointing to all the terrible nasties, but you don’t try to make it all sunshine and lollipops. Keep up the good work!

  • Authorette_XP

    Yay! Another update! I have to figure out when the sched is for this thing… Lol. I think it’s amazing that Pinter isn’t rock-hard-abs type thing. Not everyone dares to be that original/realistic- Which is totally a good thing, that was a compliment right there. :D

    I came from Phoenix Requiem too. Glad I did!

  • Ian

    I really love this so far,
    but I kept wondering why she was naked. xD
    ‘Cus she is, I guess. ;D

    Keep it up! <3

  • Nikk Strife

    Your webcomic is great! I really enjoy it, and I shun those who give you bad comments. Nudity is a part of life, and I think a womans body is a beautiful thing. We make the body out to be a sexual thing, like the men who chase Angora, but as she exhibits, nudity and the female form do not have to be a sexual thing. And rape is a constant threat and reality in life. It is unavoidable, and should be addressed. As should many other things. Like Moobs…

    I came from Phoenix Requiem too. Glad I did!

  • Aubrey

    You tell them Shing! Rah rah, fight fight fight fight!

    You always will have us loyal fans backing you.

  • flabortast

    Is Angora solar powered? I had this feeling that that was the reason she prefers to be naked? Nice work btw!

  • shallot

    I love the way you’re not afraid to be realistic about it. I think mixing the light-hearted and the, erm, less-so, just makes both of them more powerful. Keep it up, your stuff is great! :)

  • Liking it so far! I to came from the Phoenix Requiem, and I’m glad I clicked on the link box. Can’t wait to see more of your work!


  • Korilian

    Probably the real reason nudity offends us is because most people don’t look that attractive nekkid. Thank god for comics. You make even Pinters gut look attractive. (and I love Angora’s little face in the last panel)

  • Just Popping In


    Your story is awesome. I read the original sketches on your LJ and let me say I have never read a web comic with that great of a story. I adore your use of colors and the line work is delicious.

    One way of avoiding all the flak would be to put a disclaimer page where you have to enter in your birthdate. That way there’s a warning and you can point those who are pointing fingers to it and say, “You were warned. This comic has ‘adult’ themes.”

    As far as the nudity and “adult” themes go, I have to say you’ve done it very tastefully. I’m something of a prude and I follow the comic regularly. I feel very confident about being able to explain why I’m reading this comic if another prude caught me reading.

  • crackers

    the difference between the nudity in this webcomic and the annoying ‘fan-service’ in the manga i read is immeasurable (meaning this type is not annoying or offensive and yet angora’s way more naked)

  • Grishak

    Just give ’em a kick in the clams if they try anything!

  • Lucien

    Heh.. also a PR crossover from the link.

    So like Pinter…hes flabby..well not quite flabby but a bit paunchy! Such a nice change from all the regular drawn perfect males!
    I am hooked! Where is this going? Who is the girl, and grandfather? Why does she not have cloths or any generic taboos about nudity. A wood sprite is my guess, made human for some reason.
    Keep up the good work!!

  • Nora

    This is really cool :P I like it. I just have too ask though… What’s that thing on Pinters head??? Or is it part of his head?

    I really like your style of illustration also, it’s a heck of a lot better than anything I could do, realistic enough not to annoy me, and yet artistic enough to be cool :P (I don’t know what I’m saying, I haven’t spelt in 48 hours…) I LOVE it so far! Keep it up!

    **Bookmarks Page**

  • Tammy Lee

    It wasn’t the alcohol that blanked Pinter’s mind, it was the roofie I slipped him!

    The Meek is interesting to me precisely because it delves into deeper issues.

  • Mariel

    Just popped over from Pheonix Reqium and, dang, what a comic! Instant bookmark. And I’m glad I’m not the only girl out there who thinks Pinter is adorable. Pudgy guys are the best.

  • White Pawn

    Yet another visitor from PR.

    A small thought about the bad comments. There is a lot of serious-topic comics out there with nudity, violence and various disconcerting graphics (From Hell anyone?), but quite few that combines this with a comical storytelling. I can recall a few that has comical elements in them but not as heavy as yours, and The Meek got a very comical style right away (such as the confused weasel and the improvised bungee-jumping). Perhaps these commenters were looking for pure comedy and got disappointed or was unable to handle the relatively unique mix.

    Personally i think it’s a very promising comic. Interesting story and the drawing is very fitting.

  • Jennie

    I can’t believe that people would have a problem with nudity or the implication of attempted rape. Nudity is what everyone looks like under their clothing, and rape happens. Until it is acknowledged that rape is a reality, and the fear of rape a daily concern for women the world over the daily victimization of women will never cease. Your comic is beautiful and poignant, and I for one shall certainly follow it and recommend it.

  • Raidell

    *sigh* I soo dislike people who try to shut down things because it doesn’t fit into their own perfect little world. Chances are, most of the people going “OMFG SHES NEKKID!!11one!!” are just people without lives who feed off the misery of others. They’re either the ones who beat up kids in grade school or the ones who wish they could so they do so over the internet. I would also like to point you to a specific Penny Arcade comic strip that pretty much sums up the behavior of many people online.
    And YES there is swearing.

    Anyway, now that my own little rant is done, I would like to say that I absolutely adore your comic. I love the art and I think the nudity is very tasteful. Well done on this wonderful comic! :)

    I’m also a little curious as to what the people said, mainly because I like to hear what the stupid people can possably have to say to as wonderful an artist as yourself. ;D

  • Shmitz

    An aversion to nudity is entirely a social construct. It serves its purpose in some societies (like America). There are plenty of other societies, however, where nudity is a normal thing, at least in some contexts. When people don’t understand why they view nudity as negative, that’s when they can’t differentiate between contexts.

    Even subjects like rape or attempted rape depend on context. Those same people who cry foul at the first hint of nudity would also fail to differentiate between a story depicting attempted rape, and what the story is saying about attempted rape.

    You are clearly writing a story for people who like to think. Don’t worry about those who only know how to react.

  • Otaku-sama

    Probably she’s naked just because she lost her clothes! hahaha! XD Think about it, she got separated from her grandfather (we don’t know under what circumstances yet), now she has to find him, we don’t know how much time she has spend alone in the wild and someway or other she must ended loosing her clothes in the jungle! Just like that! we know she lives in communion with nature, so being naked isn’t a big deal!

  • Neo

    Whoever has a problem with the nudity is insane.
    People see the naked statues in Greek art and don’t freak out, I, personally, don’t see this as any different. This and the latter are both forms of expression. Besides, it’s not like you put a gun to their head and FORCED them and a million innocent 5 year olds to read this.

    Please don’t change a thing about this comic, it’s wonderful.
    I can’t wait for the next page. ^_^

  • Otaku-sama

    I’m confused :S Is your work related to “Water Tribe” noselfcontrol webcomic? it says art was made by rufftoon (obviously you’re not rufftoon), so which one work is it? but your style reminds me somehow that comic :S did you cooperated with this work? or is it yours?

    by the way, your Avatar comicstrips are great! I followed them when third season of Avatar was a hit then! (maybe you didn’t knew about me, but I am the one who made the “Fake Western Air temple Summary”, I must be still hated by many because of that hehehe :P )

  • tastyjustice

    also, if people are complaining about nakedness, the guy is only half dressed as well. but of course half nekkid menz are COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY different.

  • Great Page! Congrats on getting linked by Sarah Ellerton! I’ve read Inverloch and actively follow Phoenix Requiem. (but I found you through DevArt) She’s an amazing artist and so are you! Your characters are so covered in awesome-sauce that it blows my mind.

    Keep up the awesome work!!

  • I am enjoying the comic, from both artistic and storytelling standpoints, especially the execution of the narrative so far (i.e. no exposition, here we are, this is happening, and details slowly fill in.) it’s probably one of my favorite story hooks.

    I like your argument that ‘bad things happen’ in the real world, it’s absolutely true. I don’t know why people feel the need to complain about everything that doesn’t fit their narrow worldview; if you don’t like it, don’t read it! (They apparently have the free time to find something else!)

    Maybe they think stories should be the exact opposite? (Entertainment is just escapism afterall, right? Right??) All stories need to be happy and shiny like Disney movies! Oh wait, bad things happen in Disney movies, too!

    Personally, while I’m hardly an artist, I am _writing_ a comic of my own and it takes place in a near future of armed warfare between multinational corporations and all sorts of other nastiness in a world gone sideways with more technology than it knows what to do with. (That sounds good, I should write that down!)

    BAD THINGS HAPPEN! Drugs, murder, violence, rape, war-for-profit, suicide, indiscriminate urban conflict, terrorism, NUCLEAR WEAPONS, generally just the world chewing people up and spitting them out.

    My protagonist is NOT A GOOD GUY. Maybe he was once, and he still tries to be; there are people and principles he cares about and wants to protect. But what it comes down to is that he is– at least in the main story arc –a MERCENARY, and he KILLS PEOPLE. It isn’t good, it isn’t glorious, it is just…what it is.

    And honestly, I look forward to the day the idle whiners of the internet complain about MY work. The important part is that you have a story to tell and you’re doing it YOUR way. Naysayers be damned! :D

    Now that my rant is out of the way… I too am already a fan of Pinter; I find him amusing. It’s the little things, like ‘here, complete stranger, hold this booze while I punch this guy in the face’ and his total– almost indifferent –acceptance of Angora after ‘uhh, why are you naked?’ (Though it would have been hilarious if he followed up her response with ‘Fair enough.’ and tried to go back to sleep.)

    Anyway, enough out of me. Keep up the good work!

  • Bleuborzoi

    Found the link to here at Phoenix Requiem and I’m so glad I did :D. This is an amazing comic you have going and I hope you stick with it for a looooong time ^^. It made my day to find a new page today :D

  • Witherdown

    I have to admit, I actually like the way you’ve portrayed the nudity. It’s not an in-your-face-omg-BREASTS kind of thing, I feel like it’s more artfully and subtly done. She’s naked. Big deal. Look what Michelangelo did with the statue of David. It’s a big naked man but it’s a wonderful piece of art.
    I like how you’ve done the nudity. It tells the story without it being too distracting.

  • Amanda

    Awesome comic!! I infact love the nudity/alcohol/possible rape aspect, just because, most “popular” webcomics out there are about happy worlds with happy people with one or two small issues, and while this is nice, it’s also fantastic to see someone showing the darker parts of the world, and telling it how it is! I admire you’re guts there!
    <3 the comic, keep up the good work! =D

  • Nambs

    As ever, your style is wonderful. You put so much time and care into your pages, I really admire your dedication. Especially seeing this kind of quality for someone who doesn’t get paid, they just do it because they love it. It really inspires me to stop being so lazy myself and get my own comic up an going. I’ve been putting it off.

    Keep doing what you do, girl. And ignore those jerks who try to pick on your for your story content. If they don’t like it, they have a wide variety of webcomics to choose from. And furthermore, it’s your story. I’ve read some that where infinitely worse.

  • Naomi

    I linked here from DA, someone I watch put up a load of comics and this one stood out for me (there was no wolves XD) but the art style drew me in and the story and questions held me. I understood excatly why she was being chased by the 3rd-4th page and I accepted it as ‘well that’s going to happen if you’re running around naked.’ I did think at first if they removed her clothes, but her explanation was suffice. Weridos chasing her when she only asked for directions! I don’t see why people are hot under the collar about it? She didn’t get raped and she wasn’t extremely distressed about being chased by these men, more annoyed and confused at why she was chased XD

    I love it and am eager to see what happens next.

  • ED

    Wow, I’m actually really shocked people actually took the time to come over here and bitch you out for making this amazing piece of art when there are much worse things on the internet they could be helping to prevent. Pretending that nothing bad ever happens in our world is just asking to be taken advantage of.

    It just boggles my mind when people flip out over THIS instead of like… pedophiles or something.

    • ED

      Double posting because I have to say it…

      Big boys are hot… And is he Jewish? *crushing so hard on that lush*

  • Erica

    Yet another reader here from The Phoenix Requiem. And I’ve got to say…Sara warned of nudity, but I have to agree with how she had put it. Its tasteful. There is enough detail to know she is nude, but its not so detailed that it might cross the line into distasteful. As for the issues with the reality of the comic…As you said, they can stop reading. You do not have a gun to their head, and toothpicks on their eyelids, forcing them to read the comic. Honestly, the stupidity of some people. I found amusement and truth in the link to the Penny Arcade strip.

    At any rate, your comic was an instant bookmark, and I look forward to where the story goes!

  • Kirsten

    This comic is amazing. I can’t stop reading…
    And, for some reason, I love that you made her naked. I dunno, it just makes it seem more natural or something.
    I’m looking forward to the next update. :D
    I’m absolutely hooked!

  • Katherine

    Real life is way worse than anything else people dish out. I’m glad you don’t let it get to you. People these days… You got a good thing going here. Just wanted to show my support : ) PROPS!

  • Effie

    Found my way here from Aido’s weekly comic about her and her pals, and…well, this is great! I’m really looking forward to what you’ve got to bring in the future!

  • Ark

    I just started looking at your comic and I wanted to say that it’s awesome! You’re done an excellent job so far and I can’t wait for the future pages (: good work!

  • Ginger

    I think his is my first comment. Anyway, I too found this from Phoenix requiem. And yes, this is absolutely AWESOME.

    don’t feel insulted plis, it means I read your rant! :D

  • Who was it that shouted out PENIS in your class? Was it a life drawing class….? O___o
    And geez, after being in so many life drawing classes myself, I didn’t really notice the nudity here past thinking, “Way to put it ALL out there!” (pardon the pun). But more so than nudity, I’m refering to the story and I can’t wait until the next chapters. From backtracking through your LJ and your comic roughs there….well if the finished product will be anything like the story you had going in your roughs it just has my on the edge of my seat! I love Luca so much! <3

    Your storytelling is really compelling, keep up the good work!! :D

  • I don’t comment nearly as much as I should on your amazing comic. The colors, the shading, the composition, the figures~ All gorgeous. I can’t wait to see how you progress through the story, as well as seeing your revisions in the colored versions.
    I love how you draw Angora. Her figure isn’t exaggerated, and she looks like a real person.

  • 613 The Evil

    Anyone that has a problem with nudity in this comic is a hypocretical asshole. Censorship is not acceptable, please go away.

  • Snipergirl

    I got this as a recommendation from google reader, and I love it!

    I hadn’t noticed the nudity or the attempted rape as anything particularly controversial. It’s art, and a story.

  • Seth

    I kind of feel like the nudity of the comic really shouldn’t be an issue, or the “distastefulness” of such. Nudity happens- people get nekkid. Yes, it would be much more “offensive” if you were graphically detailed about a character getting raped or having sex, but that’s not the case, nor ANY part of the story.
    However, even if it was, you as an artist are entitled to your self-expression and work for the good of the story. If people have a beef, they can leave like you said and never have to deal with it again if they don’t want. They only stay and bitch to give you a hard time, and they’re childish and immature for that.
    Anyway, I don’t feel like the nudity should be a problem- in fact, in comics, nudity happens SO much more often than other situations, and I don’t see why it’s any more surprising or offending to a person to find it here- especially when you use it in a mature, characterizing way. They just need to get over themselves- the nudity is NOT an issue, and bodies are bodies: we all have them under clothes. Appreciate the comic for what it is, those of you who’re beat up about this, and stop hating. Geez.

  • Aaronious

    I ALMOST agree with everything I have read here. Almost.

    I like nekkids. No, you are not emphasizing it or anything, so it doesn’t detract from the (very excellent so far) story, but your graphics are beautiful, and I get to see nekkids as a result!

    Srsly, your production values are waaay above most of what I see on the net. Keep up the good work!

  • Ashley

    I don’t have a problem with a nekkid girl. And I’m a girl. Seriously, the nerve of some people! Also, I love his use of the word “clams.”

  • See, that’s more like what you should have said on the previous page instead of “sorry about the boobs it won’t happen again”. There are actual people complaining about characters in the story being bastards? So screw them. Let them go back to watching Teletubbies which is clearly the only entertainment they have any experience with if they think you can paint a worthwhile picture without using any dark colors.

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