In which Pinter changes the subject and Angora has a short attention span.

20 pages!! If you had told me in January that it would take me till late April to make 20 pages I would have punched you in the face. Haha… ah well, better late than never as my friend Thomas the Tank Engine often says. Ugh, I just spotted some mistakes on this page right now. I’ll fix those later.

Today there is a horrible horrible older art vote incentive, I didn’t feel like uploading the sketch animation file yet so I took some art out of the archives instead… I’m just really glad I’m not at that stage anymore. Tonight’s incentive will be the sketch animation, which is a relief!

Anyways. Thanks so much again for all your kind comments and support for the last post! I was/ am overwhelmed by your nice words, despite the comic being so new. I’m looking forward to making more pages for all of you!

Almost time for work now. I’ll end with the links list like usual, feel free to visit the for more news, stuff and discussion (in no particular order):

Oh, and apologies if you’ve emailed me about ordering a minicomic, I’ve been offline too much lately and will get to my emails tonight! Thanks for your patience, and see everyone on Saturday with the next page!


  • Wow, dang. I really like how the comic is shaping up, and I am surprised at this revelation that Angora had a shirt at one time!

    That art incentive is awesome too, it’s terrible art, but it’s the kind of thing every artist should have laying around; a marker of sorts, of how far you’ve come along artistically since then.

    I’ve got far too many them myself, every day I’m glad I’m just getting farther away from those abominations…

  • “my hair blooms orange in the spring”
    ‘m still waiting for that line… i wonder if it will appear at all… xD

    • O!


      lol. Careful about saying stuff like that, it can ruin the fun for people.

  • hahahah oh god i love how animated pinter looks in color <3

  • Kitty

    God DAMN that comment on the incentive today makes me feel better.

    And seconding how awesome Pinter looks in colour. Oh his widdle nose, oh his big green eyes. :D

  • Wow! How old is that incentive drawing? It’s interesting to see how things have evolved hahaha.

  • ED

    Oh my gawd, her face in the second panel is precious!

    • lol I laughed when I was sketching it out, she looks so googly!

      • ED

        She’s a fantastic character. I love how she bounces from one emotion to the other. Shows how inexperienced she is.

  • rainey

    Is that Angora in a shirt? o_o

    I just noticed that her ponytail looks awfully like an enormous leaf from behind, awww. Her expression in the second panel is adorable!

  • And I’m eagerly awaiting the comic to pass the milestone I set before reviewing them. (33, that is. That’s when the Tangents comic died the slow heat death of hiatus, so I figure if a comic goes past it, it’s not quite as likely to suffer from hiatus.) Of course, by then we’ll hopefully know more of where the story is going and more of what is going on in this world, but… ^^;;

    I wonder who the lady in the rain is… and why she’s crying. Is she the Lost One? Though there are many ways to be lost….

    • The girl in the rain is Angora, and she’s crying because her grandfather left her, I believe.

    • Haha, don’t reveiw until the chapter ends! which is page 45! It’ll be much better that way, I’m sure… and don’t worry, stopping now would be very stupid considering how much effort I’ve invested in the comic so far.

      And yes, thats Angora in a flashback. I’ll be using rounded panels to show flashback scenes from here on out!

      • Yeah, but she’s wearing clothes! ^^ So that kinda threw me off.

  • marinatedfish

    Oh Angora! This “joyful” look is… creepy.
    He IS lost. He just doesn’t know it yet. haha!
    Is there anybody with that name, DeSenter? XD
    This page feels a little bit like a filler, but I dunno exactly why.
    As usual, though, beautiful colours, and I love the contrast between Angora in panel 2 and Angora in panel 5. She’s more emotional than in the rough version here, or it’s at least revealed earlier that she also has this other side apart from her dynamism.
    I don’t know yet whether I see that as an improvement or not (because she’s more human this way, but more “mysterious” the other, which I liked, too). Nevertheless, I guess some bits of flashback at this point don’t hurt the web version. Nice job! :)

    • I was thinking the same thing about filler, I do have some main points I need to get to during the course of the conversation, but then I realized that any idle conversation will seem like filler. And that most of my day is filler, if I’m judging it that way *dies* I recalibrated my thinking so that now all filler is “character/ relationship development,” haha.

      Angora was always meant to be a teenager, I just wasn’t as good at thinking that way when I did the first version. She may seem more silly or annoying or aloof but thats just me exaggerating charactersitics I was too cowardly to work on the first time around!

  • Yeah, who IS that girl in the rain? She looks like Angora, but that can’t be right – she’s clearly wearing clothes. And has not-green hair. But you’d think if the “Lost One” was a girl, her grandfather would’ve mentioned that…

    I love how neither one of them are on the same page.

  • Wonderful! Love the update. Obviously the girl in the rain is Angora. Is this before the moss in her starts growing or is this something else?

    • Yes, thats her, and yes her hair does look a lot more normal in that pic! Hmm…

  • Sir Reginaldo

    I believe that girl is Angora. The hair is too similar, and maybe her hair colour changed. Anyways, this one is alittle interesting. I guess you could say Pinter drinks away his sorrows. Well it will be interesting to learn more about Pinter, if he knows anything :3

  • Leraje

    I also believe that’s Angora. Maybe her green hair color is a slightly bit changed when it’s a sort of grey, rainy environment?

  • Angora’s attention span reminds me of someone, I think it’s–

    oh by the way do you plan on how long each chapter is by the page number or by the story?

    The lost one will know the way panel? Awesome.

    • Each chapter is 45 pages, magically they’ve all worked out to be that length in the rough versions. I don’t write scripts, I just write as I go (with landmarks to hit in mind), so I’m not sure how long my luck will last (I’m working on ch 8 and it already seems like it needs to be edited up or down).

      and lol, short attention sp

  • The contrast between Angora in the flashback-panel, and bubbly Angora all over the rest of the page is very striking, showing us a new side of her character…
    Second panel Angora-face looks like my little brother when he’s begging for candy.

  • so i guess angora has an accent that we can’t quite tell? or maybe pinter does, and angora doesn’t, since accents are a bit wonky like that.

    no idea why but a subject change that awkward really made me laugh at 6.22am.

    • Haha, yeah its a bit awkward, I like reading it with the page break in between like that cuz it makes it worse.

      And no, she doesn’t have an accent, but all Santri last names start with the prefix “de-” so he would automatically assume she was talking about a place named after a person. Its probably confusing to the reader but I like setting up the environment that way, bleh.

      • ahhhh i grok. that makes a lot more sense. especially if she were speaking rapidly, which i imagine she’s gotta be.

        pinter makes me :> so much. i’d draw fanart…if i weren’t being beaten to a bloody pulp by student teaching at the moment.

        • dadman

          Grok! ^–^

          Angora certainly does seem like a stranger in a strange land, but the same could be said of Pinter.

          Interesting observation about accents—I like how the Foglios handle Jäger-speak to show heavy accents, but I can’t really see a place for that here.

          Love the comic, love the comments. Thank you all.

          • hee! someone else who speaks martian.

            at the moment i’d say angora is much more Mike than anyone. pinter …i dunno that pinter reminds me of anyone in the book, but then again i don’t know him well enough as a character yet.

  • Jules


    Also, lovin’ this page, fo sho fo sho. Angora’s happy face makes me very, very happy. (That sounds suggestive, but it’s totally not >8| )

  • Is it weird that that incentive inspired me to draw more? XD

    lovely page!

  • yim-yam

    when does angora get a shirt? like at one time she had a shirt. all the nudety is making me uncomfortable. :s I like the page! i can’t wait to lrean morw about that panel in the rain!

    • Sorry, she won’t have a shirt for a long time! But she will get pants soon (that one seems most important and most uncomfortability-inducing to me)

  • yim-yam

    the boobs is making me uncomfortable. she has a shirt in the banner type thing at the top of the page…. i think….

    • Naktarr

      Nothing wrong with a lumpy chest – Pinter has moobs, but you don’t seem to have mentioned that :p
      Seriously, though, have you seen how a ladies chest can be portrayed even with clothing on in some comics? blergh, basketball fronts are not natural. At least there’s some sag and wag going on here, which is real enough to not be sexual in any way except gender-wise.
      If you find it overly sexual, um, okay… ._.

      • yim-yam

        lol :P thanks! never thought of it that way! i didn’t mention the moobs you usually see guys with out shirts!

  • yim-yam

    hooray! pants! ignore my other comment. we posted at the same time so i didn’t see you comment :D

  • Wyvern

    I’ve been reading this comic for awhile now and I just thought I’d post a comment to show my appreciation, so far the quality of your comic has been incredible and I can hardly wait to see more, so keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for commenting! I’m really glad you’re enjoying it so far!

  • scott

    love the page and dude j/a are you a artist or do you also like comic books and mangas?

    • Are those two separate questions? Doesn’t seem like an “or” question… either way, yes I am the person who draws this, and yes I do like and read comics. Not so much manga but I’ve read a few.

      • scott

        okay thank you and sorry tried and rushed

  • sweet_gardenia

    The flashback panel makes me wonder the exact manner in which grandfather ‘left ‘ *thoughtful* I also like how you ever so subtly did that background color bleed in the panel preceding it. It leads the eye very nicely into the transition

    I read through the comics and figured out the ” deSenter ” comment, I like that little touch of culture even without knowing exactly what it was. Wall o’ explanation would have felt forced and besides would have covered up that darling little face <3’s argh she’s so adorable, it makes me want to smoosh her face in my hands and go ” YOU’RE SO CYOOOOOOOT ”

    Of course I also want to do the same thing to Pinter hee ^U^

    • sweet_gardenia


      I want to see all of it :< I see sumbody’s hair sprig off to the left thar

      • Ugh, its an ugly guy that isn’t in the comic anymore! I cropped him since people might ask who he was and I don’t have a short answer for that, haha…

    • Haha, I’m sure neither would appreciate your face smushing…

      And thanks! glad you liked that transition, I was sort of thinking it was pretty clever (for having thought of it at 3 in the morning, anyways)

  • I’ve never seen a flashback done this way before. Kudos! It’s smooth and striking.

  • Nambs

    Omg, I smiled so huge for this page, but not because it’s especially funny. In all the time I’ve been watching your art on DA, and all the time I was reading your sketch version of the comic, it has always struck me how similar Pinter looks to a character of my own. They could be twins. Same hairstyle, same man boobies, even pretty much the same color scheme!

    And that last panel Omg, I smiled so huge because it totally looks like Chris with a cold. I love Pinter’sred nose!

  • It’s raining in that flashback, hence clothes. She’s currently in a jungle, where clothes are at best a nuisance and at worst an actual hazard (Saw a documentary once, the survival expert mentioned the humidity would make your underwear rot if not properly dried out every night)

    That’s how I read the clothes situation so far…

    • Naktarr

      Yeah the humidity is intense in the rainforest sometimes, luckily the last time I was in one and that happened I had access to a dryer and some damp removal jars but I was using my swimwear as basic clothing for most of the time – the material could take being wet, see.

  • Aubrey

    I have a question! Is Angora’s hair actually tied back with anything? I’m getting the impression that her hair just grows pony-tail shaped… O______o

    • Ahaha, yeah its tied back. I just never draw the tie cuz I’m lazy. Its probably some kind of brown string, if it matters.

  • They’re actually a great couple!
    You know, what with him now wanting to talk about it, and her not caring!
    It’s like this couple I knew: the woman would talk to the screen while watching a show or a movie, and the guy would shut out and pay no attention to anything that was not on the screen. IT WAS AWESOME!

  • The animated incentives are my favorites! It’s always so interesting to see an artist’s process in motion :D.

    Haha, Angora’s expression in the second panel is awesome! You really get a good idea of her personality from that single image. Also, I really admire the paneling here (in the whole comic, really). The use of rounded edges for flashbacks, and the way the speech bubbles are sort of cut into the panels themselves.

  • You know what I really like about panel 2?

    The position of Angora’s arm only makes sense if she’s still sitting – so you can tell that she is just by looking at her shoulder and the angle of her collarbones. That’s good continuity. (That just struck me as I copied out the drawing in my sketchbook to teach myself to draw the character)

    What I don’t like as much is that she seems to be cross-eyed. Is that deliberate?

    • Haha, thanks, I’m really anal about continuity. I get pissed if I forget small things like that. And yeah, she is a bit crosseyed there! I was thinking about fixing it but its sort of an underlying structure problem and I didn’t feel like changing it… and anyways, it makes her look silly, which is fine by me!

  • Laure

    Just came across this one. Lovely and spectacular art. The color is wonderful!!

    I must say having a naked girl running around threw me off a bit. I kept thinking–that looks uncomfortable and with my luck, I’d get slivers in my hinney, however she pulls it off with grace and ease. Really, quite a lovely comic. Don’t get discouraged over the amount of time it takes. Most comickers have a penciler, inker colorist and lettering person. ;)

    • Thanks! And I’m not discouraged over the time, more like the lack of time! Haha, I love doing these, but it really cuts into my sleep time… ah well, maybe one day I’ll be so famous and laden with money I won’t have to go to work (lol)

  • Ali

    I think it’s an awesome comic and people should stop bitching about Angora’s lack of clothing. So she’s nude; big damn deal. Everyone is nude at some point, why are you so offended by her naked body? I mean, I can understand feeling uncomfortable /for/ her, since I can’t imagine running around in the jungle naked is that fun to do, but all the people being like “when is she getting clothes? I don’t like that’s she’s naked, blah blah blah” need to get over it. The story is how it and if you can’t stand the nakedness that Angora has going on right now then maybe this isn’t the comic for you.

    Sorry for the rants but I hate the prudishness.

    • Laure

      Boy, you get a little excited. I wasn’t complaining or being prudish. She reiminds me of natives in that setting. That’s the way with some cultures.The human body is a marvel. Just something you don’t ‘see’ every day. Is it wrong to say she would stand out in the crowd? That this comic stands out in a crowd. Is that offensive to you? If so, I apologize.

      • I’m not sure, but I don’t think Ali was talking about you specifically! In my last post I mentioned that some people were sort of giving me trouble about the content of the comic, and I think that the previous poster was responding to that moreso than yours!

        • One has to wonder what the people who are uncomfortable with Angora’s nudity would think of my comics, or The Bare-Pit or any of the many comics on the Belfry that are tagged N but not A (in other words, not obviously pornographic but containing a lot of nudity in them).

          • Their heads would probably explode.

      • Ali

        If you could point out to me where I referenced you or used your name, please do so. I must have overlooked the part of my comment where I said I referring to you.

  • Lunalover009

    so cool Angora’s hair changes with the flowers at stuff around her right? so in that rainy panel she was somewhere totally different!? i read that somewhere on on another of you sites i think or maybe it was this one i forget ^.^
    also i LOVE her face in the second panel so CUTE!!! XD

  • Ashwara

    I’m wondering, how far ahead do you thumbnail your pages? A chapter at a time? More? Ha ha

    • lol, well, it depends… I have up to chapter 7 completely thunbnailed, but I hate it so much that I might as well have not done them at all? I’ve saved most of the major points in the thumbs but a lot of it is redone and refined in this version, so much so that each page of thumbs in the final and sketch version are different.

      • Ashwara

        I see; I started doing mine out ahead of time, but only by a chapter. I get kind of tired if I do too many thumbnails in a row without seeing any real pages, but it certainly has helped, ha ha.

  • Oh, wow. Your comic is so equal to love.

  • jaspiir

    We’ve all taken showers, right?

    … There. Nudity problem solved.

  • I can only assume that due to Pinter’s confusion at what Angora said, means that he is either really intoxicated, or Angora has some sort of accent.

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