In which Pinter remembers why he lives alone under a tree.

Angora is pretty annoying, haha. She’ll get better, she just hasn’t talked to anyone in a while! I’m feeling odd about these pages, I’m not sure I’m getting the same energy I had in the sketch version. I’m getting something, but its not quite the same… yeah…

Not much else to add. Nearing the halfway mark for the chapter (it is 45 pages!)! At this pace we’ll be done late July, which isn’t bad, but still. Sorta slow. If you want to look at some other nice meek art, you can look at some of the newest and great updates at the fanart LJ.

I’ve been getting too much broken sleep lately, and too little of it. I’m going to try to sleep in tomorrow, sorry if there are mistakes on this page that I missed!

As ever, you can vote if you like, there are some chibis up today and the animation for the page will be up tomorrow! And in the meantime there’s always the Facebook, LJ or Twitter to keep you updated.

Have a nice weekend!


  • So Pinter is a cartographer? Didn’t see that one coming.
    I’ve alway though that cartographer is an interesting profession for fiction, strangely enough it’s rarely used.

    Oh, and you can hear the boiling kettle sound Pinter is starting to make ;)

    • oros

      There’s a cartographer in Monkey Island =D

      • Jac

        Monkey Island <3

  • whooomeek

    hi! this page is definitely a favourite. Angora is just… so persistent and adorable, and Pinters all grumpy. Both fun and funny characters :)

    can’t stop STARING at panel 2 cos it’s so good. i like the glint in her eyes and how you drew/coloured the map so the paper creases when she pokes it.

    • Agreed!! I had to force my eyes down to the next panels. I love her expression and the shape of her hand. And yes, her shiny eyes.

  • Nightsea

    I LOVE Angora’s comment of “..that must have been really, really boring!” Her excitement turns what would otherwise be an insult into a snerk-worthy statement.

    Panel 1 has to be my favorite here – it perfectly showcases Angora’s enthusiasm set against Pinter’s grumpiness. Looking forward to the next update!

  • august

    i absolutely adore pinter’s face in the last panel. it just reads, “karma can’t exist.” and the fact that angora just does not notice, AT ALL, makes it all the better.

  • Snowpea

    Wow, this comic is such a wonderful discovery (via Phoenix Requiem).

    I love the quality of the lines, the colours and the shading! Oh and the way the story is shaping up, too! LOL

    It’s lovely! You’ll need to make sure you can convert this to print one day.

  • Kitty

    Ohh geez Angora YOU’RE INSANE. I wuv oo.

  • AHHAHA I love Angora, she’s so annoying and awesome!

  • Awww Angora. I really like Angora’s expression in the second panel, especially her smile; she’s so cute and nosy. Waiting for smoke to start coming out of Pinter’s ears.~

  • rainey

    Angora has such a short attention span, awww <3 I love her annoying childishness, it fits her so well.

  • Lee

    wow Angora’s annoying (but hilarious) I like how the backstory information is revealed through conversation not just through boring flashbacks. GOOD JOB

    • Thanks! There is nothing in the world more annoying than boring exposition!

  • I’m not going to lie– you’ve got Pinter set up on the site to be something of a major minor character, but I’m pulling for him to be in the main cast of characters. I really, really enjoy him as a character; but then again, I enjoy that archetype in general.

    Anyways, I understand the feeling as if you’re losing energy in the comic. Not that you actually are, but I know how it feels to create something lengthy, only to feel that it’s becoming lackluster compared to everything previously–that it lacks the energy, and can’t keep up with everything else. It’s a feeling that every writer (like myself) and comic artist goes through every now and then. You just have to be honest with yourself; look at the page(s) a few days later, and examine them and your earlier works like you’re ready to tear a rough draft to pieces. Then, if it genuinely does feel as if you’re losing energy, you can make attempts to fix it (colors, dramatic actions, and the like for comics) in the coming page(s).

    However! I think in you’re case, you just FEEL like you’re losing steam. You’re not, though. This page contains the same, if not more, energy as your previous pages, as it shows Angora in the closest thing to a healthy social situation–right at this moment. It’s a great “social low point;” something that can be later used as a comparison to her when she’s matured more later on. Not to mention it’s pretty funny.

    So don’t worry, you’re not losing steam. Not as far as the comic pages suggest. But, like I said, if you ever feel as if you are losing steam, just take a couple days off, cross examine the bulk of your work after you haven’t thought about it for a couple of days, and determine it from there.

    • Thanks! Its not like I’m losing energy, per se, more like its a bit different… its just more natural for me to sketch out emotions on paper than it is for me to do it digitally, I feel like I’m missing some accuracy or something when I do these straight on the comp. I did a few practice sketches yesterday and they all turned out more lively and distinct than my tablet ones… not to say these are bad, but I do feel like they could be better. Especially with the faces, they all seem a bit off to me and I will need to change them when I do my edits…

      And don’t worry, I’m not losing steam! I don’t think I should stop unless necessary, I think I have a nice momentum going right now, thankfully.

  • I get so excited about you updating now! I love Angora, she’s fun. XD This chapter is so boob/moobtastic, it’s grand. I like that you have characters using their hands and bodies to show emotion rather than just their faces, and as usual your coloring/color palette is fantastic. I have a question about the site, I don’t know if you can answer here as I have no idea how the heck this thing works….Did you use Comic Press to make the site or did you code the entire thing in another way?

    • Haha, well I didn’t actually make the site myself, I hired a friend to do it! He did use comicpress/ wordpress, but I have no clue how he managed to customize it the way he did.

      • Oh, nice! It looks really really great, I was thinking that it wasn’t because it looks so nice. XD

  • Sarah

    What is this in the casting section about Pinter being a minor character? That cannot stand! I love him already, and it’s only twenty-one pages in. ;3;

    • Haha, minor as in not one of the main three, but he is still very significant. The story revolves around those three but all of the people in the cast page have their own chapters and such and are important to the story. Thanks for your love!

  • Linden

    Oh, I so feel for Pinter here. I’m a bit of a control freak about my stuff, and I’d be at my wits end if someone was jabbing at something I’d toiled over with care! It’s going to be awesome watching the two of them navigate together!

  • pinter’s expression in the last panel, ahahahaha. oh dear.

    if i’m right from what i dug up on your sketch lj though, pinter’s normally not very outspoken is he? so he might be in this for the long haul if he can’t bring himself to physically kicking her outside.

    but we have learned from this that angora can read. which i was wondering, since it seems a bit like she was raised in the wild.

    • He is actually pretty outspoken, I guess here he’s still sort of confused as to what’s going on! That will change in the next few pages, haha.

      And yes, Angora is literate. In the flashback from the last page she also had clothes on, so its not like she’s from some crazy aboriginal tribe or anything… I won’t say anything more since it’ll be laid out later on!

  • wyrd

    Haha, Pinter is so harassed.

    I like your spaceing the words, “Listen. Angora,” with a period instead of with a comma. That’s more like a person would speak, as opposed to something that would be written in a book. Does that make sense?

    I like Angora’s expression in the second panel. She looks like she needs to be taken to a quiet corner to calm down.

    I hope you get plenty of sleep tonight! Have a nice week!

    • Haha, thanks! I do that a lot, mostly with bland questions (I like to end them with a period instead of a question mark)… I’m glad it reads okay!

      And thanks! I am soo looking forward to getting some unbroken sleep, hehe!

  • Wex

    This is both hilarious and adorable. It’s good to know that you’re excellent at dialogue and characterization as well as art.

  • sweet_gardenia


    Forgive me but after the other comment made about the ahem vag tent…Pinter’s comment is unintentionally hilarious

    ahahah Angora, there were so many kids like her I had to deal with in daycare.

    ” WHAT’S THIS *poke* ”
    ” That’s a ma…” ” OMG REALLY WHAT’S THIS? *poke* ”
    ” That’s my cartogr…” ” AWESOME WHAT’S THIS? *poke* ”

    And then Pinter at this point is like ” wouldyouSTOPthat? ” I can see that thought in his last face hee I adore the dialogue exchange in this page. You really catch their individual personalities through the words :)

    So him making the map and his dad being the master cartographer that’s why he’d put his name on it?

    • lol I won’t lie and say the same thought hadn’t crossed my mind (except mine was framed as a “That’s what she said!” joke).

      Ugh yeah why are kids always like that? I had one kid I worked with that did just that every single freaking session, it got on my nerves very much. Unfortunately I couldn’t control his pacing or dialogue.

      He “works” for his dad (“Roman deJersi and Sons”) so their logo gets stamped on everything. But Pinter is responsible for this map, since he was using it for something that will be revealed in the future!

  • marinatedfish

    oh, I do too like this page for its humour, this time. Nothing to add to the precious comments, though. Well-done dialogue action here. XD

  • “So there!” I like how that settles that. Sure showed you, Pinter! hahaha! I absolutely love Angora.

  • A.L.

    Wow Angora sure likes bothering other people’s stuff.Reminds some of you of your siblings,cept with less the half nakedness.

  • weeeeird

    “that must’ve been really really boring…” ahahah
    this is a great find!
    i will read it all through out…

    i can already see this on 3d animation. hope pixar sees this and hope they allow nudity! XD

  • Hahahaha Angora’s lines are awesome here! Her expressions as well. She loves being annoying or she has absolutely no sense of tact? Poor Pinter! :P

  • But, she was all mopey and needlessly introspective just a few pages ago…

    • She’s a bit temperamental…

      • Theodora

        Mercurial is the word I’d use to describe Angora by now.
        (First time commenting, been stalking the site since the chapter cover was uploaded. >< )

        On my own note, I <3 Pinter, lawl.
        And something about his last name struck me. In Latin “de-” is one of many prefixes meaning from, so I’m reading deJersi as “from Jersey” (replacing the “i” with “ey”). So, naturally, the thought “Pinter’s from New Jersey?!” occurs.

  • yim-yam

    omh i love how you seem to be setting up for a larger adventure! it feels like it’s going to be more exciting than when she was running from the lumber workers!
    or if not that then a set up for pinters background!


  • yim-yam

    omg! i just realized! I CAN BE LIKE ANGORA SOMETIMES! it drives my friends an family crazy! haha i forgot that i took the cap off my pop bottle and started twisting the top of the bottle, but ypu don’t care about that!

  • Dean

    I love Pinter and his sexy, sexy man-boobs more with every irritable, drunken panel. <3 Pinter is such an anti-hero, I can’t help but adore him.

  • OOOOOOoooooo What does this button do? XD

  • yim-yam

    HI brianne! you’re at the last page so far!

    that was for my friemd. ignor it

  • I really like Angora’s face in panel 2.

  • Kasha

    Haha Angora is funny.
    I really like you draw expression!

  • MORE!! i just read them all in the past couple minutes and i added you on deviantart but i want more!!!!

  • Pinter’s ‘barge into your tent’ comment nearly killed me. Last time I eat cake while reading your comics.

    I also love (as has been stated many times by other people) the way you drew the second panner. I find the creases in the map so… perfect. Also Angora’s eyes, and the shiny glint they have. IS THAT A SUPAH POWAH??

    *Pokes Pinter’s map*

    By the way, I find it odly amusing that Pinter seems so unphased by the fact this random naked girl is in his tent…

  • Otaku-sama

    the first panel is like: “Hey! something is on you face… ” hahahah! XD

    by the way, Angora should learn to deal with drunk people heheeh! :P (although Pinter is actually too much patient for a drunk, or has the fact of being awaken by a naked girl took away the drunk state? XD )

  • Besu

    Hiya. Found this site through deviantart, and I have to say, it’s pretty rockin’. I just wanted to drop by and say how much I love the amazing expressions on your characters. (And I personally find it refreshing to see a character running around in the nude, totally heedless of things like modesty. Rock on.)

  • Failermon

    Ahahaha. The last panel, I love it. ‘Cause Pinter’s all like WTF ARE YOU DOING GTFO and Angora’s totally oblivious. xD

  • very nice story. I like the way you proceed in the events of the story. and the style is amazing. keep up the good art. can’t wait to read the rest…


  • Woot! Meek’s at number six!! I love this comic soooo much. Every day I check the site to see if there’s a new page up. ^^ (Angora’s expression in panel two is made of win. *nod nod*)

    • Haha, I know, my mind is also slightly blown by the TWC success. New page will be up tomorrow!

  • Blue

    Second panel <3
    I love the way you have each finger curling in a slightly different way, it adds a subtle but crazy energy :D

    Also, I am not sure how to say Pinter’s name. Is is Pie-nter, or Pih-nter? I like them both right now, but if I go too long without knowing I just know I am going to get all attached to the wrong pronunciation :(

    • Haha, thank you! Glad you noticed the fingers, they looked very boring all lined up like I’d had originally. And his name is pronounced like Pin-ter (pin as in “clothespin”).

      • Laure

        Reminds me of my ponies name, Halfpint only for Pinter, it’d be fullpint, please. ;)
        um….all meant in good sport…..

  • Sparn

    It took me a little while to realize that Angora has now introduced herself to Pinter twice, likely in a span of minutes in-comic.

    Although, since she first said it immediately after waking up Pinter, and interrupting him, I’m not sure that he would have been paying attention anyhow.

    • Haha, that was actually horrible writing on my part. I’ve fixed it though, thanks so much for paying attention and pointing it out!!

  • Heh, I have to say, I keep coming back to your site over and over.

    I’ve been working on my own comic lately, and yours is just so clean and professional that I draw a lot of inspiration from it. The colors, too, are lovely. It’s nice to see so much devotion put into each page.

  • Jellomix

    Wow, someone looks ready to kill… Angora on the other hand reminds me of an excited puppy. One that would shred all you furniture when you’re not watching…
    I’m still impressed at what a gentleman Pinter is for not staring at her boobs. I guess he’s not interested in that sort of thing?

    For some reason, I don’t think he’s the same guy she bumped into earlier. He just has a different vibe. :

    • He’s probably too bothered by the privacy invasion to stare! haha, or maybe he’s too sober to care.

  • shallot

    Ahahahaha. Pinter is love .

  • Smash42

    Most excellent comeback.

  • Rayne

    Hey im starting my own comic and i was wondering how you did your word bubbles?

    • I do them by hand, actually! It takes a while but I like the effect.

      • Rayne

        really? Do you mean in illustrator with a wacom table?

        • Well, in photoshop with a tablet. By hand I mean I draw them using my hand, vs using the pen tool or something.

  • Rayne

    Oh well i wasnt sure, so do you go over them in photoshop then?

    • I draw the entire comic directly on the computer, so I just freehand them based on scribbled layouts.

  • Rayne

    oh yeah we have wacom tablets at are school and we have been working on this for around a month and i was just curious

    I hope you dont mind me bugging you so much but my friend whose also taking the class was wondering how you did the coloring so damn well, do you just spend a lot of time on it?

  • Hello from dA (I’m Nethrion on there :D)

    Happy to see the final version of the incentive sketch~!
    I still ADORE Pintsy’s last line for the exploitative possibilities (either that or rabid Avatar fanshipping viruses have finally violated my sensibilities).

    Keep up the excellent work, and DON’T DIE D:

  • Cayce P

    Last panel made me flash to Luke and Yoda on Dagobah, when Yoda is fishing around in Luke’s stuff! :D awesome.

    btw, great comic. (sorry, novel!) <3

  • danielle

    out of curiosity…how did angora learn to read?

  • Woxsea

    I dont Have a tent so there HAHA

  • Twigs

    I love Pinter’s exasperated hands in the last panel x)

  • Your character designs and facial expressions are just gorgeous.

  • Caleb Hawn

    Hey, I’m new here. Just dancing found this on Top Web Comics and randomly decided to start reading. This character, Agora, really reminds me of Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

    • Caleb Hawn

      I meant to say randomly. Autocorrect changed it dancing, and there’s no way to edit it. Lol

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