Its been a long time/ shouldn’tve left you/ without a dope beat to step to/ wiki wiki uh uh what
(my internet Timberland impression, thank you, thank you)

Sorry for late post! But its here now. In the future you can keep on top of news like me sucking on Twitter or the Facebook, if you’re not already. Or you can hunt me down IRL and kick me till I stop moving.

I hate messing with that map so much, uggghhh. I could probably make a master map file instead of pasting/ drawing important stuff on it every time but THAT WOULD BE TOO EASY. Also I realized this comic has had a alarming lack of spit takes, so that has been corrected FFFFFFFF

I’m reading a book about a plague at the moment, haha. Maybe not the best choice since I tend to freak out about giant disasters (especially population dependent ones). The one in the book is a nano-robot plague (oh so original) that consumes organic matter to propagate. A lot of melted lungs!

Okay, gotta get back to work/ freak out about other stuff now. See you Saturday!


  • this is funny – i love how angroa is so curious…

    btw, where could i see your pre-work? Do you still have your sketches and comics before you got to this stage. I think it would be great to see that :)

    keep it up… i wonder what they are gonna go next

    • I do have them, but they’re not online anymore! However I’ll be posting all the sketches after the chapter concludes, so everyone can see the older version. At this point this newer version has been like 95% reworked so it’ll be cool to have the two versions side by side.

  • Natalia

    HA! Spit takes are hilarious.

    Also, I love Angora’s eyes in those last few panels… so intense.

  • Thomas

    Underconstruction Part II. That album had some good music on it. I preferred “Hold On” and “Insane” the most though.

    What exactly is that guy drinking? I assume it’s alcohol of some form but it’s clear. Is water really valuable in this world?

    • Yeah, its alcohol. Its probably something like vodka- a kind of distillate. He’s trying to not drink it but he’s kind of failing!

  • I adore Pinter. Much love for him ^_^

  • It’s awesome, I love it! And yay, things happening! I don’t mean that the beginning was bad, but I’m really happy we’re moving on in the plot!<3 Heh, the last panel is awesome! Poor Pinter, that was hard xD I’m looking forward to the next page!=D

    • Haha, yeah, I feel like the plot is being shoved through a bucket of molasses or something… in slooooww motiooonn…

  • Konira Thax

    A much needed spit take, makes all comics worth the paper they’re printed/drawn/inked on. If not paper, all of the MB/KB they take up.
    Story is kicking up, can’t wait for more. :3

  • Caitlin

    Spit take!

    Great job, as usual. I love the up close of Angora’s eyes with all the shades of green and gold. Lovely.

  • KyrieAlazen

    nano-robot plague…..that wouldn’t be a michael crichton book by chance, would it? :) And love the comic! Keep it up!

    • No, its a different book. I’ve read enough of this kind of stuff to add “nanobot plague” to my list of things to be afraid of.

  • Ted Thompson

    Boy her thoughts turn on a dime don’t they? :)

    Good stuff.

  • Tams

    It’d be cool to see the full-length map, city names and all…since I’m a dork and I like stuff like that….

    Why do I frigging fangirl over Pinter so much? I love how grumpy and matter-of-fact he is…and he’s roly-poly…maybe that’s it.

    Yes, Pinter, why DON’T you take her? :D

  • y2jenn

    I adore Pinter. He’s so very… well, he’s… He’s kinda an irritable butthead, isn’t he? I love these two together. You’ve given them such a neat back-and-forth relationship. Can’t wait to see how the next pages turn out.

    And you’re not reading Prey, are you?

    • Irritable butthead is a good summary!

      And no, though Prey was hilarious. I miss MC… The one I’m reading now is some random book from the library called Plague Year. It is sort of hard core.

      • y2jenn

        I miss MC toooooo. Prey was so epically ridiculous. How I loved it.

        Plague Year… I’m intrigued!

        • crackers

          thought it was prey too…i’m guessing its the one by jeff carlson? not that i would have time to read it :(
          always time for webcomics though

  • Miku

    …why does it read “rip” on the map, in the upper right pannel? =O

    Is it…by any chance, influence of the book you`re reading? =P

    • Haha, no, it has to do with the plot (not to say that I’m not being influenced though!)

      • Dave

        it says RIP Loving something something, I’m presuming its the place where pinters father died

  • Angora just comes out and asks. I love her. Spit take. :giggle: <3

    Oh what color are Angora’s eyes? Green with some orange in it?

    • Her eyes are hazel! I have a friend who has eyes like her, its crazy.

  • marinatedfish

    OHH Priceless Pinter expression!!!
    Oh, there’s not only a RIP on th map, but also a tiny cross. Now, that must mean somebody’s died there (Why thank you Holmes!)
    And oh, I see the plot is going to head in a quite different direction here, isn’t it? I don’t see how the RLC ship was involved in the original plot!
    Hey, who do you think would do that, hunt you down and kick you?
    Don’t you think people have a bit more vivid fantasy? XD

  • oh jeez hahahaa snorting moonshine…WILL NOT FEEL GOOD.

    i’m delighted by pinter so much, oh man. his solution to the whole problem. “i’ll just do what she wants and she’ll go. i hope. nnng :|”

    angora really goes with whatever idea pops into her head, eh?

  • brad

    awesome stuff
    you should totally do a world map 2 page spread style, people always love maps
    i’d say halfway through the series would be a good place for it

    • Thats a good idea, that would be a good bonus spread type thing if I get this printed out.

      • brad

        i forgot, he says north, but it looks like east to me

        • Yeah, the map is sideways (so it will fit on his wall). I’m not sure if its obvious yet but its the US West coast, minus some information…

          • Edhelith

            So is it the actual US west coast, or did you just used the coast as an inspiation/outline for a fictional land?

  • Oh, those two! I love when they interact. The fourth panel is great, it almost seems a little sweet…and then in the fifth panel, it’s fantastic the way Pinter stops paying attention completely.

    • Oh shit I just realized I didn’t even color that jar he’s holding in panel 5. DUURR

  • The Athiest God

    No Pinter, most roads lead AWAY from the Captial Citeran, but sometime people walk along them the wrong way ;)

    • Edhelith

      Does this mean Pinter wil give up drinking and take up cigars and badassery when he gets there?

  • TheAntimonyElement

    I love how your colors are intense but not sickly-saturated…it doesn’t look like we’re living in Crayon World OR Tim Burton World. I’m very impressed. Love how this is going, can’t wait to see what’s next!

  • sweet_gardenia

    Angora: Pinter! Take me to the center NOW!

    Pinter: That’s what she said! I mean….FFFFFFFFF *beerspray*

    hahaha no I’m not Pingora OTP crazy I promise. Although I do really love their banter, you make it so smooth and hilarious.

    I predict that Pinter will be like HELL NO and Angor will be like PLZ 8C and then Pinter will be like OK FINE FINE grumble. ‘Cause seriously who could say no to Angora? awe

    I am guessing cross means religious/holy city of some sort? like maybe a Vatican-type of place for pilgrimages or whatever?

    next page plz

  • sugarapplesweet

    Well, that’s one way to keep some of the alcohol out of his system. XD

    I came over from Johnny Wander a while back, and although this is my first time commenting, I just have to say that I’m loving how strong not only the artwork is, but the characters as well. Such a refreshingly good read. ^_^

    Keep going strong!

  • 'N' a.k.a. 'J' a.k.a 'E'

    Robot plague … oh you mean the old “gray goo” theory in which nanobots are made to be capable of self-replication by means of dismantling and salvaging atoms (most notably carbon atoms) from nearby atomic structures (i.e. people) and turning the world into a kind of “gray goo” made of the nanobots themselves.

    Man it’s been a while since I’ve heard someone bring up that old theory. Though I must admit, it doesn’t sound quite all that far-fetched nowadays what with the recent advances in the field of nano-robotics (particularly in the areas of nano-engines and power-generators).

    By-the-by, I absolutely love the comic. Out of all the comics (which is most likely more than I should) I read this is certainly among the most well-drawn and I just can’t wait to see what happens next.

  • Lunalover009

    lol Angora’s so cute, in an uneducated wild child kinda way

  • Naktarr

    I miss Pinter’s pony tail. Please bring it back. Its probably lots, crying and alone out there somewhere…

  • Katherine

    Now you shall be afraid of the swine flu. Looks pretty serious. It’s a new virus too, so this could get really out of hand. |: (

  • Moons

    I love how he spits out his drink in the end. XD

  • Hey, so you know, this looks really good and reads really well when you’ve saved all the pages and viewed them in sequence on CDisplay!

  • Loving the squiggly word balloon pointers!

  • Yanocchi

    Probably my favorite set of characters in this comic. They make such a great odd couple.

    Also, vote incentive? I SAW WHUT U DID THAR. XD

  • cedarwolf22

    lollol the fifth and sixth panels… so easy to imagine in slow motion with dramatic music.
    I like how the tree is poking through the tent there too- like Pinter’s been there long enough for it to grow through the canvas or something!

  • Someone who stared at the vote incentive too long


  • Laure

    Just wanted to say I really appreciate your hard work on the comic. This is my offering of praise and honor. :) I guess you could say it’s comment currency. Just don’t burn yourself out for the sake of our readership. We’re lucky to get to see what is available. THANXS!

  • Lambcake

    Hey, new reader here ::waves:: This is absolutly gorgeous. Seriously. I love how you can make the human body look so natural and yet so expresive at the same time. The lighting is amazing too. And I love how Angora has the exact same eye color as mine, ha ha. Keep up the fabulous work!

    Oh, and spit takes most definetly make the world go round. :)

  • Good choice.

  • “I don’t have a tent! So there!”, awhwhahawhawhaw I just loved it.
    Sorry about the belated apprecciation and all. I think this page is one of the best coloured pages you did this far, don’t know why. Oh, and he’d hate me for saying this, but Pinter’s such a doll. <3
    That map’s amazing, by the way.
    Good luck with the plague book. D;

  • I think Angora’s hair is the most beautiful shade of green <33 You make it look really natural on her :3

  • Amy

    Huzzah for spit takes! Comics need to use them more often.

    One question about Pinter… why is the top of his nose brown? Shadow? Birthmark? Sign of too much alcohol? It intrigues me.

    Keep up the awesomeness!

    • That brown nose shows up on people of a certain ethnicity in this comic, they are northerners. The degree of brownness varies from person to person! Later it will be more obvious that quite a few people have them, but for now it probably looks really weird, haha.

      • Amy

        Ah! I see. And now I know… and knowing is half the battle! =)

  • Silver Lady

    Incredible how patient Pinter is… He´s really sweet! :)

  • Steph

    “The Center” reminds me of Rome, lol. Way back though…

  • I think… I choose… YOU! PIKACHU!


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