Hello! you can tell I’m going to switch scenes cuz there is a BACKGROUND. Ooh.

This page was hard to do! Had a lot of small stuff to color. But still pretty fun and rife with sad truths.

I’m out of things to say, ugh. I had a long day. Tomorrow is the same… I choose not to get annoyed at the folks asking me to update faster, if you want to give me money to do this then maybe I can spare not to go to work XD In the meantime, you have to wait until I have free time to make free things. Why not use your energy towards madly clicking on the vote button?? haha

As always, Twitter, LJ and Facebook exist! I, however, do not, I will see you on Saturday. Meow!


  • Sarah

    Oh Pinter. Yes you have more to cover up, but we love it. I love your usage of expressions. Pinter’s realization of stinky water is priceless!

  • Kurios

    So uhh…I dunno if you’ve answered this, but WHAT is on Pinter’s head? It’s always baffled me.

    Also, second panel = priceless. A total “UUUUUUWUUUHH?” moment.

    • whatwith

      Seconded! I’ve been curious about that, too, but I didn’t want to be the one to ask. Thank you!

    • Haha, its a kind of metal skull cap. Its sort of ridiculous. He’s not Jewish, btw, their culture just wears them quite often (along with the scarves).

      • I suppose nothing else is actually required? Not shirts for sure. ;)

        • I’m pretty sure it’s too hot in here for wearing shirts. Especially if there’s a scarf on.

      • Konira Thax

        I was wondering what it was. Like, the whole time I saw Pinter I was like ‘Heh, what’s with the tiny hat?’ XD

        • Lady J

          Heh, I had actually thought he was wearing a half a clam shell. Very lovely work!

          ~ Lady J

      • Kurios

        So he actually has hair there and isn’t bald with a weird head? XD

    • Authorette_XP

      Lol, thanks for asking! I was actually planning to myself but you already have. ^.^ And YEAH, second panel ROCKED.

  • Rogue

    is he rolling a joint/cigarette? Love this Comic hahaha!

    • A cigarette XD No grass in this comic except for the kind you mow.

  • *chuckles* “You have more chest to cover up than I do!” >-< Made me laugh so much I had to comment on it.

  • y2jenn

    Stupid fat Pinter… egads, I LOVE these two. His keister crack KILLED me. My kiddo walked over wanting to know what the hell I was giggling at. His response was “…is she naked?” Absolutely love the movement and expressions on this page. I had to stare at the background in panel 5 for a few minutes before I could tear myself away long enough to write this comment. Goooood page!

    • lol I had to put in the crack, there was no way to resist it! Or butt-cleavage, as my brother calls it.

  • Chobah

    Pinter’s face in the second panel is AMAZING. XD

  • Oh noes. Angora just called Pinter out on his man-boobs.

    This comic is so funny without having to throw jokes at everything. The characters just act naturally and create funny but believeable situations.

    • whoooomeek

      so true so true! xD

  • Aubrey

    And thus all the more prudish readers release a sigh of disappointment, as Angora refuses to wear pants.

    This is a beautiful scene, Shing. Keep up the great work. Don’t get annoyed at those pesky whiny emailers either. It’s not worth it. Just think, at least I (a single lone reader) appreciate your work the way it is!

    • Ebony

      *sigh* :D Sorry, I feel a bit more comfortable when the characters at least have some type of covering… I guess I am a prude… D: *sighs again*

      In any case, very funny page, I totally thought the water-stuff was supposed to be scientific in some way, but I guess Pinter is just a homely bachelor after all…

  • Yuki

    I love your comic <3 And don’t take what annoying people say to heart :3 I’m just glad you update a couple times a week~! It’s not that important which days it is. Cause your art is colored and pretty and wonderful.

  • Meggalrock

    D: Pinter you ASS! There just went your chances of ever getting laid! D:<

    But keep it up! I am amused. <3

    I love this comic. I wish I was there.

  • the slug on the bottle. oh god, i love it.

    bad smells to add to the tent: decay and rolled cigs.

    • I read somewhere that slugs like the taste of beer? I think I read it in Watership Down actually, ahah.

      • then slugs must loooove pinter XB
        i can see him secretly feeding them, too. all like “GOD I HATE THESE SLUGS…*leaves a lettuce leaf on the floor for them*”

  • whoooomeek

    HAHAHHAHAHHAA! this page is one big LOL xD (i mean that in a good way of course)
    manboobs, butt cracks, a smack in the face and pinters “stinky wa-…” expression? i just about died laughing!

    really like pinter in panel 3, i think you drew him in perfectly. i totally get the feeling that he’s a heavy (and partially drunk) guy struggling to stand up. it’s amazing how you manage to give your drawings “weight”, if you know what i’m trying to say.

    • Thanks! I had to draw that pose a few times from different angles to see what he was doing… I guess its kind of hard to get up fast when you’re fat and drunk and stuck in a little tent XD

      • whoooomeek

        you’re welcome! … stuck in a little tent… hehe xD

  • Basil

    Dear Pinter,

    Oh burn.


  • I love how Pinter is so very worried about his booze. If I lived in a tent in the middle of the woods with nothing but alcohol to keep me company, I’d be concerned too.

    Don’t worry, I’ll never ask you to update faster. Anytime you update is a good time for me!

    • Haha, thanks XD I get a little annoyed with the complaints sometimes cuz its not like I’m cheating about the updates, I’m still making them 2x a week as promised… Its tough to balance this and all my other work but I guess it serves me right for not making a backlog first…

  • angela

    hahaha that’s COLD! Poor Pinter XD

  • I think it’s obnoxious that people get on your case about updating. It’s an awesome comic, but you’re not our b****. We’re not paying you. It’s amazing that you even bother to do this for free, the quality of work that it is. That’s just plain rude. Keep up the great work!

    • Haha, thanks. Its okay, just a bit annoying to get poked at all the time. I’m already going as fast as I can!

  • This second panel is just priceless
    It cracks me up XD

  • rainey


    I love his face in the second panel.

  • Cyrik

    This is your hobby, thank you for sharing your hobby with us. If your hobby could support you as a job, I’m sure you would love that. When that does happen, then people can expect the level of professionalism that would be found in your current career.

    Instead of complaining, click on the vote button or find some constructive way to help his hobby become his career.

    • Thanks for the kind words! As long as I’m able I’ll keep posting this kind of quality of work, believe me, it just takes a lot of time and effort (as do most things worth looking at…)

  • Cyrik

    I was directed towards Neil Gaiman’s blog recently regarding his thoughts on the subject of Entitlement. I think you should read it too, it starts a little bit down at the bolded text.

  • Again, that second panel is great. I can just picture darkness and the sound of footsteps, then we hear a “click” and a little Pinter pulls the cord to turn on the light in his head. Classic image you’ve drawn.

    And what is Angora doing in the 5th panel? Is she holding her own boobs, while making fun of his, or did you forget what you were doing with her hands? I’m not trying to be mean, it just looks a little odd.

    And remember, “We don’t need no stinking updates.” Take your time, work and school are much more important. And props to anyone who can tell me what that quote is referencing.

    • We don’t need no steenking batches?

      She’s gesticulating at her own boobs, to show his size relative to her own XD The arm connection looks odd to me but it works if I carry it outside the panel, so I kept it…

  • CyberSkull

    I just noticed, is his head shaved or is that a cap of some sort?

  • Kyrie

    Ha ha ha ha. Moobs! lovin this and can’t wait to see more! :)

  • Korilian

    “You have more chest to cover up then I do!”
    Hahaha. Angora is my hero. Don’t shave your legs either girlfriend!

    I get that people want you to update faster. I know I’m always desperate for the next page, but the truth is that one page EVERY WEEK at this quality is pretty damn impressive.

  • Treyos

    Wow, she’s harsh! ;)

    And for the record, one or two comics a week at this level of quality is plenty to keep me happy. Some people are just never satisfied. I mean, it’s free, what’s to bitch about? If they want it more often, they should try making their own comic. ;P

  • Kitty

    …tiny thing, but I always used to lick my paper after I’d rolled – the way Pinter’s doing it looks like a good way to get sticky fingers and tobacco everywhere. HOWEVER I may just have given away my appalling squarehood, so who knows. It is highly possible that everyone else does it that way and I never noticed. XD

    (nb still 10,000 buckets of awesome on every page)

    • Haha, oops I guess the fact that I’ve never rolled a cigarette (or smoked one) is sort of obvious. But it looks funny so… thanks for the correction though, I may change that detail.

  • I love this comic x3 And YOU TELL EM <3 You have a life too! ROFL! We can wait for the next update~ Plus, some other people take MONTHS to update~ You’re doing fine :3

  • Sir Reginaldo

    That was sweet, and freaking funny :3 You should enjoy expanding on that one, hahahaha. Man Pinter is a good source of humor, so don’t lose him.

  • You update twice a week. That’s more than most webcomics (of this genre) can boast. Even if you miss your intended date by a day or two, you always get two updates in every week. If someone wants you to update faster–then that person is just a little silly. You’re already doing better than most of your peers; asking for more, as a reader, is just being greedy.

    This message made more sense in my head than it did after writing it. Hm . . .

  • Madrigol Hattigan

    I really like this story!! lol, you should join deviantART, i think you’ll find some like minds

  • Maaike

    lawl, this is getting dramatic!

  • dusky_rue


    People are bugging you for updates!?


    You already…


    Show them to me and I shall thrash them soundly with a pillow-case full of limes. >:| >:|

    Really though, isn’t it, like, some sort of breach of webcomic-etiquette to pester the artist for MORE updates when they’re already updating twice a week and doing it FOR FREE? And if it’s not it should be because that is so unbelievably rude.

    Also, Pinter’s face in that second panel cracks me up.

    • Haha, I understand impatience and all, its okay… I probably shouldn’t write about it either since it makes me look whiny. Either way I’m going as fast as I can so comments from me or readers are both pretty moot!

    • I agree D:
      It’s so rude to say that you want more updates when the comic is free.

  • aaron

    dude, this page is awesome. good acting per usual… love that last panel..the vote incentive for that panel is nice. also, updating twice a week is already a feat in itself dude. with a job thats ALOT of work and you should be getting a pat on the back…not bitched at… so keep up the good pace and great work…..

  • Robynn

    FWAHAHA! Pinter got pwnd! Go Angorra!
    Panel 2 = LOVE!

  • Lunalover009

    omg i can never get tired of angora’s personality, so funny lol

  • Omigosh, I love The Meek so much so far! I told some of my friends about it, but they don’t like comics they say :P
    But I love this.

    Do you think you will make a colouring tutorial for the shading/colouring/etc you use in this comic? I really like how you shade, and I’d like to know how to do it.
    And speech bubbles. I don’t know if you draw those yourself or not, but they’re really cleanly done.

    • Thanks! And no, probably no tutorial, since I don’t know what I’m doing most of the time… the bubbles though, are drawn by hand :)

      • It’s really awesome drawings for not knowing what you’re doing!
        Hm, I’ll have to figure out how to draw speech bubbles that nicely!
        Ever since I started reading this, I’ve been checking the website every week. It’s really exciting when you come out with a new page!

  • Moob joke! Ooh, burn!
    Stop fighting you guys! Why can’t y’all just be friends? Oh yeah, ’cause then there’s no story. XD Great job as always!

  • Mulley.

    Haha poor Pinter, with the clothing right into the face ;D
    Angora is my hero. I’m glad she took away Pinter’s booze haha, he’s a badass, with his smoking & drinking problems.

    Oh & I’d like to add that I miss the salamander :'(

  • Moons

    So that’s what the stinky water was…
    “You have more chest to cover up than I do!” Haha! That was pure gold. I’ll have to remember that.

  • sweet_gardenia

    XD Angora seems to be going for a record of making guys run after her. Orrrrrr…maybe Pinter will just settle heavily back into his tent, throw a ” AN’ DON’T COME BACK. YEAH. ” out there and then pass out. With his slug to keep him company :3

    also if people want you to update faster tell ’em to go make their own damn comic and you’ll go and bug them everyday going WHERE’S A NEW COMIC OMG UR SO SLO. Twice a week is fine for working stiffs. I’m amazed I can get a page out a week personally just drawing (badly) I dunno how you do it with twice a week with the level of quality I see here! :)

    GO YOU <3

    • Haha, I think he will choose the heavy settle option XC Its probably better for all involved if he doesn’t start running around like a fat dork in the middle of the night.

  • Sorry about bugging you for more updates. It’s just so good, it’s hard to wait for Wednesday/Sunday, you know? ;)

    • Actually, I’ve been updating Wed/ Sat! So thats a day early in case you usually check on sunday :B

  • Enigma

    mwahahahaaaaa! you have more to cover up! that’s a good one!

    heeheeeee! :)

  • The Muffin

    It´s really strange that she has no clothes. Is it fun to draw her naked xD ?
    I ♥ you comic. Keep working :)

    P.S. I´m sorry if my english isn´t perfect. I´m from germany so…

  • Jade

    Your comic is beautiful, don’t you mind those people, I appreciate the work you put into this to make it happen. I really shouldn’t have added ANOTHER comic to my list of sites to visit in the day, but when I came across this one, I just couldn’t resist. Good work <3

  • emilio

    so, does the guess haveee to be at the end of the month?

    • Yes, it does! There are still a few more letters and I don’t want to have to sift through a bunch of guesses until then :)

  • marinatedfish

    Angora’s got a point.
    Ah. Somewhat the stiffness of these clothes when they hit Pinter’s head is irritating.
    Maybe showing the flow of the material would be good?
    OR is this intentional? Then I wouldn’t want to wear them XD

    • Hm, I hadn’t noticed that about the clothes! I was trying to make them look solid enough to be a bit painful to be whacked with, haha. I don’t know if I will change that since I like that panel but it is a good point nonetheless.

      • marinatedfish

        Okay, since I neglected the question of the material there, the solidness may as well make sense. ;D

  • Two pages a week is a lot, this I know. Especially with it not being your job.

    It’s enough for me to actually forget there’s an update and every time I remember about the site, there is a new page. Ha ha.

  • Just came across the site and devoured everything in a sitting. Really great stuff so far, the art is fantastic! Keep it up!

  • Oh! I can leave comments here.. Somehow I have never noticed. As for the money business, if you printed this comic into a book at some point, I would totally buy it! (hopefully that will be some sort of incentive)

  • LMP

    Man-meries! get it man-meries, like mamory? llolololol

    love pinters expressions, as well as Angora’s comment of his moobs


  • my favorite is that little slug on the bottle. C:

  • Those are funky wicked trees. Also, DUDE! I did not realize his tent was IN the bushes. Smart, and cool looking.

  • Dean


    And finally we get to my favorite comment ever about Pinter’s chest. <3

  • Silver Lady

    Ah, mistery solved. Then that was just alcoholic drinks. And I thought it something scientical. How disappointing.

  • …What is he licking? lol

    • Erica

      I think he’s rolling a cigarette.

  • MissMercurial

    OH GOD
    “More chest” comment = ludicrously amazing XDDDD

    • Kaye

      OMG, I know.xDD

  • Tóxica

    Way to go, Angora!

  • Deeeee

    In the last panel you might want to make the first balloon higher than the second… I can figure out what order they are supposed to go in but for some reason I always read the middle one first and then the last one and get confused. =/

    I’m really loving this comic so far. The coloring really makes the pages come to life. I’m interested to see just how different it’s going to be from the 3 chapter sketch version you had posted to livejournal.

  • Awsome! the colors are simply amazing.
    Very well done!

  • Hel

    I think this is my favorite page XD Not only it is hilarious, it reflects a lot of effort in the making. I love the second and third panels. As someone said before, the big-guy-in-small-tent motion is awesome. And Pinter’s butt. Funny how a fat drunk can be so much an object of fangirling on the internet.

  • Kish

    Daym, running must really hurt her… womanly areas… y’know, her chesticles!

    I can barley stand up without a bra! (that is NOT too much information) and when she’s old she’s gonna have them down at her knees… ANYWHO. just a thought i got while staring ominously at your art.


    • LadyYuzuki

      Dude XD
      That’s funny lol
      Maybe if she could somehow live on the moon her chest will be better off lololol

  • Vicky

    What does she mean, alone? She’s got that little lizard waiting for her!

  • well she’s being stupid

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