Holy god its page 30!!!! Not my best page, sadly, I need to fix up some colors after I get home from work (Angora gets lost in that bottom panel due to some bad contrasts/ tangents). But overall I’m pretty impressed with myself for having the fortitude to keep drawing despite the lack of action or sideburns XD Well, some sideburns (but never enough).

Anyways, this is the INTENSE PLOT PAGE of the chapter/ first part of the story. And yes, this comic does have a beginning/ middle/ end/ plot and I am not just rambling everywhere insanely as I please. Though it could look like, haha… Anyways, hopefully you will keep this page in mind in the future! It will make sense eventually!

In other exciting news, the Facebook club (linked above) now has 1000 members! What the hell 83 Its so crazy that I know that at least 1000 people read this comic, that is probably more people than I’ve ever touched in my life (including randomly brushing by and such). Thats a lot of people. Give yourself a big hug and pretend its from me!

In real life I have some big decisions and options available to me, thanks to a phonecall I got today. I’m very scared and excited about where this may lead… in the meantime, I will distract both you and myself with naked jungle girl adventures! See you saturday!


  • Evan

    Awesome page! I love this comic!

  • pineapple

    beautiful panels as usual. I have to admit the dialogue in the third panel is a little cliche, but the epicness of good old grandpa balances everything out.

    I’m so excited now! I can’t wait to see what happens next!

    • Haha, its super cliche. But it was one of the first concepts from the comic that I liked, so I had to keep it! Hopefully the rest of the comic will be so crazy and not cliche that it will make up for it…somehow…

  • haha yeah this comic is awesome.
    i like the way you draw characters and such. :3c
    OH.. MAKE THAT 1001 PEOPLE! i don’t have a facebook.

  • candeldandel

    Oooh it’s getting creepy. I mean, I’m getting a creepy vibe… that poor creature looks so ragged :( vaguely Mononoke-y, now that I think about it.
    Reading good comics one page at a time is sooo excruciatingly nerve-wracking! <3

    • yim-yam

      ooo! yes i know what you mean! which part of the movie/ is it the part where the m***** w*** is dieing? (i had to censor it for those who haven’t seen it but those who have know what i am talking about! in the pond? remember?)

      • candeldandel

        Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s what it reminded me of… I haven’t seen it in a while, but I think it’s the eyes and the colors and even the movement. Long; sweeping. She has to run to keep up with his slow movement. Very effective!

  • EXCITING. I can’t wait for more. Keep up the good work!

  • Ponthion

    I love the lines “a woman who cries but sheds no tears” and “a man who hates in the name of love”
    Uuh, I get all excited thinking about chapter 2 :3
    The light in the first panel is great!

    • Haha, I can’t wait for Ch2 either XD XD And 3 is looking pretty good to me too, I can’t wait to have flat gradient backgrounds for once!

  • Love that third panel. Grandfather= LOOM.

  • Filipe

    A bit melodramatic but I liked it…

    • Thanks, it is a tad melodramatic XD There isn’t much of that anywhere else though.

  • Sir Reginaldo

    I think I know who the man who hates in the name of love is :3
    I have to say that this is exciting, with the build up to a informative nightmarish climax! RivetingX3

  • Elle

    Are you planning to turn this into a book at some point? I would totally buy it.

  • memory

    Glad to hear you had an interesting phone call. You’ve been telling a fascinating story, with rare style and character from the start. If you continue to self-publish, you’ll succeed. If you choose an outside publisher, you’ll still do great. Whatever you choose, best of luck to you.

    • Aw, thanks for the nice words! I’m glad you have high hopes for the comic :) The phonecall was about my non-comics career, but hopefully I can wrangle some kind of positive outcome out of that as well…

  • LMP

    awesome page
    if this were a purchasable novel i would so buy it, no matter the cost. that way i could have it forever ^^

    • Aw, very kind of you to say so!

      • LMP


        have you thought about publishing it?

        • Yes, but its only thinking at this stage! Actual doing will take a bit longer.

  • Miceparade

    Gah, ah! I hadn’t read the last three pages(was saving up) and came right onto this major spoil ;__; W-why is the last update linked directly to the main adress?

    Otherwise though – I love your work! I really like the design on this grandfather character, it seems like an innovative approach to this kind of archetype.

  • Me

    Lovely! And I get what everyone is saying about the monoke thing. I see it too. :3

    And I think I know who the “man who hates in the name of love” is. Tee-hee. :]

    <3 Me

    • Haha, you probably do XD Thanks for the comment…. me…

  • SecretWindow

    I’m absolutely loving this!
    I hope you publish this one day, I will buy this in a heartbeat.

    The plot so far is fantastic, and the character designs are adorable and creative. It draws you in and makes you want to read more.

    Good to hear about the phone call! I hope it benefits you and it goes well. Beneficial phone call is beneficial! :D

    Can’t wait to read the next page, and I really can’t wait for the next chapter.

  • HMFG!
    Amazing! I love it!

  • I adore the Jeff Smith vibe I’m getting from this page (or pretty much any page involving Angora’s grandfather). Your fluidity with your lines is great and I’m a big fan of your color palettes. :)

    Oh, and I have to say that I love Grandfather’s diaogue regarding the “lost one,” “a woman who cries but sheds no tears,” and “a man who hates in the name of love.” Serious <3. I’m looking forward to seeing all those characters, especially the certain man hating in the name of love. ;)

    • Thank! Grandfather’s design is indeed a nod to Bone, I guess it all goes back to Pogo in the end XD And I’m glad you’re looking forward to the rest of the characters, I am definitely looking forward to drawing them.

  • Oh, I was excited to see your Tweet about page 30! *throws confetti* And congrats on 1,000 fans on Facebook. :D

  • Lynnderella

    Grandfather kinda reminds me of a mudpuppy :)
    Awesome storyline. I can’t wait to find out what happens next!
    Keep up the beautiful work.

  • whoooomeek

    for a second i thought “a woman who cries but sheds no tears” was also a description of pinter, and i was like whoa… i didn’t realise the moobs thing was for real :D but i get it now!

    totally excited for chapters 2, 3, 4, etc etc.. just can’t wait to see what all the riddley-stuff in panel 3 pertains to!

  • Konira Thax

    Make that 1000+
    I don’t do Facebook or other sites but I am a dA and Meek site admirer.

  • Wyvern

    I just love vague prophecy type stuff!
    I can’t wait see the characters the giant salamander guy is talking about, hopefully all will be revealed in the coming chapters. By the way how many chapters do think there will be once the comic is finished?, if you don’t mind me asking.

    • Mmm… good question. Unfortunately its looking pretty high at the moment. At my current pace I will probably finish when I’m 40 or so T_T

      • Wyvern

        A long story’s fine with me (in fact i prefer it) and don’t worry about the comic taking too long, with the amount of effort your putting into it it’s shaping up to be one of the best web comics around so it’s definitely going to be worth the time, effort etc…

      • I completely empathize. I seem incapable of writing anything less than an epic of Odyssean proportions, so I’m right there with ya.

        Perseverance FTW!! XD

  • Oh vague prophecy! Love it. :giggle:

    Also do you know how long it takes me to vote? Clockwise, counter-clockwise?! What does it matter? We’re all going in circles. Also nice pic. <3

  • Commenting only once in a while- booh, I’m lazy! But I have loved this page and the preceding one with the arrival of Grandfather. There are some really nice dramatic angles.
    Ha ha, gotta love prophecies! Sure it’s a tiny bit cliché, but who cares when it serves the story and is done well.
    Oooh, mysterious phone call is exciting! Hope it is all good news.

    I also get some of that Bone vibe from these pages – a very good vibe in a complimentary way!
    Ok, I’ve set up my mind: Jeff Smith will be at APE this year. I make it my mission that he sees your work.
    (hey, I have various reasons to go to APE: more winery tour, Tutankhamen exhibit will be in town too…)

    • Thanks for the comment! I’m glad you think the drawing is strong enough to overshadow the cliche, its my only hope right now XD

      Don’t even say stuff like that T_T If Jeff Smith actually did ever see my work I don’t know what kind of deadly effect that would have on me (explosion, melting etc). I am looking forward to seeing you again though, more hugs need to be distributed!

  • Neustrasbourg

    Cool as always, but in my opinion you have to do something about the headwound in the last panel. Looks slightly too bizarre to be true.

    • Haha, yeah I’m going to fix that up XD

  • Nosferatu

    Woooop intense plot page indeed. Can’t wait for this to really get going! That wound on the side of Grandfathers head look really sore and stingy, especially in the rain. I wince when I see it!

  • It’s great !

  • marinatedfish

    You could invent some green sideburns for Angora to motivate yourself! hehe.
    And the epicness goes on! I love the dream sequence. (As already said… Jeff Smith vibe…)
    Wish you all well with that phone call and your future career! Go for it! :3

    That throat cut looks especially dreadful. Don’t die, gramps!
    I find it a bit strange how the lizard’s body in the third panel is connected with the right leg more than with the left. The left one looks thin and, compared to the other, unconnected to the body. hm.
    And the dialogue appears packed in this page. Well, it’s an important point for the plot, so there… but still, there are many speech bubbles here. oh, whatever, since this is not very helpful I’ll cut it out. :/

    • Technically she does have sideburns XD Just not the kind that sticks out of your face.

      I hadn’t noticed the thing with the legs in the 3rd panel, I think the difference is just because one of the legs is closer to the lens of the “camera.” And the text is pretty unavoidable : I didn’t like it either but I couldn’t condense the other panels any smaller.

  • Kimikub

    *hug* back! Keep it up! I love this!! You’re positively amazing! Inspiring! Fantabulous! And monkeys. More monkeys. Good luck too with your secret thingamajig :D

  • stephanie

    whats on his head in the last panel? is it a flap of skin? it looks too long/rectangular compared to the smaller circular wound hole lol

    • Haha, thats a good point. Some other people had issues with that, I think I’ll shorten it a little (or extend the ripped part)

  • “The woman who cries but sheds no tears.” HOHOHO, I SEE WHUT U DID THARRR. :B

  • I am really excited about this story.

  • Yay! A new page! I look at your new pages at work … and vote for you at work and at home… XD But I don’t comment until I get home of course.

    Amazing page like always. The middle panel is my favourite!
    And I wonder what that phone call was about? *curious*

    I am eagering for more action and sideburns as well. Even if the comic looks super great this far, more sideburns and action will result in eternal nosebleed since those combined by you = happy Karrey. Maybe there will even be sideburns IN action? *swoon*

    Keep up the good work! <3

  • sweet_gardenia

    I say it’s high time for some ‘BURNS

    and burning


    Awe and granpa loves you Angora :) Poor girl, that’s a lot to put on her shoulders. But she is awesome (as are you) and I am sure she’s up to the task :D

    Can’t wait for the next pages. Things are truckin’ along nicely now *tries to suppress glee, fails, isn’t too upset about that*

  • 8D Loved these pages! Mocheril has this really imposing nature about him (mostly in his image), but you really do get the sense that this is a benevolent creature.

    Congrats on 1000+ readers!

  • *meant to type “appearance” not “image” XD

  • Red Likely

    “Naked Jungle Girl Adventures”… Why didn’t you name the comic that?

  • Moons

    Ah… a beautiful plot page. The riddles and the foreshadowing of future characters, you just got to love it! And that panel right in the middle gets a BIG thumbs-up from me! Well done.

    • Thanks a ton! You have no idea how annoyed I was getting with the middle panel XD His stupid big face is hard to draw in correct perspective.

  • Nate

    It feels novel to have some kind of mystical nature being saying man must live, rather than man must die for his crimes against the natural order. It’s like, an anti-cliche.

  • Awesomeness all around 8D
    First off, congrats in that mysterious phone call and good luck! Glad to hear that life’s going well! =)
    Now, to the page… It’s simply great. A bit cliche and melodramatic, but everyone likes a little melodrama once in a while, no? And after all huge salamander mysterious prophecy is awesome! Can’t wait for these things to happen!
    The wounds creep me out, they look stinky and awful but this adds to the effect. Poor Grandpa!!*pets*

  • White Pawn

    It has been said a few times already, but don’t forget that we facebookless fans are out here too :)

  • Oooo cryptic comments that will be revealed later :D I love those!

  • Sivere

    His torn-off skin in the last panel looks a little weird. I’m not an expert in the field of Axolotl/Nature Spirit dermatology, but I think it would fly around a little when he’s moving instead of just hanging like that. Or at least it would hang at a different angle.

    Other than that, it’s giant axolotl being cryptic. What’s not to like? ;D

  • brad

    Great, buuuut . . . in the third panel it kinda looks like he (Tobias) doesn’t have a neck.

    • Yeah, thats some perspective fail on my end. His head is supposed to be foreshadowing some of it.

      Also I totally didn’t make the bradford connection until now *is retarded*

  • GOD

    You, I believe, are a creature of pure talent. It’s nice to see a comic on the internet that appears to be well thought out, and one that has it’s own style to boot!

    You have well over 1000 readers. This much is fact.

  • Hey alex!
    Wow this is a super profeti! (mmmh… maybe it’s not the right word .. sorry^^)
    In any case, good job as usual, a lot of courage for the suite!
    (I am one of your 1000 fans on facebook! =D)

    the little french girl.

  • Korilian

    “Man must not perish”

    Wow, should pinter feel like an Ass right now for not helping her.

  • Acoustix`

    wow, this comic’s starting out great :)
    i’ll definitely get around to bookmarking it instead of typing the url every time i wanna read it

    Angora’s eyes are amazing, i love how you draw them.


  • This is about the point each saturday where I just start refreshing the page over and OVER. O___o;

  • Josh

    i luffs it

  • Hey good luck with your phone call opportunity!

  • I’m guessing the woman that cries without tears is the cowboyish woman that wants to kill her husband for revenge or sth, and the man that hates is Luca, amirite?

  • Koi

    I love the slant of the last panel, and the glow of the grandfather’s eyes~

    But… That flap of skin from the wound on the head really creeps me out… > _ >;

  • Would it have killed him to supply GPS coordinates or something?

  • Raidell

    I’m very sorry about this, but when I read about “the man who hates in the name of love”, I couldn’t help but think of a certain song…

    HATE! in the naaame of looove! Before you break my heart!

    lol couldn’t resist. I love this page though. Very beautiful.

  • ooa3603

    I’m not hating on this comic or anything, but how whenever the main protagonist is given a task. its always cryptic and impossible to figure out except through sheer dumb luck? You know what that’s probably a trope, checking tv tropes right now.

    • Haha, yeah I hate that too XD There’s a reason for it in this comic though.

  • HP


    Ive really liked this comic so far XD and i see that there is tons of foreshadowing in what the grandfather says. <3 love it

  • A woman who cries but sheds no tears: Soli?

    A man who hates in the name of love: Luca?

    Very nice character designs :)

  • Tim Kietzman

    HEY! I’ve read further chapters! Is everything he says linked to the upcoming chapters?

    • You’ll find out as we go XD

  • I’m re-reading the whole thing and it’s funny how I’m starting to notice a few more…thngs that….connect…..

  • mary

    he’s… a leucistic axolotl??? with tree-gills o3o this just got 2029035239057135 more flavors of awesome.

    • Haha, no, he’s just an olm! Axolotls are cool too though.

  • Crestlinger

    Looks more like those dragons on Origin than anything.

  • Steph

    Wait a minute…
    A woman who cries but sheds no tears?
    A man who hates in the name of love?

    Soli and Luca?! DDD:

  • Ooh, tree hair. Haven’t actually seen that before, ever.

    Just wanted to mark this occasion of what I believe is a completely original idea.

    • timmy

      Its an axolotl! Look them up, they are awesome and are nearly immortal XD yaaasss

  • soup

    hmm that looks like a giant juvenile but with trees……………………..FRIGGIN AWESOME

  • Jonboy

    Like most of us I’m an avid comic / web-comic reader. Have done for over a decade now; but what I love the most about the internet is every time you turn around you can trip over a new shining masterpiece by some talented artist/writer you never even knew existed.

    I love the comic so far. A joy to read through the archive.

  • Yangyexin

    AHHH I just reread this comic and I FINALLY understand the significance of the three different plots in the story. Haha, makes me more excited.

  • timmy


  • DoubleU

    You say this isn’t your best, but so far your worst looks pretty good. I like the dragon, for example.

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