Whups, a bit late today XD Sorry! And the incentive will be up later too, I’m so busy right now I want to puke. But the incentive later tonight/tomorrow will be the last letter, and instructions on how to redeem your word for the wallpaper!

Anyways, enough with the flashback, time to get to the final scene! I’m looking forward to drawing it, if only for the superbright jungle colors, haha.

Thanks again for your votes and support, we were basically at the #5 position all this month ;3; It is a miracle? or something? In any case, I can’t tell you how much it means to me that there are so many kind readers out there, thank you. Next month’s major voting incentive will involve extra comic posts so I will see you on Wednesday with more news about that! Thanks again!!


  • whatwith

    Loving the first and last panels. That stump grew like crazy!

  • me

    WOW I love this page…can’t wait for the next one

  • SecretWindow

    I’m loving the 3rd panel, Angora looks so very pretty!
    Those little baby trees are quite adorable, and they grew so fast. Like normal babies, haha.

    Congrats on getting 5th place! You deserve it.

  • Kate

    I love it! I’m hooked on it now… I didn’t realize it was a flashback until now though. Lame me.

    • Amber

      Earlier we were told that rounded panels mean flashbacks… : ) Now you knowww

  • Wyvern

    One must wonder if Mocheril is qualified to raise Angora, he doesn’t seem all that responsible : )
    I loved the flashback/dream sequence it was all very sad and mysterious and the tree stump has grown a lot in one night, intriguing…

    How do you pronounce “Mocheril” by the way?

  • Jenni

    those are some FANTASTIC breasts in that bottom panel. this is such a beautiful page. XD

    • Otaku-sama

      I have to agree, they are very well drawn.
      And the light, shades and colors are awesome!
      each page gets even better, i like your style!

      Now we could see Angora’s powers effect… I wont say anymore to not spoil everyone :)

  • Emmy

    I wonder if the “not again” is in regards to the memory or the stump growing?
    I’m a fan on facebook :D

    • I think the “not again” is because of the branches growing out of the stump. Judging from what Mocheril said in the previous page (and the fact that he’s a giant newt), I would say she isn’t human. I would venture to guess that she is some kind of forest guardian in-training.

  • marinatedfish

    WOW. Just… wow.
    This is so much better than the sketch version! It was a bit unclear how great the impact of her dream had on Angora back then… but now… just great. Impressed by improvement.
    I also like Angora’s expression in the second panel very much. (Haha noticed what you did with the pupils in panel 2 – 3… er.)
    Yay for jungle in full daylight!
    Maybe you could… work a bit on the tears in panel 3? They look a bit too “solid” and in the next panel, suddenly all the tears are gone.

    • Yeah, I was unsure about how much emphasis to put on them since I wasn’t going to use a wiping-away-tears pose and also I zoomed out a bit. I should probably at least put some wetness trail or something there to show they didn’t evaporate in two seconds XD

      And you noticed the pupils too? I guess I have to wake up earlier to sneak one past you :B

      • marinatedfish


      • stephanie

        do u mean the brown around the pupil? if so, i noticed :D

        • Haha, well theres that, but also they are a bit dialated.

          • stephanie

            oooh ok. i dont think there has been many up-closes of her eyes, so i didnt notice =X

  • candeldandel

    Her eyes are sooo cool. That is certainly something you don’t see in black & white.

  • Alicia K.

    I love the transition from rainy day to sunlight. You did it sooo well.

  • Laurens

    Holy crap this is getting so, so good. Angora can has awesome plant powers?

  • Authorette_XP

    WOOOT! I’m sad I missed page thirty so this is a little late but- YAYYYYY THIRTY!

  • AshleyTheInsaneMom

    I love this comic i came across it by chance and fell in love! My daughter who is 1 loved the dragon newt and asked “More?” and I had to tell her I don’t know if we will see him more just have to wait! So me and her cant wait to see what happens!

    • Haha, yes there will be more of him later! But not for a while, until she finds the center :) Thanks to both of you for reading!

  • I love this comic!! =)

  • NaturallyNeutral

    Interesting.Gives me a hint if she has a power or not.

    Also great art….and can’t wait to see the brother

  • gamergrl

    wow. I am really enjoying this comic. I have actually been thinking about starting my own comic, i just wasnt sure how, and this is actually helping. its funny how you come across things at random, and then just fall in love with them lol

    • Haha, it never hurts to look through what others are doing XD Thanks for reading, and good luck on your comic!

  • whoooomeek

    Man, i love wednesdays and saturdays :3 (actually more like thursdays and sundays, ’cause in asia i think we’re a number of hours ahead?)
    Anyway, i like those last two panels! After the night scenes and the flashbacks, it’s lovely to see the bright jungle again. And the colours you chose really do make it look morning-y. Also, the trees growing around angora – cute idea!

    • Haha, yeah I guess it would be more like Friday/ Sunday for you guys! What country are you in?

      And thanks. The trees are an important tie-in for what happens next…

  • Does the Mocherel realize he’s really a newt? :P Two excellent pages since last visit.

  • I love how in the last panel the trees are growing back so fast~ Yay Angora!

    What program do you use? :3 It looks awfully a lot like SAI Painter’s crispness and coloring~ (amazing program wee~ <3)

    • Its photoshop cs2 actually! I do everything in it.

  • Napdogs

    I LOVE the colors and shading when she wakes up.
    So soft and green but also bright, I wish I could have the 3rd frame as a wallpaper.
    Love the comic, please keep it up =D

  • her eyes just stand out so much.
    lovin the coloring on the last 3 panels.

  • sue

    Fantastic page and art as always.I like the pacing,slow and steady at first then BAM! A giant animal and a dramatic dream sequence.Angora’s tears in the third panel look a little odd though.Maybe spots of water trailing from her eyes would work better? In any case,you’re doing a great job so far :)

    • Thanks, yeah I do want to fiddle with those tears a bit! They’re not looking as natural as I’d like.

  • sweet_gardenia

    Awe she’s made of Miracle Grow ;D Can she come sleep on my front yard? It needs some work :C

    I think I really love the eye panel. She just has the prettiest eyes. Really astounding these last few pages they flow like a movie. I swear I can hear the rain in the dream/flashback sequence and the sudden abrupt silence with maybe some insects buzzing and a bird call or something. when she wakes up. You just have created such a vivid world. Moar plz

    • She should come sleep on our lawn too >:C The neighbors cat keeps coming to our yard and pissing on our grass.

      • Amanda

        Lovely comic and art! Your art style is just so amazing and lovely. Keep up the good work!
        Also, to stop cats going on your lawn, squirt orange/lemon juice around the lawn… they don’t like the citrus and they wont want to lick it off their paws. Non-harmful deterrence! XD

  • nico

    Well keep up the good work! I’d say you can call me a new reader of your comic but it’s absolutely wonderful! Once again keep it up, this stuff is awesome!

  • Suddenly I don’t like that she’s naked. The flashback reminded me that she’s just a kid.

    • Don’t worry, she’ll be covering up pretty soon…

      • Not from any sort of perv factor thing, you understand. To see her so sad, then to jump immediately to nudity…well, it makes her seem a little crazy and damaged. Which is the intent, I’m sure.

  • Adrian

    So, is that sepia flashback coloration or was her hair not green before? Suddenly I am thinking there is a lot more back story and it’s like we are coming into Lord of the Rings by starting to read halfway through the Return of the King. Pretty awesome.

    • Nah, those were real colors. her hair was more of a mousy brown before. And yes, we’re starting the story in the middle of a bigger story. Thankfully its the sort of thing you can sink into without needing a lot of exposition at the outset.

  • White Pawn

    Just love the idea with the sprouts, makes the landscape a lot more alive.

  • Chameleon Kid

    These last few pages have been amazing–it was nice to see a flashback. The story has been moving at a good pace, I’ve been having a good time reading!

  • Karrey

    Fantastic expressions. *_*

  • Eva

    i just have to express my love for the fourth panel, it’s absolutely stunning!

    and have there been growing branches out of that tree overnight? nice. :D

  • Emperial

    The lighting on this page is so unbelievably gorgeous. Just -amazing-. I am floored. You’ve outdone yourself again!

    • Thanks Emperial! I still have some issues with it… doesn’t seem quite “morning” enough, but I’ll try to think of a way to push it further.

  • Nice transition from the flashback, with the shadows of the plants on Angora’s face (awesome expressions as always!)

  • Koi

    Yaaay! 8’D Back to the pretty, mellow pinks and greens and purples and blues and yellows and-!

    Oh, I have noticed an EXTREME change in style here. Comparing the second and third pages with this page, I notice that your work has gotten a lot, umm… I dunno, more ‘solid’, I guess? The first pages were very soft and painty, and had thicker lines. In my personal opinion, it’d be nice to get some of that paintiness back~

    And on a last note;
    Mocheril? c:

    • Yeah, around page 9 or 10 or so I realized I really wasn’t digging the bolder lines. I was trying to be fancy and go for a pencil look but it wasn’t working for me. Once I got back to a smoother inking style I felt a lot better. And the colors have tightened up as well, I use a mix of painting and smoothing to get an inbetween effect? Not as textured as before but I think I’ve gained a lot of readability in the meantime.

      When I start polishing this up for printing I will go back and make everything more consistent (its pointless to do it now since I still have 14 more pages to go till the end of the chapter). This was one of the roadblocks I was expecting for doing my first chapter of fullly colored pages so it is inevitable that my style has changed in the last 5 months! I guess I’ll decide how exactly to edit everything once I get to the end. Thanks very much for your opinion, I’ll be keeping it in mind for the last round of edits.

      Haha, and yes, Mocheril is Grandfather’s name!

  • tutsi

    I just loove this page
    The contrast of colors between the flashback and normal time is so amazing and looks great.
    Also, though I know how weird it sounds… those are very well drawn breasts…

  • Aha. Based on what’s happened to that stump, suddenly her mossy hair makes much more sense. :-)

  • stephanie

    i wonder why she chose to take her dress off… apparently it shows that she DID use to wear clothing, yet now its normal for her to be naked? hmm….

  • My favourite page so far.
    I love the way you coloured Angora in this :)
    Really nice job

  • pencilmachine

    dude, you seriously need to be commended for getting this far and now doing two updates a week. this is one of my favorite comics right now. just looking awesome dude.
    as for this page, looks great. like everyone said and you already know…the tears in panel 3 need to be worked a little…maybe have them like tear droplets coming off her face.(in the air kinda deal, if that makes sense) this way in panel 4 it doesn’t look they they are dried up.

    i dont know if i am reading it right but in panel 1 it looks like a mudslide a little like the mud is rushing down. and thats awesome. i picture it has been raining a long time and its just so muddy. i got this filling because the way its hitting the broken tree coming out of the ground there. very nice
    also, been pointed out numerous times but plant life that sprouted up overnight is sooo cool of an idea. does that always happen or is it because she was having crazy dreams?? very neat idea. i assume because the crazy dream because she says “not again”…like it doesn’t happen every night.
    very cool dude. really diggin’ this and its so inspirational to get better and digital drawing.

  • Nonny

    This is a great comic, and lovely, too.

    Though I’m a little creeped out by all the “lol great breasts” comments…but that’s not your fault! Great work and AGHMUSTFINDOUTWHATHAPPENS

  • Ponthion

    Can’t describe the awesomeness.
    I love how everything is in a rush in the flashback and then again everything seems so calm in the present.
    I like how you did the boobies this time, very natural and… good looking haha
    And concerning the pupils: Angora on drugs? XD No jk, love the way her plant powers are revealed!

  • Sen

    D’aw, she made the stump grow. I’d love to know a person who can make things grow.

    Green eyes with orangey centers are my favorite. :D

  • Dreggor Gade

    Don’t let your readers compromise your artistic integrity! Angora is Angora, fellow readers! Let her be her own living, breathing fictional world character. If you guys start hectoring the creator, you’re going to hurt the writing and art. So please enjoy and comment and do all that great stuff you guys do in your comments, but please stop trying to pressure the creator to write or draw things the way you think that she should, okay? Thanks, because I want to read her work, not her work censored by your personal tastes and sensibilities. I hope that this doesn’t come across as harsh, but, hey, this is her work, not yours, and I want to enjoy it as such.

    • Haha, thanks for your support XD But the story is already polished and set in my mind, that is probably not going to change any time soon. The only thing that needs work is the transcription of the ideas to the comp, and I can always use any crits that are given in that area.

  • ms_chaos

    OMG i love the way you did the eyeses! i have an eye fetish [lord that sounds sick] its the only thing i ever draw without fail. i doodle eyes!

  • Again, a great page! I love the sudden change between the rainy day/dirty colours and the sunny day/bright colours. It looks awesome! Nice to see some nice jungle colours again!
    I agree with the person who said about the tears, they look kinda flat on her face/not wet enough… dunno. But other than that, it’s a very nice page=) I love the idea of her being able to make things grow =D

  • Wow. I mean: WOW.
    I haven’t checked in on this in a LONG time. I just read the last 7 or so pages in one sweep and it’s really looking amazing. The panel where you introduce her grandfather fully (last panel on the first flashback page) is beautiful. The colors on this are amazing…I love the morning colors as she wakes up.
    I went back recently and re-read a bunch of your original sketch version of the comic, which has me REALLY excited for where this is going. I really can’t wait. KEEP GOING. You have fans, and I am one of them, who will write you embittered flame-mail full of poison and vitriol if you stop. :D
    Also cool to note: you are improving visibly over the course of this comic…which is all kinds of exciting!

    • Damn Nick, thanks a ton. I know I say this every time but positive comments from you are just so encouraging. Please don’t feel afraid to kick my ass about anything though if you see me slacking or something XD And don’t worry, I won’t stop making pictures if you don’t!

      • Alright, it’s a deal!
        I’ve got my first little comic-gig going live some time tonight!
        Over at: http://www.myspace.com/darkhorsepresents
        I’ll make a big ol’ announcement about it as soon as it actually shows up!
        And the same goes for you…keep me with the crits, whenever you see anything. Personally, I think you’re pretty hard on yourself as is :p
        As is, I really like the bottom-right panel…there’s something about the saturation of the colors; there’s a real sense of light and breath to it. Try to hold to that, and don’t be afraid to get saturated and dramatic with your lighting!
        I’ll keep an eye peeled to keep you on your toes if you’ll do the same for me. Same agreement as usual :p

        • Haha, I’ve been checking back on DHP since last night waiting for it to go up… I’ll check again in a sec.

          You’re the best!

  • Sir Reginaldo

    A little late, however, I enjoyed this panel just because of the final panel… I guess that happens a lot :3

  • Sir Reginaldo

    Bad wording, and not “just because of the final panel”, well it was really good all around, I just like the final panel XD

  • Ash

    I’ve been reading your comic for a few weeks now, and I have to say that I cant get enough of it. Its got a great hook, lovely colors and the humor makes me giggle so much my boyfriend looks at me like I’m loony.
    I love how you portray her as being nude, yet its an innocent type of nudity. The expression I get is that she just enjoys being, well, free.

    Also, will we see more of her little salamander sidekick? =]

  • I think you’re doing a great job honestly. Very very creative and unique x3 I love it~ I could pick this out from any other comic out there. Good job!

    • Thanks so much! Hopefully it’ll never rob your house, if you can pick it out of a lineup >_>

  • NoaMizuno

    The bottom left panel beginning sketch from the vote incentive = so many giggles.

    • I love drawing everyone wall-eyed, theres nothing better!

  • Something tells me Angora is some sort of driad.

    • BunBun2

      you get 2 cookies!

  • brad

    Number 4, and you haven’t even posted any new pages this month.

    • Not here… I stagger my posts on other sites to balance out the interest.

  • Boobies

    It looks like Mo-Cheryl has a “:3” face in that panel.

  • You probably haven’t heard much from me–but I’ve been following this comic since the beginning. I must say, this is so impressive.

    I’d so buy the graphic novel. <3

    • Well thanks! And thanks very much for following the comic so long!

  • Filipe

    The lack of nudity in the flashbacks is somewhat disconcerting. It fit very well with Angora not being used to people. Of course it could be one of the things grandpa tried to impose on her and she never understood why.

  • WOW! And after seeing the proccess, this colouring looks even better. Your shade/light lines are amazing.
    Anyway, I hate it when you give us a BLAST of exciting, teasing news and THEN– the page ends! Or Angora runs away from Pinter! Or the rape-stockers (?!) let her go at last! I mean.. I can’t stand the mystery anymore! ;-;

    • XD New page will be up tomorrow, hopefully you can make it till then…?

  • Tibs

    I LOVE this comic. Are you going to make a graphic novel? You should. D:

  • Jen

    The change from the somber shades of the flash back to the second panel on this page where Angora’s eyes are so vibrant coming back into the present is a wonderful transition! I love it – so captivating!

  • Groundhog

    Is it just me, or does Grandpa kinda look like an Axolotl?

  • TheAntimonyElement

    OOO WOW.

    I just noticed that the tree stump where she was sleeping sprouted big shoots overnight. Great touch! :D

  • Evan

    Yay, it just hit #4 on Topwebcomics.com! Keep up the awesome work!

  • I love the sudden burst of color when we jump back to the present. Also love Angora’s eyes though I believe I’ve mentioned that before. :giggle:

  • Filipe

    The dual thing in the vote incentive page is nice. What’s the brother name?

    By the way guys, Mocheril is the Slovenian name for _Proteus anguinus_. So is that his real name or Angora is just pissed off and calling him by the name of his smaller cousins?

    • The brother’s name is floating around, I won’t spoil it for you (since he’ll be in the next chapter) but if you poke around enough I’m sure you can find it.

      And yes, thats grandfather’s real name. I love P. anguinus, its such a strange organism, so I took his name from that salamander.

      • Besu

        Aha! I thought he was an axolotl, but given the scientific name, wikipedia says he’s an olm. You learn something new every day. :O

  • Rava

    She is so cute in the 2nd panel.

    Oh, and congratulations in making a comic with a naked young women in a non-lewd way at all. It’s such a lovely way showing that nudity is just a very normal thing.

  • Spinach

    firstly just to say this is one of my favourite webcoms, it’s the one i look at first when i’m going through the updates! the story, art and characters are all so wonderful :)

    and i’m just wondering, but is she saying “not again” because of the dream, or because the saplings grew up around her?

  • Nestly: Hah! Cool, I just noticed that the stump she was sleeping on earlier was simply a stump, and now it’s growing around her. That’s really creative how you thought of that.
    At least it’s like.. sun comes up… instant shade! Sweet. 8)

    Keep up the awesome web-comic. I absolutely adore your flexible style and shading technique.

  • Fringeh

    Oh my goodness! “Grandpa” looks like an Axyotl! Sorry, just noticed this. xD
    Beautiful job on the drawing and coloring!

  • Melch


    Great comic and story. I especially like that you used a ‘mocheril’ for the grandad. A unique take on that. That and I’m from Slovenia where this animal is a symbol of sort. Was really surprised to find a well-known expression in a foreign webcomic.

    Keep up the good work, mon!

  • Lillian

    It’s strange. I’ve read this chapter at least ten times, but I never noticed how the tree stump grew overnight until now.

  • Meg

    Such beautiful colours <3

  • Ink

    I like how you used rounded corners to present the past, although it wasn’t obvious to me at first. I wonder if desaturating the colours a bit more would have been effective.

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