Wow, so sorry for the late page. This one was a killer to color! I’m not sure what happened. I’m still not happy with it (it looks too dark?) (but then again its in the shade?) (ugh) but hopefully I’ll have worked out the kinks in time for a normal Saturday update.

BTW, don’t fall asleep while smoking, you might burn yourself to death XC

We are hovering at the #4/5 slot on TWC lately XD It is exciting! Thanks so much for keeping up with the voting, it means a ton to me. And if we continue to stay up there I may have enough excitement energy to do some extra pages this month, so we’ll see…

Before I go, just want to pimp a comic by a reader and fellow webcomic artist, Ashwara! He’s got a classy comic that is just starting up called Para-Ten, so maybe pay a visit if you have a free moment :3

Okay, thanks for your patience and see you on Sat!

Oops, almost forgot to mention (not that you hadn’t noticed) but there are ads on the site now! Hopefully they’re not too invasive… I’m going to wait a month or so and see how they’re working out, if it looks like its not worth it or its too annoying I’ll take them down. If they are not annoying enough I will put more up >:D Just kidding, ahaha…


  • yim'yam

    FIRST! what is he doing?

    • He’s obviously poking a tree with a stick XD XD

      • tam

        I couldn’t really tell, either. Thought he was either poking the tree, flailing a stick, preparing to stab something, or in mid-jump leaping over the log.

        It might help if there were some leaves falling off the tree or a dark spot on it where it was being prodded. And/or if his feet were positioned differently – that just looks like a very unstable way to poke upwards.

        Still lovin’ Pinter’s bachelor pad~

        • Ted Thompson

          Seems to me he is coming to a sudden halt after erupting from his tent, half dressed, and in his haste getting his leg hung up in the tent flap. I assume the “Trying to kill yerself” comment is from him wrestling with the tent to release him….

          • VeroJade

            I think the “trying to kill yerself” is, like the artist commented, for smoking while sleeping.

            I don’t know about the last panel though.

        • Thanks for the suggestion! I put some leaves falling like you said, it does look a lot clearer. And he’s supposed to be standing on a shelf on the other side of the log but I will be less complicated and just having standing on the damn thing. Hopefully the fact that he’s poking at an object in a tree reads clearer now!

      • yim-yam

        OH!!!!!! I SEE ITNOW!!!!!!!!!!oneoneone

  • This page look fantastic! I can see that it took a long time to color. All those leaves!!
    Gonna check out Para-Ten now! <3

    • Getting all the colors/ shapes. figures to balance out was such a bitch >:c I am never drawing trees again! *draws trees again*

      • Jac

        … says the artist whose comic is set in a jungle. XD

  • Mm, subsistence living. The colouring isn’t too dark especially if there’s a decent canopy. Looks good!

  • Ross

    I look forward to finding out what Pinter is waving a stick at. :)

    Beautiful page.

  • Ha ha, nice! no worries with late pages, as long as they look great. I in particular like the lighting /colour and composition on the last panel!

    Thanks so much for the pimp! Ha ha, I really appreciate it. I’ll be sure to link to you next time I update, but I can’t say how much good it will do. Ha ha. If I ever get more readers I’ll link again, because this comic deserves it.

    • Aw, I’m glad XD I hope you got some good traffic!

      • I seem to have! Ha ha. I still need to set up a tracker of sorts.

        By the way, I just read through the comic again from the beginning. It’s even better that way! Ha ha. The pacing works really well.

  • rainey

    For a second there I thought the tent was talking.

    I can see why it took so long to complete this. The lighting looks like a total bitch to figure out. AND THOSE LEAVES.

    • LEAVES D: D: I feel like they look like shit when I color the bushes in a solidish color, but it looks even worse to define them. They make me insane.

  • Konira Thax

    It does look a wee bit dark but if you think of the time of day and where Pinter is located, it sorta helps. Jungles are thick. 0:
    LOL, seven year ago Pinter, he looked so young and un-moobish, now look at him, all grown up and moobish. XD

  • Ponthion

    Ooh how I love the lightning in the tent! And it’s not too dark… I just think it’s very early so it fits perfectly.
    But I’ve to say that at first I thought Pinter is going to hit an animal with his stick xD But it’s obvious that he tries to reach the fruits haha

    • lol, poor animals! Here comes Pinter with his whacking stick XD

  • sweet_gardenia

    ” MAN forgot to give the tree its morning beatin’! Stupid stupid! ” XD

    it looks good and the darker colors actually gives everything this really nice feel of undergrowth and jungle. so no worries :)

  • lizybeth

    Ahhahaa, Pinter, how you’ve changed since ’02!

    I hardly noticed the ads, don’t mind them.

  • Tammy Lee

    heee, Pinter is so BUTCH with his ripped off sleeves shirt.

  • Erica

    LOL Pinter. Though the tree-poking panel really confused me for a moment. The way he’s holding the stick looks more to me like he’s about to stab something that’s on the ground. XD;
    And the way he’s slouched forward rather than leaning backward also makes it seem like he’s looking down.

  • marinatedfish

    mm that’s a cute butterfly in panel 1 hehe.
    Plus I laughed at Pinter talking to himself!
    Is that due to the rest of the alcohol in his body or just his character?

    Why, I like the light/dark balance, though, naturally, the two panels inside the tent stick out a bit…

    • Both? nah, probably character, I think he’s hungover right now…

  • I honestly didn’t notice the ads until you pointed them out, so not too intrusive at all! Also, the fact that you managed to get two pages of this quality out a week is impressive enough to me that I don’t mind if they’re a little late!

    I didn’t think the page was too dark considering the circumstances of what it’s depicting. For some reason, I love Pinter’s expression in that second panel, when he first wakes up.

  • Anthos

    I’d have to agree, the page is not to dark, the canopy would provide a significant amount of sade for the area that could look just as or even darker then that. I also can’t wait until the next one to find out what he’s waving a stick xD

  • Eleanor

    Hehe, I havn’t posted a comment yet and I just wan’t to say that this is awesome! :) Do you know any places where they can teach you to colour in the boxes and that? :)

  • Lambcake

    Yay! Pinter’s back! I love how that cig stayed in his mouth all night. And I know everyone else has already said it, but I was seriously cracking up before I realized what he was doing in the last panel.

  • Laurens

    Is the art getting better and better with each page, or is that the Meek-overdose talking?

    • Haha, well the pages are taking longer, it would be nice if there was some correlation to quality XD

  • Filipe

    I didn’t understand he was talking about the cigarette until I read your comment. On the other hand when I looked at the last panel it immediately dawned on me that Pinter was after breakfast. So the guy doesn’t live on alcohol alone…

  • Mandy

    Man alive, your old Pinter looks so different! I definitely love this one more, and all is mooby goodness with it.

    I just wanted to say that you are an amazing artist and a huge inspiration to me. I’m currently studying biology in university and also consider myself an artist–not a good one, mind you, but an artist nonetheless. It’s good to see that you can have both!

    Thank you so much for making such an amazing piece of art available for us to see! I can’t wait to read the rest!

    • Aw, thanks! And biologists should be good at art, I think, since they’re always noticing the stuff around them and how they work. *bio pride*


    • Lunalover009

      yeah she is! and Pinter’s gone crazy!! XD

  • Elle

    Falling asleep while smoking is especially bad when you blood alcohol is high enough to fall a moose. Spontaneous combustion, anyone?

  • haberrr

    I didn’t notice that Pinter was holding a stick in panel 4…so when I first looked at the last panel I thought he was about to try some Tarzan-style vine swinging XD

    • lol no he would snap the heck out of that vine if he tried it XD

  • Steffyanie

    Oh, gah. It pleases me SO much there there’s more Pinter. I love him dearly. Even just looking at him, as other have mentioned, he’s changed quite a bit – I really like how he is now. <3
    I read the comic and had to go back just to look at him more, which I’ve done with the whole first chapter so far, hahaha. It helps too, that the story is just fantastic. I wonder what’s going to happennn~

    • Koi

      Wait… How is Pinter different? D:

  • Hehe, i often wake up with that “oh crap!” feeling. tis no fun.

    It is not too dark, personally i like it like this. Amazing artwork as usual~
    Pinter has the right idea, i could go for some fruit right now too

    • Me too! A guava would be most ideal.

  • Jenny Gosk

    Hahaha just saw your incentive. :) I like chubby, big nosed Pinter better I think. I like his big grin on the far left of the page though!

  • Koi

    ‘Tis not too dark! I, in fact, enjoy the deep contrast~ : D
    It’s early in the day, and in the foresty area, so darkness is allowed! o 3 o But, if you’re gonna have it dark due to a canopy, I think there should be a more dappled look. Like, on the second panel of page three~

    Oh, and I agree with Tam that there should be a few leaves falling on the last panel near him. Maybe one or two~

    And on a last note…
    Yaaaay! 8’D Pinter! My favourite fatass alcoholic! *loves* I’m glad Angora is back to harass him more XD I can’t wait to see what happens next! While looking through your sketchjournal, I came across your past sketches of the rest of this chapter. I tried not to read them because I no likey spoilers, but from skimming I am now really excited! ò 3 ó

    • Thanks! I added in some leaves based on your suggestions, it looks a lot better!

      And haha, oops XD I wasn’t expecting people to be so good at detective work. I’ma go lock those now.

      • Koi

        Yes, it does look a lot better~ : D
        Yay for improvements!

        Well, when I get really into something, like a movie or a comic, after reading/watching it a MILLION times, I need to find different ways to satisfy my obsession with it, so I will look at other things like DVD easter eggs and special insights on characters. I don’t think many other people are like this, so I doubt more than two or three people other than me cared enough to look back through your sketchjournal that far XD;
        But, it’s good to go lock them for now so there is no possibility of any more spoilers :3 As you get further into your comic you should unlock them again~

  • whoooomeek

    The colours look alright to me! Plus it’s cool that you made the background trees sort of faded.. it gives a morning mist/dew feel to the page.
    Also, i secretly like Pinter in panel 2 :D the awkward sleeping position seems so characteristic! haha.
    I dunno, it does to me anyway.

    Oh and perhaps you could tilt his pupils down a little more in panel 3? Like angled more toward the cigarette, so when we see “Damn it, not again”, we know he’s talking about smoking in his sleep. I’m not sure if that’s what you were going for, though. If it was, then… yup.

    By the way, thanks for updating man. Sounds like the page wasn’t much fun to do, but it’s really cool of you to get down to it anyway. Appreciate it.

    • Oh I know. I thought that would probably hurt his neck so I made him rub his neck in the next panel XD

      Ugh, yeah the pupils look bad XC They are looking at the cig in the lines but when its compressed this small it looks really odd. I’ll fix that tomorrow! Thanks :3

      • whoooomeek

        most welcome! XD

      • Koi

        I’m thinking you need to move the iris down more into the lower corner of his eye. People don’t normally see the iris and pupil seperated, especially when when it’s that small of a detail, it’s dark, and it’s sort of obscured by hair (unlike the panel before it where his eyes are wide and there’s nothing else too close).
        Having it more of a dramatic detail will probably help people see what he’s looking at without having to look a second time~ :3

  • TLL

    First thought:

    Pinter puts on a shirt, and suddenly he looks like 10 pounds lighter. (From a distance and behind him, but EH, details).

    -I- want a magically slimming shirt.

    Also, dear lawdie, I envy your coloring skills. Every single page is so vibrant and eye-catching, and, quite frankly, rather inspirational–it makes me want to work on my coloring skills.


    • You’re right v_v I edited him to make him a bit fatter! Photoshop adds 10 lbs, haha…

      Thank you! And he’s poking a familiar object, if you consider things posted 6 months ago familiar.

  • VeroJade

    OH! I finally noticed there are pear-like-things in the tree that he’s poking. His feet still confuse me (what’s he sanding on?!) but otherwise it all makes sense now.

    • Haha, I just uploaded a fixed version of the log he’s standing on, since it was a bit confusing. Thanks!

  • Angoras a peeping tom XD
    great page!

  • Rava

    O_o now, what’s with him?

  • MR. Seiv


  • Hmm, at first I hadn’t realized he was talking about the cigarette :P Anyway, I love the colouring in this page, and especially the lighting in the panels inside the tent is fantastic! =D
    I love the the 4th panel and the motion. :3
    I like the last panel, too, but I think Pinter’s pose is a little weird, not sure why. It’s probably just me, though.
    I loved the incentive with that old Pinter character shit, it’s always cool to see people’s old arts. I liked the incentive with the lineart, too, the lines looked awesome.

    Aa, also, about the ads, I did notice them before you mentioned it, but I don’t think they’re annoying or anything. :D

  • mmm stickbeaten fruit :o a perfect breakfast

    even though it’s supposed to be referencing the cig, it also works on other levels since pinter’s obviously going through a downer patch in life. what with the torn up tent under a tree and moonshine and all that.

    second and fourth panel are just great. i dunno exactly how or why, but the sense of “afsafdsfds >:(” rushing around is so clearly present.

  • You did really well on the atmosphere inside Pinter’s tent, and I love the look on his face in the second panel.

    c: That’s all. Thanks for the update, keep up the good work <3

  • pookie

    Awesome! :>
    I really like your comic, tho I have only just found it!
    ::eager monkey dance:: can’t wait to see where the plot is going~!

  • O!

    Haha. Is he recycling Angora’s stick from the night before? Cuz that’d be classy. Look, Pinter, she’s helping you out already! And without even trying!

    • HE IS!! You win… the internet, or something XD I was wondering if anyone would notice that extremely unimportant detail.

  • rufftoon

    Another great looking page (I also barely notice the adds…no, don’t put more, ha ha!).
    Maybe something to experiment: if you want people to better understand he’s talking about the cig, maybe actually add a red glow to it. The panel colors are dark enough that a bit of extra brightness will lead the reader’s eye to it and pay attention to what he’s holding.
    Sure it’s cheating, but that’s for the story.
    I’ll tend to agree with someone else’s coment about Pinter’s pose in the last panel- doesn’t feel like he’s reaching upward- probably due to the curve of the back. He’d possibly also be standing on tip-toe.
    Apart from that, I continue to applaud your great work- the art, the story, everything is always of excellent quality.

  • I get excited whenever he comes on *-*

    • Ditto. I have no idea why, though. Usually I don’t find tubby alcoholic slobs all that attractive. =D

  • Chameleon Kid

    Makes me wonder just how many times he’s fallen asleep like that! XD

  • Amanda

    I didn’t realise he was going for the fruit! I thought he was just rustling down some leaves from the tree… o_O Maybe..make the fruit a bit brighter, to draw attention to it? Or something? It’s a gorgeous page though, I love that it’s darker; it shows that he’s well inside the jungle, and in his tent too. Fantastic comic, keep up the good work!!

  • Alice Clarke

    Who’s he shouting for? Angora? 8D

  • pmzpdrzbr

    I think I want to adopt Pinter, I love him that much!
    Incredible comic, you cannot fathom how jealous I am of your talent.

  • Ayla

    Can someone please tell me what is going on in this picture? i am really lost!

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