I like this page! I think its one of the best ones so far. I think its because water is really fun to color.

Getting pretty near the end of the chapter! I’m excited.

Oh yeah, I went back and edited page 11 because a lot of people hadn’t noticed Angora setting down the bottles. I removed a leaf and made it more obvious. I think the exact logistics of where they’re all running around is a little off (I recall making the creek a straight shot to his tent in one panel but I put in a big bush here, guh), but hopefully its starting to come together… I’ll go back and edit the major discrepancies later.

As ever, thanks for reading and for voting to support the comic! We’ve slipped to #6 in the last few days but I’m not complaining XD Next page… soon!


  • Rhett

    I absolutely love the art of your comic! It’s simply awesome!!

    I can’t wait to read more!

  • Kate


    • Ryder

      I love you.

  • Lauren

    the first two panels are really gorgeous. The colors in this page are really saturated, I love it!

  • The colors in this page are gorgeous! Also, after reading your tweet and looking specifically for the fish, I cracked up a little because I could guess where the fish used to be. Also, the vote incentive is wonderfully random and weird. These should be fun!

  • Sir Reginaldo

    I just think, “Smegal, loves the precious” and how he talks to himself :3
    When he wears clothes he looks relatively skinny…. or as skinny as someone can be with a bear belly XD

    Oh and here is a question. Is that a aviator jacket? Kinda reminds me of the good old aviators ;)

    • Haha, yeah it sort of is XD It was part of his original character design a million years ago and I haven’t been able to part with it.

  • B-Ren

    Great page, reminds me of Doctor Seuss for some reaon…

  • gracelinge

    omg i just love this. it is sooo awsome, can’t wait for more!

  • Filipe

    He forgot the fish and even dropped the fruit for the booze. There’s the true breakfast.

    “who are you talking to?” Priceless!

    • it looks like it, but it is the palm of the hand. Might I suggest to alexds1 to add some shadow there or something to show it as a different part of the hand and not an extra finger?

      I must agree, this is my favorite page too coloring wise. So far this comic is so absolutely amazing, the world is so believable too, and that is a key element in a good read~

      lovels <3

      • oops! I replied to the wrong comment XD

      • Thanks for the suggestion :B Actually it looks like I forgot to add in his fingernails, putting those in will probably clear it up too.

  • Fffff, that 3rd panel cracked me up. XD

    Um. But…is it just me or does he have 6 fingers on his right hand? ‘^’

    • Oh, on the 3rd panel? No, thats supposed to be the heel of his hand :B It looks kind of whack though, I should probably fix that up.

      • Oh, ok, I see it now.

  • Lee

    Pinter is my favorite fat crazy drunk ever

  • Ponthion

    Ahaha I really love Pinter’s.. relationshop to his bottles. Happy to see them united again! XD
    I especially like the colours of the first to panels, and the refelction on the bottles.
    But what’s with this water? Looks so muddy D:

    • Yeah, it is pretty muddy! I was watching a lot of Survivor Man last weekend and he went to the rainforest to survive a few times… the water was sort of gross like that so I made mine gross too XD

  • Pinter constantly cracks me up. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of reading about his exploits. I particularly love the coloring of the jungle on this page, especially the foliage that recedes into the background. It does a lot to make the place seem solid and real. :D

    Heehee, and Pinter <3s his booze.

  • kita

    I love Pinter so much.

  • Lambcake

    Pinter’s too durn cute! And he looks so much lighter in the sun. ha ha, pastey Pinter…
    Is the symbol on the sleeve of his jacket the same as his tattoo?

    • Yes, same tattoo symbol and placement! He is pretty pasty XD

  • Katrina

    It took me a few glances to figure out what Pinter was holding in the third panel. The fishing net gets lost in the first two panels, and I’m guess that’s supposed to be your focal point? Maybe you could lighted the water around it in the first panel so it stands out a bit more. But thats just me..

    Love your comic and I can’t wait for the next update!

    • Yeah, it was (compositionally) : It sucks cuz painting the lines of the net white makes it unintelligible, but hilighting the bg a bit (which is what I did) still doesn’t have enough definition… I’ll play around with it, I might have to falsely push it forward with some unnatural colors.

  • Haha, the expression on his face in the second last panel is amazing, sheer, pure joy, and just looking at it makes me happy.

    (but the more I look at it the sadder it is, because it is, after all, alcohol he’s being so happy about, but I’m trying to ignore that part)

    • Yeah, he’s really pathetic, haha…

  • The perspective on that 5th panel looks great =D

  • Evan

    Love this new page, but I still don’t understand the last panel of the previous page when he’s holding the stick / vine thingy over his head. Or was that him getting the fruit?

    • Yeah, that was him poking the fruit down with a stick… I may have to revise that panel, as a few people were confused by his pose/ action.

      • I love that he’s using the same stick that Angora smacked him with. XD

        I kinda thought he had a net of food or something up in the tree. Now that I see the following page, it become clear to me. And I totally did not intend to rhyme there.

  • Steffyanie

    Haha, I knew those were the bottles Angora set down a while back!
    Oh, this just gets better and better.
    Your art never ceases to amaze, as well.

  • Ginmizu


    • Koi


  • I like how we can see Pinter’s belly button shadow on his shirt, somehow makes it look cuter…..

  • nevermind, it was a spot on my monitor >_<

    • yim-yam

      lolz :P

  • Kili

    Your comment on page 11 motivated me to re-read this story from the start. What a joy..

    The details do pull you in – like the fruit falling away in panel 4. What is that in the net in panel 3, a leech?

    • Haha, no its a tiny fish XD I make these pages so large and compress them so small I forget that people can’t see all the details (it even has a face in the inks :B )

  • Vincent

    This is probably the dumbess question in history of questions, but I love your comic so much I really want to understand :

    When he says come on breakfast is he talking to the fish in the net or is he saying come on breakfast follow me ( telling the apple in his mouth to follow him)?

    I love your comic the art and colouring is simply amazing!
    I vote for you every day :P

    • Thanks for your support, Vincent!

      He’s talking about hopefully netting a fish, I think the fruit thing is just a warmup to some real food (which was quickly abandoned for the alcohol).

  • yim-yam

    it’s angora, right? :D

    • You’ll see!!

      • Filipe

        I thought it was that other guy with the knife…

        After seeing the vote incentive, I’d say Pinter needs to wash his mouth with soap. That kind of language near Angora, tss tss.

        • yim-yam

          by guy with the knife do you mean that guy who was going to rape angora at the beginning?

  • Tams

    GORGEOUS coloring yes.

    Okay the first thing that popped up in my head when I saw those panels of Pinter running was, “He’s pretty spry for a fat guy.”


  • Sarah

    This page is beautiful! I noticed a marked upswing in the (already-incredible) quality as soon as I saw it. Congratulations on some lovely, lovely work.

    • Thanks so much! The coloring gets better/ easier when I like what’s going on in the page, it seems XD

  • radishey



  • Stacey

    Pinter sure is damn happy about finding his alcohol. Its adorable :P

  • Moons

    I love Pinter! He’s my favorite character so far. ^^

  • Koi

    Bwuh fwuh pwuh…


    I love this paaage! 8’D The saturated colours are gorgeous, and I love seeing the secret lives of characters! And you got pretty interesting with the perspective here! -WOOT-

    Oh, and….. PIIINTERR! <3 I think the reason why I love him so is because he reminds me of my boyfriend… XD; (There’s something I’ve been meaning to ask… How do you pronounce ‘Pinter’? I might be pronouncing it wrong.. o . o; )

    There is not a single thing I think you should change about this page~ :D It’s perfect just the way it is! But yes, addressing some of the problems with the conistancy of the habitat is a good idea XD

    • Ahahaha XD Glad you like it!

      Pinter rhymes with… like Printer, without the R.

      • Koi

        Awww! D’8> I’ve been pronouncing it wrooong!

        ….*sniff* But I like my pronounciation better.. > n >

  • NaturallyNeutral

    You really captured the sun light right….Really hope to see more pages likes this!

  • Dawww, I love how thrilled Pinter is at finding his long-lost booze. This has got to be one of my new favorite pages. I’m glad I don’t have to catch my breakfast.

    I laughed at today’s incentive. Are cuttlefish in vogue now? Where can I get one of my own?

  • I liked him better shirtless

    nahhh pinter with clothes is such a cutie <3 X3

  • sue

    I could just hear the dramatic reunion music playing with Pinter running across a flower field to his beloved alcohol…

    Great comic so far.I was about to point out tiny flaws in this otherwise fantastically inked/coloured page but others already have,so I have nothing more to say other than keep making these amazing comics!

  • Oh Pinter~

  • BTW, today’s voting incentive made my day <3

  • whooomeek

    “water is really fun to colour” -alexds1
    That’s amazing. I always thought liquids were hardest to paint, but you’re really good at it! The bottles of moonshine look so real.. and the tannin-y stream water too.

    Pinter in panel 5 is so adorable I wish there were plush toys of him like that :3 (hint hint) And his jacket is awesome! They should sell replicas in stores… (hint) XD

  • Eleanor

    Wow I love this comic it’s so awesome! :) Your art is amazing! I love that Pinter guy! :D xxx

  • marinatedfish

    Rainbow coloured incentive! X3 I love it. Epic indeed!

    Maybe that muddy water should cover up his feet in the second last panel a bit more? It’s still quite clean if one can see his feet on the ground. hehe which panel was the one you spent most time on? The page looks great (jungle colours)!

    • Yeah, I had to strike a balance with the water… too much murkyness then he would not be grounded in the surroundings, but too little and I’d have to paint in the rocks at the bottom of the creek/ stream T_T I like it the way it is now, so I think I’ll keep it…

      and most time went in to panel 1! I usually start with the panel with the most bg, so I can solidify the colors for the major objects. Then I can just take those colors and apply/ tweak them in the rest of the page so that I can do the figure properly.

      • marinatedfish

        huh, then maybe at least letting the biggest stones shine through, the ones next to him? :3

  • sweet_gardenia

    ” No shh-shh darling. Don’t cry. We’re together again. We can put it all behind us…”

    I like his YAY BOOZE face <3 Though I wonder if that person speaking is who I think it is…

  • Authorette_XP

    Woot! Wonderful, as always. Can’t wait to see what kinda cliffhanger you’ll undoubtedly leave us with when you get to the end of the chapter. XD This page was a wonderful present. (It came out on my bday, June 6 :D.) Keep it up!

  • Jason

    Are the ads randomly genarted? I remember there being one link to a webcomic in which a girl comes out of a mirror, but I can’t find the link in the addbar anymore. Do you remember the name of the webcomic and if so, the link as well? Do you even check out the ads yourself?

    • No, I have to approve all the ads manually the first time they come up… I think you might mean this one? http://www.dream-scar.net/

      • Jason

        Thank you. That’s exactly the one I meant. I’m loving how The Meek is going by the way.

  • candeldandel

    I really like that little delicate net!… though it doesn’t seem to have caught anything. But I mean, who needs fish when you can have booze for breakfast?

  • Thank you so much for that amazing incentive XD
    Narwhal! FUCK YES!

  • *claps* The story is getting better by the minute :3 So interesting it makes me want to see more and more! :D The art is lovely too ^^ You’re constantly doing a great job! OwO d

  • MeHiLow

    A really good webcomic so far. The coloring just keeps enchanting me. And the story seems to be building up to something really interesting.

    Keep up the good work. I hope you are getting the attention this deserves (judging from the comments, it seems that you are getting there. ;)

    I am just wondering, how do you cope with getting it updated… I hope you will stay on schedule.

    • Thanks very much! Glad you’re liking it so far.

      I have to schedule my time pretty carefully to get everything done on time… each page recently is taking 10+ hours, I usually spread it out over 2 days. I could potentially do 3 pages a week like this but I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up! I have to back to school soon and the update schedule may drop back to 1 a week :

  • NaturallyNeutral

    Haha,seems like The Meek is geting more comments each day!

    Keep up the awesome pages

    Ps: Awesome way of using lighting in this page ;)

  • Laurens

    This page somehow looks radically different from the others. Is it the morning light? Whatever it is, keep it up!

    I actually like the pronunciation of Pinter’s name like in Pint better. :-/

  • Maggle

    Jeez Pinter, how much booze DID you buy????

    • A lot! At least a day’s worth >>;

  • yim-yam

    D8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! meek is amazing!… I love you! lets get married!( I am aware you’re a guy, but I’m a girl so the world keeps spinning!)

  • Pinter just made me start singing ‘Alcohol’ by Barenaked Ladies. Ah ha ha.

    Your attention to little details is wonderful and I love how to render expressions <3, I can’t wait to read more!

  • Sal Paradise

    I love that you are a Les Stroud fan as well as myself!

    I hope you don’t mind a wee bit o’ constructive criticism here, but in that third panel it really looks like Pinter’s breaking the fourth wall. Well, he is breaking the fourth wall. And that not only brings me out of the page and also the story at the moment, but it brings me entirely out of the whole story up until this point! I don’t mean that as a massively bad thing because all it would take for you is to move the pupils over one way or the other (screen left or screen right).

    Oh, yes, looking at it again, each time, I see Pinter staring directly at me and it just… really brings me way down and way out of the story. I know you can think of a thousand ways to redo that frame, so I can’t wait to see what you choose to do instead. Otherwise, I’ll be wondering why in the heck Pinter is staring at me, gaping at me with fruit in his mouth while I’m looking at him from my desk, wondering why and how he can see me! Oy! Is he detoxing so much that he can break the fourth wall? Because that would be an awesome super power.

    I’m loving the composition, lines, color and shading, but most of all the wonderful cabaret of expressions that you bring to each character per new panel every new page!

    • lol, you think he’s looking at you? I can’t see it, honestly… to me he looks like he’s looking slightly to the (your) left. The center line of his face/ body is pointed in that direction, and from the next panel its obvious that he’s looking at a point beyond whats in the frame (that would mean behind you, the reader). I don’t think I’ll change it just cuz I don’t see it… maybe in the printed version it will be more obvious where he’s staring, since at a higher resolution you can see his pupils and other useless detail.

      • Sal Paradise

        Yeah, lol, it really looks like he’s staring straight into the camera, or at least is distracted by the camera, lol. I can see how you might now see it given that you have the original hi-rez images, but trust me, in mass production and on the website, it really looks like he is breaking the fourth wall. It’s really distracting. I mean, I have no complaints and nothing but love up until that frame. I think it could be problematic down the road for you, and trust me, I know these things. (You’ll just have to trust me on that.)

        While “the center line of his face/ body is pointed in that direction, and from the next panel its obvious that he’s looking at a point beyond whats in the frame (that would mean behind you, the reader),” on the basic level it just does not play out that way.

        In other words, it’s great in idea, in concept. It makes sense according to comics and film framing conceptually, but this is one example where in practicality it just doesn’t work. I’m sorry! I’m only telling you because I love this work so much and it kills me seeing this mistake which can be easily overlooked or debated. But the simple fact that it can be debated is enough to know right away that it has to be redone. (You have no idea how many hundreds of film shots I’ve worked on in which we’ve had to re-do everything to avoid this very issue because it causes such major problems!)

        In the end, it is so up to you, so totally up to you, but because I love what you are doing, I have to tell you in all good conscience as a fellow professional and a lover of your work that it is in your best interest to redo that panel. There are so many reasons why, and I’ve only mentioned a few. But thinking ahead to future panels, if you ever want to toy with breaking the fourth wall, then this panel will be a deal-breaker.

        As a fellow artist here, a cinematographer, director and writer, this is what I’d do. (And I say this out of pure love for what you are doing.) In the first five frames you have a great screen/panel left angle on Pinter; all the action is of him in each frame moving, angling, and looking and darting screen/panel left. And it SO pays off in the last two panels. When he finally in jubilation gets his moonshine, he is looking left from screen/panel right. This whole scene works so well on a psychological level because when you have two characters (or an item or a character) in panel/on screen, the item or person that has power is on almost always on the left. It’s just the ways or brains work as Anglo-readers (we read and watch movies from left to right). So in all those panels he is chasing the object in power, the booze, which is on the left! It’s so brilliant! And he is moving toward it, trying to get it darting in from the right side of the frame! Wonderful!

        But in that third panel he’s look if not right at the reader/camera, then he is still looking pretty much “over the shoulder,” as the term goes, of the reader/camera. Instead, it works so much better if he keeps looking to the left, his body coming from the right. Please trust me on this one. It works wonderfully; imagine him angled to frame left in the third panel, with the same expression, the fruit in his mouth! And then in the fourth panel he runs in that exact direction he is looking (also the direction in which his exclamation work bubble is spouting out of his mouth.

        And, if you are following me, willing to follow me, then the HUGE pay-off is when his attention is jarringly shifted (as well as the readers’ attention) to frame/panel right! By Angora!

        (In fact, it’s even more confusing because of that very thing; he looks like he’s looking at… I have no idea. In other words, I have to stop and think about it to try and figure out why he’s shifting his like that way… It’s just really distracting, that panel, really distracting, taking away from the page, and inevitably taking away from the whole series of pages.)

        That’s where the big pay-off is! All that attention going to panel left, just to get swept up in embarrassment in a sudden direction change to frame/panel right.

        I hope you are okay with that cinematographic constructive criticism, because it’s tried, it’s true, and it’s valid, and I only mean the best for you. So, please, for the love of all that is sacred, do not make me beg any more for that one small panel change.

        • Ashty

          *blinks* That was really very ranty, you must take your fourth wall business quite serious…

          Well, my first glance over the comic there was no thought in my mind that he was staring ‘through’ the coming, it looked to me that he was startled by something, like a deer caught in headlights. I even grinned a bit to see it was his precious moonshine, like a gift from the heavens. Even now going back and staring at it, he still doesn’t look like he’s looking at me. I have to completely stare at the comic intently and imagine him looking at me to even see it in the slightest… and then I start to feel a little weird trying to get a comic character to stare at me. :o

          On a different note, wonderful comic. I always hope for surprise updates because I love reading it so much. Such nice coloring and original art. Thumbs up from me. :D

          *Oh, and P.S. Don’t change a thing with that panel, it’s great. If you move his eyes it’ll look like some one is trying to sneak up on him or something, totally ruining the effect of finding his glorious booze.

        • Ashley

          Get a life, theatre major. There is nothing wrong with the way the panels on this page have been laid out.

          • Okay, okay lets keep it nice in here :B

        • Okay, well I was willing to give your idea a chance and ran it by the LJ… preliminary conversation seems to show that other people did not notice any jarring or discrepancy! Since I didn’t as well I’m just going to keep the panel the way it is. Thank you though for pointing out that it looked odd to you, half the time people say that to me I tend to agree right away! It always helps to have different perspectives :)

          Thanks again for commenting!

        • yim-yam

          WOW!(I don’t mean world of warcraft) mr paradise! you seem to enjoy typing! and constructive critisism! and have a strange love for the fourth wall and don’t seem to like to see it broken! you must have alot of free time on your hands… or just ype really fast… do you teach cartooning? you seem to know what you’re talking about or are just a good BSer.

          • Sal Paradise

            I type incredibly fast. And yes, I work for money in these fields. It is always up to the decision of the artist, and I absolutely respect the decision of the artist. Always. However, constructive criticism is extremely important, and conversation with fans and peers is also important.

            So, cheers! And I love the next page!

  • Chameleon Kid

    I love the colors of the jungle–they’re so vibrant and full of life! X3

    Pinter is so fun–the expressions in your comic are wonderful.

  • Drakinsfyre

    I know everyone else has said this already, but it really is some stunning work (I mean the graphic novel as a whole, not just this page). As for the last panel, as soon as I saw it, my mind figured that he was looking up at Angora sitting in a tree. Even if it isn’t Angora, it simply looks like a part to continue to the next page. I’ve seen quite a few graphic novels in which a character is staring directly at the reader, but he’s looking at something in *that direction*, not breaking the fourth wall. Then again, I’m not an artist (or at least, not a true one. :P ), just a general readers opinion of what it looks like. I’m sure that if you do a lot of art, or cinematographic work, you look at all the little things. But not everyone is going to look at it that way. Anyway, my opinion on it doesn’t matter much, so just keep doing what you do best. ^_^

    • XD Of course your opinion matters! Thanks for commenting, and I’m very glad you’re enjoying my work!

  • I can see how in the third panel some would complain about a break through the fourth wall, but I didn’t even notice that at all. I saw it as him being surprised or something like that.

    Also, I absolutely love this. I can not wait for the next one.

  • donbionicle


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