Haha… In case you didn’t know that Kiz is a douche… uh, Kiz is a douche. This does not bode well for Pinter, I’m sure…

I’m going to be away this weekend, starting on Friday! That means super crunch time for page 35 XD I’m going to do my best to have it done by tomorrow night so I can upload it before I leave (or possibly just have comicpress do it for me automatically). In any case, if there is for some reason no comic on the weekend you’ll know I have fail’d (I hope not).

Made a few more page edits here and there, won’t point out where. At the end of the chapter you’ll be able to go back and read the whole thing without the little mistakes, I’m sure it will be much more enjoyable!

See you later :B


  • omg omg omg, this is getting insanely good! XD I can just feel Pinter wanting to bash Kiz’s teeth in. Heehee… Great job on this page. Really good.

  • Ruby

    I thought it was gonna be Angora. xD But uh-oh, Kiz is mad now…

    Great page :D

  • Kris

    Woohoo I’m first for once! lol (assuming that no one posts like right before I do lol)

    Fantastic strip as always! I hope you have fun while you are out this weekend wherever it is you happen to be going :)

    I love your work. I was browsing through the top comic strips when I came across yours and fell in love with it immediately.

    Out of curiosity, what made you decide to start writing this?

    – Kris :)

  • Kris

    Darn I guess I was second lol :P

    • i hawk this comic at times. go me! <3

  • I <3 the first panel. The way you colored the cliff edge is just so cool. Your line work and colors constantly awe me.

    And Kiz is a douche. I look forward to seeing him get his rear handed to him.

  • Eh…actually, that’s something I wondered too. D: -feels dirty-

    Ohhh Kiz, I see another black eye in your future~

  • Lauren

    I love Pinter.

    Also love Kiz’s black eye hahaha

  • Sen

    I like how creepy Kiz is. Auggghh.

    The first panel is really nice. I like it for some reason, lol.

  • Ross

    Kiz must not see too well since it’s not like she wears much.

    • Neo

      That’s what I was thinking

    • Hchano

      ha exactly, i was thinking like, “but wouldn’t he have seen that?”

    • Arison

      He might have meant green as having little to no experience with sex!

      But you’re right, that’s what I thought of first when he said it. XD “Um, didn’t Pinter give you the black eye AFTER you’d already seen her?”

    • Ashley

      Which is why I think he was making a pun. He didn’t mean green as in the colour, but green as in inexperienced ie a virgin.

    • Otaku-sama

      so Kiz means “naive” with “as she is on top” ? XD

      • stephanie

        im not quite sure what u guys are talking about…. but im pretty sure he means the Green hair on top of her head, and the green pubic hair. “are her pubes the same color green as her hair on her head?”
        did no one else catch that but me?

  • aaaah, something’s going to happen…the anticipation is killing me! Love that last panel, btw. Pinter’s expression is really nice there.

  • TLL

    Favorite panel is Kiz’s annoyed face. By far.


  • CyberSkull

    Is that cap on his head metal? Like part of his skull?

  • D

    Eh, honestly, Kiz is unpleasant enough that it makes it difficult for me to read the comic.

    • He’ll get what he has coming soon…

  • DaVince

    Oh man, this comic is made of awesome. I wish I had found it later (so I could have read up on more)! :P

  • I want to kick Kiz’s butt man XD Not to mention he’s jealous. I like Pinter’s face in panel 3. And is he Jewish? Is that what the cap on his head is (looks like it)?

  • marinatedfish

    Oh yes that’s definitely sick.
    I like that one can see Pinter’s scullcap clearly in the first panels! ♥
    Also, the perspective in panel 1 and 3!
    (haha this is sick, too, but Kiz looks good in panel 2!)

    • XD I’m glad he looks good.. Despite the shirt, I wanted to remind everyone that he is a bit more… uh, toned, than Pinter is.

  • Suzanne

    ok so it is a skull cap….i thought the guy was balding……..lol

  • stephanie

    the first swear of the comic??

    • Haha, nearly the second… the original dialogue had Pinter say “fuck off” in the last panel but I thought that was a bit too hardcore.

  • Those roots on the cliff look like hearts… which led to some… bad thoughts…

    I-I just pictured them making out

    I’m sorry T_____________________________T


    • lol, maybe he didn’t get a good look (too many little leaves in the way XD)

      • marinatedfish

        …plus feet, plus Angora’s knees, plus… XD

    • Curtains + Carpet = str roflololololololololol

  • Ooo, Kiz is so brooding. This is my favourite page so far! Kiz’s posture, placement, expressions, aaand clothing really give that ‘up to no good’ feel. The dialogue and pacing is excellent too!

  • Funny, I always figured that any man that would chase a naked girl up and down a forest must be a sweetheart.


  • Fitzy

    Geez, this comic is so good. I vote every day, and I just had to leave a comment. You may or may not read this, but I just gotta let you know how EXTREMELY GREAT this comic is so far, and I can only imagine how great it is going to be in the future. By the way, love Pinter’s face in the last panel. Pinter’s probably my favorite character so far, seeing as how we share a look, what with the sideburns and whatnot. Definitely don’t share the man-boobs or the alcoholism, even though I’m pretty Irish. Anyway, long-ass comment aside, keep up the great work, I for one am enjoying this comic greatly, and I thank you for sharing your great talents on the internet. I’ll get my tongue out of your ass, now.

  • Otaku-sama

    is “sex” the only thing that Kiz think about? :P

    by the way, due to Kiz black eye, Pinter seems to be a good fighter! (even drunk)

    • Cheddar.

      If you were a good fighter, you wouldn’t GET a black eye.

      • Otaku-sama

        but Pinter hasn’t a black eye! and Kiz do… so Pinter is a better fighter, isn’t he?

        • marinatedfish

          hehe, I guess he is, at least when HIS booze is threatened/in danger/being spilled!

  • Ugh. Douch-baggy characters aggrevate me so much because I just wanna jump in and punch ’em out!

    So, basically, he’s doing exactly what you want him to. :]

  • MB.

    Well jeez, it’s not THAT sick…. humans have only been doing it for thousands of years.

  • Meggalrock

    Geesh… now he has me wondering… No I’m not a perv (so lying) but it does have to make ya wonder.

    I’m loving this though! Can’t wait to meet the other characters! <3

  • Do I have your permission to kick Kiz’s ass?

  • Gearfish


    Your scenery makes me happy. It is gorgeous to look at and is quite consistent! Also: Hahaha, black eye.

  • Haph

    Pinter’s expression in the last panel is akjhfakfhakj amazing. I think it’s the same one I was making at the time, haha

    x3 Longtime lurker, first time poster. It’s amazing how far The Meek has come, and I wish you the best in continuing!

  • on-looker

    kiz looks kind of like a decent englishman, just with an attitude (esp in the 2nd panel). yet he’s quite animalistic, as he’s chasing a naked girl to, well, rape her! lol

  • Coryjonc

    One question, didn’t Kiz already see Angora naked? Why would he even ask that question? (I’m not nit-picking btw, just being cute).

    • Yeah, I guess he could have, though I think it was mostly her backside the was to him XD Or there could have been leaves or things in the way, haha…

      • PopsicleCulture

        Besides, regardless of whether he saw or not, it’s a good thing to say to someone when you want to piss them off.

        Oh hey, let’s inquire about the details of your recent lay.

        • Coryjonc

          Oy that crap is infuriating.

  • rufftoon

    Another great page! Don’t hurt your drawing hand trying to finish a new page before leaving.
    If I may make a small suggestion?
    There’s not a lot of difference in size and angle for Pinter, between panel 1 and 2. In film, we’d refer to it as a jump cut- a little jarring moment. Easily fixed by varying Pinter’s size in either panel one or two, whichever works best. Play around with it.
    Apart from that detail, the rest is awesome. Great coloring, as always.

    • I was thinking that too… also since his head is in such a similar pose for both panels. Thanks for pointing that out!

      • Abisian

        To me it seemed kind of like he had taken a few steps toward the cliff; that’s how the transition came across to me, anyway ..

  • Daddy-O

    I love this comic, but I have to say that am a bit disappointed at the turn it has taken.

    Kiz’s reference to Angora’s privates brings the story down in my opinion. It makes it crass. It’s not like the story was innocent. After all, Kiz had some nastiness on his mind in the opening pages, but somehow his groin-talk brings it low.

    I guess what I’m saying is that Angora had an innocence that I liked. Yes, she is naked, but she never acted naked. Like a child, she appears to not give it much thought. So, I took it the same way.

    Kiz bringing up the question of her pubic hair shifts the whole mood. That’s too bad. There was a nice magic there.

    Sorry, but that is my honest opinion.

    • Sure, thanks for your opinion, that was actually the reason I made him say it in the first place. Angora is basically the opposite of sexual nakedness, the fact that Kiz thinks that way is supposed to illustrate a point. I think it’ll work better once all the pages are cohesive… if I were patient enough to do all the pages at once so they could be read in sequence I think you’d find it a lot less offensive.

      • Daddy-O

        Actually, I did re-read the story. I see what you are saying, though, but I think Kiz’s actions in the beginning stated his character clear enough. It was clear that he was evil without using descriptives.

        I think of Darth Vader in Episode Four. We knew he was as evil as all get out because- among other things- he kidnapped and tortured Princess Leia with that floaty, ball, droid thing with all the needles. THAT was evil, but it was nothing specific. We knew he did something bad, without him giving gory details about exactly what he did with the needles. A general tone was maintained.

        That’s what I’m saying with Kiz. We knew he was a lecherous creep from when he was chasing Angora… but I kind of don’t want to know that he’s thinking about her pubic hair.

        But, hey… that’s me. You still got a great comic there, and I intend find out how it ends.

        • Abisian

          I think having him say it here will help with some pages that are coming up in the future, since Alex has already hinted at him “getting was he deserves.”
          I think having Kiz say some pretty inappropriate things kinda reinforces the fact that he’s an evil douche who’s about to get what’s coming to him. C:

  • so damn funny. :D i love this comic. the colours are always amazing.

  • Absinthe

    oh man that’s fantastic. God Kiz you are SO sick. Ffffffft I think Pinter is my favorite character. Dunno why. Man that skullcap just has me all kinds of curious. Of course, it’s probably explained somewhere along the way in the storyline. You win hardcore at this comic/story <3

  • Maaike

    Hahaha XD funny

  • Jenny

    What is Pinter’s little cap made out of? It’s fancy looking :D

    • Its a thin metal (I think). I keep thinking how odd that is but I am reluctant to change it at this point, haha.

      • Jenny

        Naw I like it! It’s all bright and eccentric looking.

  • Korilian

    …What do you mean is she as green below? She’s running around naked for God’s sake. Couldn’t you see for yourself?

    Is Pinter Jewish? That would explain why he’s not at the ‘service’, but maybe I’m expecting to much RL in a world with green haired girls and ancestral spirits.

    • He’s not Jewish, but belongs to a similarly conservative religion. You’ll probably absorb the info during the course of the comic so I won’t go into boring details XD

  • Sebastian

    Sweet comic m8, can’t wait to see the next few pages!

    Might be a lil’ late now, but that flashback with her gramps, was that during the fall?

    • That was a few days ago from where we are the present :)

      • Sebastian

        It’s a question…

  • Filipe

    ok, kiz is a douche! douche! douche!

    There, got that out of my system, but in a way I pity the guy, you wouldn’t make him this “nice” unless you had something “special” prepared for him.

  • Kimikub

    What’s on Pinter’s head? I thought it was a cap but now it looks like it’s actually part of him.. It kinda makes me think that he has some relation with water (and Angora with plants)..?

    Loving it!! :)

  • Creeeeeepy.

  • MB.

    @Daddy-O: It wouldn’t be very practical if Kiz wasn’t a douche about this. Take a bunch of single men out into the middle of nowhere to work with no women around and that’s gonna happen. To just ignore the whole idea of Angora being naked seems silly and contrived. That’s why I can’t help but giggle at Pinter’s reaction to Kiz’s perverted statement. If Pinter’s mind weren’t fully invested in booze, I’d have to call him a liar.

    But hey, if you want to read fluff, I suggest Pokemon manga.

    • Daddy-O

      “But hey, if you want to read fluff, I suggest Pokemon manga.”

      So, it’s either have characters wonder about each other’s groins OR read fluff? Hmmm… I think there are other options, don’t you?

      Listen, I never said to ignore Angora’s nudity. Clearly both Kiz and Pinter haven’t. And I even like the fact that Angora has a child-like view of her body. Of course it is a story element.

      My point was that it need not become crass. That’s all. No biggie. Nothing to see here, folks. Move on. Move on.

      I think “The Meek” is one of the BEST comics on-line. Hands down. No question.

      But I disagree with the creator on this point. So what? I even disagree with my wife of 15 years on certain points. Should I drop that relationship for a “fluff” relationship more equatable to “Pokemon manga”?

      Jeez, I hope not.

    • Its okay to have opinions! If Daddy-O thinks its a bit too crass, thats okay! He has the choice to continue reading to see where it goes or to not read as he likes, there is no need to pick at his preference! Lets keep it respectful :)

  • whooomeek

    Every page is a surprise :) I expected lots of greenery, but this time you coloured it bluish. It’s really refreshing.. for some reason!
    This isn’t really a big deal, but – in panel 3, Pinter looks somewhat different. I’m not sure.. I think it’s the eyes?

    • Yeah, I think the eyes are too big… I always fail at that perspective XD I wanted to fix it but it kept looking worse, haha

      • whooomeek

        haha :D oh dear! Well, it’s really alright. I just reread the comic and noticed you edited a couple of things. So maybe after giving the page some breathing space you’ll be able to go back and get the eyes to look the way you want (:

    • Lhorkan

      @whooomeek: I bet Kiz was expecting lots of greenery as well. <:D

      • whooomeek

        hahaXD i seriously laughed out loud when i read that!
        good one.

      • Absinthe

        roflmao <3 oh man i needed that laugh. Thank you <3

      • He’s definitely green with envy.

  • Caaaan you saaay DOUCHEBAAAAG~? :D

    My respect for Pinter is very, very high right now. <3 Pinter’s expressions in the third and last panel are really great, too. Like the gears are turning in his head and he’s ready to smack something again. AWESOME.

    Give Kiz that second black eye, man. 8Db

  • Yay, I knew it’d be Kiz :D Time for another beat down it seems.
    I suppose no more than a day has passed since Pinter gave him that black eye? In that case it seems odd to me that Kiz’s eye is that blackened but not swollen at all. Just a minor detail :)

    • Haha, good eye for details XD I’d forgotten to draw the swelling in the lineart and was cutting corners.. since you caught me I should probably fix it!

      • Haha, can’t fool me ;) It doesn’t really matter that much, but since you usually seem to like doing touch ups on the pages I though I might as way tell.

  • Lais

    But she was naked before, he would have seen if she were…
    Beautiful page, by the way!

  • This is kind of a random question: is Pinter’s nose darker in color because of the broken capillaries due to being an alcoholic?

  • Amber

    Ooh, I love this page. Pinter’s face in the third panel is really cute for some reason. :) And Kiz is hilariously creepy. The way you draw people, especially expressions, is amazing.

  • Neustrasbourg

    ceci dit, somehow I can’t actually blame him for asking… Come on, one isn’t a douche for nothing!

  • digitalwolf

    kiz looks really pale on panel 5…

    (lovin this sofar though)

    • Coryjonc

      Think that’s just the shading.

    • Yeah, its kind of fail huh XD I should fixt that.

  • Minnsu

    …I love Kiz. Really, his douchebaggery is so delightful <3

  • Moons

    Kiz is a sicko! And that’s putting it lightly! XP I’m glad he has that black-eye.

  • Mariel

    Awwww, Pinter is my favorite character, hands down. He’s so cute. The last few pages have been full of him and this makes me happy. ^____^

  • Evan

    I have to say, this is by far one of your best pages so far.

    • Someone says that every time I post a page XD I guess in a few years the art will be so good that you won’t be able to look directly at it or something (or I’ll have gone blind from drawing them)

  • Chanel the Bell

    I love this comic so far, I check it nearly every day for updates because I am a psycho. xD
    Anyways, why is Pinter kind of a douche? I mean, he totally just denied poor Angora. Maybe he’s not a douche, just anitsocial and really lazy…?

    • Haha, no Pinter is cool XD The other guy is a douche!

  • Poli

    Hm. That makes me curious. xD

  • Rhett

    Pinter’s hat thing reminds me of a Kappa…

    • Konira Thax

      LOL, Kappa water dish.
      Pinter is a kappa! XD *Carves Angora’s name into a cuccumber so he won’t eat her.*

      • Vinca

        It looks like a yamika to me.

      • Rhett

        LOL It’s been bugging me for awhile, I knew I’d seen something like it before… and then it hit me… “KAPPA!!” LMAO

  • Katherine

    Whoah….Cl-clothing!? What sin is this!?
    XD This comic is so amusing.

    • Ahaha, I know XD After all the naked, clothes seem odd…

  • Kiz is silly to ask that. He got a pretty good look at Angora before Pinter did!

    On a side note, I really expected it to be Angora asking who Pinter was talking to, not Kiz. XD

    • Rynne G

      yeah, i’d think Kiz would have seen something xD and i too was expecting Angora to show up there and not Kiz. tis a nice surprise and i hope for more :3

    • Nikki

      Uh, I don’t think he meant the color. As you said, you could tell by looking, but there are other—aspects–that could be called green.

  • haha that black eye and Kiz’s expression in panel 4 are murderous! I also really like the slow revolve in the first few panels, it’s very, i dunno, /environmental/. gives a good sense of space i guess.

  • Coryjonc

    Ok, so, predictions. I’m callin’ it right now:

    Angora comes out of nowhere, Kiz says some gross stuff and/or tries to chase her again, Pinter has to whoop his ass- accidentally kills him, has to run away from the village/whatever, and goes with Angora.

  • Chanel the Bell

    You would know.
    Gah, he’s such a creeper.
    I hope Angora kicks him in the jewels or something.

  • Love Pinter’s Face in the last panel. Genius!

    Although his cap seems to move around a lot; first it’s toward the back of his head, then it’s towards the front … maybe I’m just missing the subtleties of perspective?

    Every story needs someone to hate on, just as it needs someone to glomp on. Kiz may not be Teh Villin in this story, but he’s already a great whipping boy. w00t!

    • Haha, no his cap moves around cuz I suck at drawing it consistently XD Another thing on my fix-it list.

      • *giggle* eh, don’t stress on it. Celebrate the sucesses, no matter how small, and don’t fixate on the fix-its. You’re doing great!

  • The Pasha

    I don’t know why, but I like Kiz.

    • Amae

      So do I. I mean, he’s an absolute jerk, but for some reason, I still like him. xD Maybe I’m just weak ’cause he’s pretty.

  • i dunno what day you update anymore, it seems to change all the time XDDD

    Anyway I was coming back to peek and …I dunno, even tho he’s a douche, Kiz is a good looking character xD I love his design. Pinter is great too…I wanna squish him :<

    • Haha, yeah sometimes I’m late, but in general this updates Wednesday and Saturday (until I have too much work and have to scale it back again).

  • ashley[miikkie]

    man i love this so much 83
    you are so amazing!
    i usually just watch you on DA but there is more here =D
    im voting like you ask ^^ [whats it for?]
    i cant wait to see more
    amazing work. [love the characters by the way]

  • Ha ha ha. And he takes himself so seriously.

  • Krista

    Great comic you got here, I’m interested to see where it goes! This is my first comment, and I just wanted to say that Angora walks around naked, so you’d think everyone already knew whether she was green below or not ^_^
    Keep up the good work!

  • sweet_gardenia

    Haha I thought that might be Kiz and his jerky-boy self. Oh man…Sh*t’s goin’ down. can’t wait.

    ENJOY YOUR…DUNTDUNTDUNNN. WEEKEND. Come back alive! (saw the drawing over at LJ arghhh. I couldn’t see the other one besides the beach tho for some reason…only the dreadful red x :C)

  • Sir Reginaldo

    What ever happened to the Salamander back from like page 15 and stuff….

    • I think that was a flashback?

      • Lya

        No, the cute little Bolitoglossa, not the giant one…

        • He’s probably still hanging out… somewhere…

          • Lya

            I know that you already have lots of this sketched out… but if the little Bolitoglossa is not already a recurring character, and you could somehow *make* it one… this webcomic would achieve awesomeness even more than it already has.

      • yeah!

  • Maggs

    I LOOOVE Kiz, he’s great~
    We should definitely have more of that guy, he makes everything fun.

  • I love your work ! and I love Pinter too ^^ I vote all day for your webcomic. Good luck and keep the good work !

    (well am french as everybody know French people are very bad for speaking english, hope it’s understandable ^^’)

    • Your English is just fine, thanks very much for commenting X3

  • Farorna

    …Kiz is a douche.

    That fourth panel is the shit, I love. <3

  • Evan

    He’s gonna rape Pinter! Run fatty!

  • LOL @ Kiz’s black eye. Nice page!

  • Wildace

    Douche with a capital D

  • melopiggy

    I really love your comic! It’s done so beautifully.

    But I think the guy in panel 1 of page 33 has his thumb on the wrong side of his hand.

    • melopiggy

      whoops, nevermind. i was looking at it weird, i get it now!

  • PHAN


  • I’m glad Pinter gets to be a permanent character. :)

  • Chameleon Kid

    Uh…Pinter! Pinter! Pinter! I have a baaaad feeling about this…he doesn’t look too friendly. O,o

  • green

    I love pinter, he’s so freaking cute!

  • bootindoodle

    Hasn’t Kiz already seen her naked though, at the beginning of the comic?

  • Love your comic, man. Keep up the awesome work, I’m a big fan.

  • Silver Lady

    That Kiz is really disgusting. “Can perfectly read his mind: “So, the tramp doesn´t want me, a real man, but she preferred the fat, ugly Pinter?” Some guys really think with their testicles. ;)

  • Jac

    Niiiice black eye. I applaud both Pinter and alexds for the beautiful bruise on that douchebaggy face. :D

  • Alidha125

    Do the curtains match the drapes? XD

  • Luzerne

    I just thought of something! Wouldn’t he have already seen whether the carpet matched the drapes? She is naked after all…

    Then again, I guess her boobs would probably be more mesmerizing than her no-no spot.

  • yim-yam

    I am confused about what kiz says… is she as green below as she is on top…. he uh………. he’s seen her naked……. so doesn’t he know that she…….. she……. uhhhh…. heh heh…. *bead of sweat runs down face*

  • Laughed harder than I have laughed for a very long time. XD Thanks.

  • Boris

    “Is she as green below as she is on top?”
    “Funny thing is, I can’t tell. Every time I try to look, there seems to be a conveniently placed branch or leaf in the way.”
    “I know, right?.”

    • Squirrel


  • Twigs

    Kiz is pretty 8)
    But also a douche.
    I am conflicted. =(

    • Twigs

      That smiley was unexpected o_0
      I mean it to look more googly-eyed.

  • Girl

    Rereading this! Whoo! I just realized that since Angora is naked, Kiz should be able to tell if she is as green below as she is on the top….

  • Morgoth

    To those wondering about the ‘green below’ comment, I first of all also had the thought that he would know how ‘green she was below’ then realised from that that it’s a play on the metaphorical ‘green’- meaning inexperienced. He’s asking if she was a virgin, I suppose.

    Anyhow, great work on the comic- great art, characterisation and plotting thus far. I appreciate Pinter here being the only man with a conscience, hah, and that he doesn’t make a huge deal out of Angora’s nudity or view her in solely sexual terms, unlike the other guys.

    • rachael

      OH haha i get it! cuz you think he’d know, since he chased her around naked XD but there we have it!

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