New page! I don’t think anyone who commented predicted where I was going, which is surprisingly gratifying.

I was so super not feeling the colors on this page. Too many characters in a small space! Haha… I procrastinated every few minutes, so sorry if it looks weird or bad or something XC Oops, I see some bad proportions too… Why do I always see the mistakes after I hit upload?

Just want to reiterate thanks to readers new and old for following so far. I realize that its been over 6 months that I’ve been updating. Kind of crazy, I really expected to be done with at least a chapter by now, haha. Mr. Slow and Steady, thats me. Ah well.

One quick plug for a comic done by a reader (I don’t plug everyone who asks me but I make exceptions now and then): Cealdian. If you like the art in my comic, you’ll probaly enjoy looking at Cealdian too! Less than a dozen pages in but the story looks to be interesting. I love epic labor of love type comics… this could be a good place to jump on the bandwagon for a new one.

I fear there may be actual action coming up soon! See you Saturday :)


  • Evan

    First! And I love this page, I think one thing that really makes this comic stand out is your talent for drawing expression perfectly.

    • Thanks very much! The expressions are my favorite part!

  • TheAntimonyElement

    Ooh, awesome! Can’t wait to see where this goes! :D

    Hey, have you changed the website’s tags/keywords lately? ‘Cause when I type “Meek Comic” or something similar into Google, this site used to show up at the top. Now I can’t find it at all through Google–I have to link to it through other mentions. It’s kinda weird.

    • D: Really? I don’t think anything has changed! I think you’re right though, I don’t see it there either. I’ll ask my friend who works on my site to see if this can be fixed!

      • TheAntimonyElement

        I hope so! Like I said, the comic site was always my first result, but now it’s just vanished! D: Good luck fixing it!

  • Kris

    Wow definitely was not expecting that! Hmm this is getting even better! I like the whole “Lost?” and she was like O_O; cus her grandfather said that the lost one will know :) Very nicely done as always! XD

  • Embieria

    Finally! Been waiting all day, refreshing! LOL

    Love Kiz’ face in t he last panel – and no, had no idea you were gonna go this way!

    • lol, sorry to make you refresh so much, I procrastinated like hourrsss

  • “Lost?” Oho, now we’re getting somewhere.

    Good way to keep us guessing. I defintely didn’t see this coming. I like the expressions here!

  • Louie

    Oh no! Pinter ; 3 ;

  • Teresa

    She has pants? I missed this.

    • She does now! Obviously she’s been sneaking around.

  • candeldandel

    Hey! Watch it, bub!! I love big noses, so I LOVE Pinter’s nose. His expression in the second panel is so cute… ADVENTURE!!

  • Xhanthia

    Let me just say that while Pinter isn’t the typical male protagonist (and I’m assuming by his screen time that he IS a protagonist) that most people would generally go for (ie. fangirl over), the personality you’ve given him is such that after a page or two, one is prone to forgetting that he’s not tall and lean with super-model looks (actually, none of your characters so far are, a fact that raises my respect for your skills to new heights).

    Uh…basically, this all boils down to “Pinter rocks”.

    And I’m just getting around to say this because I’m a shameless lurker. :D

    • Ahaha, thanks for commenting XD I’m happy to hear that you like his character! I guess its like in real life, where if you like someone’s personality you mostly forget about their physical attributes.

  • She grabbed the pants from Pinter’s tent when she grabbed the rucksack, map, and rope, plus whatever else. Nice touch.

    Really nice comic. I love her surprise. But if he’s Lost, then they must be in Hawaii. :P

    One goof I saw was with Pinter’s skullcap. It’s too far forward, so it’s on the top of his head, instead of the back. Other than that, it looks good.

    • Yeah, his cap is all over the damn place XC I should probably make a ref sheet or something… then again, work is hard.

  • Otter


    • Its a start, huh XD

      • Otter


        I love this comic more and more.

    • Knilch

      Bye-bye, casual bottomlessness, you shall be missed. :< May you have a come-back, though!

  • Katherine

    Cripes, Kiz is becoming more and more nuts each panel! It’s like he’s taking lessons from Jack Nicholson from The Shining. D:

  • Yay, new page! I’ve been checking in constantly all day for this page O___O. Clearly I…need a life. Oh man, I’m loving Kiz’s crazy expression in that last panel.

    Omg, thank you so much for the plug! I will have to repay you through some epic fanarts or somesuch! :D

    • Haha, no problem at all XD Sorry for not replying directly to your email, I wanted it to be a surprise… I like to think that I know good quality when I see it :)

      • Haha, I was pacing around and fretting for days, thinking maybe you didn’t get it, should I try sending it again, etc. It’s alright though, it was QUITE the surprise, you totally made my night.

  • SecretWindow

    Poor Pinter! This is exactly how his day has gone so far:
    (: |: ): D: D:<
    Also; Angry Pinter is adorable! :D

    I absolutely love the colors. The colors for the past couple of pages have been outstanding, they make my heart melt and give me the outdoorsy feel. I adore this!

    Keep up the great work, can’t wait for the next page!

    • lolll that emoticon parade is strangely apt. So glad you’re liking everything okay!

  • Wyvern

    This is getting exciting!
    Can’t wait too see what happens next!

  • Gearfish

    Pinter is my favourite, I don’t think I’ve said that enough in the last pages.

    This Kiz chap is getting scarier by the panel! I blame his slightly deranged expression, and also the way he is waving his knife around as he is going to put someone’s (possibly his own) eye out if he keeps doing that, really.

  • kittengrl39

    Angora… you do know that a scarf’s not as important as a shirt, right? Right?
    XD Looks like we’re headed for some nice action. I love Pinter’s expression in the second panel. He’s not all “She’s being hurt! I must protect her!” but just angry about her taking his stuff. A very human reaction.
    …I can’t get used to thinking of you as a guy. Very few people do characters of both sexes as well you do. And I guess I’m just used to the artists of the comics I read being girls. *shrugs*

    …Kiz is still a douche.

    • Betsy

      Duh, it’s all about accessorizing!! lol

    • Erica

      Wait, what? I thought she WAS a girl…

  • Maria

    Awesome!!! I can’t wait for what happens next! =D

    Well I have a question that i hope will not offend you somehow but I am hoping you will help my confusion. My friend not too long ago told me about this comic and I love it but every time we go to talk about….I don’t know what pronoun to use!? I know it is so silly and stupid but one place it says you are a male, other spots say female…..I don’t know what to believe. So what are you a he, a she, both, neither…..I don’t care what but could you please tell me something. lol Calling you a he/she or it gets confusion and sorta rude and but my goofy mind out of misery. he he he

    Anyways….THIS COMIC ROCKS!!!! =D

    • Haha, are both/ neither an option? Thats pretty funny XD You can go ahead and say “he.”

  • Cookie Monster

    I think Angora’s hair is a different shade of green every time we see her.

    I wish I could do that.

    • Haha, its one of the benefits of having plant hair, I guess. Maybe she’s been eating iron or something.

  • oooooo sinister final panel, pitch perfect

  • stephanie

    Soooo.. angora DOES know that shes naked. and apparently it’s not natural for her, considering she took the time to put some pants on. (and yes i know she was clothed earlier) curious as to how she lost her clothes along the way, and why she seemed Ok with being naked!! :]

    nice comic so far, glad for the 2 updates per week, but wishing it was dailyy!!! :D i love it, flaws and all. thats what makes you, well, a human being haha

    • Betsy

      I would say she likes not wearing clothes (especially after reading the wiki) and is just now starting to understand that clothes are a big deal to people.

      • whooomeek

        I agree, Betsy! Also, it seems like she tried to imitate Pinters dressing, since the first time she saw him he was just wearing his pants.

  • Hayes

    I think I have a massive crush on Pinter. Yes, yes I do.

  • Meagan

    HI! I just started reading your comic and I must say that it is one of my most favorite ones!!! Like it’s waaaaay up there. I don’t know if you really care or not, but I’d just like to say that you’re awesome and I hope I can be like you one day. xD Kiz’s expression in that last panel is fricken amazing by the way. xDDDD

  • This is my first time commenting your comic. Of all the web comics I’ve read this makes my top five list so far; Along with Inverloch.

    I love your use of expression and body language, I’m trying to work with body languagein my art now in fact. The colors in this comic are amazing, as to be expected.

    I must say, this is quite an epic turn of events, I really didn’t see it coming. Kinda an unfortunate misunderstanding. I’m guessing there gonna escape now and have an epic adventure.

    • Aw, thanks very much! I’m honored that you’re enjoying the comic so well.

  • whooomeek

    Wow I did NOT expect that. There seem to be quite a few of these ‘next-page-cliffhangers’, if you know what I’m trying to say. And I never guess them right. And that’s awesome.

    Anway, expressions! Pinters is so good (and strangely attractive) in panel 2; the fact that you made his left pupil a little smaller is really helping too.
    Crazy Kiz at the bottom is AWESOME (and strangely attractive). It’s not over-the-top insane, but his face is a perfect match to what he’s saying.
    And the blonde guy. HA HA :D He looks so nonchalant in panel 4 it’s making me lol. He is also strangely attractive.

    P.S. Angora stealing? I’m mortified!

    • I find your comments to be strangely attractive! D:

      • whooomeek

        lol 8D glad i could return the favour!

  • Rogue

    This is great!

  • Ally

    Is it weird that I like Kiz? Because I do.

  • I’m in love with that last panel. I love jerk characters, and I love sickly characters. And thanks to you, I now love characters with black eyes.

    This panel of course has all three. :D

    • Haha, you’re really going to like chapter 2 then!

  • Amber

    It’s getting scary. :O I’m going to have nightmares!
    Anyway, I love the colouring on this page. And of course, the expressions are amazing as usual. I love how Pinter’s more angry about Angora stealing his stuff. :P Pinter and Angora’s angry faces in panel 2 and 3 are awesome. I’ve been so looking forward to this page, and now I’m desperate for more! I’ve become addicted! I check back practically every day. :D

  • Chameleon Kid

    Well…how are they both gonna get out of THIS? O,O

  • The Pasha

    Kiz just keeps getting better and better.

  • ColdCedric

    INTERESTING (singing heartedly)

    I am visioning that the lost one may fight or flee them and join her quest to find his grandfather.

    Yeah I think I will vote for runaway situation.

    Next they took of by boat (stowaways) as they meet the Teared Lady the one who not shed tear. Then finally encounters Grandfathers Evil Brother by the sea.


    Man, you planned your story very well. I’m voting for ya. Keep on going.

    (Just guessing where your story leads to and besides your leading it anyway so I’m just saying. That’s all)

  • Tóxica

    Rrjjkajkfk Let’s kill the scumbag Kiz! fjakfjk D8<
    … though, I like his character and looks.

    I love the panels on this page :3

  • marinatedfish

    Whoa…! Unexpected story turn!
    (How in the world did that guy manage to get hold of Angora?! )
    Oh, I love the facial differences you manage to put into a cartoony style!
    Just now I’m comparing the second and last panel, trying to figure out how to make faces look so different (though the expression is quite similar)…!
    Oh Kiz. What an evil grin. I look forward to compare it with Luca’s.

    • The top of the eye makes a big difference, keeping it rounded convexly gives them a more focused/ alarmed look, and flattening or making it concave gives it a more sleepy/ uninterested/ crazy look. And for Kiz the offset teeth make his grin look like he’s grinding his teeth at the same time XB

      Haha, I wonder if Luca even grins in this upcoming chapter? I am reigning in the humor a bit more, so he may be a little more somber (not that he isn’t already).

      • marinatedfish

        Heh, thanks for telling… ah, I found the look of the teeth similar, Kiz looks like grinding his teeth and Pinter like hissing through them… huh. The secrecies of cartooning revealed…!

        Even more somber! oh I’m looking forward to that !!! He seemed still too sympathetic in the beginning of the sketch version for you, so… no grinning anymore, I guess? haha

  • Filipe

    I confess I expected them to grab Angora, but the pants were a big surprise.

    Ok, so Pinter is the lost one Mocheril talked about. Poor guy, he’s stuck with Angora. I hope he manages to keep his nose.

  • ROFL @ “you weren’t using them”. I also love Pinter’s look a) of supreme irritation in panel 2 and b) shock in panel 4. I think he’s become my favorite character who isn’t Angora! ;)

  • Boreese

    third panel is fantastic. Her expression is so awesome.

  • Erica

    GAH Pinter becomes more loveable with every page. <3 I cannot wait to see Angora and Pinter’s future interactions while on their little adventure. It will most likely provide for many lulz. XD I LOVE THIS COMIC!!

  • I’m glad I caught this comic still in its beginning stage, because it’s really good. Keep it up. C:

  • Finchie

    For some reason I pictured Kiz’s voice to be Jason Lee. The more I read, the clearer I picture it.

  • Okazin

    This is my first time commenting… I really love your story so far. (:

    Is Angora ever going to get a top to match those shorts?
    Is she going to go to a capital city naked?
    …Actually I’m sure traveling places would be easier for her when half naked, its the distraction factor.

  • Smits

    She’s wearing pants! =(

  • Jenny

    You are much more consistent than most webcomic artists. :) Also.. a lot of times when artists try to update pages fast, they end up with some pages that are lower quality stuff just to get it done. Your stuff is nice and I have not yet been disappointed with a page.

    Slow and steady wins the race. :D

  • Coryjonc


    I’m one of the jerks that tried to predict this page. In fact I may have been the first jerk to try to predict it. You pretty much totally broke set and threw me for a loop.

    I like Angora’s collar or scarf, or whatever it is. Nice tough, I mean it. Something bad better happen to that bearded chap for man-handling her, though, that’s just not right.

    • Coryjonc

      *Nice touch, I meant. The collar is a nice touch. Not tough…

  • She has pants! No more convenient leaves or other plantlife necessary! :giggle:

  • Thi

    The comparison between Angora’s scrawny arm and the guy’s buff manry arm in the first panel made me laugh for some reason c’:

  • Moons

    I can see it now. “You lier! You said you weren’t lost!” XD
    This is getting good.

  • just read Cealdian… could you ge tthe author to activate comments, please? I’d love to comment. Also suggest to him an RSS feed. That would be awesome, too.

    Oh – great work, BTW – keep it up ;)

  • Laure

    Grrr….let go of Angora, you brut and that Kiz guy is making me crazy with how he treats Pinter and girlies!! Hmm…if those are Pinters pants, either she’s got a rope around them or she’s gonna loose them anyways.
    Great art and content. I luvs colour…….a lot.

  • S-Since when is she wearing pants??
    God, can I punch Kiz? Please? I’d really love to right now.

    But I love you for making this comic. It’s only 36 pages, but it’s freaking awesome. ;u;
    Btw, Blondie’s face in panel 4 is hilarious :D

  • craze0matic

    If it’s any consolation, the colors look fine. Everything really does seem to be meshing well and I’m entranced by the endless possibilities that could be coming up, so I’m not predicting anything. XD

  • What an awesome page…
    And those guys.. yes, they ARE jackasses.. with knifes.
    BTW the expressions were so good, I never noticed any problems with porportions.
    And I make part of my living as an illustrator!


  • Shiri

    Wow! I just started reading today and i already can’t wait for the next update.

    *points to 1st panel* PANTS! Cool!!

  • Wex

    Jeez these lumberjacks aren’t very nice people.

    • Aren’t they supposed to work all night and sleep all day? …And wear women’s clothing? ^3^

      • Jac

        Yeah! Where are the pressed wild flowers and buttered scones for tea?

        And where, I ask, are the bras?

        • MissLidna

          lol, In this situation the lumberjacks aren’t the ones who need the bras, it’s Angora and Pinter who do!

  • ColdCedric

    Hello it’s me again.

    You know I’ve been thinking, is this going to be the first chapter of your story? and how many chapters are you gonna make?

    Also I was thinking you could make a voting poll. Voting for what happens next after it. (Just an opinion)

    • Yes, this is the first chapter. There are going to be 40+ chapters as far as I know right now, I’m not quite sure. There are also 3 story arcs so the next chapter isn’t going to be about these guys either.

      You mean like voting to see what people think will happen? or so people can influence what happens? The story is actually pretty much set in stone so the latter isn’t really an option :)

      • Luzerne

        I thought by “voting poll” he meant something about the incentives… like which characters we want to see sketched next/what kind of style/whatever.

        • ColdCedric

          sorry for the delay anyway…

          hm 40 chapters is a long way though, but making 40 chapters means making 40 million people your personal fan army or even more and I’m one of them

          Like I said it is just an opinion sorry for the misunderstanding. I mean voting to see what gonna happens next with your choice of course. Though I’m kinda agree with Luzerne on the new characters seems not a bad idea. It ups to you man you make it so you decide it we won’t force you making them.

      • Jac

        Hearing about the planned length of The Meek makes me UNBELIEVABLY happy 8D

  • Sir Reginaldo

    I guess these guys never heard the song “Were Men! Were Men! We work hard then take ten!” :3

    • lol, actually I’ve been thinking about Monty Python’s lumberjack song a lot…

  • Abeo

    When I first saw the first panel I was all, “OMG she grew goat legs!” then I realized she was wearing pants. Which was almost more surprising to me for some reason.

  • Yey, she knows he’s lost! XDD

    Poor Pinter :/ I wanna pat him on the back.

  • So exciting!

    When I read your comic I can’t help but wonder, “Is Para-Ten boring?” Ha ha.

  • Oh! I say you forgot the color on the left eye of the perverted-blond guy.

    It’s at the bottom, on the right side of the page… It looks like he was tired from on eye and not the other, wich is strange…

    • Oh, thats cuz he got punched in the eye earlier… XD Its a bruise.

  • Thetazza

    Haha, that made me laugh. 6 months to do one chapter. Around 40 chapters in total. I’ll be seeing the finished product by the time I’m 40 (:

    <3 Love the series

  • iKnowYou

    LOLZ! you should TOTALLY make this into a comic series ^_^ YOU BE RICH!!!

    • Haha, but I am?? (on the internet)

  • SheaO

    I really thought the coloring looked really good too, the muted tones came out great. Also, yay for adult language!

  • Don’t take Pinter’s nose! I want it! OO
    Awesome page. I think it looks great. :) A lot of characters in one panel is tricky but you pulled it off perfectly!

  • Sen

    Gawd, I love his last panel face.

  • Silver Lady

    I agree with you, Kiz, It´s really not fair. They should have given you the old heave-ho, instead!

  • I love how Angora wears a scarf and pants, but no shirt. xD

    By the way, I love the facial expressions. x3 You always draw the best ones. I can picture you making each face as you draw them (I read your tutorials. Sometimes a little too thoroughly. o_e ), and hey, whatever helps!

    I got caught doing it a couple of times.. . ~ .

  • Hel

    ahw! details!! Kiz! His eye!!!

  • Woxsea

    I can has pants but no shirt cause my boobys are nice XD sorry had too

  • Crestlinger

    More like she grabbed the clothes for pockets/belt loops than anything.

  • Oh, Angora, will you ever wear a shirt? ._.

  • And now that Angora has pants, a bit of fun is gone. :(

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