Happy update day :B Before anyone considers flying off the handle, no Angora isn’t getting inappropriately grabbed (he’s still holding her arm back). Though if you want to secretly think I’m an asshole for drawing any kind of mistreatment, GO FOR IT!!!

Also the site has been updated!! Thanks to my brilliant friend L who somehow managed to do this despite the most precarious of internets. Links are updated (look at them), and there’s a new adbox down there (its very cheap atm so take advantage if you’re an ad person!)… also, you can now flip through the comics by clicking on the comic pages, you don’t have to hit the “next” button. Today’s program brought to you by the letter LAZY, haha. No just kidding, anything for you guys.

Oh, and thanks as always for voting and such, I really appreciate it :B

Only 7 more pages now till the end of the chapter! I don’t know why I feel the need to count down but I dooo!

Supervolcanoes D: D:

See you Wednesday!


  • Me

    First! Tee hee. :] (at least, I think?)

    Oooh, nice page. Yay, Pinter knows how to fight! :D

  • OH NO WHAT EVER SHALL PINTER DO. Angora needs to kick some ass. (Is it just me or did the bandage-head guy used to have red hair? He’s still pretty awesome). Oh Kiz you’re so crazy DON’T GO CHANGIN’.

    As always, great work, and thanks for the update!

    • Did he?? ahaha I should probably double check that XD Maybe its natural (maybe its Maybelline)

      • Maybe he just hasn’t bathed since the day before? :D I dunno, I just remember seeing the first couple pages and thinking WOW HIS HAIR IS GREAT THESE PEOPLE ARE THE BOMB.

  • I wanna see angora kick some flippin ass!!
    whoooo pinter!! :D

    great update!
    *runs off to vote*

  • Chobah

    I love how completely furious Angora looks in the last panel. <3

  • Dragonair

    I hope Angora kicks that guy’s ass. >:[

  • Ritochka

    Dude got SKULLCAPP’D!

    Aw, the first chapter’s almost over! Hmm…on the plus side, LUCA! (it is Luca next, right? I love that guy.)

    Great job, as always! Keep it up! *votes*

    • Yes, Luca is next ;3; Which is mostly why I’m counting down so hard, cuz I’m getting excited.

  • Amber

    Ahaha, Pinter’s fighting skills are awesome. You’re really good at action scenes. I like panel three the best, with the amazing headbutt. :P Can’t wait for more!

  • God, Kiz is crazy! Go Pinter, ha ha, I love the 2nd and 3rd panels. I hope Angora gets that guy, can’t wait for updates!

  • True story: I was on the treadmill when my cell phone got the Twitter update for this page. For some reason, I was totally not into it today, but when I got the thought of rewarding myself with the next Meek page…bam. Total motivation. Says something about your comic, I think. :3

    Back to the page itself…there is something totally gratifying about seeing Pinter headbutt Blondie, haha. And I adore, ADORE Angora’s look of fury in the last panel. Oh please tell me there’s going to be some serious GURLLL POWER going on in the next page.

    So, in a nutshell, I was defintely NOT dissapointed. <3

    • Haha, awesome XD Like a horse/ carrot sort of thing, except with comic/ exercise. Now if only I could twitter myself into running a few laps, haha.

  • Cedarwolf22

    I was right, blondie got it foist >8( That’s using your head, Pints!
    Lovin’ the little sprouts coming out of the tree near Angora’s hand- thar be some more butt whoopin to be had, Mr Bandagehead, and it be directed at YOU.

    • lol, there is definitely a lot more butt whooping to go around. This revised version is going to be a lot better than the original lame version >:D

  • Sen

    Backwards headbutt ftw!

    Oooh, I see some buds. <3

    I like how this comic really has a tone of its own. These characters…man.

    (Also IIII do not see any new ad banner anywhere.)

    • Sen

      Oh, and PS: supervolcanoes definitely = D: D: D:

  • You’re counting down to let me know when it’s safe to review your comic. :P =^-^=

    I’m predicting our green-haired lass is going to have her subconscious power erupt. Hmm, I wonder if the clothing of Tweedledum, Tweedledumber, and Tweedledumbest are wool or cotton… ^^

  • Oh I love you for making the pages clickable. I did that with mine too cos I it works so much better ha. xD

    I like the last panel, even if it does sort of look like NO MEANS NO!! SOB! The lighting is just really good :’D I am sure we’ll see what he is actually doing in the next page or something [so in a normal page flipping comic it wouldn’t even be an issue xD]

    I hope she’s gonna sick some weeds on his ass 8D Or like..I dunno turn her hair into poison ivy rotfl. That would rock xD

    Supervolcanoes, why :’D?

  • rufftoon

    Ohoho! Nice move Pinter! That guy trying to hold Angora should watch out…
    Supervolcanoes! You know how to get my attention.

    • Ugh, we watched a 20/20 program last night about the end of the world, just about the worst idea ever. I’m so afraid of Yellowstone right now.

  • ohoh…that birdseye shot too. I like how Pinter is like striding purposefully at Kiz XD Greatttt motion and detail.

  • Fantastic page! The last two panels are my favorites, especially the overhead view. The colors are just gorgeous. Pinter’s face in the second panel is very nicely done as well. Kudos, as usual ^_^

  • PopsicleCulture

    Yo, since you don’t post these on your LJ, thought I might drop some critique here.

    First of all, usually your panels are brilliant. You always take the hard way out and explore multiple camera angles, which is great. But once in a while your panels are broken in some really weird ways. Like the last panel on today’s page, that little stick going down on the left side acts as the border to a panel, and it takes a few seconds to register the rest of it. The panel next to it, panel four, has a lovely example of how breaking the panel works. That little bit of trunk one the right side of the panel is slanted, so it’s not parallel to the actual border, and since it is so close it gives the viewer a sense of perspective. It’s the parallel lines that do it, I think. I saw the same problem back on page 27 where those poles break the panel up, though that one is pretty unavoidable I guess.

    Anyways, I suppose the way you can solve that is to tilt that straight line stick a little to the side, maybe even put some little leaves on it to break it up?

    Second thing, the way Kiz is holding that knife. Indicated by the white slash line, he should probably end with the knife pointing down towards the ground. If you turned his hand around and made it so that it was palm down, it might look better.

    The last problem I had was a little hiccup in the dialogue. When that blond guy says ‘I got him, Kiz’ and then says after that ‘Got him’ it kind of struck me as odd. You usually say ‘I got him’ in a very different way than you say ‘Got him’. ‘I got him’ is kind of an announcement, you hear henchmen say it all the time in movies. Then ‘Got him’ is more of a yell, more excited. I think if you made the second one ‘I got him’ then it would seem like he’s repeating himself, and altogether would be ‘I got him, Kiz! I got him!’

    Really minor, I know, but I’m a dialogue nitpicker and I think you’ve got a level of quality here on the entire thing that deserves recognition. I figured you’d want the critique more than you’d want me to be like ‘OMG SO GOOD KIZ IS SO MEAN BUT SO HOTT LOL DESU~’.

    Anyways, hope I’m not being too tough on you. And as always, great update. Angora’s fingers and that tree, I c wat u did thar.

    • Hey, thanks very much XD I see what you mean about breaking the panel for that bit with the root, I somehow didn’t notice that at all while inking or coloring T_T fail. Making it more diagonal is a great idea, thanks very much.

      Actually you basically pointed out everything I had issues with in this page XD I got fed up with his pose at some point and just went with what I have now, I still have to fiddle with it to get it looking natural/ lined up with the slash mark thing. Also yeah that bit of dialogue is sort of crap, I had something else earlier but I wanted a sort of “no I got YOU” kind of feel to the 3rd panel. I’ll sleep on it and hopefully my brain will fill in the blank with something better!

      Thanks very much for the crits, comments like these keep me from (getting away with) slacking off!

      • PopsicleCulture

        What if you made his dialogue in the second panel, ‘Don’t worry, Kiz’ and then in the third panel, ‘I got him!’ Then you could still retain your ‘NO U’ sentiment.

        • ColdCedric

          Very observant of your criticizing huh PopsicleCulture…not bad. I kinda agree with knife and hiccup dialogue but the rest is fine and awesome.

          • groverfield

            Ah nitpicking. I agree with popsicleculture, the dialogue needs a bit of a fix. I like the idea of Pinter countering Blondie’s triumphant grab, thought it might work well if you kept the first “I got him!” and changed the other into a “Ha!”. M.H.O.

            Didn’t notice the panel break until you mentioned it, but definitely noticed the knife/hand (mostly because it didn’t follow what my brain would assume for a post-slashing-motion). Final bit (lol…i’m so picky…I critique because I LUUUVVVEEE) is the 2nd last panel, kinda thought pinter should be infront of blondie after headbutting him backwards.

            Seriously, tho, I adore what you’ve done so far with this comic. I could drink up the color and atmosphere all day, and although I haven’t seen the ‘original’ comic i can tell that the characters, angles, and story have been well thought out. You’ve got my vote, for sure.

            p.s. less time spent worrying about supervolcanoes means more stuff acomplished before they erupt! :D

  • hello!! you’re so turning me into a fangirl haha i’ven folowing your comic since the begining but im not big on comments hehe.
    But you’re pretty awesome and i love your work and style! keep up the awesome comic!!
    with so much movement, color and awesomness X3!

  • Steffyanie

    Oh gosh, I love Pinter, but I really want me some Luca. He’s wonderful. (What I know of him so far at least.)

    So I go and looked at the page multiple times you update. The second time I did, I just laughed really hard. I realized that Pinter didn’t take any damage from basically headbutting the tall blonde because his hat protected him! Brilliant. :D

    Also, I’ve been curious for a while now. What are you using to/how do you line and color? o:

    • Thanks XD Second chapter is my fav so I’m really looking forward to drawing it. For the comic, I do every single thing in Photoshop cs2. I sketch/ ink/ color on the tablet on this comic template I made and… yeah, thats about it!

  • Tashka

    hahaha supervolcaneos….I have to use that one. Similar to PopsicleCulture the double ‘I got him’ confused me a bit and gt me re-reading the panels…other than that I LOVE Andora’s expression on the last panel, she is so gona kick butt!

  • TheAntimonyElement


    Love this page; Pinter gets more awesome by the panel. I CAN’T WAIT FOR LUCA. The movement and body language is really great all the way through, especially in the overhead shot. The fact that you can easily tell who everybody is, despite the lack of detail, really says a lot about your character design.

    Also, the tags seem fixed! The site is showing up on Google now. Don’t know what happened, but I’m glad it worked out! :)

    • Yes, my superfriend fixed the google thing for me XD Evidently the site was somehow switched to private…

  • me

    Angora looks like she’s about to kick some ass.

  • Nightsea

    Oh, nice move Pinter! Metal skullcap to nose = messy pain. Love it!

    Can’t wait to see how the two of them manage to get out of this particular situation…

  • Chanel the Bell

    Man, Kiz always looks like a crazyface.
    Good work.

    By the way, I’ve seen a thousand T.V. shows on Supervolcanoes, and every single minutes I think I’m gonna die.

  • Lunalover009

    oh noez! >.< kick his ass Angora!!! XD

  • Ponthion

    Yaay new page!
    Maybe you are counting down because of a special character?! XD
    I love the third panel, very dynamic and oooh the pain. the metal skullcap yikes.
    But I’ve to say that I think Pinter should look more worried in the second panel… there he’s more like “oh noes, my favourite shirt! Mum will be angry :c”
    Anyways, nice page, I’m sure Angora is goin to kick some ass 8B

    • Actually he is supposed to look like that XD More like annoyed/ incredulous that he’s actually in a fight over this girl that he doesn’t even like.

  • Luzerne

    Getting more epic with every page! I tell you, I don’t think I’ve been so into a webcomic since… forever. I can’t wait until Wednesday to find out how they get themselves out of this mess.

    A bit of a nitpick though–Blonde Dude’s face seems a bit different than usual. Maybe it’s just the angle and expression, but his eyes are more round and his face appears shorter than in previous pages.

    • Yeah, I agree… But I’ll give him the benefit of doubt for being so excited to be in a fight I guess XD Maybe I’ll try him out with smaller eyes…

  • Eirynn

    I just got into this comic yesterday and I think it’s fantastic. The colors and everything are simply phenominal. Better coloration than most stuff I can do on photoshop. ;3;

    Anyways, I love this series. Very original.

  • whooomeek

    Super volcanoes? What’s going on?!?! D:

    You draw hands really well! Every one of them has a really natural, appropriate position.. my favourites are the ones in panel 2, particularly Pinters left. Sorry, but it’s just really amazing to me cos hands seem to be the bane of most artists.
    Just wondering, in panel 3, is one of Pinters eyes slightly open? I think I see a pupil at the corner but I’m not too sure; the lighting in my room is pretty bad.

    Anyway, I’m not sure I agree with what PopsicleCulture had to say about the twig(I thought it was a hanging root! :S) in the last panel. It actually looks really nice there. Angora could either be straining to glare at her attacker, or staring at the thing schemingly? I dunno :D Her fingertips are a nice touch btw. They’re bound to get a little grubby since she’s frolicking about the forest all day!

    Wow sorry. Lengthy!

    “I got him, Kiz! Got hi-“*HEADBUTT*

    • Thank you! I like hands too so I try not to skimp on them… And yeah, one of his eyes is open to show that he wasn’t just like… falling up wards or something. I first drew him with his eyes closed but that took away the headbutt-intent look somehow.

      • Maybe showing more of the underside of his chin would contribute to the idea that he’s throwing his head back instead of just falling backwards. Small change in perspective, big change in perception.

        I like the eye slightly open; you’re right that it helps make the motion more deliberate.

        Oh, wait. Does Pinter even have a chin? :P

        • Actually he’s not throwing his head back, he’s sort of jumping up/ backwards? His neck is straight… Like he’s lunging or something. I tried it out to see which made more sense to me and it hurt my neck when I threw my head back XD And yeah he does, but the dudes in my comic tend to have weak chins.

          • Ok, I can see that; makes sense. How about changing his hair just a bit? Right now, it looks like the back of his head is going down, causing the hair to come up in order to follow that line. To complete the look of him moving straight and not arcing, the tips of his hair should be more to the front of his face instead of above it. That will give us a clearer line of action without those cheesy action lines.

            Hmmm, I’m picking on hairdos in this page, aren’t I? I’m so glad you’re ok with crits; alexds1; I’m learning so much about visual story telling through all these comments. Your work is awesome and well worth the read and thought. Art students deconstruct the Old Masters in class in order to understand their awesomeness; why not deconstruct a New Master on his website for the same net result? ;)

  • Charlie

    love this page I’m a huge Pinter fan& that headbutt scene just made me love him even more! :D

  • Haha, Kiz is such a psycho XD. And if Pinter’s skullcap is made of metal, that must have really hurt the blond guy, lol.

    You’re really good at scenes with lots of movement and character interaction (Pinter being held back). It all looks very natural and believable. O_O And that glare on Angora’s face makes me think the big guy is about to eat his words XD.

    The Luca chapter is gonna be awesome all shiny and colorized :D.

    • Haha, I don’t think the metal is that thick (though Pinter does have a thick skull, lol).

      I know! Chapter 2 is going to be a bitch cuz of the architecture though, I’m not sure what I’m going to do D:

  • SecretWindow

    I’m loving this! Pinters amazing, Angoras glare is great, and I can’t wait to see how this works out.
    Wednesday is sooooo far away.

    I’m really excited for Chapter 2, I want to read about Luca. Hearing about him has got me extremely excited.

    • Chapter 2 is my fav ;_; I seriously can’t wait to draw it out.

  • ColdCedric

    SuperVolcanoes huh?

    hey alexds1 is Angora go in rage mode were she kick there butt on the Three Stooges or there would be something scary to make them flee for terror.

    • Guess you’ll just have to stick around and find out XD

      • ColdCedric

        haha count on it :D

  • Abeo

    I really like Angora’s hair up like that.

    Also, am I the only one who thinks it looks like her fingertips are sinking into the tree? I hope so, then I get to feel super observant. Unless it turns out to not be what her fingertips are doing. Then I get to feel super silly.

    Win-win for everyone, really.

    • Actually its dirt from the cliffside thing, with the roots hanging down around her. Its sort of hard to tell cuz I had to wonk up the angle a bit to get the framing right. But yes, she’s sort of pissed XD

  • Awesome! Panel 2 and 3 are my favourites. I love it when panels almost turns into key-frames! <3

    • Haha, thank you XD I guess the most effective action panels tend to be the one that look like keyframes?

  • DoggySpew

    Usually, with such a page, it is followed with a serious OWNAGE one.

  • radishey

    It’s daft that anyone would get angry at what you put in your comic. It’s not like they’re paying for it. Anyway, most of us like a slice of realism with our daily dose of “eh?” :)

    • Haha, well you know how it is XD People like to get angry. But thats okay, I can’t be stopped either way…

  • Franzi

    I really like this story and I’m so curious what’s the matter with Pinter and Angora.
    I believe this is going to be a amazing story, not only because of the beautifully drawn pictures, but also because of the whole storyline so far. Can’t wait for the next page!

    • Thank you! I’ve spent equal amounts of time developing the art and story, so I’m glad you’re also enjoying both :)

  • marinatedfish

    Oh! Does that cut in Pinter’s shirt come from Kiz’ knife?
    I didn’t get that at first, but after looking at the comments.
    Don’t know, maybe you could illustrate that a bit in panel 1? (Elsehow my attention needs work.)

    Hm, nevertheless I don’t like the way Angora is being held, given her previous… situation with that bunch of idiots! I hope she’ll kick ass in the next few pages!!! (And she will, I’m sure!)

    The panel flow is very nice, I think. I appreciate the establishing shot for switching the character focus from Pinter to Angora! Wow, and I love how one can learn about sequential art just by following your work ♥

    • Yeah it is, perhaps it is too subtle… I didn’t want him to be like totally cut up but I think a scratch is within reason. Hopefully the fact that he’s staring at it is illustration enough, otherwise I’ll have to add more blood and I don’t really want to D:

      And thanks! After all those sketch comics I now know how important establishing shots are XC Also they can be used to shift focus, I had to frame the panel carefully so that the three weren’t the center of attention anymore (but you could still see what they were up to). Except for hating to draw establishing shots I guess it worked out okay XD

  • Ahahaha Pinter HEADBUTTING for great justice oh god that’s hilarious. :F

    The way Angora is pinned against the tree really makes me uncomfortable, but that’s a good thing — you really conveyed through the poses and body language how threatening the situation is.

  • Neverfilledvoid

    Why can’t Pinter stop beeing so damn quite?! …I mean, Don’t stop! Second panel is almost as cute as he was the last page! *jumps around*
    Splendid page! And comic on top of that :D Your way of story-telling with the images are so …. they make you feel like you are right there and watches the whole thing :DDDD

  • Wex

    angora gonna bust out the plant hax?

  • Aly

    awwwwrgh now i’m like NEXT PAGE NEXT PAGE even moar

    p.s. i liked your incentive berkely is a very nice place

  • Ginny


  • K

    Is it weird that I think the blond nameless guy is the best looking man character so far…?

  • Kelsey

    She’s totally gonna grow a forest at them.

  • Moons

    I love the blood on this page. *crack* XD

  • The headbutt was awesome.com, and I doubt any of us suffered for lack of “action lines.” Good job!

    Quick reference to the note about “readers getting angry”: please don’t take anything I say in critique as an angry reply. I’m the kind of person who enjoys things by picking them aprat. In fact, I won’t deconstruct it unless I think it’s worth my time. Occasionally, it may sound as though I’m slamming something or someone, but I’m usually not. I can be very direct, and that often comes out curtly, which can be taken as rude. My apologies for those instances. This is how I show love.

    That said, I thought Pinter’s arms in 2 and 3 were a bit on the skinny side, and Kiz’s hair in 1 doesn’t seem to flow with his motions, particularly in light of the splashes at his feet. I can see how he is in process of chaging directions, having lunged forward to slice and now falling back slightly, but his hair suggests that he’s been moving backward the whole time.

    Much <3 .

    • Aw, thanks Sharon XD And I’m not worried about honest crits at all, I love and welcome them. I just get annoyed when people have a problem with the subject matter and want me to feel bad about them having read it or something… thankfully I don’t seem to have much a problem with that anymore, but I do see some comments about things here and there on other places :)

      Thanks for the crits about the hair! I hadn’t seen that. As for Pinter’s arms, I can see that too, somehow I missed that XC I’ll see about editing those when I get a chance!

  • ME

    you should update everyday cause i hate feeling empty at the end of the day

    • Haha, I wish I could XD I have other work to get done with first though…

  • Dinah

    Just saying, being the only girl in a forrest of drunken men is asking for it. being the only girl in a forrest of drunken men naked is treading in very dangerous territory. Oh. And awesome comic.

  • Evan

    O hey, will the next chapter focus on Angora? Or is every new one about a different character? If so, is the next one about Luca or the crazy lady?

    • It rotates between the three main story arcs! It’ll be more obvious as it continues but the arcs proceed in chronological order as well.

  • Emperial

    Dear Der-shing,

    Happy update day!? How is that a happy update? XDDD That is the least happy update ever! The cute jerk got his nose bashed! Everything is all dark and evil! Our heroes are in trouble! Waaaaaah! *runs around flailing*


  • niksu

    pinter’s lonely finger in panel 3 seems kinda odd to me… :>

  • tutsi

    wooow, great!
    Just one thing though, the blood coming out of Mr. Creepy’s nose looks kinda orange… though maybe its just me

  • I love the way Angora’s fingers are digging into the tree…it’s good foreshadowing. And for the whole, “inappropriately grabbed” thing, I think if you refocused his gaze slightly higher, it might not imply something sexual quite as much.

    • Well I wanted to imply it just a little XD

  • osmium

    Question: why would the blade be twisted mid slice (as this image seems to imply is occurring to me)… it seems like the blade of the knife would still be along the path of the swing if it’s still in motion as otherwise over the second part of the arc the knife wouldn’t actually be cutting if it hit anything, but more like scraping…

  • kimbo

    Wow! This is f.ckin awesome! I saw your gallery on d.a today and really liked your style, so I ended up here.

    Can’t wait for the next page.

  • You are the best! I always look forward to reading your comics! Can’t wait to see what happens next!

    • Thanks man! I’m glad you’re liking it so far!

  • Etomo

    I took a peek at this a few days ago and I really enjoy your comic. <: Your art is really beautiful and has a really wonderful loose feeling to it. The expressions are really nice and full of emotion as well, and the colors you use are stunning. I also adore Angora’s character. x3 She’s really something, eh?

    So yeah. <: I may not comment on every page or anything but. I really like your comic and can’t wait to see more. I’ll be checking back to see how things progress. I’m really interested in it. -nod-


    • Aw, thanks very much! Glad you’re enjoying it!

  • Maggle

    OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY you’ve got my excited for the next couple of pages. :B

  • TLL

    Ahaha Kiz’s face in the first panel. I just noticed it. I mean, -properly- noticed it. Despite the tense page, god, it made me giggle.

  • Every page that I look, more I like this graphic novel!! =)

  • mt

    very nice. new reader, happily satisfied. good story, great art

  • Zeb

    Sweet update, love the look in Angoras eye in the last panel

  • Noitamina

    My sister does that head thing like Pinter does in panel 3 and has almost broken my nose many a time, so now I hold my head a bit to the side… Anywho, I don’t do it to beat her up, but to keep her from beating up my friends. I mean, sheesh.

  • Nicely done! Although his knife should be positioned differently. Either cutting edge away from pinter to show slahs, or blade down. Because right now it looks like he slashed with the flat of the blade.

    Now it’s Angora’s turn to kick their asses…

    – Karine

  • Surprise Buttsechs anyone?

  • omg, he’s gonna rape her! D:

    PINTER TO DA RESCUUUEEE! Unless Angora grows some kind of plant tentacules which will be the guys’ doom.

  • Bacillus

    Though a bad boy, the blond guy is cute.

    Sorry, couldn’t help it, but he is!

    Even with cracked nose… I guess. >w>”


    • K

      I’d like to second that notion~!

  • Do I see little trees sprouting around Angora’s fingers? Oooh, this is getting exciting :D

  • Looks to like he’s looking at her ass. “Mmm, looks so rape-able. Just like in prison! Only this time I’LL be the one doing the raping!”

  • hmmm… clicking images to get to the next page, huh? I’m too lazy to try and figure that out with comic press, but it would be nice to add it on. I like having it here for sure, it’s good navigation.

    I wanted to say that the colours in the last few pages have been fantastic, more fantastic than usual, of course ^_^ There some depth there, perhaps because I’m seeing it in contrast to the flashback.

    • Yeah, its pretty rockin.’ My friend figured out how to do it! He tried explaining it to me but it sounded too crazy, haha.

  • yim-yam

    know why only Pinters shirt got slashed? CAUSE PINTER HAS MAGICAL MOOBS OF STEEL! HOORAY!

    • Its true!

      • yim-yam


  • In regards to the first paragraph under the comic…
    Wow, I really hope no one actually DOES fly off the handle like that. I don’t know how you’re going to have drama, fight scenes and deaths in your comic if people start attacking you when it’s not fluffy kittens, rainbows, butterflies and dancing unicorns. >_>

    I wonder if those same pansy-ass rabble-rousers wrote angry letters to Disney when Jafar threw Jasmine to the ground, or Beast pushed Gaston off the wall, or when Mufasa died and Scar blamed naive little Simba so he’d run in to the waiting jaws of murdering hyenas. (Sadly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did just that.)

    **A note to anyone who got their panties in a bunch over this: you can’t have plot, character development or drama without conflict, and conflict USUALLY involves someone getting hurt in some way. Get over it!

  • Calmwolf

    Haha wow, I really enjoy this page, I think all the elements you were trying to stress got across! Chubby-thuggy’s gaze gives intent without being crass, Angora’s fingers in the tree trunk, all subtly foreshadow, and the main baddies action in the first panel is very cool; the foreshortening really adds to the movement! While some of your action scenes still seem a little stiff, I think overall it’s excellent! You’ve improved exponentially since the LJ sketchjournal! ^^

    • Actually, I think that’s just the bank of the river. There’s a root in front of it, but if you look at the previous panel, they’re right next to the bank, and there’s not any trees going in to the river right there. ^-^

      • Filipe

        I also took it to be mud, I don’t think Angora can dig through solid wood. But there seem to be green thingies sprouting close to her fingers. Is she doing that?

  • Sarah

    Pretty cool post. I just came by your blog and wanted to say
    that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way
    I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

  • Libby Rust

    “Before anyone considers flying off the handle, no Angora isn’t getting inappropriately grabbed (he’s still holding her arm back).”

    Awww, but I liiiiike inappropriate grabbing. D: And nekkid chicks with green hair. Yay, green!

    Seriously, though, great comic you’ve got going on here! I sauntered on over here from your DA account. I think I found you through ruffatoon (I think that’s how it’s spelled?) on DA, as well. Your Avatar comics and what not were very, very in-character and well done, so this should be a blast. Looking forward to more! Keep it up. :D

  • Chameleon Kid

    Yah! We get some good ol’ ACTION!

    I think Angora’s gonna surprise these dweebs. >X}

  • Veitstanz

    Haha, Pinter’s look in the second Panel.
    “Great this was my favourite shirt D:…and also my only one.”

  • Lori

    This comic is awesome :) I love how your characters aren’t cliché cute and “cool”. They have their flaws. I’m glad seeing characters with real flaws again, it’s been a while.
    The artwork is great too. I love the colours. I’m amazed that you can upload new pages that fast.

    Anyway keep it up. I’m dying to know what happens next.

  • Lychee


    i’m liking. i’m liking a lot. if you ever print, you’re on my list!~ :D

  • Kris

    Woohoo as I said before on like the first page replies lol fantastic page and I love your webcomic (more like a graphic novel XD) I dunno what time it is where you are at, but it’s already 11:37 am on Wednesday lol your killin me here! I wanna know what happens next!!!

    Which reminds me, what time zone are you in out of curiosity?

    • I’m PST, I’m just running late today D: I updated my post status on the Twitter but not everyone reads that…

      • Kris

        Oh I’m guessing you live in California then? Cus I am in the same Time Zone. I live in San Jose :)
        And don’t worry about being late it happens :)

  • Ack no.. rape D:

  • dragoonofenlil

    That dude in panel five is such a dick.

    Love your work!

  • Martel

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    I know! D:

  • This is a nice story so far. The coloring is also well done.

    I’m trying to decide what story I want to tell next as a graphic novel. Right now I am finishing up a comic for my video game.

    Should I do a vampire story or a fantasy story? What’s better for the market?

    • Well I would look less at genre and more at which has the better/ more gripping plot. Its obvious when someone writes a story just to fit in with what’s popular at the moment and honestly it can be a turn off.

  • Scarlet S.

    Blond Carissi dude: LOOK KIZ I’M HELPING, I’M– sajfnkajsn

    Really enjoying this story so far!

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    I love the sense of motion in this comic. Everything flows really well.

  • DoubleU

    Hi, just outta curiosity, did you plan for a certain number of pages, or did you do the comic twice or something, or what? I don’t know much about this.

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