Technically it is 11:57pm PST so this is still a Wed. update… sorry its late, I was having comp troubles yesterday and got behind.

Anyways… A page! With… things. I know this may be a new and terrible concept, but sometimes half-naked girls with unnaturally colored hair + vine/tentacle things do not equal sexual assault. Revolutionary D: The next pages are going to be a lot of fun.

I think Wednesdays will be pimpage Wednesdays. Today’s pimpage is a site I visit at least twice a day looking for updates: The Webcomic Overlook! It has some pretty kickass webcomic reviews! El Santo reads through the entire archives of whatever he’s reviewing, and gets some backstory about the making or conception or whatever most of the time. He also covers a lot of variety of webcomics which is nice, since I may not of heard of a lot of them otherwise. I am addicted to reading the 1-star reviews… I love snark. Anyways, if you read a lot of webcomics, he has a big review index for you to pore through and agree/ disagree with.

Its been pretty hot lately, so my comp is suffering during the times I usually have free to work on comics. GLOBAL WARMING O NOES. Ideally there won’t be any more late updates, but in these troubled times who can say? If I’m being late or stupid or something I will post to Twitter to let you guys know (cuz you are so interested in the play-by-play).

Thanks for reading and voting (we’re back at #6 at the moment!), and I’ll see you on Saturday!


  • Oh god. oh god oh god.
    I have been checking this ALL day. Then, I checked a few minutes ago, and accidentally clicked my little bookmark for it again and BAM, there was an update.
    Anyway! This is great! I like how Angora has a slight smile on her face in panel three, whether you meant to do that or not. He just looks like, “hey cool, i’m winning now!”

    And the last panel. Oh boy, that last panel. I never got out how much I love all of Kiz’s facial expressions so I’m telling you now – They’re fantastic. Also, I laughed because Kiz got Pinter’s nose. (“lolol gotcher nose!”) But then I remembered he wanted to cut it off and and frowned.

    Either way, I had no idea what exactly you were gonna do for this page, and well, I am pleeeeased. :D

    • I also meant “She just looks like, etcetc”
      Whoops, haha.

    • Yeah, she’s smiling on purpose XD It probably feels good to let the aggression out every once in a while.

      • I thought she might be, it just seemed like it could be either way, but it’s a good touch to have!

  • This is looking great!
    I love how Angora has finally used her powers. Mr. Bandagehead never saw it coming. Mwhaha.
    I’m loving how Kiz is pinching Pinters nose, ready to slice it off. Fight back, Pinter! Fight back! I’m also loving just how much Kiz seems to be enjoying it. He’s such a douche, but it makes me laugh to see how much fun he seems to be having whilst trying to cut Pinter apart.

    Poor computer. I understand the whole suffering-from-heat thing, as I’m in Arizona. |:
    I feel it’s pain…err, if it could feel pain.

    • Haha, lucky XD I love Arizona, from the few times I’ve visited. I want to live there someday but HOW WILL I ART D: Unless I can keep the fan on 24/7, haha.

      And yeah, Kiz makes me laugh. At this point its more about getting back at Pinter for the earlier confrontation than it is about Angora.

      • lol it’s actually really nice during winter and some of autumn. From November to Febuary its gorgeous, and through mid june to late july its monsoon season so its rainy and pretty cloudy.

        I love how he’s fighting Pinter, like an older brother picking on a much younger brother.

  • mel

    oh thats so cool how angora is using her powers. bandage head guy’s expressions where priceless! LOL

  • Hey, thanks for the shout out!

    I’ve actually been reading The Meek for at least a month now, by the way. I’m enjoying it so far. :) Fantastic art!

    • Ooh, creepy. Maybe we are reading each other’s sites at the same time??! Haha, but seriously, you do the best reviews, please keep up your incredible-as-of-late update schedule!

  • Coryjonc

    Whooooooooah. Holy shit. So many questions.

    So does Angora control plants, or do plants act on their own to protect her whenever she’s in trouble? How come it didn’t work earlier when those dirty loggers were trying to have their way with her?
    I’m sure time will answer all.

    Did I mention that Kiz is totally, utterly and completely bat-shit insane? Great work, I really, really look forward to your updates. This is top-notch stuff.

    Also, I love Arizona and want to live there, too. You can art there, no problem. There is beautiful scenery everywhere you look, it’s totally inspiring. You get used to the heat (I used to vacation there- in mid-summer). Everything out there is like an adventure, too. I mean that. If you want to go to the store to buy milk, first you need to climb a mountain, dodge falling boulders, swim across an oasis and fight off a pack of wolves. Then do it all over again on the trip back. It’s some serious stuff. This is only if you stay away from the urban areas, though. Phoenix is a no-no.

    • Phoenix is so busy all the time, I stay on the outskirts. lol
      I had to fight off a few coyotes going to Fry’s last week! It’s an adreliane rush!

    • There are some specific rules as to how her powers work but they’ll be addressed in the course of the comic :) Too boring/ non-exciting to explain verbally.

      Haha, adventure sounds nice! Don’t forget the white-water rafting to get to the toilet paper.

  • Kris

    LOL I love the update! I love the half grin the Angora has (which someone else mentioned as well XD) I’m voting for this webcomic every day! I can’t wait to see what happens next! And as always, I LOVE Pinter’s facial expressions lol
    I am still curious as to what was going on with Angora’s Grandfather. He’s a Salamander type creature and she somehow would up being human? O_o how does that work?
    Once again LOVE the update! Can’t wait for the next one! :D

  • whoooomeek

    humuhnahumuhnahumuhnahomygosh i’m so excited, that last panel! Is that the dude? All wrapped in tree root? If so, that’s totally eerie-ly awesome. >8D

    The Kiz-Pinter struggle looks realistic. Maybe you could make Pinter’s right hand grab Kiz’s left, so it looks like he’s pushing the knife away? For maximum wrestle-effect! haha. Of course, if that’s not how you want it then there’s no need to change anything. It looks good (:
    Anyway, also love how you did Kiz’s pants. That IS TOTALLY how khaki looks when it’s wet! I was like whoa, that’s srsly observant of you. I would’ve missed that detail D:

    Thanks for the update! Drink lots of water, it’s HOT. (and i’m not just talking about this comic… knowwhaddeyemean? ;) winkwinknudgenudge)

    • Haha, yeah it is. Tree roots: inexpensive, non-toxic immoblizers. Just add water (and crazy powers or something).

      Yeah, I was going to make Pinter hand do that but 1) Angora had a very similar pose a page ago and 2) I’m lazy. So its more like he was trying to push it off but slipped or something. I’m thinking to hard about this again XC

      • whoooomeek

        (i went back a page to check and) oh yeah, you’re right! Actually it’s pretty great that you consider everything so carefully; I mean that’s why people like this comic so much.

  • Yes!

    That’s what you get, dick!

  • A.L.

    Been reading the comic ever since Yuko linked it back on Johnny Wander and been reading it since.Love love love your artwork,it’s pretty reminiscent of the artstyle from Avatar:The Last Air Bender.As per usual this page is nicely done and I look forward to the next one.Oh and gotcher nose indeed :).

  • RnH

    The tree loves angora *notes the heart-shaped leaves*. :P

    pretty good page :)

    Sorry that there’s not much said…..can’t seem to think of anything :(

    • sweet_gardenia

      In this case…Love hurts :[

      yeah yeah

  • rainey

    MMMMM MANWRESTLING. I know Kiz’s trying to relieve Pinter of his nose but it’s somehow really hilarious watching him grab it. 8D

    Go go Angora >D

  • marinatedfish

    This is definitely creepy. In the last panel…
    this bunch of branches is the guy that held Angora before!!!!! ahhh
    haha, this is definitely a Stephen-King-like scene. holy crap, that eye closeup…
    Angoras skills are creeping me out… for the first time.

    Though I find that the hands in panel 1 and 2 look strange to me. Are fingers allowed to bend that way? And the soundword in panel 3 is a bit… off-placed, maybe a bit thicker letters would do the job. Nevertheless I love that camera angle work in panel 3! ♥

    Kick-ass pages for the win!!

    • Hmm! For the hands, they look okay to me but then again I tend to draw pretty boxy manhands. And yeah the words are too small v_v You caught me! They’re supposed to be pt 12 brush size but I only did pt 7 cuz I rushed it XD You catch all the corners I cut, haha… I should really stop doing that since I have such sharp readers!

      • marinatedfish

        hahah no way, sharp readers?! I though all comic readers were rather dumb or at least that’s what people are thinking, uh…

  • kimbo

    Hahahah, Pinter without a nose, lol.

    Oh but there’s something wrong with how Kiz holding the knife, aynyway. Update is great!! :D

    • Yeah, I draw those knives so bad XD I’ll go back and fix them later once I figure out what I’m doing wrong…

  • Aw wow Kiz’s crazy facial expressions just never end. I love his big scary knife. Hope your computer fares better in future times, and keep up the good work. :D

  • Jenny

    Yeeahh tree attack! That’s what you get for messing with a girl who can grow flowers from her hair. Poor Pinter! I can’t imagine much of anything scarier than the prospect of losing your nose.

    • I know D: How would you breathe?? What would it look like, a gaping maw of sinuses? I don’t like to think about it too much…

    • kittengrl39

      I can – losing your eye. By knife-point.

  • Aaaaand Pinter’s reaction is: MAJOR DO NOT WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANT.

    Been waiting for this lovely update. <3 And I’m entirely happy~

  • Finally just got caught up. Really original and fun story, and great art. Looking forward to the next update.

  • tutsi

    Angora’s powers are awesome!
    Just one tiny little thing though… her face looks kind of plain and weird in panel three..
    I know she is smiling, but maybe if you changed her eyebrows so she would look a bit more triumphant … >=)
    Anyway, can’t wait for saturday!

    • She’s actually supposed to look kind of crazy XD I’ll explain later.

  • Haha called it. Go Angora =D I kinda wish her hair had turned all poison ivy-ish tho..that woulda totally cracked me up xD

  • As someone with an equally if not larger nose, I greatly sympathize with Pinter :[

    • I think even us smaller nose folks can empathize XD

  • yim-yam


  • Moons

    Go super tree powers!

  • Luiza

    Kiz is so cute!!!!!<3<3<3<3
    So cute!!! I want him!!! <3

  • Raquel

    I love Pinter! <333
    I love his hair, and his tummy<33
    His nose too, Kiz is mean :C

    I love your comic <3
    I vote everyday <3

  • O_O

    lol sometimes I feel like the only fan who hasn’t read the sketch comic XD
    it’s okay though, I love surprises =3

    • You aren’t the only one XD And don’t worry, I’ll be posting them here during the interim that I’m preparing for chapter 2!

  • Cookie Monster

    I love how in the last panel Bandage-Head Man is all tangled up and suffocating in tree branches.

    I would so do that if I could.

  • Ha! So she IS some sort of driad!

  • …ah… someone beat me to it. Dryad makes sense. Impossible to keep clothing on them, they really don’t see the point to it at all. :P

  • Wow, thanks for the link to the Webcomic Overlook! I totally just wasted too much time reading those reviews, which are very well constructed. I also thoroughly enjoyed the one star reviews, it was like watching a no holds cage match to the death of a webcomic. Cow-man was hilarious.

    It feels like we’re in the middle of an action with this page. It stands well on its own, but I need to see the next one to give really great feedback. Otherwise, it’s just fantastic art and dialogue, as per usual!

    • Yes, the next few pages should really be read quickly but I can’t keep up with my own pacing : Once its all over I can go back and luxuriously read them in order and see if it still works!

  • Unrikk

    I knew Angora’s green hair powers would show up eventually. I was kinda hoping she would summon up a swarm of salamanders. Pinter needs to start kicking Kiz’s butt for his sloppy knife fighting technique. The only thing you’re likely to do holding a knife like that is stab yourself.

  • MissLidna

    3/5 of these panels look like potential rape scenes, lol. I have a feeling is is going to be an awesome looking fight! You, my friend, have mad skillz.

    I just though of something…how did Angora manage to find pants that fit her in Pinter’s stuff?

    • Haha, theres a belt on the pants, its rolled in though. Just… trust me v_v The pants were long on the bottom too so she had to rip them a bit.

  • sweet_gardenia

    Auwk! Rasslin’! The nose grab is a hilarious touch in the midst of all the dramatic conflict

    Also I don’t know if this is just me or not but holy crap it looks like the tree roots are DISSOLVING that guy 0_0

    • lol no, thats sort of… disturbing though, thank you.

      • sweet_gardenia

        heh sorry.

        I think Stephen King planted that impression subconsciously in my brain



        yeahhhhh. Back to work now 83

  • Bea

    At first when i saw Kiz again, I thought his lackeys were just some random guys (I especially likes the blonde one cause it reminded me of Pokemon’s team galactic grunts XD), but then I went all the way back to the beginning and I’m like oh wait, its the same lackeys XD.

    Awesome work, love your stuff.

    • Haha, yeah same guys XD I guess they all got in trouble together so they’re all getting even too.

  • I think you could have established the idea of the second panel better; like making the branches/vines take up more space in the panel

  • ColdCedric

    …HOLLY…CHRONUS CRAP 8() that was unsuspected (well of course it is obvious during the start) but I didn’t suspect she could nature spell… or is she? :i Researching on it she must have gain something from her grandpa. Though it is likely she learns a few magic spells she can’t doesn’t have chant or something. I mean look at the comic and previous one if she has magic she could get off easily but not

    I suspect on this today’s comic that maybe the forest contain magical force by her grandpa and giving them life or a “treant” friend of Angora saw whats going on and help hers.

    Sorry for all these I just want to find out cause it is exciting to find out.
    “Keep Great, Keep Long” :D

  • That dude totally deserved getting swallowed by a tree. This tree is my new best friend.

  • Maggle

    Laughed at the fact that Kiz looks like he’s trying to rip Pinter’s nose off.

  • I had read this and loved this as soon as it came up, but I was just checking it over, and I finally picked up on bandage head being completely covered by a TREE in the last panel. Hehe. Nice.

  • Ave

    Pinter! Oh noe!

  • Oh, very satisfying. Very satisfying, indeed.

    Not being a Stephen King fan, I referenced the 90’s animated film “Fern Gully” when I saw BHG get potted.

    XD frickin’ A on the action lines for Pinter int he last panel. Loverly, dahlink. Like he’s falling down and lunging up at the same time. As for Kiz and the knife, I think you’re drawing the sharpened side on the opposite side. Most blades have the outer curved edge sharpened. This one looks like the inside curve is the sharp one, which is usually reserved for fancy baldes, not the utilitarian type a woodsman like Kiz could be expected to have. I like the way he’s holding it; it’s more secure (Pint can’t knock it away as easily).

    Good job on Kiz’s hair and collar; they make some beautimous flow lines. And the way the one root on the bank lines up above Angora’s head makes it look like an exclamation point as she realizes what trouble Pint’s in makes me rofl. Seriously, rofl. You’ve made this nit-picking reader quite happy, sir. Kudos!

    • … or perhpas it’s just that the knife looks a little different here than in previous pages … I went back and looked at it. First time we saw it, it had a finger guard on the back edge, and here it has no guard, but it has that little cutout which made me think it was sharp on the wrong side. Maybe the guard is there, just hidden by his palm … hmm …
      We can’t see the cross-guard at all; it’s as though it’s under Kiz’s fingers. It’s certainly plausible that as he shifted his hold that he would have gripped farther forward than is normal.
      Just thinking. Dangerous, I realize.

  • Chameleon Kid

    Two down, one to go! >=}

  • scott

    i just wanted to say i love your art and storyline . it’s a great online comic ( i am so used to reading manga it’s refreshing) i hope you continue to keep this up… sorry i haven’t posted a comment in a while.

  • SheaO

    pwnage is imminent! (love the damp marks on the clothes btw)

  • Silver Lady

    So she can control the… cipos? (I don´t know the word in English) Why didn´t she use that at the beginning of the comic to hold Kiz´ gang?

    • There’s actually a reason for that, but it won’t be addressed until the next Angora chapter :)

  • Awesome work. I didnt know you had more pages on your site! I love this comic sooo much!

  • durandal

    “…sometimes half-naked girls with unnaturally colored hair + vine/tentacle things do not equal sexual assault.”

    I’m not convinced. There may well be tentacle rape in progress – the question to ask here is, “sexually assaulting whom?”

    Poor, poor Mr. Bandage-Head :)

  • Poots

    Digging that murderous face in that last panel.

  • Idk…all I could think of when Kiz got Pinter’s nose was that little kid (or…y’know, adult) thing where somebody holds their thumb between their fingers and goes OMG I GOTZ UR NOZE!!!11





  • SotiCoto

    The difference between “sexual assault” and any other sort of “assault” is mostly a triviality anyway.
    People just got this funny delusion that sticking the word “sexual” on things makes them special or otherwise super-significant. But the fact is that the significant word in “sexual assault” is the word “assault” rather than the word “sexual”.

    • I was trying to move forward with my life after reading this comment, but I just couldn’t. How dense are you, seriously. I would love for you to say this to the face of a sexual assault survivor. Would you say that falling out of a tree and being hit with a car are the same thing, because the victim broke their rib? Of course not. You’re being unnecessarily reductive and pedantic, while not even addressing the point I was making on this page I posted 6 years ago. What a winning combo.

      I have no idea why you apparently feel the need to feign competency on a subject you clearly don’t understand, but in the future either educate yourself before posting, or consider keeping this harmful drivel off of my comics.

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