The layout of this page (and the next) gave me so much trouble! But after I got over that hump the inking went by so fast. A new record for me, I think (the coloring… not so much).

Anyways, Angora looks a bit creepy, don’t you think? Her face in the last panel is my favorite for her of all my pics ever, yay. Crazy and goofy and scary (and naked), haha… I’m excited for the next page!

Not much else to say! Thanks for voting, as usual! and next page on the 1st.


  • Filipe

    Great strip as usual. About the last panel, it’s strange but my thoughts were: “shouldn’t she have green armpit hair?”

    • Hahaha, probably. Or any hair at all, but I think drawing them in would upset the balance of detail.

      • DoubleU

        If you ask me, stories should never be too realistic.

    • SotiCoto

      Green pit-hair. Possibly green fuzz on her arms and legs depending on age.
      And her nips should probably be a different colour to the rest of her skin, though that is somewhat variable.

      BUT… who cares? Little details. Not vital.

      • Well… you’re wrong. There is a reason why her hair is green, it has nothing to do with her skin. You’re right, they are little details, but please give me some credit on knowing them about a work I’ve been developing and creating for over a decade.

  • THOSE EYES. Reminds me of a mate of mine who was always permanently monged-out in any photos I had of him, and who insisted he had “naturally large pupils”.

  • Oh man, she does look crazed! But whatever that jerk-face doofus gets he totally had it coming.
    You are insanely awesome, the rate you go with these pages and the quality therein are SUPER impressive :)

    • Aww thank you ;3; That means so much coming from you! I’ve been studying your expressions so hard trying to get mine as flowy and awesome as yours.

  • ooh! Is she going to glomp him? xD

    Just kidding. :D

  • kittengrl39

    As much of a douche as Kiz is… I love his faces. XD And scary!Angora creeps me out.

  • Sen

    Her creepy and youthful whimsy are at odds here. I love it.

    Aw it’s the heart-shaped moss again. <3

  • Bea

    My first thought of the last panel was “BEYOND, the power of my breasts!” cause its the first time you see them sooo…out there like the beginning of the comic. She also makes me feel like those children who just got their super power and wanna show the big bad guy what she can do XD. GO ANGORA, she reminds me of Captain Planet XD.

  • MissLidna

    lol at Pinter’s eyes in the 3rd panel!


    • Bea

      Haha, I didn’t even see his eyes til you mentioned them XD. Also I hope Angora acquires a shirt soon, and maybe nicer pants XD.

  • Those expressions, they kill me. Especially Angora’s, in the second-to-last panel.


  • She’s SO cute >w<! <3 I cant wait for the next one!

  • Aaaaand insert SPECTACULAR song-and-dance number! Wakakaka~

    Great page, per usual. Can’t wait to find out what that silly girl’s got up her sleeve! :D

    • stephanie

      what sleeve?

      • Haha, whoops~ The sleeve that she quite obviously left somewhere else.

        Maybe it came from her pantleg instead? :B

  • Laurens

    Whoa, Angora’s right arm looks really huge in that last panel. O_o I think you messed up a bit with the perspective there. Otherwise, I love the cheeky smile that says ‘my plants will DESTROY YOU’.

    • Bish

      Or, he did the perspective right because arms look bigger if they’re closer to you?

    • Yeah, I think thats foreshortening fail XD At some point I lost my perspective (literally and figuratively)

      • stephanie

        i think her arm looks a little too muscular there, which may seem like its huge. but i think its proportioned right, cause of the perspective yada yada

  • Yim-Yam

    WOW! this just got cranked to 11! at first is was 9 but now 11!

  • Angora looks kinda wonky in the last panel, but I agree, I really like her face. The pose just looks kind of thrown on there and it’s hard to tell what’s going on (aside from ridiculous flailing, perhaps). The layout for the last three panels just doesn’t seem to click for me; maybe Kiz could be looking over his shoulder instead of straight at the camera in the third panel? (However, I still love Kiz’s face more than anything, and Pinter peering over the panel border in the third panel makes me lol)

    Keep up the good work, and thanks for the on-time updates :D

    • Thanks! The pose for this page (perspective mistake aside) and the reason for Kiz turning around so much will be more obvious in the next page, I’m trying to make all their movements flow as much as possible. Of course thats a bit hard to see without having page 40 here, haha. After I draw it I’ll go back and check if it still looks off or not!

  • She’s got the POWUH!

  • mel

    umm… whats angora doing in the last panel?? :P

  • She’s looking a bit muscular here! :P Hehe. Yay we get to see her powers!

    As for the foreshortening, I think it works but her forearm should be shorter. Still, good stuff! *thumbs up*

    • Hm, yeah, her back could probably be reduced a little bit more… and I am definitely changing her arm after all the comments X3

  • Bea

    Either that she’s about to transform into Sailor Moon…I see a girl transformation coming.

    • Moon power make UP! ahaha

      • Ashley

        In this case, tho, wouldn’t it be something more like “Flower Power Make UP!” instead? :p

  • I love Angora’s giant grin

  • Sean

    Terrific, as always. One little detail I’ve always loved is the touch of brown in Angora’s eyes, as well as the green. It ties her to earth as well as to plants.

  • Cookie Monster


  • Wex

    I’m guessing she is going to kick him in the face with a bunch of tendrils.

  • Cedarwolf22

    Hahaha creepy Angora! That fourth panel, she looks like she’s going to eat me D8 Her pupils got all HUGE.

    I like whatcha’ doing in the last panel too! Like someone else said, I think making her forarm shorter (aka- copying her hand and dragging it in further lolpscheat) would solve it.

    I’m also thinking about how much it would suck to climb that tree behind Kiz… splinters 8(

    • Thanks ;3; Yes the arm looks hella off to me now, another reason not to work on a single page for hours until you forget what you’re doing :B Tiem for cheatin’!

  • no matter what she’s doing, the aftermath can only result in pinter scrambling away terrified.

    i can’t see controlling nature for vengance as something he’d stomach easily.

    on an artistic note, i dunno why, but the angle of the shoulders/crumple of the shirt in panel 3 are really what stand out to me.

    • stephanie

      i think it looks alright

      • yeah, i meant they stand out in a ‘that looks awesome’ way. :P

  • LOL
    loving the little hearts XD

  • marmots-kill

    Kiz is not amused.

  • rufftoon

    Got to agree with everyone else: lovin’ all the expression. Especially Angora on that last panel- she knows she can unleash some really fun plant action and can’t wait to show off, ha ha!

    I will agree with others about the foreshortening of her arm in the last panel. The way her arm is angled, her hand looks huge! She could tear off her own head if she wanted.
    Two solutions- either smallify the hand if you want to keep the arm at that angle, or change the angle of the arm so it’s going more towards camera-reader.
    Apart from that, looking forward to the next page…on CANADA DAY!
    Or moving day in Montreal. Whichever you choose.

    • Haha, thanks for the foreshortening agreement. I forced myself not to look at the panel all day and now I can see how weird it looks, I’ll just shift it over a bit more to cover the forearm.

    • Also the visual of the next page (angora ripping her own head off) is both terrifying and hilarious!

      • An Army of ONE

        Yes!!! that would be very scary to see!… although I can’t imagine that she’s human if she can… unless she’s manipulating his mind/ playing tricks on him… GO Angora/Prof. Xavier!!! Yay!!

        <3 your comic…

        ::gets out the squeaky hammer and hits her self into unconsciousness::

  • Amber

    Kiz’s expression in every single panel so far has cracked me up. He looks constantly psychotic/annoyed/something else amusing. Angora looks scarily crazy on this page too, I can tell that something pretty bad is about to take place. Her eyes are so pretty. I think her right arm in the last panel looks ok; it’s a bit too muscular, and the hand could be smaller, but it’s not too bad. I didn’t notice until I read everyone else’s comments.
    Also, Pinter’s face poking up made me lol. :P

  • Bea

    Looking at the last panel again(cause this comic is that amazing) I feel like she’s gonna fire a giant eco laser beam. Quick Angora use Vine Whip~!!

  • Oh wow, I love this. (That is like, always my first thought when I read a page of The Meek!)
    I don’t know if I’ve told you that I love how you color or not – Because I really, really do. Also, I am loving the face that you showed the top of Pinter’s head in panel three. He’s just like, “…what?” It’s great.

    Also! Something that had bugged me since Pinter first showed up in the Meek! ….. Those neck … scarf things. How do they put them on? It’s just been a mystery. I really dig them (I would totally wear one) but they confuse me, hahaha.
    I always think about that, but forget to ask. SO THERE IT IS.

    also i can’t wait to see what angora’s gonna do to kiz.

    • Haha, that is an excellent question. Some have clasps or ties, some are just a bit more elastic and you can squeeze them over your head (this is the more popular kind). They are basically an evolved form of a facemask, except it is no longer in use (except as a fashion statement).

      • Elastic was my first idea. And I just got a laugh out of it because elastic can only go so far, and well … Pinter has a kinda big head. I can imagine him getting angry as he puts his on. It’s an adorable image in my head, hahaha

  • Kili

    Is that Bandagehead’s neck whatever dangling from Angora’s hand in the second panel and around her neck in the last panel?

    • Haha, she’s had the neckthing since she got pants. And on her hand in panel two is the strap to the bag she got in Pinter’s tent. She’s dropping it – you can see it in the last panel on the ground by her.

      • Yep XD Although I messed up the bag (its supposed to be on the other shoulder) on the previous page, still have to fix that…

        • haha, I saw that. but I shrugged it off, I know how misplacing things like that can be.

  • I wonder what she’s doing, she’s so cute. I love Kiz’s face and how the top of Pinter’s head is shown. Can’t wait for the next page!

  • Katherine

    I feel like she is about to break into song and dance XD

  • Meagan

    I feel some pwnage coming on…..xD

  • whoooomeek

    You did it again! :D The faces and dialogue match perfectly. (Lower lefts of Kiz and Angora are my favourites.)
    At first I was wondering what happened to the blonde guy, but then I looked closely at panel 2 and… are those his limp feet at the bottom right corner? XD AHAHAHA – if they are!!
    Oh by the way, the furry tree in the middle of that same panel is cute. I had no idea trees could do that. How educational :B

    • Some trees have “furry” bark, like its sort of loose and in strips. The tree was also on page like 12 or something, and I liked it :B

      • whoooomeek

        cool stuff (: thanks for sharing!

  • Jes

    Oh man. The quality and beauty of this comic and how frequently it updates blows me away. I have a comic as well and yours makes me want to throw myself off a cliff it’s so awesome. I mean, what is the point of me when there’s you? Keep going with this. You’ve got a real talent.

    • oh god XC Don’t throw yourself off a cliff!

      Getting them out this fast is simply a testament to how much time I’ve spent/ spend on photoshop. I have no life! But at least it somehow translates to entertainment in the end.

      • An Army of ONE

        No, it translates into devotion/love of your fans/comic…

        don’t change a thing… <3

  • Neo

    And suddenly

  • Amber

    By the way, I love today’s incentive. It’s really interesting to see how the first sketch develops into the final lineart.

  • Franzi

    Two awesome pages! I want more. ^^

  • lizybeth

    I should really start using the term “jerk-face” in conversation.

  • Pan

    i don’t know, but something about a man straddling another man

    they could almost be



    • lol, this comment reminds me of a naughty phonecall or something. And no, I don’t think they like each other enough for that!

    • Amber

      Haha, that was my first thought too. :P I’m glad I’m not the only one with a dirty mind.

  • The lineart, the color… I can’t choose what is the best in this webcomic! =)

    I’m waiting for the next page already!

  • Gearfish


    Pinter peeking up from the bottom of the panel is adorable. : D

  • Sir Reginaldo

    She looks kinda Terrifying XD
    I am not sure whether to be scared of her apparent glee or laughing at Pinter :3

  • Andrew

    Yay! she’s got a scarf thing!

  • sweet_gardenia

    Angora’s like: It can be HUGS TIEM plz! Only in this case…we do not hug the trees. The trees hug YOU. to death. dunt dunt dunnn

    or else she calls forth the CHINCHILLAS. And they swarm and eat Kiz. Oooo I am all agog to see what HAPPENS NEXT

    For all the trouble you say the layout gave you the page still looks pretty dang sweet. Looking forward to the next one :3

  • 46137

    Angora is having way too much fun, methinks. The expressions, as usual, are just great. :D

  • Kelsey

    It her foot supposed to be touching the wall? I don’t quite know if it is or not.

  • The O!

    Oh my pants, oh my lard, oh my world, I am so excited about the second chapter.

    You know how sometimes you have a bad day, and, to combat it, you make yourself think of something that will make you happy without fail?

    Lately it’s been the fact that Chapter 2 is looming.

    Haha. I hope that makes you more happy than concerned.

  • ColdCedric

    hi it’s me again and I got to say that I apologize for the oversuspicious action in the previous comic Anyway I think the environment and expression is neat and casual, but I just want to know is she using any magic or what?

    “Keep Great, Keep Long”

  • Ahaha, Angora’s face kills me XDD Her right arm looks a bit weird, but I guess that’s the only thing. LULZ I wanna see Pinter’s face! 8D /if he’s conscious, of course)

    • yeah same here! in the 3rd panel you can see his eyes wide open even tho its half of is face….

      • sorry, pinters eyes

        • He’s just lost his memory and is thinking “OMGBOOBS” xD

  • Icianthea

    We’re only 1,000 votes away from spot number five!

  • Jasmine

    She doesn’t have any armpit hair. incidentally.

    • Wex

      Her hair is plants, it doesn’t grow anywhere the sun don’t shine.

  • LMP

    wow, scariest page ever
    i dont trust angora anymore

  • Discet

    LOL at the base of the tree are hearts. I bet the other guy is suffocating in the bark

  • Gracelinge

    angoras face if funny

    ps. i LOVE this novel/comic it is sooo cool

  • I have to wonder why you decided to have Angora call him “Jerkface” … since I use that term a lot m’self, and not many others do.

    Were you copying me? ;)

    … or is my ego taking over again …?

    And I love how huge her grin is. Just love it.

    • Just seems like something she would say! That and stupid-head XD

  • Zeb

    Hahaha, can’t deny the malice in her face, LOVE the 4th panel

  • Doug

    It’s amazing what a confidence boost being able to control your power is. Really nice foreshadow at the end of the dream sequence with the little plants grown around her sleeping area on the stump.

  • i really like Angora’s face in the 4th panel…and how you made her hand mor 3-d you know…like its coming closer to the screen…

  • Swift

    And behold! She becomes a tree!

  • Neustrasbourg

    Yay!!!!! Joyful vengence! :D :D :D

  • Silver Lady

    Hope she hit him right in that place, hehe! That´s what Kiz deserves!

  • Like it.. :)



    GO ANGORA, this is so cool T_T (tears of joy)

  • Coryjonc

    It would be perfect irony if she somehow took off his nose.

  • Jessica

    I really love how you add just a smidgen of red and yellow into her eyes. It gives them more depth than keeping them all green :) It also makes her seem younger and full of life.
    Just started reading today; I can’t wait until there’s another update!

  • Chameleon Kid

    Oh yeeeaah! *quotes the Kool-Aid man*

    He’s SO gonna get it now! Sir, you are about to get what we in the biz call “The Whammy!” (Methinks he’s gonna regret picking this fight…) *does a dance of excitement* ^o^

  • Azu

    I really demand to see Pinter’s face xD

    She’s a druid imao :D

  • Azu

    (Angora I mean :D)

  • Neverfilledvoid

    Watch whaaat? I wanna know Angora!

  • Yay dilated pupils! I like how the leaves in the background of the last panel look like hearts.

  • Kass

    Man, the last 3 panels seem like the perfect picture for a Demotivator.

    I have no idea what that Demotivator would say.

  • dragoonofenlil

    I really enjoy how you portray Kiz. It seems like he has two modes – manic-crazy, or deadpan. In fact, when I read his line “What are you doing?” it sounded in my mind as if it should have been punctuated with a period instead of a question mark. He just seems so unimpressed.

    • Thanks for this comment! I love using punctuation like that as an indicator of enunciation, but sometimes I’m afraid that people won’t get it.

  • where did the pants come from?
    XD lol

  • Crestlinger

    She threw the shirt back at him previously, but kept the pants. Karma’s a comin!

  • Zieber

    The hidden hearts are awesome lol. Just want you to know mr. Author, great comic. It work quite well on the iPad on Cuban Internet too! I’ve been hooked officially!

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