Its the first of the month! So please click on the vote button if you can spare 5 seconds! The TWC board always gets me nervous on the first few days (why do I care so much).

Anyways, comic. Page 40, yayyy. Only 5 more pages in the chapter. I might have mentioned somewhere that The Meek is basically a stew made up of things I find interesting/ cool, put into comic format. Unfortunately I have a 3rd grader’s sense of humor, haha. Cock-punches and spit-takes, that’s all it boils down to in the end… Though I have been looking forward to drawing that since around page 2.

Anyways, its Wednesday! That means pimpage time. Today’s pimp (verb, not noun) goes to the fantasy webcomic Dead Heaven. It also started recently but has some extreeemly amazing professional quality art. It also has a more mature storyline (which I personally enjoy), so caution/ have at it!

See ya’ll on the 4th!


  • Kirimon

    I’m reading this in the back of my computer class… my chuckling seems to be attracting attention from others. Hehe. This made my day.

  • lol, at his face in the 3rd panel.

  • Maui

    Kiz’ face in the third panel, omg.
    Is it wrong of me to actually feel a little sorry for him? xD

    Nah, nah, he deserves it!

    • Lhorkan

      I was kinda feeling sorry for him as well! :P

      You don’t shoot.. err, kick a guy in the dick, Butters! It’s NOT cool.

    • Leela

      Yeah, isn’t this a bit sociopathic for Angora? Maybe it wouldn’t leave lasting harm…

      • Its probably the same force as hitting someone with a piece of wood (its not very nice, but its not going to kill him). And I don’t think its worse than he deserves XD

        • Well, those branches look sharp… she coulda stabbed him, permanently killing an future Kizling’s and Kizling douchebaggery.

          • No great loss I guess XD But thankfully she’s not that vicious!

  • Lorien

    For the record I think that guy deserved it. And his face is priceless, as is Angora’s happy kung fu fighting face she’s got going there. :)

  • Amber

    Wow, I love this page! The expressions are amazing, as usual, especially Kiz’s in the third panel. It looks painful. :P Finally, Kiz is getting what he deserves!

  • Dinka

    Your art is amazing…color palette is just fabulous.

  • Kate

    I almost fell out of my chair laughing!

    GO ANGORA! Nice shot!!! Lol who doesn’t love a good cock shot? And I love Kiz’s expressing in the third and fourth panel. Nicely done.


  • candeldandel

    NICE. He had that coming from a mile away.

    Have a good 4th!! <3

  • Nice job. I love Kiz’s expressions, especially the close-up of his teary eyes. That tree grabbing his face just screams “Come ‘er, sucker!” Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  • Right in the clams. c:

    Also last panel really scares me for some reason.

  • SecretWindow

    He won’t be using that anytime soon! Dur hurr hurr.

    I love this page! I can’t stop laughing. I absolutely love Kiz’s expression in the third panel.
    Absolutely brilliant.

  • Ash

    shit just got real

  • haha Justice served.

    Kinda like “If you can’t use it nicely then you won’t use it at all.”

  • HAHAHA!! He won’t be harassing any women for a LOOOONG time after that blow :D Way to go Angora!!

  • Jenny

    LOL! Sorry, I think Kiz deserved that 100% XD I love the final panel. I think the lack of background really makes you focus on the action going on.

    • Thanks! I’m torn between thinking I did a copout by not drawing it all in and liking it because it focuses the action. I’m still thinking about it XD

  • I suppooooose this is what you call….’in your face’?

    /bad pun :D

  • Well, THAT is going to take sex off his mind for a while.

  • XD

    Best page everrr. Oh dear, Kiz’s expression in that third panel. Hehe.

    I know what you mean about the TWC board on the first of the month. It makes me go like D: and then like :D and then like D:
    Hopefully my vote made a difference!

    • Haha, thanks XD I’ve been voting for you every day btw, you’re on my list >:3

  • y2jenn

    I accept today’s cock-punch as my birthday present. You’re a sweetie, D! Thank you!


    This is awesome. LOVE that movement and that last panel is fantastic. I love the force of the hit built up there. Woot!

  • Wyvern

    Ouch! D:

  • RevolverOcelot

    Kiz’s face in the 3rd panel is EPIC WIN!

  • Bea

    I was expecting like something serious, like epic woodland choking action, but this is even better. I guess Angora can only think of kid things to do. But EPIC WIN is the only way to describe this.

  • Filipe

    But, having social contact mostly with lissamphibians, how does Angora know that that is a particularly vulnerable spot for male humans?

    • Pinter told her earlier, he’s chock full of useful info

  • I am really, really loving panel four, hahaha.
    And getting Kiz right in the crotch is something I didn’t see Angora doing, but now it makes total sense with her rather child-like mind. This is a great page. I just realized though, after looking at the page a few times, “… where the heck did Pinter go and when did Kiz get up?”

    • Haha, well in the last page Kiz was sort of awkwardly getting up to see what the heck was going on behind him… as for Pinter, he’s out of sight on his back! He’d better stay there for now D:

      • haha, at the time I didn’t know if Kiz was getting up, but getting to this page it makes more sense. I can’t wait to see Pinter’s reaction.

        Also … i’m drawing more Pinter art for you, hahaha

  • I bow before you, oh great master of epic win! lol, in panel 3 it almost looks like Kiz is a-firin’ his lazers…from his crotch…

    • So all this time he was chargin his lazors?

  • I love the tiny “THUD” for such an occasion.

  • He got hit in his wood! With some WOOD! :D

    …huh? Huh? *nudge wink*

  • I laughed. A lot.

    She has all the badassery of an earthbender without the copyright infringement!

  • I’d also like to add, I love the motion here and the way that the motion leads the reader’s eye straight into the next panel. Then of course, the reader’s eye is drawn down by the funny expression Kiz’s face, then down to the origin of the expression, the words lead down to the next panel (hah! love that panel too!) and the tears of pain lead to the last panel.

    Whether or not most of this was intentional, its a very well put together comic page. Love it~ Can’t wait for more.

    • Thanks! And yeah, all the composition is intentional D: Glad you noticed it, though I don’t like the exact flow of panel 1 and 2, it looks odd to me (could be the shading)

  • I laughed out loud. :D

  • Konira Thax

    He desrves a good slam in the gonads. XD
    I realised that today – whlist waking up – that today was going to be horrible until I remembered this comic updated on Wensday.

    • D: Well I hope your day was okay (aside from the update… I mean what is that like 30 seconds of amusement?)

  • Kili

    The Wham! to the face has to hurt, too. But, maybe it’ll take his mind off the first blow?

    I love the way you draw Angora – she’s a cartoon figure, but you have her body positioning. When you had her climbing a tree way back on page 11, or her place kicking here, it’s so realistic. How did you learn to draw nudes doing such active things?

    • I live in a nudist colony… haha, uh, well I have no idea, I guess after drawing so much for all these years things just start to make sense.

  • haan

    actually, in my country it’s 1 p.m and tomorrow i gotta do a history exam and i am in the computer at this hour of the night just to read your AWESOME comic :)
    Wish me luck, buddy, i’ll be waiting page 41!

    PS: Sorry, i know my english SUCKS, i’m from Argentina and i’ve been studing the language since i was 8 and now im 15. i have improved a little bit, haven’t i? :P

    • If you hadn’t said anything I wouldn’t have known you’re not a native English speaker so… good job XD

      • haan

        aww thank you~!
        i hope i could say the same when i talk in english lol

  • Arison

    Oh god, Kiz’s face in the fourth panel. It’s the perfect post-nut kick expression. XD

    Would you mind if I made an icon out of it? I’d give credit to you but it’s totally understandable if you don’t want me to.

    • Haha, sure XD If you have a way to credit it (like on LJ) that’d be cool but if not thats okay too

      • Arison

        Yeah, it’s for LJ. :D Thanks alot!

  • sweet_gardenia


    ROOT…I mean…BOOT TO THE CROTCH. I like how the roots in the last panel are almost handy-looking. It’s like they could pick him up by the shirttail, smack him around and then give him a classic Stooges doink to the eyes

    You know of course Michael Crichton would be rolling in his grave for anything involving death by crotch (or perhaps in this case only near death lol)

    • Oh man, zombie MC is soo excited for this scene. Also there is some face punching too so thats like icing on the plotcake. Now I just need a Levine and I’M SET

  • Morag

    I want to know what Pinter’s reaction is to this recent development.

    Panel three FTW.

  • Yeah! A Thud for you! And a Wham right in your face!

  • Wildace

    OUCH! I felt that and i don’t even have balls!

  • Bea

    I just realized that Angora actually took Pinter’s advice about giving him a quick kick in the clams if he tries anything. I guess its kinda indirect affliction, but hey what ever works for her.

  • Inujo

    I have no complaints..especially on a free webcomic your labor of love…very much enjoying the mystery story telling. And nothing wrong with a little crotch hitting humor. It was exactly what was needed considering what had happen to her before by said, crotch punchie!

    I don’t know if It’s my stoopid browser but I can only see “about” and “arc” at the top of the screen, is that an explorer problem? I can see the whole line before the comic picture loads but once I can see the comic I can’t see the top bar menu.

    • Hm :/ Could be your browser, though I usually can see everything okay in IE…

  • Taylor

    Ahh, my question ‘why suddenly does she have pants in this scene’ is answered!
    No falling leaves or table centerpieces could have saved panel 1 :)

    Poor Kiz.. although he got off lightly considering the other guy got cocooned and sucked into the cliff wall.

    relatively lightly…

    • Haha, well the amount of clothing she wears is proportional to how far she is immersed in society. Since we’ve only started she only has a few items >_>

  • Bunni


  • Jes

    :D This page makes my day.

  • Panel 4 is just GORgeous. The little bit of eyebrow, the tiny pupils, the saline trails … so much expression in so little space. “He had it coming, he only had himself to blame!”

    In yer face, Kiz! BOOyah!

  • Neo

    Good Kiz! You look kind of cool!

    xDDDD 3rd panel, dear LORD

  • Basil

    I’ll admit I whimpered a little.

    That nutshot is going to take DAYS to walk off.

  • Amanda

    Hooray! Go Angora! That’s a strong female lead if I ever saw one!
    Oh Pinter I love you… *hubba hubba*

  • Ark

    Oh wow. Panel 3. Kiz’s face = pfffffffft xD I laughed so hard.

  • Neustrasbourg

    dcmml, she actually listened to pinter’s advise

  • Koia

    oh i LOVE this page,angora kicks …ass!
    im pretty sure she’s like a tropical version of a dryad,am i right?

    • No XD Though that seems the obvious choice.

  • whoooomeek

    Wow, i’m really impressed with the transition from the previous page to this one. It’s so well done! I mean it doesn’t feel “broken”; you can actually feel the momentum of the kick and picture what it’d look like in motion… if i’m making any sense at all. XD

  • whoooomeek

    Seriously it’s like one of those little books with the drawings and you flip the pages really fast to see a “moving” picture. 8D

    Anyway, I’ll shut up now. Bottom line – GREAT JOB.

  • Best page EVER! I laughed out loud. :D

  • God, I love this. With how the panels are set up, it’s like she’s sporting a pair of spidey-feet, only with vines instead of webs.

    Oh, and that third panel. Ohhh I was waiting for something like that. :D Fantastic.

  • O U C H. D U D E.
    That must’ve really hurt! He deserved it tho.

  • Treyos

    Okay, note to self: Do not piss Angora off.
    At any rate, the guy deserved that and it looked terrific. :D

  • rainey

    Looks like Angora does know what clams are, after all…Or maybe it’s the tree. :’D

  • Mariel

    HAHAHAHAHAhahahHAHAlol. Love the expression in the third panel. Thank you for making my day.

  • Ikaru

    BWAHAHAHH! I’ve been reading this since Sarah Ellington put a link for this on Phoenix Requim, and it is one of my favorite comics now; and this is totally my favorite page. Made my day, I laughed so hard! *grins evilly* The guy SO deseved that…and by God that had to have hurt so bad that his balls drew up and she may have well neutered him…cause they aren’t likely to come back anytime soon….*laughs*

    • jumarn

      I, too, was linked here from Phoenix Requiem and I’m so glad I was. :)
      You never know what’s gonna happen next.

  • silvermoonlight


    Really loved this page this sick headed guy so deserved what got, hope she breaks his face.

  • kimbo

    hahah, poor kiz :D this is getting better every page :D

  • Hahaha love it!! And today’s well deserved sack smack goes to….Kiz! This page definitely deserved a vote haha

  • Franzi

    YEAH, right in the b-….Angora for the win?

  • Kris

    LOL! Fantastic page!!! I had been feeling a little bit down after I got out of the hospital the day before yesterday and while there was lab time in my computer class, I had a chance to check for an update yesterday and that TOTALLY made my day!!! I think this is your BEST page so far!!! I’m going to be going on vacation and I wanted to leave a post here before I leave XD Fantastic page as usual (except for some reason this page really “jumped” out at me and I love it!) Especially the third and fourth panels :P I love how you were able to put a lot of um crap i forgot the word >_< basically a lot of realisticness into how it would look in real life if there was actual movement. The colors look fantastic as well. I noticed the last update you said that the backgrounds and such for this update and that one were really giving you difficulty. I’d more than say it turned out fantastic! Have a wonderful weekend and I will be back on Sunday and look for a new update!


  • *THUD*

    It’s one of those moments no true man will laugh (unlike true women).

    • An Army of ONE

      I hear you.

      on another topic…I expected/looked forward to, Angora ripping off her own head as mentioned in the last pages comments.

      but this is nearly as good :)

  • Neverfilledvoid

    In panel four, Kiz realizes that his chance of reproduceing is zero ;DDDD
    This made me come to think of… why do never guys hurt other guys groin? Is the mental pain too strong? D:

  • DoggySpew

    If there was a title for this page, it would be “Got Wood ? “

  • Moons

    Yeah Action!

  • Ow. He got served. Looks like Angora has the old poison Ivy/Swamp thing power set.


  • Sanionka


  • yim-yam

    oooh! right in the kiwis!

  • Gracelinge

    wooo go Angora! ya!
    great page!

  • mel

    HA in yo face!

  • in the words of emerill legase (or not exactly)


    • lee


    • LMP

      you sir have made my day and so this page

      • athankyou, thankyouverymuch.

    • kittengrl39

      You know, whenever I think of this page, I think of your comment.
      It’s that awesome.

  • Chameleon Kid

    Take that, you suckah! ^o^

    Hahaaa, Angora’s really puttin’ on the hurtin’ now! XDD

  • Sivere

    He got what he deserved, yet I still pity him ;S


  • marinatedfish

    hah hah, ouch.
    And Kiz’ face goes 8C… again!

    I love Angora in action! She’s a character MADE for action.
    Still, her upper part of the body looks… kind of too long to me?
    -Though I shouldn’t be judging the anatomy since you might actually know better than me.

    The colours are nice as always. Nevertheless, I frown at the pastel tones in the bg!

    I bet readers have waited for this page! -And Angora, too! Yay for Kiz punching!

  • Allison

    By far my favorite page so far

  • Maggle

    Poor Kiz. But then again, he deserved it.

  • Koi

    Oohhh, I can’t WAIT to see Pinter’s reaction to that! XD

  • Lunalover009

    ohhh right between the legs, that’s gotta hurt! >.<

  • Otaku-sama


  • And thus, every female reader began laughing their fugging heads off.

  • Awesome last panel.

    Glad to see this comic is still alive and well. <3 Keep up the good work!

  • Nora

    WHOOT! YEAH! ((Cheers))

  • Silver Lady

    Haha! Right in the “package”!!! XD

    Maybe that´ll calm him down a little.

    The only thing I don´t understand is, why didn´t Angora use the cipos in the beginning of the comic? Does she need some special condition to do that?

  • Silver Lady

    Uh… forgot to ask, but… did you use my suggestion? Or am being too pretentious?

  • wolf

    whats LMAO?

    great story btw ;)

    • An Army of ONE

      ( Laughing my A$$ off)

      :) …. I do that quite often…. leather = slippery

  • Alan


    that’s the first time a graphic novel has made me wince. don’t get me wrong, he deserved it entirely! but he’s definatly in a lot of pain… Those expresions leave you in no doubt what so ever1 Brilliant work!

    But still…


  • Laurens

    You know, this page would have looked much more professional if you just left out panels three and four. The 3rd grader’s humour takes a bit off, but fortunately, it replaces that bit with some fun and personality.

    • Lucille

      I can see where you’re coming from, but personally, I like it with frames three and four. I don’t really think it affects the professionalism that much, because it fits with the story and the characters and the artist’s style. Just my opinion.

    • Well, panel 4 is leading into the next page and panel 3 is leading into panel 4 with the face shot. I know its a bit hard to tell since all the pages aren’t posted at once, but hopefully it will read clearer once they’re all in sequence.

  • beautifully done. And now we know why you put pants on her… that would have had to be a lot more coy, and “coy dryad” is oxymoronic.

  • Jane

    The first thing I thought when I saw this new page was “Thank God Angora managed to put on a pair of pants, else the first panel could have been rather akward.”
    I really like how you’ve drawn the vines; even though they are (supposed to be, in reality) inanimate, you can see these ones MOVE. :D

  • Way to go Angora >=D

  • Lol the tree in the ‘nads. works every time. XD

  • Cimmy

    Hehe, “Kick in the clams” = foreshadow!


    I love this comic so much.

  • antrea

    oh man i LOVE his expression soooo much. tears of pain!

  • Ashstripe2860

    i think kiz is an ASS and that HAD to HURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i loled like crazy >D

  • kick to the clams

  • Azulu

    Foot. Clamps. Face. Owned.

  • Ashley


  • AEther_Smite

    She punched him. with a tree. in the nuts.


    +1 internets.

  • Crestlinger

    Kick to the clams check.
    That’s going to be one very healthy tree with all those fools attached to its roots.

  • Twigs

    You catch more flies with honey, Kiz. I hope you’ve learned your lesson.

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