Jeez Angora don’t be so scary XC Hopefully its obvious that the running guy is blondie from earlier. Sorry if the colors are whack, I finished the colors while OUI. Why is this such a bad day.

I feel like I haven’t much else to say today… uh, happy 4th to those of you who are celebrating it.

To folks who have emailed me recently (or not recently), I apologize for not giving a speedy reply. I’ll get to all your emails today. I don’t have an excuse, I just feel overwhelming despair whenever I look at my inbox and put it off until the next day. Been doing that for a couple days (weeks) now, many apologies.


  • Embieria

    LOL Angora’s expression!

  • Bea

    Wow, this is like the darkest page I ever seen, I cant tell if Kiz is dead or not, but it creeps me out how he’s dead in that postion…

    and LOL serious Angora is serious.

    • Dark like the colors or the content? And don’t worry, he’s not dead (just slightly unconscious. Angora’s chapters are all about being nice (except when people aren’t nice to you)).

      • Bea

        dark like serious busniess

      • Kris

        Oh I LOVE the loot on Pinter’s face rofl you got that perfectly lol

        I had a really weird dream that I actually met you last night rofl I think I was going through withdrawals knowing that I was away on vacation and had to wait even longer to see the update lol ^^; my mind is very strange i guess lol

        Anywho, fantastic update I really love it (as always lol) I can’t wait for the next update :D Have a fantastic day!


  • Kelsey

    I’m scared.

  • tutsi

    Wow…. Angora’s face is creepy….
    I had been waiting for this one the whole day(its 8:15 here… I dont know what time is it for you)
    I really like this comic, and the ones that you show every wednesday, it has been very inspiring and Im thinking of making my own some day.
    Thanks again!

    • :B Its 2 hrs earlier here, still light outside. Thanks for your patience, and I’m glad you’re enjoying everything!

  • Dominic

    Angora’s channeling Mr. Clint Eastwood on this page. O_O Awesome.

  • Don’t mess with Mother Nature! … or Angora.

    I love the way that Kiz has been hung out to dry! Gives him time for … personal growth, shall we say?

    • Metrophor

      *hit in eye by pun*


  • Amy

    In the last panel you can just hear tell two words are repeating in Pinter’s mind:

    “Oh shit… oh shit… oh shit…”

    Love this page! Angora’s kicking ass and taking names!!

  • Angores expression reminds me of the Dramatic Prarie Dog for some reason! lol

    I can’t tell you how much I love this page! It’s got the Stephen King feel, and you can feel Pinters horror. I love how Kiz is incased in branches, it’s a haunting image.

    Great job!
    And Happy 4th to you.

  • Shat

    Amazing as always! I love Angora’s expression in panel 5. Any chance of a wallpaper of it?

    • Embieria

      Seconded! I agree so hard! C’mon, D… pretty please!?

  • whoooomeek

    The colours are FINE. Actually… they’re GREAT. The tree roots, the rocks and Angora’s hair are so brilliantly done, and I’m not sure why but I particularly like panel 3. The colours look lovely and rich in that one.

    Thanks very much for updating on your national day (which is a holiday in America I assume?). Have a good week, and happy 4th of July (:

  • “Help it grow, Crysta!”
    I knew it was the blonde guy (or Draco Malfoy as I like to call him). Your expressions are always fabulous, but they’re expecially good on this page. I love ’em! Kiz’s limpness looks like it would be hard to draw, but it looks really good. That must be some strong wood holding him up (yeah, I know that sounded really dirty…oh well…)

    • Maria

      Wow….you should know by now with the friends we have had not to write like that…..he he!

      I love the this page and the last page. I couldn’t help but laugh even with Angora’s stare. Can’t wait to see more! =D

  • Nance

    Yes, Pinter.

    You better be afraid.

    • Better take that “moldy” comment back.

  • Mona

    Wait a minute, so did those two guys just…die?

  • Karei

    Just discovered this comic (friend linked it to me) hooked me on the first page. Totally digging it. Keep up the good work.

  • O_O
    Shit’s about to go down, huh?

    Awesome page!

  • Filipe

    Ok, Pinter, better let her have the map… and the pants. Maybe offer her a shirt or two.

  • Jack

    Some greenery’s coming up already, nice to see the tree taking advantage of its new food source.
    At least we hope not, for your sake Kiz ;P

  • AAAAH if the last panel on the previous page scared me, then this page makes me piss my pants!

    Run, Pinter, Run!

    Seriously, I love it. It’s super freaky and spinechilling and I love it.

  • kittengrl39

    Wow… this comic goes from serious (Angora nearly getting raped) to pwned (guy getting assaulted by a tree) to pwned with a side of epic win (Kiz getting tree-kicked in the crotch) to Stephen King-like horror (HOLY CRAP KIZ IS GETTING EATEN BY A TREE). I really don’t know what to think any more. But the artwork is consistently good…

  • ColdCedric

    Creepy page. Her expression is like Cold ice. Man this is first serious page I’ve seen in today

  • Veitstanz

    Pinter’s face clearly says: “CRAZY GIRL + WIERD POWERS = THIS CAN’T BE GOOD.”

  • Chris

    This is why you’ve gotta be nice to the crazy ones Pinter! You never know when they’re gonna snap, and trust me, they’ll know if you’ve been naughty or nice so be nice! :P

  • Sky

    Gossshhh!!!!! :D!
    Soo! Am I assuming correctly that like.. she killed them? Assumins they can’t breathe and suffocated? Or am I assumin… wrong? XD That’s so hard core if she killed them.. GOSH don’t mess with heerrr!!!!

  • Yasha

    I just love how you do the expressions!

    And I definitely think Pinter’s very cute, I have a thing for cuddly looking guys :)

    • Neverfilledvoid

      I second that! Let’s make a fanclub XD

  • I love the imperiousness of her gaze, hanyaa~

  • Ming

    Love that first panel, the creepy quiet after the action. The branches look amazing, you can still see the direction of the attack but also growing up and down, and I like how his shoes are still dripping :)

    Are angora’s pupils still so wide because of the adrenaline?

  • Eleanor

    Wohh That’s so cool! >:)

  • DoggySpew

    Why the pissed off look toward Pinter ?I’m a bit confuzzled about it.

    • Lhorkan

      He said her hair is moldy!


    • Erica

      He kicked her out of his tent, remember? And refused to help her find the Center.

  • Silver Lady

    Oh-oh… Now Pinter is going to fear her.

    This page was really scary. Just hope these guys won´t come back with torches and yelling “burn the witch!” or something alike.

  • Great dynamism in this one. I wonder when is the next chapter coming out. I am very intrigued ;)

  • oh man, angora’s got a great face there. i think pinter just started to take her seriously.

  • rainey


  • fish

    haha, does the tree in the background have a fur…? xD
    or is that the leg of a giant animal… o_O

    and that face really is scary… ó_ò

  • Moons

    Pinter’s gonna get it…

  • Gracelinge

    awesome! this is my favorite page yet!
    love angoras expression!

  • Sanionka

    It’s gonna be Pinter’s kiwis next O_o;

  • Angora’s face, it’s magnificent. She looks so very SRS, and I love how PPinter can just stare in fear.

    better join her nao bee-yatch!!

  • yim-yam

    is…he… dea? wow, this story just took a sinister turn.. i love it!

  • Zeb

    Gotta say its my favourite page so far, awesome work and Angora looks frekkin’ bad-ass!

  • Peh

    I’ve found this comics yesterday and read all of them to the current page. Great work indeed!
    The only sad thing is that now I’ll have to wait a whole day to get a new page. =P

    And cheers for Angora not being as hopeless/helpless as she first seemed to be.

  • Closet Monster

    Awesome stuff.

    That is all.

  • Nora

    Hehe… Poor Pinter.

  • Oh my. I don’t even.
    I love the whole page, Pinter is just like, “…. oh god … what … how did she…?”
    I love it. The colors are great and just … bah. I love the expressions. <:

  • BentKatana

    Wow, this comic is rocking my socks! Will now follow! Super tree-root kick! >o< Those are…tree roots? Or vines? o.o Either way, I love how Angora wears everything but a shirt. LOL xD

  • 14Karat

    Wow, your art style is my absolute favorite! :D It’s so unique and pretty.

  • Emperial

    You saved him because I think he’s cute, right? 8D *will believe this regardless of the truth*

  • WOW excellent!

  • Chameleon Kid

    I think Pinter just realized Angora is more than she seemed at first. ^_^’

  • Pablo

    …and now we see the (formerly dashing) Kiz modeling a custom-made “Angora sweater”… ;-)

  • Stig Hemmer

    You people should really go look at the vote incentive… scary.

  • scott

    I love the fact that you made her a nature controller O_O i love elemental theme stuff :)

  • Koia

    i hope he didnt die :(

    • Elle

      I do. *bwa ha ha ha*

    • sabe, becous, i dunno, she attaquet they smalling, that would make she looks so evil Oo!

  • her powers are awesome! and she looks so evil this page O_O

  • SheaO

    lol oooh badass face :D

  • ash

    Love Angora’s gangsta!face. xD

  • Nambs

    3 things i love about this page:

    1. Kiz got what he deserved
    3. The look on Pinter’s face is just precious

  • Konira Thax

    Is he dead? >_>
    I bet he is, he looks dead. XD

    Thanks for the wallpaper-ish big panel!

  • Thanks for the big panel! This is by far my fav page – so eerie!

  • Dear god Angora! You made Kiz even creepier!!

  • Never piss off an elemental. They have poor impulse control…

  • Kris

    Oh I LOVE the loot on Pinter’s face rofl you got that perfectly lol
    I had a really weird dream that I actually met you last night rofl I think I was going through withdrawals knowing that I was away on vacation and had to wait even longer to see the update lol ^^; my mind is very strange i guess lol
    Anywho, fantastic update I really love it (as always lol) I can’t wait for the next update Have a fantastic day!

  • Chanel the Bell

    For some reason, I love how nervous he is in the last panel.

  • Qwaar

    I had not committed myself to watching this webcomic to the end till this moment.

    A female character being so awesome you completely forget that they are naked. Also I love the perfect ohshi- expression from metal cap here.

  • -silent reader- Oh MAN these last few pages have been wonderful. I’m so blesse’d bad at commenting, just know that you have my adoration! 8D

  • Pheonick

    Whee, just found this comic today and had to read it through :D
    I’m already in love with this comic, it’s awesome! The art style is wonderful. Hooray for you!

  • Hey! This is a fantastic page; I love Pinter’s expression in the last panel. Since you made the Angora wallpaper, have you considered making one from Pinter’s panel? I’d love to see that as a wallpaper.

  • Koi


    I bet Pinter’s regretting being a bastard to her now XD
    Angora’s expression totally reads, “Oh yeah, fear me.”

  • Alex

    AWWW MAN. A BILLY BUMBLER. YOU ARE READING THE DARK TOWER SERIES. You just earned 20 more cooler points.

    … Angora is so bad ass. What the….

  • Jen

    I wonder if I’m the only one that kind of hopes that he isn’t dead :(
    I like it when the protagonist can practice some self restraint, except yaknow…when it’s completely necessary.

    Anyway good stuff, as per usual!

    I love Pinter’s expression. Expressions are definitely your forté

    • Amber

      I hope he isn’t dead. I’m going to miss his hilarious, psycho expressions.

  • Katie

    Pinter’s all ‘Don’tlookoverhereDon’tlookoverhereDon’tlookoverhere–Eep!’

  • Maki

    Kicked in the crotch, tree style. That’s gotta hurt. :P

  • I think the colors are lovely <3

  • Chanel the Bell

    Actually, this makes me think that Pinter has at least a little bit of faith in Angora.
    He didn’t immediately scramble away when this happened, now did he?

  • kimbo

    ahahahah, just what i needed today! it’s been a very very bad day, and when i saw how kiz’s covered with plant and pinter looking at him in the first panel… i couldn’t help smiling. hilarious.


  • Jenny

    Hahaha, I love this comic! Can’t wait for the next page ^^

  • Aspie Lou

    Being wrapped up in vines is very creepy… I would pass out from the creepy factor alone.

    Lots of action happening in the last few pages… awesome. :)

  • Anonymous

    Firstly, that first panel on this page looks incredible. What a shot. Bravo. Same goes for Angora’s face.

    Second, I actually had to go back and refresh my memory on who the blond guy was. We haven’t seen him in four (maybe five?) pages. A reaction shot of him in one of those pages probably would have helped keep him in the scene.

    • Elle

      Yeah, so did I. But you have to remember that we are seeing it at a different pace than someone who was reading it in book form.

  • Okay, no more wondering about the nudity thing, if you can do that you can pretty much do whatever you want. At least in a forest.

  • sweet_gardenia

    Late commenting is…well you know…

    Looking at Angora’s face I laugh and keep thinking of The Bride from Kill Bill and her ” someone’s about to die now! ” music. It fits her expression perfectly….ZWEEEEzweeeZWEEEzweeeZWEEEEzweee…DUNT DAHN-DAHN-DA-DA-DAHNNNNNNN!


    If I were to be picky about anything I’d say make the words a wee bit bigger and bolder in the second panel to indicate the voice level.” Ahhhhh! ” seems a bit too quiet and restrained. BOLD CAPSLOCK SCREAMING OMAIGODDD SAVE MEEEEE would seem to convey absolute terror more effectively. So the smaller letters in that panel doesn’t quite do it for me (they do however work for the running away)

    however…that is only the minorest of minor nitpicks. Everything else is spot on <3

    • PopsicleCulture

      By jove, I think you’re right about those word bubbles. AHH!

      • stephanie

        i think its small, cuz hes running off into the distance?

        • PopsicleCulture

          Maybe, but the first AHH would presumably be closer. Besides, if it were larger, then it would have more feeling. Large fonts in word bubbles are what comics are about, man.


  • dragoonofenlil

    Panel one rules. I love how Kiz is getting so horribly rooted. Wrapped around his face, holding him off the ground… I almost think that there are some tendrils tearing into his mouth and down his throat to horribly horribly eviscerate his insides. Holy ouch.

    In other news, I really love how you drew his legs dangling, and I also especially love how potent Angora’s power seems to be – I mean, there are already new shoots growing from the oh-so-recently-created rootmass of pain. Nice touch.

    And poor Pinter’s now scarred for life.

  • K

    Run, blondie, run!

  • Crestlinger

    Last panel: insert Metal Gear ‘!’ spotted sound.

  • Thisguy

    No, no, no.
    THIS is overkill.

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