Wow, late update. Thanks so much for your patience and understanding. The crisis that caused the late upload is thankfully resolved (with happy/ surprise ending, so…yay).

This page also kind of kicked my ass cuz I hate drawing vines, ugh. So many mistakes too, I have a lot of edits to make. BUT thankfully there are only three! more! pages! until the end of the chapter! I’ll be taking a month or so break before starting chapter 2, but in the interim will be posting the sketch pages here so you can see the glaring differences and laugh at the bad writing. More on that later.

For this Wednesday’s (give or take 24 hours) pimpage, I’ll link to a comic I keep meaning/ forgetting to add to the link page, the fantastic Shrub Monkeys!! Ktshy does the best expressions in the world, not exaggerating. I know a lot of you like the way I do expressions but I don’t have nothing on her. Look at them for gods sakes. One of the few autobio-ish comics that I don’t find to be insanely boring (and is in fact hilarious).

Oh, and thanks so much too for the votes as of late, despite my uploading inane things (today being a good case in point). I feel like I am being imbued with INCREDIBLE POWERS.


  • Bea

    Wow first comment…HHAHHAHAA WHY DOES PINTER STILL HAVE HIS BEER? Is it really that important to him? XD Awesome by the way.

    • Its his way of coping ;3;

    • Bea

      by the way..Angora’s pass out face is amazing.

    • james

      Is that beer? I assumed it was something stronger …

      • You’re right, its some kind of distilled alcohol :)

      • Ara

        I assumed something similar to vodka, since it was clear like water.

      • Felix

        I recon it’s moonshine. :)

        • Jonboy

          Bingo Felix. Looks like potato whiskey or the like.

          That’ll put some hair on your knuckles.

        • SotiCoto

          I’m surprised it took someone so long to come to the logical conclusion here.
          I mean who puts legally licensed alcohol in unmarked jars?

          • People who resell items to evade regional taxes.

  • Qwaar

    I like what you did with the beer bottle, making sure its semi translucent.

    Are we ever going to figure out whats going on with Pinters skull though?

    • Thanks! And theres nothing going on, its just a cap :0 It looks weird since theres only a few characters in the jungle but once we see some other people you’ll see that its a common item of clothing.

  • Lou

    Pinter looks quite insane in the second to last panel. Poor lil’ fella.

  • Lizzer

    Oh, good the end of the chapter!

    Twitter keeps saying: “THREE MORE PAGES UNTIL THE END”
    And I went: “End? As in finished?” ;A;

    But, I learned my lesson now. XD I love this comic, so much.

    • nono! Its the end! The great and evil Kiz has been defeated by his single weakness, his crown jewels have been smashed. therefore breaking all bonds to this world. He is gne forever! And our heros will live happy lives doing whatever it is they do. the end. >_<

    • Haha, oops I should have been more specific XD This would be the oddest webcomic ever if this was the real end to the whole thing…

  • Amy

    I love Pinter’s face in the 2nd to last panel, where he’s torn over what to do… or regretting the choice he’s apparently made.

    Love this comic! Can’t wait to see how this chapter ends.

    • What would you do? I think he made the nice guy choice, despite her being sort of crazy…

  • Angora’s fainting-face is the single greatest comic panel I have ever seen. I ADORE it.

    oooh, I can’t wait until Chapter 2–!

    • Wow, thanks XD I liked drawing her eyes rolling back *faints*

  • Mary

    I, too, love the second panel, :’D it’s done amazingly well.

  • Yay at last ze update is heree
    This pleases me greatly *nod*

    Glad the crisis ended…uh…happily? I was getting a little worried! D:

  • I’m glad your real life stuff turned out well. Oh man, Angora’s face in the second panel and Pinter’s face in the last panel are both freaking adorable!

    I know what you mean about the vines. I’m making a comic right now that takes place mostly in a forest and the foliage is a fricken beast to draw. But you do it so well! It looks cartoony, but very natural at the same time and that’s really hard to do!

    • Thanks! I hate foliage so bad, its soo hard XC Sometimes I just want to fill the bg and be like screw it, but my brain won’t let me. Though the forests in Roza look like that, sort of, and they are also extremely convincing. Just have to strike a balance I guess…

  • Kate

    Haha I love it.

    I love how Pinter is clutching on to his beer for dear life and talking to himself. Also love panels 2 and 6. Great job on the vines!

  • Elle

    I’ll keep it simple: <3

  • OMG I cannot believe you just pimped me *glows with glee* Thaaaaanks so much :D
    I love the shadowy overcast colours in this page, awesome mood setting. Oh man oh man, you are so inspiring :)

    • Haha, np, I’m annoyed that I keep forgetting to link you properly XD Next time I update the page I’ll get that up.

  • lol Pinter’s face in the last two panels! I’m glad to hear the crisis was resolved happily!

    • Thank you! Smeggie is back to being his belligerent self.

  • Angel Terra

    So, the other guys really are dead?
    (Or apparently became one with nature?)

    • Haha, no, just passed out/ trapped.

      • kittengrl39

        Phew! As much of an ass as Kiz is, I agree with an earlier commenter: Kiz’s insane faces and douchebag behavior just make it that much more interesting/hilarious. Plus, the idea of them dying from that… makes Angora really scary. Horror movie-ish.

  • This is a great looking page!

  • William Davidson

    Angora’s faint face is adorable.

  • awww poor pinter. so conflicted. following his heart when he knows he should be following his head, i guess.

    and poor angora! i didn’t even suspect that’d take it out of her so harsh. she seem drained when she woke up from sleeping and had got the stump to sprout.

    • blarf. she DIDN’T seem drained, i mean.

      evidently i can’t type and hold a real-life conversation at the same time.

    • True, but then again she didn’t do it so forcefully, nor on purpose like that (plus she was already asleep XD)

  • Pedro

    re: votes. See, I think The Meek is outstanding. I think you are, as a webcomic-er, also outstanding.

    (I wanted to use “win” as an adjective, but I can’t. Too old.)

    Oh, and I work in an academic library. A library with over one hundred computers, all conveniently lined up.

    Just sayin’. I think I can do better, though.

    But you can’t be number one, ’cause I like PR too.

    • lol, library powers go! Thanks for your support… and while I doubt I’ll beat PR in my lifetime, who knows? XD

      • Condar

        hey you know you could just set the meek comic as the homepage on all of ’em, or put a link in the internet browser toolbar. Obviously doing that 100 times is kind of…demanding. Not to mention strange and obvious to your supervisors/peers.

        Oh yeah and i hate drawing trees/vines/leaves too. What with their many curvy lines and such. You do it much better, though (especially with your work on the colors…I’m a total photoshop noob). Great comic, both in your drawing/painting skills and the storyline! I found your comic after DA surfing and now I can’t help but check back every day! (and I can’t keep track of very many comics)

  • I just discovered this comic on DA and I have to say I adore it so far. ;3 The characters are loveable and I love how exceedingly original and different this comic is! Thanks for your dedication, I really appreciate the comic.
    Oh, did I mention Pinter is probably the coolest name ever? I found myself thinking “why didn’t I think of that?”
    Anyway keep up the amazing work.

  • Oh my. I’m going to apologize.
    The first thing I thought/said aloud when I saw this was: “oh god pinter in panel six oh god oh god oh god and talking to himself? he’s so adorable. eeee~”
    I fangirl’d and I couldn’t help it. I feel like I waited FOREVER for this page. But it motivated me and kept me awake during my godawful train ride that I did today.
    I really love … all of this. Definitely a favorite page. Angora’s faintface is almost just as adorable as Pinter talking to himself.

    • loll XD I’m glad you liked it… hopefully Pinter has made the right decision after all.

  • Jack

    Awww, she’s all tuckered out.
    Make the right choice Pinter, good boy.

    • An Army of ONE

      yeah… now that she’s knocked out Pinter can put more clothes on her. :P

  • now see, you might hate drawing vines, but those are some of the more convincing drawn vines i’ve seen to date. it probably has something to do with your particular skill at tonality and directional lighting, which makes them appear to have much more depth and, um, physical presence than the linework itself has. yuss.

    also, i love how that poor sod is all dead and hanging there like that, it’s really funny every time i look at it.

    • Really? I can’t tell at all :C The vines look gross to me… and this page has some of the worst composition I’ve ever done too, it hurts me to look at it.

      Haha, he’s just knocked out, don’t worry.

  • An Army of ONE

    Love the way you draw…. do you do portraits at comic-con’s?

    Um,… the guy’s dead right… his face is enveloped with the tree…. She’s some extra large Nymph of some type?… or big sprite?

    We’ll find out later I guess…

    • Thanks! And… I dunno, haha. I only go to one con at the moment and no one has ever asked?

      And yes, you’ll find out later :)

  • I gotta say I love the vine creeping out from between Kiz’s legs. I laughed so hard about that and I have no idea why!

    Angora looks absolutely adorable in the second panel. Very natural, and nicely done.
    Pinter’s so brave! Going to help Angora after everything he’s witnessed. What a guy!

    CHAPTER 2!!! :D Gaaah, I’m so excited!

    • lol that made me laugh too, the vine is like… feeling his ass or something XD

  • Silver Lady

    I loved Angora´s face on the first pannel! For a moment, she looked so scary, then she turned to hergirly usual. Obviously, that power drains her energies.

  • Okay so she’s not swamp thing level or even poison Ivy yet. Needs to keep flexing that green muscle. Good thing storywise, such characters are overpowered, but she’s swinging from defenseless little girl to avatar of nature and back again, which can make for an interesting read.

  • Ebony

    I just found this comic yesterday by accident and i loved it from the start! you do an exquisite job with expressing the character’s emotions and I simply fell in love with Angola’s character. I’m looking forward to more.

    • Thanks! I’m glad you found it, and that you’re enjoying the comic so far!

  • Poor Angora, her face in the second panel is great. Poor Pinter, too, not knowing what to do. I love learning more about Angora’s character and her abilities. Keep up the good work, thanks for updating almost-on-time despite your recent events.~

  • hullabaloo

    Is she going to do that every time? Cause that could get old.

    ..razgm frasgm phoefnix razquiem grumble…

    • Do what? faint? or fight with vines? The answer to both is no, the characters in this story grow and learn new things…

      • hullabaloo

        Ah, good. No, got no problem with the vine-fighting, but in the comic I got linked here from (not naming names :P) the main character seems to pass out every time he does pretty much anything… which was dramatic at first, but gets /extremely/ old after a while. Sorry to sound critical, I do love your comic and the art, and I’m really interested in where this is going. I just saw this and thought “ohh, no”.

  • Sanionka

    Are Kiz and his other friend going to get out of there? Blondie ran away, so did he go back to get help?

    • Yes to all of those XD Good extrapolation!

  • It amuses me greatly that you’ve created a comic that involves someone controlling vines, and yet you don’t like drawing vines. But they do look amazingly well done.

    • Ugh, believe me, if I was drawing a comic about things I enjoyed drawing it would just be a comic of talking heads (and maybe some other body parts, haha). Just scribble out the people and you’ll see all the things I despise drawing, but do it anyways.

  • Oh man.

    I love Pinter.

    So, so much.

  • Nambs

    I never comment, because I can nver think of anythign to say that hasn’t been said a bunch of times already, lol. But let me just say that Pinter? One of my favorite characters ever. And I won’t lie, it’s because he looks just. like. one of my own. Overweight and all. If I ever get my own comic up (fingers crossed) I’ll share the link with you so you can see what I mean, lol. Hell, if you’re interested I can even show you some arts of him, though I don’t draw him as often as I wish I would.

  • Pinter, you make me smile.

  • ColdCedric

    Great comic strip alex. You say you don’t like drawing them but to it it looks great. In the 5th to the last panel when I look I see a form of a cocoon wrapping around with vines is there something in it or what?


    • sweet_gardenia

      I think that was the other dude that had Angora by the arm. Bandage Head :)

      • ColdCedric

        … Oh right, I completely forgot about that X3 thnx.

  • Preston

    This page was hard to understand. The collar on her neck at first made it look like she was being chocked by the plant when she apparently fainted, then the guy’s thoughts seemed to be dialog spoken by the guy standing and tied up by creepers. Then, why is the dude talking to the chick when she’s unconscious? It’s not entertaining if you have to go back over it five times and even then be confused about what’s happening.

    • Yeah, I have some issues with this page as well. Not so much for the dialogue, I feel that the inclusion of his name makes it pretty clear that he’s thinking/ talking to himself. And technically the scarf has been there for the last few pages… but the middle panels are a bit muddled, and I should fix those up a bit more. I have a feeling that when the pages are read quickly in sequence they will be clearer.

      • Preston

        You’re right, as a graphic novel being read in a sitting, the self-identity would clear up who’s talking, as well as the confusion about the scarf, probably. That said, this is brilliant stuff and I enjoy coming back each week to see the latest page. Your art is superior and the story is clever and intrigueing. Cheers.

    • Filipe

      I have the opposing view: this page is very easy to understand, no need to go back, no confusion. I see nothing wrong with the action in the first two panels, and Pinter’s self-dialogue is extremely clear.

  • Ooh Angora’s fainting face (like everyone else is saying) is awesome! <3 Of course her semi-crazy expressions are awesome too. I kept going back to look at those pages between updates. And poor poor Pinter. I absolutely adore and envy your skill with how you handle vines that look so natural!

  • Christy O!

    Oh my gosh. I just got the glaringly obvious connection.

    Kiz and Co. are LOGGERS. They’re even rape-ier to Angora than I originally thought.

    Good gourds. I missed that one.

    By the way, consternation definitely becomes Pinter. I wish my confused faces were so lovely.

  • sweet_gardenia

    hehe Pinter’s all like Girl we gotsta roll. His Aguished Decision face cracks me up as well as the clutching for dear life of his beer. I”m glad to see he made the dumb (or right ;)) decision

    I imagine Vine Attack does really take it out of a gal. Poor Angora. I’d be picky/anal again and point out that most folks tend to fall forward when they faint but the flop backwards is funnier so therefore it’s a moot picky point :3

  • Silvermoonlight

    I like that you made her pass out, more because it shows that she has limits as a human being even though she has the powers of the forest, which I’m guessing she got from her grandfather… somehow? I’m glad Pinter that did the right thing.

  • Cookie Monster

    Gotta love Angora’s pass-out face.

  • This is my favorite page in a long time…it’s just excellent. The second panel where she is so clearly falling, and you didn’t have to resort to speed lines or motion blur…the cropping of the third panel.. the absolutely chilling fourth panel.. and his incredibly pained expression in the sixth! you’re always improving :)

  • S


    I’ll tell you a secret! *We* don’t know what magically-grown vines look like, so you’re not gonna get called out on inconsistencies!

  • Angelina F

    MAN I love this page so so so so so much!!! GREAT job.

  • Cedarwolf22

    lollol the second-to-last panel is perfect. Pinter, I sympathize with you! 8( I actually really like the layout of this page. Not sure if it was intentional or not, but I like how one corner of the page is a close-up of Angora fainting, and then the opposing corner is the same sort of close-up of Pinter having issues. It feels like a nice segway! It ends the same way it starts, only… backwards.

  • omg this page is simply awesome! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! Great!

  • Ave

    I don’t know what you are talking about… the vines don’t look bad! Also, Pinter is adorable.

    Maybe I’m stupid, but when I vote for your comic, I don’t see any sketches or anything. Just the text saying, ‘here is a sketch’ and whatnot.

  • BowToTheBard

    You “don’t have nothing” on Ktshy? Double-negative makes me suspicious . . .

    Seriously, though, your expressions rock as well. It’s one of the things that keeps me checking in on this comic.

    . . . topless protagonist helps a bit, too . . .

  • I know I’ve said this before, but I absolutely adore Pinter. He’s shaping up to be one of my favorite characters ever, not just in this specific novel. I don’t know what it is about him, but you’ve given him a quality that is impossible to not like.

  • The little sweat drop on Pinter’s nose is awesome.

  • Ark

    Aww, Pinter’s so nice. Help the half naked chick, yeah. Adventure time :P

  • i’d find it hard to resist too…

  • Tóxica

    Poor Pinter :’D He’ll surely need a big hug after all that.

    • Zeb

      He seems fine, he’s got ye trusty ol’ bottle in hand ^^

      • froufrou

        No kidding, eh? XDD

        • Adrian

          he’s like Jack Sparrow. A pirate alone on an island with Ms. Swann and he just cares about all the rum! and she burns it

  • Corsair

    Just wanted to stop by and say that your artistry is brilliant. I have read a lot of webcomics, and quite a few “online graphic novels” that were nothing more than glorified webcomics, but yours is different. I would be pleased, no, thrilled, with what I saw if I was standing in a bookstore and picked up a copy of “The Meek” and saw inside what I’ve seen here on this site.

    I just read all 42 pages…twice…after being linked here by a webcomic I read. Your storyline is excellent (and this is coming from a career writer with a degree in literature) and your art is some of the best I’ve ever seen. Keep up the great work, especially with your characters diversity…every panel is unique, facial expressions are dynamic, and each one is absolutely beautiful.

    Keep up the great work.

  • RobMeGently

    You, my friend, have the ability to draw the best facial expressions I’ve seen in ages. kudos on panel 1!

  • Boots

    Hee hee, I love Pinter’s “Oh god why me” face in the second to last panel. :D

  • DoggySpew

    Definitely a case of adrenaline rush, followed by an adrenaline crash.

  • Lyra

    Hi, I’m kinda new(well, not really, but kinda XP) and I really like this comic! :D
    “right in the… The…” *faint* LOL

  • Nosferatu

    This has got to be my favourite page so far, the expressions are sooo amazing, I love the last couple of panels, you really have a brilliant sense of humour (and I’d like to say the same as mine) fabby work, keep it up for the last! three! pages!

  • But I love how you draw vines. :)
    Lovely page as usual! Pinter’s expression on the second last panel is priceless!

  • Digital Spirit X

    They should get out of there before the blonde guy comes back with a mob.

  • Closet Monster

    I want to nibble his nose.

    Awesome stuff as always. <3 I commend you for your dedication. :3

  • Lol, I love this comic. Pinter may be a loser, but he’s a good guy. And Angora is so sweet and a very lovable character. Too much taken out of her I guess? Let’s hope she gets a top, can’t wait for more!

  • Hm, her powers take a lot out of her? Poor Angora! She’s young..she’ll probably get better.

    Amazing page, as usual! *drags Pinter to AA*

  • Stevie

    Love the comic as always but OMG THANK YOU FOR THE COMIC LINK! I saw shrub monkeys a while back and then I lost the link in the great juice vs. laptop incident of 08. And all I could remember was that I liked the comic and someone had linked it once. And then here it is! yay.

  • Pinter’s expression in the bottom left panel is PURE. GOLD.

  • Dani Hope

    Ha! I really love the change in her expression from the last page to this one!

    btw, I’ve been watching this comic on DeviantArt for a while and then I realized I could read more on your site, which made me a little too excited, haha! Great stuff, I can’t wait to see more :D

  • Gracelinge

    awww…. shes so excited!

  • Guzba

    Just started reading your novel tonight – Don’t think I moved from the computer until I caught up! (Which takes a while on Dial-up)
    My only regret, that there isn’t more to read <3

  • alyy

    omg this comic is AMAZING!!! cannot wait to see more!!!!!!

  • alyy

    haha i love his frog-like pose in the last frame :P

    • Person

      Clutching his precious little bottle, no less.

  • Amanda

    I like his face in the last panel. XDD

  • Chameleon Kid

    Poor kid, took a lot out of her. ^_^;

    Ahhh, Pinter, Pinter, Pinter…when has the “smart thing” ever been the “right” or “fun” thing? XDD

  • Captain

    I like the hearts above angora’s head in the third panel. Do we have a swooner in our midst?

  • Soulnova

    Seriously, the last panel is the cutest thing ever, Pinter nibbling on his bottle while crouching. XD
    As everyone else says, great use of expressions. One of my favorite webcomics on the interwebz.

  • Cimmy

    I freakin’ love Ktshy. But you’re amazing tooo =]

  • Twigs

    I love the way he’s clutching his booze like it’s his only friend x)

  • Crestlinger

    Well, if its a ready landmark, taking her back to that stump would be warrneted.

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