Pimp of the week recap: Shrub Monkeys by Ktshy

Fast recovery! Angora is special like that. Side story, one time I had hiccups so I held my breath… I guess I held it for a little too long cuz I passed out and ripped my lip open on the side of a mirror on the way down, haha. The point is I woke up on the floor (bleeding) about 3 seconds later so I gave Angora a similar recovery time. Additionally, I am smart.

Sorry for the late update again… 2 days wasn’t enough to finish this page, and then I got distracted! I guess I shouldn’t feel guilty to spend my weekend doing something other than comics but somehow I do, haha.

Okay, enough blabber, hopefully you’re all having nice weekends as well.


  • Haha! Angora’s too cute in panel 2.
    Don’t feel guilty. You deserve to have a life!

    • Melikoth

      Too bad there wasn’t a huge panel of that I could use as a desktop background.

      • Actually there is, its the vote incentive for today :D

        • Melikoth

          Crap, I shoulda checked back on my comment earlier, I ended up getting some guys face.

  • Angora should help Pinter fight alcoholism x) Nice (end of the) weekend to you as well!

  • sweet_gardenia

    hee X3 FOOLED YOU. Angora you devious lady you. Also Pinter is so practical. I like those last two panels. They tell a lot without having a bit of dialogue. Time for Pinter to go to Alkies Anonymous, he’s in denial poor boy

    • Thanks! It sucks that the posting pacing is so slow, I know this would read better if people didn’t have to stare at it for days. Its like pauseee *days pass*

  • kimbo

    he’s not lost!

    • Thomas

      Not geographically, but he sure can’t find his way out of that bottle.

  • Sam

    I always find the little tree sprouts/branches you draw so interesting, like the ones sticking up from the horizontal bit (…which extends to Kiz? Oh! There he is in the first panel! Is he dead? Because I bet that would hurt. A lot.).

    • He’s not dead, but when he wakes up I’m sure he’ll wish he was, ahaha

  • Lauren

    The detail.. On the third pannel background.. @_@ Awesome!

  • I love Angora’s expressions in the second and last panels. Poor Pinter, though I don’t think I can blame him. Angora would drive any many to drink. ;). Can’t wait to see what she does to him next.

    • Sir Reginaldo

      Yah! That second panel looks excellent, and the lips and the grin come across amazingly. I hope you can keep up the good work!
      I am starting to think insanity and Angora go hand in hand :3

  • brad

    How do you know it was only 3 seconds?

    • Good point…

      • Lucille

        Passing out feels like it’s only seconds long, and sometimes it is, depends on the person…. but people have been passed out for minutes and wake up thinking they were out for like three seconds… I don’t know how long I passed out for when I gave blood… (long story) but it felt like two seconds…

  • Pinter, give it up man, you’re lost. Let the naked green girl help you.

    :D I do love these two, especially Pinter. Angora’s sneaky look in panel two is just classic.

    We’re getting so close to chapter two! I am way too excited for this.

  • Koneko Ealain

    So did you cure your hiccups? (Also, hope your lip is ok)

    I love how determined Angora is to get Pinter to help her. I bet her tactic is the tried-and-true maneuver of “Annoy until submission” That or she could go with plan B and have tree roots hang him upside down until he agrees.

    • Haha, yeah I did. Holding breath is the only cure that works for me (but at what cost?!)

      • Koneko Ealain

        Maybe lay down first next time. ;)

        • Haha, I guess I neglected to mention that I was brushing my teeth at the same time… safety last

          • yim-yam

            dude?! what the hell?! why didn’y you wait untilyou were done brushing your teeth?! well I guess that does explain the mirror….

          • yim-yam

            but then again I once passed out because I stood up to fast… I whacked my head on the T.V. and woke up like right away

      • One that works well is to hold your breath and take five sips of sugar water, take a breath, then five more sips while holding your breath. Works like a charm, I’m telling you.

  • Kittie

    I really must say, your attention to detail is really incredible– your art is fantastic! Keep up the good work!

  • *nods* thats right…I remember hearing somewhere that if you pass out from lack of oxygen or something something and you don’t come to almost right away, it can cause brain damage O__O

    I do love that third panel there, btw. You always really manage to get some good lighting/atmosphere in your establishing shots. I AM JEALOUS.

    Also….maybe you want to consider making a buffer of pages at some point? I know it’s hard once you’ve already started the comic, since it requires MORE work at first…but it can really take some of the stress out of posting the pages on time. Then you can work on pages at your leisure rather than feverishly the night before it needs to go out O__O

    • Thats only if you stop breathing for a while (the brain damage) (I hope)

      And yeah, I’ll be taking a break and posting sketch pages for about a month after the chapter ends to do some stuff, hopefully I’ll be able to do a few pages of buffer. Even one or two would help out a lot at this rate XD Once my school starts though I might have to drop down to 1 pg per week (I hope not but we’ll see)

  • Artiantil

    Jesus Christ, how long did you hold your breath? XD

    And seriously, don’t feel bad about actually having a life outside the comic. Just feel bad about disappointing your growing number of fans D: *kidding*

    • Haha, thanks, I’ll try not to feel bad. Actually I think I’ve probably succeeded at this point. And I think I held it for a minute or two D:

      • ColdCedric

        Succeeded…more like Triumphant.

  • Amber

    Angora’s expression in panel two is adorable. :D You do the lighting so well. Oh, and where did the rest of Pinter’s alcohol go?

  • neojb1989

    I have a question, when the frick did she get pants? :P

    • Otaku-sama

      it’s actually a good question, I mean considering all the time she’ve been expending naked
      Why did she decide to wear clothes now?
      and where did she got the clothing? Did she steal it?

      • She had no pants on the log after she woke up from her sleep/ dream… after that she went back to Pinter’s tent and waited for him to leave so she could take his pack, the map and some clothes :)

      • Becky

        Yeah, that’s how the loggers found her in page 36. They pulled her out of Pinter’s tent as she was stealing.

  • Oh my.
    I had no idea where you were going to go with this page when I read the previous one. But what you did do is great. And I have to agree with other people. Angora looks adorable in the second panel, your lighting IS great, and I was wondering about the rest of Pinter’s bottles, too, hah. (Also, Pinter is still adorable, as well.)

    And! Don’t feel guilty! It’s okay to have a life outside your comic, haha.

  • Wex

    dat second panel

  • Neverfilledvoid

    Don’t rush yourself! We will survive if you are a bit late! Though… it is hard to keep yourself alive without get a daily dose of Pinter *blush*

  • yim-yam

    do you have a scar from cutting your lip open?

    • Nah, it healed up after a few weeks.

      • yim-yam

        okay! well thats good!

  • Yowza! I hope it at least cured your hiccups. XD I suffer from tiny fainting spells I think mainly brought on by dehydration. Fun times…

    The page is well worth the wait! It’s pretty darn impressive that you submit twice a week, considering the amount of work you put into your comic.

  • Oh Pinter~

  • Lhorkan

    Awesome page again.. but since you’re already too spoiled with all our compliments, time for some nitpicking! Yay!

    Shouldn’t Angora, or at least her hair, be wet or filthy after lying around in that murky river? The pants are, but not the rest of her. :O

    • Thanks Lhorkan, thats a great point XD I forgot to add in the water drop effects on things on this page, I’ll make sure to edit that in!

  • Kili

    Lhorkan, I think all the plant life in her hair has absorbed the muck into their roots…

    I’m impressed you could pass out trying to stop hiccups. In my wild youth, it took chemical influence to be able to do that.

    There’s something very appealing about Pintar – I mean, for a self-centered heavy drinker. I really like him. Hm.

  • Bea

    He’s probably lost in his alcohol XD.

    • Zeb

      I think he’s lost by will and the drinking is what he got himself lost to do. =/

  • Ebony

    Can we say denial Pinter? And I give him props for having such good self control around a young woman walking around bare chested all the time :3

  • WOAH that vote incentive panel is HUGE. How big is your original file?

    Anyways, love Angora’s eyes, and poor Pinter can’t stop doing good. :D

    • Lhorkan

      I think that’s the original size. It’s similar to the creepy Angora face last time, and alex said that was the size she colours in.

    • Like the commenter below said, thats my original size! The actual colored comic pages are at 2000x something large px, and the lineart is twice as large D: Working huge covers up my mistakes, haha.

      • Lol I meant the original size of the whole page in my comment. xD But wow that’s huge. my computer would commit suicide if I tried that…

  • weird, but i really dig the dirty smudges on pinter’s jacket. such a minute detail :B

  • Amazing cenaries!

    I’m loving this webnovel!! =)

  • Icianthea

    One time, I opened a door in broad daylight and smacked myself in the forhead with it. The point of this story is: don’t feel stupid when you make a mistake because there are people more foolish out there than you.

    I love all the facial expressions you give your characters. It makes them so alive :D

    • Haha, I always wonder about that. Everyone says there is someone more _____ than you out there, but theres only a finite amount of people. Someone has to be at the bottom of the totem pole!

  • Jasmine

    I love the incentive. I was just looking at that panel thinking, “I do so love her faces. This one is especially cute!” And then I had this absurd wish to have it bigger…and then THERE IT WAS.

    It’s like you were reading my mind, before I had the thought. Nice.

  • ColdCedric

    Everybody is loving the 2nd panel. There is no conclusion to that. I’m guessing that many will also want to you to make a linking image of it and people curiously seeing the cuteness image of the link wants to see it and liking it….a LOT.

    • Haha, and hopefully if they voted they got the larger image of that panel.

      • ColdCedric

        You sir have one fine persuasion skills in the arts of digital and I raise my hat for it

  • yim-yam

    umm…. since we’re nikpicking… in the second panel her hair look like it’s out og the ponytail… or am I wrong and thats her bangs…

    • Yeah, the fall of hair is supposed to be coming out from behind her head but it does look a bit like the ponytail fell apart. I’ll connect the lines in a later edit.

      • yim-yam

        okay! I get it! ;)

  • Amae

    Angora is EXCEEDINGLY adorable in panel 2. I know a lot of people already said that, but it’s seriously my favorite Angora-face ever, even surpassing her fainting face (also panel 2) in the last page. So mischievously-happy!

    Pinter’s looking pretty cute in panel 1, too. Just his expression. ^^

  • stephanie

    whats up with her scarf thing?

    • In general or does it look weird somewhere?

      • stephanie

        in general. she took it out of pinters tent right? along with the pants. why not a shirt instead of a scarf? lol

        • Haha, I guess she’s taking her clothes process one step at a time

  • Bill

    Panel 2 is probably my favorite panel in any episode of this comic. I love your artistic style in general. Thank you for creating this!

    • Thanks, glad you liked it!

  • Magofirst

    Oddly this page is my personal fav so far. I like the first panel alot.

  • Lunalover009

    EEAKKK!!! i love her in the top right corner!!! so cute!! ^^

  • Inestical

    Angora looks supercute in the panel 2.

    The best panel so far :3

  • Silvermoonlight

    Great panel very cute, I think he is lost I think he’s just far too proud to admit it. I think there are some similarities between Pinter and Angora. In that their both lost souls searching for something and both believe that they can do anything alone and don’t need each other. I think deep down their both very lonely and they need someone even if it’s just to talk to.

    Oh and someone should tell Pinter that drinking in an Amazon jungle is very bad….he should stick to fresh water and use the alcohol for wounds.

    • Thanks, and thats a nice analysis :) Though I think he’s more in denial than proud…

  • Zeb

    AMAZING! as usual then ;)

    Its been said before about this page but it can clearly go with some more saying, love the look on Angora in that second panel! I just love how awesome you are at making facial expressions!

  • Boots

    Didn’t catch my lip on a mirror, but I did crack my head open on the kitchen counter doing that exact same thing once!

  • shallot

    Bwahaha. The colouring on this page is gorgeous. :)

  • Filipe

    Did Pinter just drink most of of a bottle of schnapps in a few minutes? (the angle at the 5th panel means more than half of the bottle is empty).

  • Balto~NiiChan

    First panel! WOW! I love printer in that one sooo much, well i love him to start out but still, amazing, Angora looks so sweet >.< which doesn’t fit, lol <3 i LOVE the Meek!!!

  • I LOVE this comic O.O seriously. It’s so funny and great and oh my, oh gosh. Kinda reminds me of a funnier version of the “disney-style” = wonderful.

    Keep up the good work!

  • i loved her face at the second square! =)

  • Yeah, he is… he’s quite lost!

  • Kate

    I don’t know if I’m slow or clever, but I think I figured out the comic title.

    “The meek shall inherit the earth.”

    • Haha, well if you didn’t read the “about” page then I guess you can go ahead and be clever XD

      • Kate

        Yay! :D

  • galentknight

    pinter isn’t physically lost as one would think. no far from it. pinter knows where he is. the lost Angora thinking of is more like: not knowing where you are & not knowing where you are going. when you really look at it, arn’t we all lost?

  • Elle

    Angora looks really cute in the second panel. One question though, If those are Pinter’s pants why are they so form-fitting on Angora?

    • They aren’t his pants 0:

      • Wait…so if they aren’t his pants…
        but Angora found them in his tent…
        What the heck was Pinter doing with some girl’s pants in his tent?! lol

        Maybe all will be revealed in time and I should just shut up, lol

      • Elle

        Waaaaaaaa?! Who’s pants are they then?! Was he actually getting freaky with some secret lady behind the logger’s backs?!

  • Enigma

    oh she has a fast recovery rate!

    i thought she was faking it to see whether pinter would help… and she was being cunning or something….


  • Verbal Lemons

    Of course he’s not lost. He just doesn’t know where he is.

    • Lhorkan


      And he won’t have to ask the locals the way either! Stop bothering him about it!

  • Oblivion

    Angora looks adorable in the 2nd panel!

    • Couldn’t agree more … i love that panel ;)

  • kittengrl39

    I have to say… I really like Pinter’s outfit. It’s slimming.

  • miggitdog

    The real trick to getting rid of the hiccups is a spoonful of vinegar, though that might cause you to pass out as well…from the taste…yick…but it does work.

    I love this comic! <3

  • I’m in love with this story; the art, the colors, the nakedness! XD
    I just adore Angora she’s such a cute and funny character. Though oddly enough I find myself liking Pinter more and more! I’m more of a bigger guy type of girl and Pinter’s got my vote. X3 kukuku..

  • Angora is so pretty in the second Panel! I like the way her hair is sort of strewn across the ground~

  • Achird

    Angora is so cool in the 2nd panel!

  • sugarapplesweet

    I second that Angora looks absolutely stunning in the second panel. For some reason, I wouldn’t think of brown as being a her color, but that scarf really suits her. ^_^

    Loving this comic more and more… and not just because it has a huggable drunk. <3

  • Ceylon

    If I may offer some hiccup advice:
    Instead of asphyxiating yourself the next time you have hiccups (yeowch),
    try holding your nose and ears as you drink a lot of water,
    (or juice or something) for as long as you can.
    The swallowing-contractions in your esophagus help calm your diaphragm, and you don’t have to hold your breath for nearly as long. :)

    Hope you don’t pass out again, anyway. Take care!

    • Haha, I’ve tried a bunch of things but so far holding breath seems to work the best. I like to think of it as violently beating my diaphragm into submission.

  • BentKatana

    I love the last few panels in this, it says so much without really saying anything. Great job! :D

  • I once laughed so hard that I came to, kneeling next to my computer with no knowledge of why I was there or how I got there. It took me a few minutes to realize what had happened… but basically I passed out from lack of air, fell out of my chair, smacked my forehead, and came to.

    Damn. I guess that means I laughed out loud and fell out of my chair. ^^;; But yeah. I can get the quick recovery to passing out.

  • SIlver Lady

    Cunning girl. ;) LOL

    The defensive way Pinter says he´s not lost remembers me Angora´s posture when he observed that she was naked and her hair was “moldy”. They´re more alike than they think. ;)

  • EternalDragon

    I love this comic, truly. It has a strange feel to it, a strange mix between the forest spirit in Princess Mononoke blended with a Tarzan-eschew character and then tossed into a blender with some small aspects from other things. Not to say in any way your work is taken from elsewhere, but I can’t find any other way to describe it. All I know is my hopes for this comic are very high and I look forward to seeing what happens to our witty, moldy haired little nudist. :3

  • Jac

    Still love the comic, however I have one question today:

    Is there a reason that she doesn’t have mud all over her back in panel 3?

  • memory

    You did a lovely job shading Angora’s back on that panel. I’d hate to see mud on it. But as a junior Continuity Police cadet, I feel obligated to point out that none of the original booze jars were long-necked bottles. They were kinda like Nalgenes (note to self: good way to store booze for next camping trip).

    • Really? I’m pretty sure there was one… I’ll have to go back and check.

  • Jen

    Love this! Panel 2 and Panel 6, I love Angora more and more every time =]

  • Chameleon Kid

    Her quick recovery is amusing. ^,^

    Actually, y’know, those booze bottles look an awful lot like the old bottles I collected in our shed…I have no idea what was in them, but they look just like that.

    I hate hiccups. They’re like a plague sent to destroy you. If they don’t kill you from fatigue, they’ll murderfy you with the “cures.” (I’ve found holding my breath to be effective, but I hold it in a special way.)

    I catch it in a net
    and put it in a jar;
    My face, stonily set
    I cast the prison far.

    …Ugh…sorry, I just woke up. (And too early at that.) I dunno what’s wrong with me. XDD

  • Adrian

    2nd panel u captured the moment with her expression perfectly!

  • LOVE the last 3 panels of this, the second to last is such a gut-punch! OOF! Good shot! XD


  • Second panel is LOVE

  • icy

    love the second panel!!

  • Lera

    The stinky water makes you lost, bro. Pinter needs to go to an AA meeting. XD


  • boob contact alert in the first panel!

  • Dany

    i love how you did the second drawing :)

  • Crestlinger

    There is a cure to end all cures for hiccups. Actually it’s a phrase

    “Once Is More Than Enough”

    Say once while in hiccups and they poof!

  • 404NotFound

    I know you said it wasn’t going to be “sexy” nudity, but *damn* she is sexy anyway (even without the nudity, but it’s certainly a plus :3 ). … Oh, and your art is excellent too. :D

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