AND SO the adventure begins or something. One more epilogueish page following this one, then thats it for these two for a while!

Ooh, today is Wednesday. I should pimp something… uh… how about a comic everyone already knows? The Abominable Charles Christopher is one of the most professional webcomics ever, you sort of have to see it to believe it. Both story and art are incredible, if you haven’t see it yet you probably should… btw, this is the difference between someone who knows what they’re doing and someone who fakes it (that’s me XD).

See you Sat!


  • Lizzer

    Yay, Pinter joined the group! Would you like to give him a nickname? c:

    Also, ACC is a really great comic.

    • Sterrance

      well, pint might work. It also relates to the alcohol consumption

      • DoubleU

        Is that pint-er? I thought he rhymed with “winter”.

  • Arison

    omg the chapter’s almost over

    This is shaping up to be so awesome. <3 I haven’t been this excited for a new webcomic ever before and I don’t know how I’m going to handle the month-long hiatus until the next chapter. But I know it’ll be worth the wait!

    • Thanks! And actually the site will be updating daily during the hiatus with the original sketch pages, so there will still be stuff to look at :)

      • Arison

        Oooh, I forgot about that! That’ll be really neat to see.

  • Sanionka

    Oh, third comment!
    Augh, I’m so excited for the last page of the chapter >_>;
    You’ve done an excellent job with this so far! :3

  • Bea

    After 44 pages Angora still doesn’t accuire a shirt XD. At least she has pants, I guess its a start. As a girl i have to wonder how she runs around with those thing flailing about.

    • Anwaien

      You should try it sometime. It’s more liberating and comfortable than you think!
      (If you, too, are a woman that is.)

      • Bea

        Well i mean without that is. Walking around is fine, but when it comes to running…

        • Honestly, women with breasts the size of Angora’s (which are about the same as mine by the look of it) don’t really have that sort of a problem, lol. Not that I go around running topless often or anything : )

          • LMP

            but those of us with larger breasts (not bragging, its unforunate in my case) it is nearly impossible without somesort of support. you’d tear something ><

      • Q

        My boobs are about angora-sized, and would seriously flop when running… i always have to wear a bra, it just feels too weird leaving them loose to bounce all over the place. I’d rather stay with the support, but a friend of mine ( who has bigger boobs than me) goes bra-less all the time. She says that exact same thing but i still can’t understand how its comfortable.

        Also, or maybe i haven’t seen it yet, with all the boob discussion no guy has asked for “reference pics”. cheers to all of you.

        • WAAGH

          Stop it!
          Stop it!

          This is madness!
          All this talk about boobs and how they flop around when unsupported!

          part of my soul just died. +…..+

          reference pics? XD

    • Bea

      I mean acquire, man i can’t spell today.

  • brad

    ya, the boob flailing is my favorite part so far

  • Dominic

    Ha, I love her hand-on-the-hip diva pose in panel three. XD Can’t wait to see what the future holds.

  • Chapter 2!!!! -excitment-

    I’m sad to see this chapter come to an end…]: It’s so weird to watch it from the beginning then watch it end…I can’t wait for Chapter 2 though!

    Great job so far.

  • Grampa seemed able to take care of himself from the brief glimpse we got.

  • ilmar

    Just join reading…Man, you’re great. Wonderful job. Artwork and story…Awesome!

  • I’m gonn miss them so much ; ^;
    Get ready for detox, PInter!

  • Kind of an awkward thing to critique, but you might want to rethink Angora’s nipple-placement? She looks like she has the world’s saggiest teen-boobs.

    UH THIS PAGE IS GREAT AS ALWAYS. The fact we don’t get to see Pinter and Angora for a while makes me very sad inside. VERY SAD.

    • EGH

      I agree, gravity is one thing, but grandma-like saggy is another. XD But still an awesome page!

    • lol maybe. I made them persimmon shaped and then got too lazy to fix it so I slapped the nipples on the bottom (…). I’ll rectify that, thanks!

    • Maria

      This is kinda weird to comment on but anyone not matter what age that doesn’t get proper support will saggy and kinda look like grandma boobs. I’m kinda big so i can’t speak for anything smaller but i have experienced that…..sorta….I’m not that old either.

      anyways away from that……lol

      Love Angora’s look on her face in the third panel. =D After the last page it is going to be hard waiting for the next chapter…..for those of us without a life. lol! I guess I gonna have to find something else to do. he he

      • Agreed with Maria. As a girl with a big rack (lol bluntness for the win!) I can say that boobs DO do that. Not in a nasty way, just an anatomically correct way.

        Even a slender girl like Angora who’s fairly well-endowed is gonna have down-sloping boobs. To me it’s nice to see a fictional female character who looks normal and not fakey perky.

        • Arison

          Speaking as a very physically active and athletic girl with tiny boobs, mine do that as well, though not to the degree of Angora’s. I think it just looks a bit weird since she’s running, but if her upper body was bent over they might sway and angle down like that. It all depends on her posture when she runs.

          • Thats definitely the reasoning behind drawing them that shape in the first place! She’s sort of going into a sprint, and her upper body is sort of bent forward (which would pull the boobs downwards). Though I agree with an earlier poster that the nipple placement is probably off.

    • Teresa

      I agree with Maria and Tams. Boobs come in all different shapes and sizes. I’m glad that Angora’s boobs aren’t perfectly round like a lot of artists. And boobs do sag without any support, small or large and since Angora never wears a shirt, much less a bra, it’s not totally unrealistic for her boobs to look like that. I personally don’t find anything wrong with that.

      BTW, it also looks like she’s leaning forward whilst running so the nipple would be a little farther down the boob. If you look at the boobs of a girl while she’s leaning foward, her nipples will be at the tip. Though, saying this, Angora’s nipple looks weird since it’s not shaded in or anything.

      But such a minor detail doesn’t take away from another beautiful page. :)

      • sweet_gardenia

        heh absolutely

        random fact-areolas darken after women give birth so actually it would fit for Angora’s to not be dark since she’s a teen.

        …I’ve been waiting FOREVER for a conversation that would let me say that :B

        • Teresa

          LOL, good to know, I guess? Mine are pretty dark and I’m 20 and as far as I can remember, they haven’t darkened or lightened. Although… I don’t think a lot of normal human beings have the ability to maneuver trees with THEIR MINDS. hahaha.

        • I laughed so hard at that last part.

      • Bea

        I agree, at least her boobs obey the laws of gravity. It actualy makes this comic readable without feeling awkward. Its kinda like a figure drawing and porn, you can look at a figure drawing and feel fine cause most of the time(if not all) the model doesnt have her legs spread out.

        Thanks Alex, you have my respect in my book. Cause as a girl when I read any comic that has a naked chick in it, the guys who draw it must have got the reference from a playboy magazine. At least Angora is the most realistic naked chick character I’ve read so far. I still how she gets a shirt though, not cause of the nudity, but she can’t go into town like that. XD

      • Teresa

        BTW, after talking about this, I ended up looking at my own boobs in the mirror. Hahahahaha. They do look like hers, unless I have weird nipples too.. >_>

        • LOL that’s hilarious, I figured someone would go and compare after that conversation XD

    • Josh

      Am I the only person who just thought she was leaning over as she was running? There not saggy, it’s just a top view, and she’s leaning over, so there is some pull(i guess if she’s leaping there’s more).

      Oh, and I don’t think people should be weird about critiquing someone’s drawing. If someone had a weird droopy foot, no one would have problem talking about it. Anyway, great everything so far, I can’t wait for the rest of the story.

      • Yeah, you’re right about her pose :) But the nips are still a bit low, esp taking in to account the relative perkiness in earlier panels. And I support crits as well! It forces me to stop being so damn lazy XD

        • I actually thought at first you’d be a girl, because the breast-physics (I’ve been waiting for ages to say that) is very realistic. Not that I have first-hand experience, but at least they don’t look like two balloons defying gravity.

        • Oh and this comic is one of the most awesomest I’ve seen in a long time <3
          The style reminds me very much of french comics, also a bit of manga. Nice to see something original these days, manga and japanese culture has not only run ashore but exploded here in Finland.

  • It’s going SO good so far *-*!! Cant wait!

  • Silvermoonlight

    Great update, you have to sell this as a comic series in book because belive me I’d buy it :)

  • I’ve really been loving the lighting and coloring jobs on these last few pages. The others are good, too, but the cool warmth (is that an oxymoron? ;) ) is really nice.

  • I can’t believe this chapter will be over so soon. I can’t decide whether I want to be sad about it or really excited. Because I can’t wait for Luca, but I will miss Pinter and Angora while they’re not around.
    I’ll probably be happy with how you’re changing the story for different chapters.

    About this page though! I like how there’s kind of a lack of background throughout the whole thing. Or rather … it’s just a lot less detailed. I looove your backgrounds, but seeing it softened up is nice too. I don’t even get what I’m saying, hahaha.

  • I’m getting envious of all the people who’ve read the sketch version already and know what’s going to happen.

    • Amber

      Same. But everyone seems to love Luca, so that makes me feel slightly better about leaving Angora and Pinter. I don’t want the chapter to end! D:
      Anyway, I love this page, especially Angora’s pose and expression in the third panel. It made me laugh. :)


    haha see what i did there :>

    • sweet_gardenia

      I c wut you did thar, fellow fanperson

      AMEN AND AMEN <3

      • Twigs


  • Wiggles

    Lol, awesome comic, I also love how often people discuss boobs here, I laugh so much.

  • Oh man, if acording to you you’re someone who doesn’t know what their doing, then I should just give up now, lol! Your work looks uber-proffesional, especially for someone with no formal art training.

    Pinter started looking slimmer when he first put a shirt on, but now he looks as chunky as he did in the begining. Love the shading on his jacket. It just looks so real and textured.

  • sweet_gardenia

    That last panel begs some DRAMATIC opening music

    In 1972 a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit. The drunk with moobs, half-naked chick who can control plants and [SPOILER] promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as SOLDIERS of FORTUNE.

    If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire…the ANGOR-A-TEAM!

    *explosions* BC

  • Konira Thax

    Yeeeeeeeeees, Saturday, I am totally reading this whole chapter over again. I can’t wait to read it as a full.

    ‘Nother Note: I won’t get tired of Luca, I love his hair too much. XD

    • Hehe, I can’t wait to read the whole thing through either. I’ve been holding off so I’ll be fresh for seeing all the pages again.

      Luca’s hair shape reminds me of Bernie Madoff’s hair :

  • Kchano

    My cat seems to really like this update…she won’t get her fluffy ass away from the screen if I don’t lock her in the other room >:(

  • kittengrl39

    I love how this comic generates a 12-comment-long serious discussion on saggy boobs, nipple placement, and areolas.

  • Nosferatu

    I really reeally cant wait for the next chapter. I love these guys, but a whole other seemingly unrelated sub plot, YAAAAAAAY. And will be just as good if not better, since its got Luca, and you love Luca lol

  • Does Pinter carry multiple bottles/jars of his brew? In #43 he’s drinking from a bottle, and in #44 he’s screwing a lid onto what looks like a Mason jar/canning jar…

    Looking forward to Chapter 2!

    • He had just bought a whole bunch of bottles of booze when Angora ran into him the first time. He asked her to hold them while he punched Kiz’s lights out for breaking one of said jars. Angora ran away, jars still in arm, and she deposited them on the river bank. Pinter found them this “morning”, which is why he has so many to choose from now. ;)

      • Yeah, I suppose I could have made that bit clearer. The jars were sort of behind rocks while he was fighting with Kiz but now he’s getting them in the bag since they have to leave quickly.

  • Evan

    Her bobbies are changing.

  • Final panel – shiny face! Sweet!

    Can I make a request, please? Because it would be absolutely totally awesome if I could page back from the top of the comic as well as the bottom. Cuz I have a terrible habit of reviewing the previous page before reading the current one, and then when I hit forward I end up staring at the last panel first. Because I’m ridiculous. Also I think other people just as ridiculous as me would find it helpful, too.

    • Hmm… maybe… I see what you mean about the convenience but then it’ll sort of mess up the way the borders on the page look. I’ll have to think about it!

  • iri

    totally awesome ! don’t want to sound like a fanboy but since i found your site i’m going to be one :D
    great story, can’t wait to read it all over again when i’m showing it to my roommate :)

    • Haha, I hope you have fun on the re-read :3

  • ColdCedric

    I don’t if I should say something about the people commenting this or what

    *Thinking* *Thinking* Then a thought


  • Alan

    No more Angora :(

    No more Pinter :(

    I’m gonna miss them! I hope the next lot we meet are gonna be just as awesome! Although somehow I assume there are going to be a few more clothes :P

    • There are going to be a lot more clothes XD I guess that could be bad or good.

  • Elle

    I never heard of that webcomic! It’s outstanding!

  • I do love Angora’s expression in the last panel. Party time!

  • rainey

    I love Angora’s determined face in that last panel :3 NOW ALL THEY NEED IS A HEALER AND THEIR PARTY IS COMPLETE

    I can’t wait to see Luca’s chapter. If it was already awesome in sketchcomic form, it might just cause my computer to explode this time round.

    • Oh man, I wish I could show you some of the sketches I’ve been doing for the next chapter. Its gonna be awesome XD

  • Ah almost a whole chapter done! I wonder if this will give me time to catch up. =D Ha ha…

    Thanks for the link to Christopher Charles! I hadn’t read it before and I must say it is one of the best webcomics I’ve ever read. Just finished the archive!

  • DeeDee McAwesome

    *sigh* You know a comic is great if people get in long discussions about the character’s boobs. XD

    Love the comic so far! Definitely can’t wait for Luca and Soli’s chapters. *spazzes*

  • Kona

    Late to the party, but just want to add to the comments about running with boobs. Guys have a support problem too, you know.

    Like a lot of webcomics, this one first attracted me because of the naked babe. (I’m a guy… sue me.) And like a GOOD webcomic, I’ve stayed for the story. Not that I’d OBJECT to more naked babe, but I’m officially a fan, regardless. Good work!

  • Torukia

    I love Angora’s hair in the last panel.

  • I love the way you draw your backgrounds. So much to look at! And I <3 Pinter. I need to join the fanclub.. I see lots of Pinter comments haha. :D

    Dunno if you need any other comics to pimp (and I’m not sure if we’re allowed to recommend our own), but I just launched my comic about 3 weeks or so called Aegis? If you’d like to check it out, it’s at http://www.aegis-comic.com

  • lazyartisan

    It’s not the boobs, it’s the rest of her torso. If she’s sprinting as you intended to portray, her waist wouldn’t be bent quite like that- her spine would continue the “backward” angle. As is, it looks like her body is trying to be in two different planes at once, and my spine certainly ain’t that flexible. I know gravity is a factor but her boobs do seem a bit larger than you usually draw them. Hmm.

    Her face is amazing! Epic determined expression. Yes!

    Is it Luca next, or Soli? Been a couple months since I read the “rough draft”.

  • Koia

    funny to see how many people have something to complain about angora’s breasts. I personally think its awesome the way the hair is colored,very detailed :)
    Also, the abominable charles christopher really is an awesome comic,one moment it makes you laugh,the next moment it makes you cry

  • Elle

    The vote incentive today…. ha ha ha ha! I like both of them, though.

  • Haggis

    Just found the comic. I got to say it seems excellent. I’m just sorry how long it took me to find it.

  • Connor

    Dang I’m about to move literally across the country and my main worry is that now I won’t get to read the last page of this chapter (my internet services were cut off today). I’m at a friend’s house which has internet but now have to leave to help the movers. At least I’ll be able to read it all in a week or so, but there’s something to say about the fact that I only started reading this comic around when page 30 came up and now it’s the #1 thing on my agenda. This is a great comic, with an amazing and compelling story and absolutely awesome drawing! I’m holding out on reading all the spoiler scripts so I can’t wait to find out what happens in Luca’s chapter!

    • Haha, looks like I/you just made it XD Have a good move.

  • Chameleon Kid

    And they’re off! On a grand ould adventure!! ^o^

  • Twigs

    I think her torso looks a bit small compared to her arms, and her boobs look a little too high up on the body. I think the shape of them is pretty accurate, except that maybe the left one (her left, our right) should be facing a little bit more outwards? They look like they’re not quite responding to the movement of her arms.

    Having said that, I love love love this comic please don’t ever change <3

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