Happy ending for (almost) everyone! Thanks for reading :)

Chapter 2 will begin on August 22nd! In the meantime (starting on 7/22) I’ll be posting the sketch pages from the first draft of Chapter 1. Its changed quite a bit! Hopefully for the better. Best of all I’ll be posting those pages at the original rate of posting, which is to say two pages per day. Pretty crazy right? One page will be up on the site and another will be up as an incentive. I will also be turning off comments for those since they will not be a permanent part of the site archive, but you can feel free to comment on them on the Meek LJ.

Again, thanks so much for all your support for the comic so far! It means so much to me… this is a very long term project, and knowing that people are enjoying my work is what keeps me most motivated. I’ve already started on Chapter 2 and it is going to be awesome.

Also, happy birthday to my brother, who is turning 21 tommorrow! Congrats on somehow surviving (me) all this time, haha.


  • Evan

    O hey! It finally got the pear! I can’t wait untill the next chapter. Great job on the first!

  • :’D

    Can’t wait for the next chapter!

  • Beautiful ending…brought a tear to my eye :D Really great job! I can’t wait until august!

  • Connor

    Yes I actually stayed long enough for you to post this! Woo! Read my previous post on the previous comic (I didn’t think you’d post this in time for me to read it), but now I have to go move…a long ways. But life is complete cause I can finally read the whole chapter through!

  • Arison

    Hehee, the critter from the beginning! Excellent way to end the chapter. <3 (I was actually kinda wondering if Kiz was dead or alive there… but I guess that answers my question.)

  • I haven’t been commenting regularly so now at a chapter end seems like a good time to say it; this comic is awesome! It was great in sketch form, but seeing it all finalized is a whole new and damned cool experience. Keep up the great work!

    Nice ending to a great chapter! It’s great that the critter finally got that fruit. XD

    • Thanks so much Emla! Luckily for the critter Pinter keeps conveniently dropping his breakfast.

      • Amy

        I wondered where he got another pear with a bite in it, seeing as the first was smashed under foot, but I wasn’t gonna be the one to say it. :p

  • Sarah

    Wow, I haven’t commented on any other of the pages but you should know I’ve been here since the beginning :)
    For some reason the fact that he just stood there silent the whole time kinda creeps me a bit, but I still love the whole ending. The little animal coming back seems to make it perfect.

    Can’t wait for chapter 2!

    • Thanks! Glad you’ve stuck around so long :) And I think he was unconcious this whole time, not just “hanging around,” haha…

  • *claps* It’s been great! I’m looking forward to the sketch pages. And I’ll definitely stick around for the next chapter!

    I think it’s great actually that you’re taking time off before you post chapter 2. To me that means you’re not rushing too much to just churn out pages/chapters and you’re making the best comic you can!

    • Thanks! I sort of need to, in order to finish up some commissions/ prep for cons/ try to get some backlog going. Lots of stuff do start and end before school starts D:

  • Konira Thax

    D’aww, bye Angora, bye Pinter. Bring on Luca and Soli!
    Kiz is still alive?! He ain’t happy, that’s for sure. XD

    • Well, that will hopefully teach him a lesson for the future!

  • marinatedfish

    ohoh and I thought… Angora killed somebody. XC She never would.
    I really did, and then this page! It cracked me up! I love this kind of jokes.
    Kind of Ice Age, though!
    (and I think I really need to order the Snowball in Hell comics… I’ve discovered something on DA that makes me want to read it SO BAD!)

    whaaa Chapter 2 coming up!!! I can’t wait! X3
    You can measure the level of excitement by the increasing number of emoticons. And I didn’t want to use any more… well I guess it can’t be helped. LUCAAAAAAAAAA ~~

    Looking at the sketch pages again after the finished version will be fun, won’t it?
    And, neat that it’s your brother’s birthday. Congratulations to him! (Isn’t 21 the age of consent in the US?)

    • No, Angora is a nice girl… well, nice enough not to hurt someone that badly XD And I haven’t seen Ice Age so I’ll hide behind that excuse if there are any similarities…

      And yes, 21 is the age of adulthood here. Not that it matters much since he’s allergic to alcohol but still, its a nice age :)

  • Jesse~

    Nice work. :D

    I’ve been following your comic for a few days now, since the mention on Geist Panik. Love Angora since she’s so quirky and mischievous. Pinter seems like the type of guy that just wants to be left alone while mooching off others, yet he CAN be a nice guy, given the chance.

    Hope to see more and congratulations to your brother on turning 21. Just more responsibility for him, I should know! XD


    • Thanks Jesse! Glad you found the comic :3

  • Keep it up! :D

  • Haha, oh wow I thought Angora killed that guy and they weren’t even going to acknowledge it or something. I really like the way the tree/roots/whatever that Angroa moved look like they grew that way naturally and that guy just happened to be there in the way.

    Looking forward to the next chapter! Woo Luca!

    And wow it’s been a long time since I’ve been to your LJ because the last time I was there the sketch pages were still up. But not anymore!

    • Nah, I hate leaving loose ends like that :B And yeah, the sketch pages got taken down at the beginning of the year to prevent the spread of spoilers!

  • Haha, great way to wrap up the chapter. I’m sort of happy to know Kiz is still alive ^^”
    Your updates have been so much fun to follow, I loved every page. The quality hasn’t dropped one bit since the beginning, and now I’m eager to see what comes next!

  • I really enjoyed that, and I can’t thank you enough for the inspiration! Every time I feel that should just call it quits, I read your comic and I am re-energized!
    Can’t wait for part two!


  • DoggySpew

    Flash forward 4 months in future, and you see a nicely decomposed body instead of a fresh alive one.
    Muhuahahaha !

    • Haha, eww XD Nah, his friends are on the way to cut him out, I’m sure.

  • eli

    I’ve been reading since near the beginning, but I haven’t commented till now. Nice job on the chapter! I absolutely love that critter :D

  • Amber

    This has been such an amazing start to a comic that I don’t want it to end! I’ll miss Pinter and Angora, but judging by everyone’s comments, Luca is awesome too. So I’m happy. :D
    And this ending is hilarious! Hehe, Kiz makes me laugh so much that I’ll miss him as well.

  • Amy

    I want that little animal! He’s so cute!!!

    Amazing comic and I will be waiting with baited breath until Aug 22 for Chapter 2.

  • Neverfilledvoid

    XD I almost crapped my pants laughing! Splendid!
    …. <ww>

  • stephanie

    Hmm.. page 41 and this page look a little different… like its missing a couple little sprouts on the “Attack-branch” lol

    • Sneaky XD Yes, I edited one out since it got in the way of the critter. I’ll have to replace it or move it in my final edit-through.

  • Silvermoonlight

    What can I say for that guy, oh I know, sucks to be you!!

  • me

    haha what a great ending to the first chapter. I can’t wait for the next chapter although I must say the idea of two pages a day makes me extremely happy.

  • That little creature looks so…creepy. Lol. I love his eyes, they are adorable.

    Awe! The end of the chapter. I’m sad and ecstatic at the same time. I’m so excited for Chapter 2, and all the sketch pages.

    Amazing comic, and I know it’s just going to get better. Can’t wait to see whats next.

  • Weneolan

    Awww, hahaha… I love the little details too, those just make it! Kiz’s fingers moving just a tad, and the light shifting position a bit… <3

  • aaron

    congrats on finishing up the first chapter. looking forward to seeing the roughs for the first draft. also looking forward to the second chapter. your comic is one of my favorites on the web and the art is great dude. really digging it.

  • aaron

    also, that is a nice touch with the creature sitting on him with the fruit from the beginning of the chapter. very cool idea.

  • Eirynn

    xD I cracked up at the guy who was still in the branches.

    This was very good. Very original. :3 I can’t wait to read the rest.

  • Icianthea

    Your brother’s turning 21? Hope he has a special celebration :D I turned 21 last August, but nothing happened because I had to work ;.;

    Grats on finishing your first chapter! IMHO, this should be #1 at top webcomics. Maybe it’s because the story’s just beginning. I vote for you everyday though. I can’t wait for chapter 2!

  • Oh gosh. I am so …. sad/excited about this. One [very] successful chapter down. A lot more to go, I hope. I can’t wait for more, and the sketches will be really fun to look at, I think. I just don’t want to wait unil August, haha. I already feel like I wait forrreeeeeverrrr just waiting for Wednesdays and Saturdays, haha. Oh well, I’m willing to wait for this!

  • Ikaru

    *laughs* So it ends as it began, with the squirrel/fox/critter and it’s pear. XD Hilarious. Very awesome. Happy Birthday to your brother and congrats on the end of your first chapter. I cannot wait for the next to begin. I love Angora.

  • yim-yam


  • Gah, this is super amazing. This is such a great way to end an even greater chapter <3 I really don’t know what to say..just thanks a lot for making an awesome comic. Waiting for the updates has always been fun…been here since page 1 <3 If I sound like a creep, I’m sorry! I just really admire your work. Happy birthday to your brother…and awesome job at being so dedicated!

  • haha, wow the chapter’s over, I can’t wait till the next one! You did a seriously awesome job with this chapter though, definitely an improvement since the sketch version (which I thought kind of involved too much getting in and out of Pinter’s tent so many times, and that Pinter and Angora’s personalities kind of switched lol).
    All of the pages were brilliant, and I can honestly say I can’t pick a favorite page XD
    good luck with the next chapter and tell your brother I send my birthday greetings to him!

  • shane

    cant wait for chapter 2 keep up the good work

  • Ark

    Oh wow. Best chapter ending ever.

  • Gracelinge

    this page is real funny!

    (nvmd the grammer)

  • Amy

    43 pages later…. the world’s happiest lemur.

  • Eleanor

    This was amazing, love the ending! Can’t wait till August :)

  • C h a r B e a r

    I absolutely love this comic. Not only are you a talented artist, but a very humorous one at that. =] And what is that animal? I am so happy that it finally got the pear! So adorable. =] Keep up the good work! Can’t wait for chapter 2! Oh and happy (now belated) birthday to your brother! ^_^

  • Kili

    Great ending!! Great comic! Thank you for this labor of love.

  • Moons

    Awesome ending!!

  • Fantastic ending! :) It’s going to be fantastic to see the first draft of this chapter. :)

  • Emperial

    WOOOO awesome page! And Happy Birthday to your brother! ^^ I’m sure he will be gratified to hear a distant stranger wishes him well. XD

  • sweet_gardenia

    hahahah I hear him talking in a lovely falsetto voice. It sucks to be you bro, we can only hope this will be the start of a kinder gentler non-rapisty Kiz…

    probably not lol

    This ending made me giggle. I’m glad to see little googly-eyes again and I’m glad he has a pear :3


    • Yayy XD Thanks for all your hilarious comments on this chapter, btw!

      • sweet_gardenia

        hee you’re welcome I try. I have a whole new chapter coming up to make dumb comments on hourrah!

        (happy belated b-day to ur bro also I was a doof and completely missed that n your comments)

  • Maya

    It’s a long time till August :o
    I loved the first chapter ! Really nice work xD

  • Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery niiice! I loved the first chapter! =)
    I’m just waiting for more! =)

  • Silver Lady

    IT´S ALIVE!!!!

  • Lunalover009

    it’s back!!! its back!!! XD cute lil thingy….

  • SneezeDragon

    Question about the series… Do you have a definite ending in mind, like a graphic novel, or is this more of an ongoing serial?

    • Its a graphic novel, and has a beginning middle and end :) The only downside is that it is rather long and is probably going to take me a while to finish.

      • SneezeDragon

        That’s wonderful, though! That means you’re totally in command of the story, however long it takes.

        I really enjoyed this first chapter, and then I thought, ‘Oh, no. What if he doesn’t know where he’s going?’ Seems to happen with a lot of webcomics. The writers don’t plan them out, so the storylines start out interesting and then get bogged down and lost somewhere in the middle.

        I really look forward to what you’re crafting here. I know there are a lot of comments on your art (which is excellent, BTW), but it’s the story and pacing that draw me in.

  • miikkie

    man i really love this =D you are doing auch an amazing job with this
    i cant wait for the next chapter

  • Andi-TheNarin

    I have been following this comic since you had about 12 pages posted, and am super bummered that i never got to see the original story , BUT … BUT BUT BUT: my point in writing is,
    I SO APPRECIATE THE WAY THAT YOU draw angora’s breasts. They arent CONSTANTLY PERKY, like many females in many cartoons/comics etc…

    *sob* ^_^ Thank you.

    loving this story, it has me hooked!!!

  • Golen

    can’t wait for chapter 2 myself….I’ll be waiting patiently ^_^

  • *giggle* He got what he deserved…

    Now, things will change, I presume, cause you said Angora no longer will walking around nekkid.
    At least she already got trousers…

  • tee hee! This is great :)

  • Jordyn

    That little cat thing is way too cute! Amazing job so far!

  • Chameleon Kid

    And THAT was a brilliant run! An excellent read, through and through, with an excellent ending that leaves me wanting MOAR! ^____^

    You done did good. =D

  • EGH

    I’m going to miss these two. TTATT But from what I hear, Luca’s awesome, so I’m really looking forward to chapter two! I know it’ll be great. You’ve done wonderfully so far. :)

  • Dran (Daniel Demski)

    That critter is so great.

    Also, hey! This here comic has comments! Never noticed that…

  • rockfish

    I haven’t commented on any of the recent chapters but just so you know I suggest all of my friends come read this comic. I love the art style and having been super upset that I was too late to see the sketches I’m having a ton of fun watching the updates c: Yaaay! Luca is next unff!

  • rainey

    It’s the Wen! I love his expression in the fourth panel, it’s so…zen. Congrats on completing chapter 1! Can’t wait for chapter 2 :3

  • so he cam still breath ? xD thats good then

  • Lightning

    Great ending!

  • Love the critter. :)
    I know it would ruin the joke if he moved his hands, because that would scare off the critter,
    But if he’s talking I’d think he would be groping, seeking, straining to escape. Just sayin’.
    Oi! Now I see – he’s just waking up as he begins to speak; the straining about to begin…

  • Aemilius

    I never comment because I am fail, but I love reading this comic and I’m always looking forward to new pages. :)

    So excited for more. :3

  • Love the comic and the story. Followed a link over here from Geist Panik. +Faved in FF!

  • astonishing so far! I can’t wait for the next chapter and progression of this story- it’s had me at the edge of my sitting place!!!
    Oh! and happy birthday to your brother! ^.^

  • Erin

    awesome job!
    i dunno, but i do love this jerkwad!!!
    and what the heck is that thing??? it is sooooo cute!!!
    :D it finally got its pear!! hahah! :)

  • Your wildlife is simply teh BEST.

  • First of, congrats on finishing the first chapter and on making it so awesome!
    I hadn’t commented in the last few pages, so I think I really have to comment here. I loved the plot and how Pinter finally decided to go with Angora. =D
    Also, this last page is great, it’s nice how you ended the chapter this way. It reminds me of some old short cartoons.
    Of course, the art was always simply excellent. Your colouring is amazing, seriously.
    Can’t wait for the next chapter!!!

  • Ln

    really like how the story turns
    and your colors as always amazing
    thanx for my eyes! great job!

  • Alice

    rofl, it’s that little creature again.

  • Ok, at first the whole naked girl running around got to me. I’m definitely very conservative and get the heebie jeebies from kissing let alone naked romping around in a forest. But honestly this is brilliant! I really love the colors and the dedication you have to each page! Really inspirational!

  • Yasha

    I love how you put the little fella on the beginning and the end of the chapter, such a sweet idea!

    I’m glad he got his fruit, finally :)

  • Bea

    lol this makes we ask one question from the beginning of the chapter, where did that fruit come from? I think Kiz liters, he’s a bigger jerk than I though D:<

    • Amber

      I think it’s Pinter’s, he dropped a fruit earlier.

  • Very wonderful ending to the chapter. I’m really looking forward to the 2nd one~ Your art always inspires me everytime I see it. I can really see you making a very grand career with The Meek (if you aren’t already)

  • dragoonofenlil

    I’m glad that Kiz’s insides didn’t get ripped to shit like my wild imagination was telling me they did.

  • agentKGB

    Picked up on The Meek about a month ago and been hooked since. Great artwork, interesting story, entertaining characters–basically it’s just awesome. Looking forward to Chapter 2! P.S. Even though Kiz is a douche I’m glad he’s alive if only to provide some comic relief.

  • Kari

    Alright you have me hooked. I have checked this cite like 4 times a week just to see if there is anything new to check out. you are amazing at this. it leaves you in suspence every time. It is by far my drug of choice
    please for the sake of insanity dont stop
    **sorry about the spelling**

  • dee

    best page ever.

  • Mel

    Can’t wait for chapter two!!!!!!!!!!
    the art in this is awesome also, and i really like the main character so far..

  • scub


  • Jac

    I love the finish to this chapter – it really wraps it up well and keeps the mood of the comic going – a comic that has quickly become one of my favorites. I also love that you’re posting the sketch pages – I love seeing the artist’s process toward the finished result.

    Looking forward to chapter two! 8D

  • Juners

    One question… what’s the name of the girl? ._.

  • Nikls

    bawwww! sketches?
    when are you going to go back to the refined, inked / lovely colored and set comics? :[

    • I’ll be posting the Chapter 2 cover on the 22nd or so, and will update regularly from then on!

  • Me

    This is the 3 best comic ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO IT GO IT

  • Bob

    Very impressive. I’m enjoying the story and can’t wait for the rest. Sorry but GET BACK TO WORK!

    • Haha, what do you think I’m doing right now???

      • Soma

        i bet you are replying to comments instead of working, FOR SHAME! :)

  • OOhh! New header! So excited!
    Going to wet myself!
    lol – can’t wait, D!

  • Love the new header!

  • Be zo


    • Well thank you Be zo XD What are you doing out of the comic.

  • Simone

    This is so awesome :D (and lucky for me finding this the day you’re set to start posting the next chapter). I can’t wait :D :D :D

  • ColdCedric


    Hey Alex, finally I have come back to see the new comic. I pumped up on your next comic I cannot wait. Oh by the way Bob prepare for tomorrow cause I hired hit men at your house so beware >XD(Joke)

  • Ummm … it’s been the 22nd for hours now … WHERE’S TEH COMIKAGE????


    • polecat

      There’s such a thing as time zones; learn to b patient; plus, it’s up now.

      Love this comic BTW

    • Man you guys got to cut me a break every now and then… irl people sleep.

  • Amazing job! I’m really impressed with the quality and consistency you achieved with the story and art. Your storytelling style reminds me of Jeff Smith a little…I love it. And your colors are excellent. Are you planning to publish this? I’d love to see it in euro sized hardcover editions…I bet you could probably get some interest from French publishers…Anyway, I would definitely buy it! I read the whole first chapter in one sitting, and I think I’ll save the second for later tonight or tomorrow. Great stuff, very inspiring!

  • Molly

    Yay! The little critter finally got his pear! lol

    Great comic! I’m really enjoying it so far!

  • fantastic first chapter!!! I found you through Scott MCCloud’s website, adn glad that i did! really good stuff, kept me interested all the way through!

    looking forward to chapter 2

  • Tim Kietzman

    This comic is really interesting. But tell me, are you ever going to come back to Angora’s adventures? I want to know what happens to her next.

    • Yep, there are three arcs. Chapter 4 will return to Angora’s arc :)

  • Breece

    Wow, this is great! I just started reading, and I can’t stop :)

  • Twigs

    Yay, the little rodent thing finally got his pear =)

    • Twigs

      Whoops. Just read back and this exact comment has already been posted.

      OH WELL it’s doubly valid now.

  • Great first chapter! I look forward to reading the rest of the archives over the next few days/weeks. And the return of the little animal is a nice touch!

  • Crestlinger

    And the beast eats his fruit on top of the guy who squished it. Yay irony.

  • Falos

    I think I would’ve included some futile struggling, maybe through a growl and attempted flex.

    I wonder if I’ve seen the last of this fellow, he’s bound to be upset.

  • Just discovered your ‘comic’ and I’m hooked. Very nice drawings and story telling. Now on to the next chapter!

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