Page two, and Luca’s lovely (if argumentative) wife. And a progress animation for the inks as today’s vote incentive, if you like that kind of thing.

I think this is the latest page I’ve ever posted… to (sort of) make up for it, there are two updated re-done pages in the archive (1.2 and 1.3). You can compare them to the originals here and here. There just isn’t enough time in the day to finish all that I want :

I forgot to take the opportunity last week to pimp a comic, so I’ll get back on that for this week. My good friend Blue Ten creates a wonderful comic called Everblue that you should really take a look at if you have a chance. If you enjoy my style of drawing and storytelling I guarantee that you’ll love Everblue… the only thing about his comic that really pisses me off is that it doesn’t have anywhere near the readership that it deserves. Its on Chapter 2 right now, and updates once a week on weekends. Sort of like me 6__9

Thankfully this weekend is a 3 day weekend. I’m going to haul ass on the next page so I can get it up in a reasonable amount of time.


  • Yessss! Updates!

    Okay, let’s see…I really like the 4th panel, Phe looks really pretty, even when she’s totally chewing Luca out. XD

    The way you draw furniture is really good, very realistic. I’m really looking foward to this chapter. c:

  • I adore the set and clothing design in these last few pages. The fact that you drew in hints of hooks and a lining on his fur gaiters make me squee with detail ocd glee!

    Short and sweet, you’re awesome : )

  • I like how you distanced them in the room. It sort of emphasizes the argument even if they’re just dressing. By the way, how do you pronounce Phe’s name?

    • Thanks! And her name rhymes with “pay”

      • lee

        all this time I’ve been saying “fee!”

  • Finally! I was gettin slightly worried. But my goodness, with all these details no matter it took you so long! Great job! :D

  • Hel

    Well, I’m impressed! I was kinda wanting to read this comic for a while, but thought to save it for at least being able to read a whole chapter at once… And it has gone beyond all my expectations.
    What can I say… I love the treatment of lights and colours, not to mention the expressivity of the characters… also, their design is pretty impressive; in a few panels you get to know what their personality is like, in a mixture of behaviorism and intelligent background-concept-working. And the backgrounds and spaces themselves are very effective too: perfectly balanced between the beauty and the atmosphere.
    Oh, and I love the likes of Luca. it just suits the name (yes, i’m italian and it totally reminds me of a dark venetian lord); sort of an undercover bastard with a good knowledge of the ways of the world… kind of a bad-assed Samuel Vimes.
    Well.. I’ll be waiting for more! =) Keep it up. My most sincere congratulations.

    • Thanks very much for noticing the details! I’ve had a lot of time to think about these characters so hopefully I can stuff a few levels of information into each page :)

      And yeah, Luca is pretty badass. I won’t say more because I don’t want to ruin anything XD Thanks for reading!

    • LadySkipper

      (I know this is kiiiinda late-ish but) Duuuude! That’s why I love Luca so much – he TOTALLY reminds me of Sam Vimes :3

  • Lis

    I can already tell this is going to be an exciting chapter. I love the details in this page, especially Luca’s wife putting her earrings on.

    The main thing I noticed between your redone pages and your originals is that you’re “cleaning up” the nudity. (I also noticed the lighting changes, which look much better now!) Any particular reason for this? It’s not that I have a problem either way with it, it’s just I’m curious as to why you’ve decided now.

    • Haha, am I? I did re-ink the original pages, but I wasn’t actually changing anything (unless it was anatomically off-kilter before). I think I might have attempted to make the nipples or lack of nipples more consistent, but thats it :B

      • Lis

        I was referring mostly to the first change, where Angora’s nipples were entirely visible, and now her leg completely conceals them. In all honesty, I think it’s a great change, it makes the pose more intense.

  • AAAAHHH!! It is awsome! Now that we aren’t in the jungle I can really realize more of a sense of space and it is great! Thinking back to your fake film screenshot, I can really imagine all of this, chapter one and all, being a movie or tv show.

    I would watch it religiously.

  • Arison

    I… I feel really bad about looking at Luca’s wife and immediately thinking “Is that KIZ?”


    • lollll that will be cleared up soon XD Kiz doesn’t have quite as large of an ass.

      • Arison

        But he IS a pretty big asshole!

        You really have great character designs and it’s not that they look exctly the same, but it’s what first popped in my mind. XD This is aallllll new to me, since I never read the sketch comic, so it was kinda funny at first.

  • Amy

    So gorgeous! I love how you did Phe’s hair! Another amazing job!


    Gah~ this is just too awesome. Incentive was amazing too, hooray for WIP’s.

    Thank you so much!

  • ;_; Thanks so much for the spot and the kind words!

    I love the look of that room with its high ceiling and big windows. You really get an idea of the size of that place. And your mastery of facial expressions never ceases to amaze 8D. There’s such a nice contrast between this and the last chapter — a warmer color scheme, a more geometric environment, and of course Luca.

    Oh, but speaking of the last chapter, those revisions really make a huge difference. The lines are so crisp now and the jungle atmosphere comes across much better. And I thought the pages were awesome before O_O

  • Filipe

    She looks much younger than him…

  • His wife has a good point though ;) Lovely page, great perspectives

  • Moons

    Her hair is really great, very detailed. Awesome page.

  • I’m loving those last two panels. ONCE AGAIN your lighting is wonderful :D

    Any chance we’ll get another progress animation for how you color? I know there was one a while back but…I want moaar ;___;

    • Haha, I will try for it for the next page XD Once I start coloring I always forget to take screencap breaks.

  • marinated-fish

    Phe in colour!!! I really like her much, adore the