Oh god architecture D: My oft-mentioned buddy Blue-Ten, who is doing awesome at building the settings in his comic, gave me a lot pointers that have helped me a great deal during the last few weeks/ pages. Thanks again B10! I know there are still a lot of mistakes though, haha. Feel free not to point them out because I know where they are.

That is Suda on this page, the Emperor’s son. He takes more after his mom than his dad in most things. We’re going to get into politics soon! This chapter has a bit more info in it than the last one, so if you have any interest you can always reference the Wiki. I update it sporadically, so if something that you want to see is missing or incomplete, feel free to comment somewhere to prod me into filling it in.

In administrative news, I recalibrated my comment/ spam settings, so please refrain from typing phrases like “viagra cocks anal flonase,” as they will be automatically sent to Siberia. I’m anticipating some inconvenience during the upcoming “anal flonase” chapter.

Last but not least, a big exciting pimp for today: String Theory by evilengine9 is my new most favorite thing!!

I even googled how to post an image link, thats how bad I want you to read it. Aside from the art/ style hitting all my buttons, the story and writing tickle me a bunch. The creator also exhibits another quality I appreciate, which is maintaining storytelling integrity (ie I tried to ask for spoilers and was denied, lol). Also there are talking kitties guys, talking kitties. It’s one of those comics I can’t get enough of and keep checking back in on every day looking for new things (thankfully it updates regularly). Today’s vote incentive is some fanart I did for it, I couldn’t help myself… anyways, go forth and read comics!


  • Suuuuuuuuuda love~

    Huzzah! This was totally worth the wait! Thank you!

  • Well three cheers for Blue-Ten’s help, because that is some GORGEOUS architecture. *geeking out now thanks*

    Also, SUDA :D What is it about your work that makes me fangirl stupidly over all your male characters?

    • Haha, seriously. I was drawing all my perspective lines by hand before he gave me some advice D: (PS don’t do that)

  • The architecture is FABULOUS!

    Also is it too soon to start fangirling over Suda? Should I wait until he’s in two pages? :3

    • Yeah, you have to wait at least another page XD

  • heyyoitsmj

    Sudaaaaaaaa <3

    Your uniform designs are fantastic as well

  • rockfish

    Ahaha! I adore it – Luca is so powerful, he makes me smile when he frowns x3

  • I could hear Luca burst through the door! Well done.

  • one thing that might help you out : use blender ( http://www.blender.org ) for ot create a virtual box for exterior and inside batiment :3

    by the way, that guy is a jerk for to have fun on him for not saying the trust on the mysterious girl lol XD

    • Thank you for the link! I like doing all the perspective “by hand” if I can, but that site still looks like a great resource.

      • yes it’s and beside, blender start to becoming more and more powerfull and many proffesionnal people start to use it inteast of 3ds max or maya :)

  • I AM the schedule.

  • Blasphemy! The architecture is absolutely amazing.

  • I dunno why, but I got an instant flash from Ozai and Zuko xD Even if they’re totally different. [Well, I don’t know Luca, but Zuko certainly lacks that kind of sense of humor/sense of humor x) ]
    And wow, he really looks like Phe ._. I guess the girls are the ones that resemble Luca :P

    Anyway, pat yourself on the back and take a rest! I really like those bgs; it’s a lovely salad of colors.

    • Haha, a salad of colors. I love that! And it’s true. :D

    • BentKatana

      Avatar reference for the win!

  • Yay Suda!

    P.S. – Guard Dude in the second panel is fantastic. Between his rockin’ facial hair and expression he’s like a cheerful Musketeer or something, I kinda want to see more of him. XD

    • lol, I like his hair too. Facial hair is encouraged in the army because of the Pasori influence (they are all about hair) and I don’t want to keep drawing the same boring beards all the time. I think he’s going to get in trouble for talking though.

  • KoniraThax

    Good gravy, Suda’s tall. XD

  • I absolutely love Suda’s design!
    And I mayyy have just figured out that I can comment here.

  • ColdCedric


    I guess there’s no way to talk into this about this comic huh?

    I got nothing, what do you think?

    greater than i ever could have imagined

  • Yeah! I love armys and something like these! =)

  • Marianne

    suda reminds me of zuko hehe XD

    • Haha, sort of (just not as angsty)

  • Hel

    The emperor is never late, nor is he early!
    This chapter is being lots of fun in the discovery =) I feel that every detail and every gesture is much more meaningful now that I follow the arrival of the new pages instead of just reading them one after another! As always: you do an AMAZING job at behaviorism.
    And, whatever that place might be, it looks great. Not to mention I love the light and shading on those uniforms in the morning, as we have been seeing in the last pages xD Maybe is just the light of those interiors, like a chinese palace.
    Favorite quote of the month: “…sir”.

    • Hel

      lol absolutely off-topic but I just noticed it’s actually friday here as of now (eight in the morning) That’ll help me reschedule the waits xd

    • Thanks very much! It is supposed to be light from the interior. There are some light fixtures in there that I now realize I completely neglected to draw in the first panel D:

  • fish

    omygod, you are crazy… xD
    i can’t think of any comic-artist who would care for so much detail, the first panel is insane! architecture-wise… :D
    i can’t wait to see more woody stuff next week 8D

    btw… this picture-thing at the bottom of the left pillar-thing looks like a picture of a meerecat… °__°

    • Haha, thanks. I was annoyed that all of the detailing was lost once I shrunk the page down XD

      And that animal is supposed to be a bear standing on its hind legs but haha yeah it does look a lot more like Timon

  • Cedarwolf22

    Aww, Ith mithter pointy thoulderth grumpy? He jutht needth a kitten 8(

    lollol I imagine that poor guard not involved in the conversation is like “I’m not hearing this” and face-palming. And yeah, that first panel! Geez louise. Love the olive green for the walls and that sort of giant paisley carpet.

    • shhh XD No one must mention the giant paisley! (I ran out of useable textures and had to settle for whatever I had at the bottom of the barrel)

  • wow. I think the dialogues on this page is especially good. Very easy to follow and sounds natural.

  • Cheri


    It seems like there is a bit of a time lapse that has gone unexplained. Suta was one time, but Luca was late, even though Phe was urging him to hurry so he wouldn’t be late…

    Just what was Mr. Luca up to in that time frame, eh?

    I’m sure Phe’s scowl in the previous page may have something to do with it.

    Aghh! I hate speculating. I’m always wrong. DX

    • Cheri

      I obviously meant “on time” not “one time”

    • He just came out of a meeting, obviously he’d rather be there than in the meeting with the ambassadors… he’s not a very good host if you ask me.

  • Holy cow. I hadn’t taken the time to read this on DA (even tho you’re on my Watchlist ^^;;;) but now that I have I shall absolutely be STALKING THIS from hence forth!

    The panel layouts are one of my favorite aspects of this comic, by far. The coloring and character development are very close seconds.

    On a separate note: Both the layout and color scheme for this site are stellar; easy to take in visually and extremely comprehensive without being dull. *after reading FAQ* Alas, I had hoped to gain some insight into HTML coding/website making if at all possible. /sad

    If you don’t mind my asking, um… Would your friend have any recommendations (i.e. books, tutorials, etc.) for a website-aspiree with close to zero experience with HTML coding?

    • Thanks so much! I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying my work. As for my friend, he is self-taught when it comes to coding. I asked him how he learned his skillz and he told me that he read books/ practiced/ googled things that he did not know. A lot of the things I asked him to do for me, like set up a comicpress site and use lightbox and install a wiki were all things he had never done before, he just researched the hell out of it and made it happen. Which is the way I teach myself art, so I guess it is possible you could do the same if you were really serious about learning coding!

    • Sorry for the intrusion, but I’m a coder myself and I noticed your question :B. When I was starting out, I visited http://www.w3schools.com religiously, and I still go when there’s something new I need to find our… or something old I’ve forgotten XD. They have detailed information on HTML, including each and every tag and its function/context, as well as examples where you can edit code and see the results. They’ve also got the same amount of resources for CSS and Javascript if you want to make dynamic web pages :]

      • Our school uses that site for the web design class. Our teacher got permission to base his entire lesson plan off of that site. It’s incredibly helpful.

  • Yay, Suda! *swoon* Such a dashing young man!
    I like his introduction even more now.

  • *_* I’m glad (surprised) I could help!

    That is some sweet architecture there, and the textures really make it pop :D. I always loved the contrast between Luca and Suda — even in terms of height they’re so different XD. The exchange between Suda and the guard really shows how much he doesn’t take after his father, lol.

    Ah, you know all the good webcomics! *bookmarked*

    • Your advice about perspectivising the lines saved my life, I’m serious! The backgrounds are still difficult but at least they seem do-able now. Thanks again!!!

  • I knew Suda resembled Luca! He’s definately hot, but he also has sleeze-bag potential from this page and while I love him so far, I’m gonna hold my breath until I know him better. :D I love the perhaps not-so random guard who his is buddy. Princes being friends with commoners is always awesome. (And pretty uncommon, if we look at history.) Love the green wall papering, your architecture is awesome! *checks out Blue Ten’s comic* Thanks for showing us all these comic links, I’m really enjoying reading them all!

    • Haha, Suda’s not bad, just a normal guy. A little too normal given how crazy his family acts all the time :B

      And no problem! There are so many high quality comics out there nowadays!

  • Silver Lady

    I like this page, especially the first pannel. And I agree about Blue-Ten comment.

    Can´t wait to see how and when – and if – Suda and Luka will ever meet Pinter and Angora… I miss the two.

  • Every new character design of yours is amazing! And come on, the architecture is great! By the way, where do you get all the textures for the walls, the carpet, etc? ^^

    • Thanks! And I get my textures from texture places like cgtextures.com, mayang.com/textures and other texture sites (or I find/scan my own)

  • Yeah, perspective is so tricky. I need tons of practice! It’s always great to have someone to get feedback from when doing perspective, I think. I often go blind of the silliest mistakes. XD I bet Blue-Ten’s feedback is worth a lot!

    I think this look fantastic! I love the perspective in the pages of this chapter. Looks great. I even want to see more of the settings – really makes me curious how the rest of the rooms look like. :) Oh, and I love Suda’s expressions!

    String Theory looks awesome. Such lovely line work! Must give it a closer look! And your fan art (that I saw back when you still had that incentive) rocked!

    • Thanks XD B10 is very practical and methodical when it comes to his own environment building processes (I think he posted about it a few posts back) so I really have learned a lot from him. I’m not at the point where I build each room in Google SketchUp yet but I might be getting there…

      Haha, I have more ST fanart for incentive tomorrow. I feel hella creepy.

      • Connor

        Norcal much? haha sorry I started school recently and I forgot how many people from the bay come here…which is also why I haven’t commented much cause ive been BUSY. But I must say sweet CHRIST those are some nice backgrounds. I shudder to think how much effort went into them, great job! And ofc your expressions/body language work ridiculously well!

      • Oh, really? Gotta check it out!

        OOoh, love the new incentive! XD Lovely fan art!

  • Lovely designs, colors and details. Wonderful expressions. Dialogue’s great!

    I had the strangest dream about Luca last night, though. For some reason he was in a swamp, surrounded by white trees, ordering people around, and when he was done, he hid somewhere, scared of anything that was small and flew around. O.o

  • sweet_gardenia


    :P harhar I hev outwitted your system!

    I think it rather neat that Suda seems to be on such friendly terms with the guards. I’ve always rather liked him for the fact that he seems like a pretty nice kid, though with plenty of burden/family drama/responsibilites on his shoulders. I look forward to seeing how he develops as a character.

    Architecture is totally my bane as well, though I love it. I’ll have to check out B10’s post

  • I have a love-hate relationship with architecture…it does happen to be my major, after all.
    I so love Phe and Suda so far. And Luca is hilarious :3

  • dot

    I love the look of the building they’re in!

  • Emperial

    I really love this page, but I love it so much I kept staring at it and now I’m not sure about the relative heights of the characters in the first panel given the perspective, like the height of the first gaurd relative the second (particularly with the architectural marker of that line on the doorpost), and Suda seems to have a comparatively long torso.

    I do love the page, though. Such great dialogue! You really establish characters and their relationships so well with just a few panels, lines of dialogue, and expressions. Like Suda adding “Sir” to what he’s said, that hilarious Suda expression on his face, the fact he’s interacting with the guards… It’s seriously great storytelling.

  • Hel

    Your String Theory fanart is love *-* Thanks for the link, just discovered the comic =)

  • AAAAH!! Architecture!! GOOD LORD Alexds1! It’s amazing!

    What’s sad is that I have this same conversation with my friends (all of us are girls) about our own underwear color. Just to piss off our guy friends for shoving us out of the conversation when video games come up xD

  • Suda! I’m so happy to see him. I’ll refrain from fangirling until later, though. ;)

    The perspective does look pretty darn fab. You got a lot of richness of detail in that first panel and it really pays off in setting up the environment. I love the intricate woodwork. :D

    One question I’ve been dying to ask you: what’s your process for creating word balloons? It’s great how they sometimes become part of the borders for panels and always feel like they’re part of the panel itself. They feel natural. So I just had to ask you. :)

    Now I am going to patiently await the next page and more Suda and Luca. XD

    • You mentioned they look natural/ part of the panel… the answer is pretty close, I draw them by hand. I layout my panel so that the bubbles/ text won’t be covering anything significant and yet will remain readable. Then I ink them by hand on photoshop and add the tails once the final inks are done (so they will be most accurate). I do the bubbles after the rough inks so I can find out how much I’m allowed to not have to ink, haha. But yeah, short answer: I ink them by hand.

  • Annie Cox

    I love your tutorials and this comic so much. Ever going to do one on comic making? That’s be cool, but I mean off topic XD Nice page-the dialogue made me laugh ^-^

  • Andrew

    garflgesnargl! and my webcomic list increases to 54 (Blue-10’s comic, I already have yours in the list =p )

  • BentKatana

    Cool, thanks for the comic plugs, I enjoy your recommendations! :) As for Suda, I think I’m in love xD

  • Maya

    Argh! Every since you made an early update, I have to check at least twice a day, desperately hoping you have done so again xD Sadly, patience has never been on my side :s Love your comic SO MUCH!

    • Haha, sorry. I’m late again. I’ve been up for 16 hours today and I don’t think I’m going to finish my reading, homework and colored comic page by tomorrow morning at this point XC There are not enough hours in the day….

  • I have checked every chance I get to see if there’s an update. I end up voting some more so I can see the awesome power of your linework in hope I can imagine color xD

    aka, I’m procrastinating on homework to the highest level ♥

  • I totally didn’t know Suda was his son until I read the wiki. That explains a few things. XD But it’s still interesting to learn.

  • Naomi

    your colouring skills are rocking the show. great panel bottom left.

  • Ronnie

    Uhh… I’m not sure anyone will ever read this comment, but about those guards: Aren’t the straps supposed to be on the same shoulder as the tips of their weapons? Like this, I can’t really imagine how they even hold them.
    (I want to point out that if I didn’t think that you do an absolutly fantastic job, I wouldn’t even bother to write this comment.)

    • You’re right XC One of the hardest things to find a picture for is that stupid rifle strap and the different ways it can be used. This was the page I didn’t use my references for! I’ll be sure to change it. Thanks for pointing it out!

  • TekServer

    First comment on my jaunt through the archive; I just had to add my voice to the architecture praise. I especially like the kind of pitchfork-shaped alternating railing supports on the balcony in the first panel; if I ever have the opportunity to design railing supports in real life, I’m totally going to steal that!


    • Thanks! Its a stylized tree motif :)

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