Hello Ambassadors! Lethy is actually the more diplomatic one, but sits further away from the Emperor since Tesa is the Queen’s cousin. Phe is… well, I don’t know what Phe is doing there.

This page is so late because I lost my two days of comic-making time last weekend at APE. On the plus side, the con was fucking incredible. Thanks a ton to those of you who came down, I enjoyed meeting every one of you! And thanks so much as well to Team Armada/Shingworks- Amanda, Jyn, Johane, Dustin and Dan- who are the best (and sassiest) tablemates I could ask for. I also got to meet basically everyone I went there to see in the first place. I stopped being coherent at some point from all of the awesome.

In any case, next week’s update will be right on time (on Weds). I have a furlough this Monday so that means extra time to fart around. Next update I will also start selling off my surplus chapter 1 comics and other things! So stay tuned.

Last but surely not least, here is the official pimp of the week: Red Moon Rising. Look at that freaking art quality, guys. I think webcomics these days are getting better and better, don’t you?


  • O!

    I love the sunshine. So very ironic. Lovely contrasts, lovely chapter.

  • Johnny

    Awesomw work as usual. I love how Luca’s questions have no question mark haha. Very subtle, but very characteristic. :)

  • Geo

    Who is the woman in the background?

    • That’s Phe :)

      • btw, sorry I deleted your other post (I want to keep the thing you mentioned quiet for now because it contains spoilers)

        • ACK I’m so sorry, I didn’t even think of that :O My bad! No worries about deleting it, that was stupid on my part. Gahhh XD

    • That’s his wife XD (She changed clothes)

  • E

    Tesa looks like such a nice lady, I feel bad that she has to deal with Luca’s wrath.

  • Ash

    Lovin Tesa’s eye shadow :)

    But more importantly this comic is so inspirational, thank you for your tasty art.

  • Evan

    Luca’s all about TCB!

  • I think Luca has a major stick up his ass XD Nice page as usual

  • Dude, I want to be an ambasador if the outfits are that cool!

  • I’m having a very odd bout of deja vu over this page – and I’m not sure what’s weirder – that I would have deja vu over a page of the Meek, or that I’m telling you about it! LOL

    Maybe I saw this the first time around? I dunno.

    But I likes it!

    • You probably did see it, in the first draft XD I didn’t change a whole lot about the setting, although the tone is a bit angrier this time around.

  • Pure awesome as usual. I’m liking your dynamic hard/soft shading style. It’s very expressive.

  • Woooww rude much?

    I love your clothing designs, they are so original looking. Makes their cultures and differences more believable.

  • Stephany

    Luca as always amazing :D

    love the lighting of this page it was totally worth the wait!

  • Averix

    oh my, so blunt, Luca ._.

    also, Phe looks mighty miffed…

  • I love the ambassadors designs!

  • Eddy


  • Hailey

    This might sound weird, but Ambassador Lethy reminds me somewhat of my grandma. :O

  • Lovely costume design for the ambassadors!

  • Costume Luuv <3

    • Thank you! Its so weird that this is the first time they’ve been in color (after all this time of imagining what they looked like)

  • Colt-Khaboom

    The lighting on Luca’s face in the last panel was – just – gah! so lovely!

    (the ‘gah!’ is ‘cuz I can’t do it and it annoys me. >:( But you can and it’s pretty so it makes me happy again.)

  • ColdCedric

    Again this is great I have no comment about it…
    …Wait a minute!
    *Reading the comments*

    NO FAIR >:(

  • Nostforatu

    Oh I totally forgot the dialog on the page before and I thought that was Suda about to swear in that first panel XD but then I notices the spelling and I was like ‘waaait..’

    Oh yeah and I love the lighting in this page is really refreshing and I love the Ambassadors’ designs!

  • Hahahaha, I read that as “Son of a Bi-” at first. I assume the lack of a question mark after his question was intentional.

    Maelstrom is Hypogeum.
    Hypogeum is Maelstrom.

    • Haha, I had to think where I wanted to cut that off. ‘Son of the B-” would have been a bad idea, and “Son of the Bea-” makes me think of “son of a beard/beaver” (it is supposed to be Son of the Beardog”)

      Hello Maelgeum

      • He’s half beardog? Hot diggity damn.

        I think Hypostrom has a better ring to it, Maelgeum confuses on what kind of g to use.

  • Glad to hear you had fun at APE! :D

    Such lovely back-lighting in this page. And I love how Luca’s face/forehead is turning slightly more red for each panel. XD *thumbs up* Oh, and it’s hilarious how that guard is carefully watching Luca’s hand swishing by in his gesture.

    • Haha, thanks XD He’s angry. And yes, it is prudent to stay away from those hands whenever possible.

  • cedarwolf22

    Haha, I find it funny that Luca’s “question” doesn’t end in a question mark. So it’s more like a statement, or at least it SOUNDS like one coming from his mouth.

    It looks like a nice day outside- take a walk to calm down, Lucs 8(


      • sweet_gardenia


  • Becky

    I wonder though. Is he talking to the Ambassadors or to his wife? I don’t think he expected her to be there. Or did I miss something?

    If he didn’t expect her there, go, Phe. One way to make sure he plays nice by being present when it all goes down.

    • Becky

      Did a quick look back.

      Yep. She wasn’t expected. Woohoo! Yay, Phe!

    • Oh good XD I wasn’t sure if anyone would catch that. And no, he’s not expecting her (pages are slower than molasses but at some point he mentioned that he wouldn’t be seeing her until the evening). She probably shouldn’t be there (but considering how much of a mess he’s planning on making, maybe she should)

      • Becky

        I’d much prefer the quality you are putting out over quantity. Really, I don’t care if the pages take time. You are busy and you are devoting time, effort, energy, and love into this project. Don’t speed up at the expense of the comic, schoolwork, or even your health.

  • sweet_gardenia


    I like how he doesn’t even acknowledge the ambassadors. Now that’s some prime badass emperor-ing thar Luca

    I take it Phe was trying to smooth things over before Luca came in? Judging from that grim look on her face I sorta get the feeling she won’t duck her head down and mumble sorry heh. <3 Phe

    Tesa also looks a little overly wide-eyed there like " he's here, oh sh– " 8C not that I blame her heh

  • 80

    Wish I could have come! Darn. And thanks for the update! (BTW’s, I’m the one whose sister and I made the avatars on deviantart. Not that that means anything but… hi.)

  • Annie Cox

    Nice page! The ambassadors designs are lovely and the colors used are great-good job!

  • You never cease to inspire *u* The coloring’s magnificent…so are the designs. And the noses! I love them.

    Lol at the name-announcer guy..

  • Hi!
    I haven’t commented before because I’m very shy… but I just wanted to say that I love The Meek! I normally don’t read comics with nudity in them, but I feel that this one is a lot deeper than just ‘boobs.’ I’m loving the storyline and the art is fantastic!

    I was wondering if I could pimp my own comic a little? It has fairly high art quality (full colour!), but has very few readers. It’s called Dark Wings, and is about pirates, dragons, assassins and a sinister, twisted plot with a young woman caught in the middle of it all.

    Anyway, even if you don’t want to look, that’s fine. I love your comic and will keep on reading!

  • haha, Phe’s like “WTF, husband!”

  • I love the colours. :D

    And thanks for providing the link to Red Moon Rising. As soon as I read the first page I was hooked. :)

  • Nora

    Wow, I love their outfits! **Goes to bug Erin into breaking out her sewing machine again**

  • I just noticed, in the thrid panel, Phe looks like she’s looking at a not-so-present watch on her wrist. Silly Phe, your wrist can’t tell time.

    • Yara

      Hehe looks like she’s been caught in process of folding her arms there, with the finished gesture showing in the next panel

  • Well, I hope you’re happy. I now have upwards of 5 new webcomics to play catch-up with. XD lmao And hot damn, you were right. RMR is a proverbial feast for the eyes!!

  • Ren

    Hmm, bit of a question..
    I had, probably wrongly, assumed that his “!” on the previous page was from something the announcer said (thought he might have been mad at the ‘hand of the north’ thing or something)… but now I’m wondering if it was actually because he saw Phe in the room? Is this second assumption the correct one? It does look like he’s looking in her direction the whole time, especially while saying ‘what are you here for?’.

    • Yes, you’re correct. Unfortunately posting one page per week sort of ruins the flow, but hopefully that would be more obvious if the pages were read in sequence.

  • Cayce P

    hahahahhahahhahhha Luca!!!!! lmao! !

  • Coloring is flippin’ awesome! I love how you perfectly gave the room that glowing/slightly blinding light from a REALLY sunny day. So incredible.

  • Silvermoonlight

    Its really not Luca’s day, I’m getting the feeling that despite all his swagger and imposing looks he doesn’t run this empire entirely. LOL

  • SirReginaldo

    Wow… the one ambassador lady looks totally like one of those fluffed up run way models (other than she is an ambassador…)…
    Some one is slightly angry at his wife and is not going to be getting any heart felt receptions anytime soon!

  • Haha I love Phe’s face. -_-

    Also, not to be nit-picky or anything, but since Luca /is/ asking a question, shouldn’t his sentences in the second and last panel end in question marks? Unless the way he says it makes it sound like it’s not a question, with inflection and all that. That would be hard to portray in a comic.

    Also I am really digging the cultural and class differences in the clothing. Beautiful work, as always.

    • Yeah, the lack of punctuation is supposed to illustrate his monotone way of talking (its a Pasori thing)

  • caris

    My name is Caris. Thought I’d let you know. I was totally excited when I saw that that was the country.

    • lol! You may not be so excited later XD

      • caris

        well, looking forward to it. i’ve only been following your comic for a couple of months and it’s really fascinating. i have incredible respect for your use of story. keep up the good work.

  • Ahh, APE. Such good memories. I hope you did well, it was fun to see all the webcomic + book comic artists, the girl from Timothy Green was so cute.

    Thanks for the book trade, by the way! I love holding The Meek, it’s such a different experience from reading it on the web. For all those people who are unsure as to whether to buy a copy, do it! You won’t be disappointed!

    PS- this chapter is lookin’ great so far.

  • BentKatana

    Oh shit, is he talking to PHE?! Oh no he di-int…

  • BentKatana

    Btw, the ambassador’s clothes are kickin’. :D

  • Wow, the intricate clothing designs on those two are awesome :D

  • Someone

    Admit it: Ambassador Lethy Aray is modeled after one of your teachers. She totally looks like a teacher.

  • I anxiously await each new page every week, and this is my first comment. I’ve been watching since page 15 of chapter 1. Just thought I’d point out that Luca’s question needs a question mark.

    Excellent colouring and linework as always.

  • Dan

    I never manage to comment on these pages as much as I’d like to (um…at all). But I really enjoy reading them. The art and the story are both quirky and original, not to mention a lot of fun to read (and look at). One question though: Lethy says “The Country of Caris.” Just country? Is it a kingdom, a protectorate, oligarchy, empire, or republic? Or is it some kooky made-up thing? I seem to remember they worship their ruler as a god on Earth? So maybe it’s a demitheocracy, pharaonate, or perhaps Messiocracy. This could be an opportunity for you to insert some more realism and as well as some delicious nerdiness.

    Also, I remember fun things from the first draft of this chapter. Son of the be-? Enough of that foreshadowing!

  • LMP

    i just realized the ambasadors remind me of hippis (the way there dressed) :D

  • Twigs

    I love the way Luca’s face is reddening as he gets angrier, but just at the top. So much realism <3

  • Why doesn’t his question have a question mark?

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