Another big ole room. This palace has a lot of them, as it is a newer building. The main palace up north is a lot more cozy, I am looking forward to drawing that one (but not till chapter 5).

I did an interview about the comic here, if you are into reading that kind of thing!

Since I will not see you again till November, have a great Halloween for those of you who celebrate it! Girls, remember that if you are running late and do not have a costume you can always cosplay as beginning-of-Chapter-1 Angora*.

Pimp of the week time! I found Moontown while shamelessly googling myself, but I am glad that I saw it. Just a super comic, tons of great story and style, so go take a look!

*please do not actually do this I do not want to be sued


  • Kyon

    The bricks on the fireplace in the back show your amazing dedication to detail. Thanks for another beautiful strip.

    • Have you been reading the Twitter? XD Glad you like the page…

  • wow, great costume idea! XDD I love how Luca handles this so smoothly. I wish I could do that.

  • I’m absolutely loving the story so far. The characters and plot development are fantastic. Thank you for all of your beautiful work with this comic; I have become a loyal follower!

    • Aw, thanks so much for reading!

  • For some reason I am fascinated by Tesa’s hair. It’s…crinkly! :D

    I am in love with the vastness of these rooms. Your portrayal of these spaces is fantastic!

  • Arison

    Eeeehehe, I totally would cosplay Angora. XD Probably near the end of chapter one and with a body suit, though.

    It amazes me how thought-out the story seems to be. I’m used to a lot of webcomics where it’s usually “go by the fly and do whatever you think is funny”, so it really sets The Meek apart when you (or me, at least) go back to re-read the chapter and see little hints here and there, like the plants growing around Angora when she’s in the tree talking to the lizard.

    • Thanks :) Thats one advantage of plotting things out in advance! You get to look clever XD

  • Oooh, loving that reaction of the ambassadors in panel four.
    Not terribly sure how I feel about the painterly figures in the background of the second and third panels…they seem a little strange considering you used line to describe figures even further back in distance in the first. Also…that painting (mirror? window?) on the back wall seems very light (if it is in fact a painting and not a mirror/window…)

    Er…that being said, the rest of the page is beeeaauuutiful. I’ve been drooling over your Luca-hands and crazy perspectives. :P Sorry I’m full of critique this week aaagh I’m a jerk

    • Don’t be sorry! I hate several things on this page, including the things you mentioned DX There aren’t any painted figures anywhere else in the comic, I have no idea what compelled me to start them now. Definitely need to go back and retouch those (once I figure out how). And yeah, that painting is sort of hideously light : Thanks for pointing that out, I hadn’t noticed it until now. Time for filters! haha… The two panels to the side of the fireplace are mirrors though, so hopefully that glariness is okay insofar as a ball of hilights can be okay.

      Thanks again for the crits! Feel free to point out the crap whenever you see it XD Since I so often those things.

  • Once again, I want to go as a Caris Ambasador for halloween. Or all the time. They look really comfortable…

    Have you seen Kings? I think you would like it. Ther’re only 20some episodes (tear) but I loved them all like I love your comic!

  • Foomin

    I think the last line should be:


    • WIN.

    • jmaccabeus

      Perfect! Or just about anything, really. Take those last two panels out of context and you could have Luca (and his country, and people, naturally) ask for lots of things…

      As to the comic itself, I love how the two ambassadors react in the second-to-last panel. They definitely have an “uh-oh, here comes the catch” look to their faces.

  • I so love all the details. Can’t wait to get my own copies and then drool all over the fantastic arts. 8D

    Haha, you’re giving a lot of interviews recently, aren’t you? x3

  • Yenkaz

    I’m guessing Lopine is an area where the majority of the population are unhappy with being part of the Northern Territories and consider themselves under occupation?

    Getting rid of a troublesome territory and using it as a bargaining chip? (Bonus: Gain favor of Phe)?

    How diplomatic this is depends on the size of these reparations, I guess.

    • Yep! Some parts of Caris are under occupation but they are hesitant to say anything about it because they cannot afford to have another war. Technically the Territories aren’t in a wonderful position to start shit either, but they are still much more powerful in comparison.

  • Yenkaz

    Another thing; I love how Tesa Alovan looks kind of unsure at Lethy Aray who seems surprised but more down to earth, you really get the feeling of the latter as more experienced already now.

  • Angry one moment and aloof the next!


    Oh, my land.

    Yeah, you can have it.

    We cool, dawg?”

  • Og

    Your strip is always an education in drawing for me. Yes, I said it – you schooled me once again.

    Thanks for the linkup of Moon Town, BTW. I really appreciate it!

    • No problem ! I read your comic a couple weeks ago and have been waiting for a moment to pimp it out :)

  • RJF

    I like big, airy rooms – they can be a bit of a bugger to heat, but I suppose that one of the advantages of being Emperor is that the gas company isn’t too fussy about the bill.

    One question about the figure in the right foreground of panel one – while his presence does help to fix the scale, is he a guard with a rifle? I’m not sure how the ambassadors would respond to that, it would seem a lot like an implicit threat, which is hardly conducive to negotiations. Then again, one of the advantages of large rooms is that your bodyguard can still be able to intervene with a good shot if one ambassador actually has slipped in an assasination knife in her hoisery, but still be far enough away to be out of earshot of private discussions.

    One detail I do like is how the two ambassadors are separated by the wall and door in the background – it’s quite a perceptive of way of integrating the scene and the art.

    Luca’s strategy is an interesting one. By trivialising Lopine, presumably a big deal for the embassy, he gives the ambassadors what they want without qualification, which would seem to inspire goodwill – but it also emphasises how he’s not going to relent on the reparations issue, as it’s a much more weighty concern than an ‘inconsequential spit of land’.

    • Lopine is actually not that important to him, and the issue surrounding reparations is very weighty. The reason why there are such bad relations between the Territories and Caris is because of some bad events that happened not too long ago, but have not been “paid” for…

  • I thought the painted figures (panel 2, 3) worked since we’re looking through the window from outside. Though they did draw my attention when I saw them. Are those some pine trees I see out the window? :)

  • ColdCedric

    Again both detailic scenery and emotional expression is outstanding. I could see in the year future this will be awarded, depending how you gonna surprise us along with the story.

    Also noted that panel 2 and 3 nice lighting effects

  • okay so it’s really early in the morning, and cosplaying as Angora made LOLOLOLOL so i appreciate that. :D
    as per usual, i like the page, but yeah i’m looking forward to cozier scenery.
    also love that second-to-last panel…very emotive.

  • Theodora

    I am forever in love with your work.

    But onto a more serious matter.

    Your page ads are perfect. In your comments you make a joke suggestion for girls to cosplay as “beginning-of-Chapter-1 Angora”. Right underneath your comment box sat an ad with “Flashes In the Dark” in big yellow font. It’s perfection.

  • Sam

    Since I started reading The Meek, I think the list of web comics I read has tripled simply out of all your recommendations… :D

  • Ponthion

    The first panel is killing me!! So much details, I’m in love.

    I once saw a girl who did a Naruto Cosplay. Her boobies and other parts were solely covered with cotton. Maybe I should suggest her Angora D:

  • …What kind of reparations, I wonder o_o
    Nice interview!

  • Peppa

    Lethy and Tesa aren’t listed under important side characters, yet they are given such beautiful detail to their designs that I am excited to see the side characters you have not introduced yet XD

  • Your dedication to details is really inspiring. <3

    Awesome page as always! :D

  • cedarwolf22

    Hah, is the guard with the rifle Santri?

    I like how this version seems more to-the-point! If I remember correctly, your original draft was a bit more wordy (not that I dislike wordy, just sayin’ XD).

    • Yeah XD Bringing on the weird hats again.

      And thanks! It was super wordy… not that that’s bad, but I feel this scene didn’t need to be quite so long since I have sort of dehydrated all the humor out of the situation this time around, haha.

  • origamibunny

    this may seem like a really odd/trivial question, so feel free to ignore it, but how on EARTH do luca’s shoulder things stay so pointy, yet so flexible? at first I assumed they were metal, but then I saw them BEND and my mind was blown.

    on a less wierd matter, I love how well thought out your universe is! It’s the reason I’d NEVER be able to do a long form comic or a graphic novel or anything, i’d be thinking of all the politics and culture on the spot, thus creating a million continuity errors along the way, but the time you spent thinking about each aspect really shows!

    p.s. those bricks just HAVE to be zoomed in for a vote incentive one day.
    p.p.s. luca is one hell of a smoooooooth talker here. or amazing negotiator. whichever you prefer. TOTALLY in control.
    p.p.p.s. you’re a biologist? awesome!
    p.p.p.p.s. these REALLY didn’t have to be post scripts, did they? oh well.

    • The shiny bottom part of the pointy thing is metal, the top part that goes from the top of the point to the collar is fabric. It makes sense in my head maybe

      And thanks! I’m glad it shows. I spent a long time thinking of all this stuff, haha.

      And yes, biology rocks!

      • origamibunny

        nah, that makes plenty of sense XD I think i was jsut a little to shocked by what at first appeared to be bendy metal haha

  • Naktarr

    Wowzas that is a big room – its so big I’m wondering if its even possible to have a room like that without more support in the window – heh I’ll assume magic holds it up, magic can solve EVERYTHING.

    • Magic, yeah XD Actually there are struts but they might have been too faded out what with all the glowiness I put on this page :B

  • It’s getting better and better…

  • Just Popping In

    Lawl. Now I’m getting images of a bunch of cosplaying Angoras. Thank you. so much. XD

    Beautiful page. I love the almost glowing blues of the Caris race. Can’t wait for the juicy details about these “Reparations”. I remember vaguely reading some stuff in the wiki but I know it wasn’t too detailed.

  • Colt-Khaboom

    I just want to say that I really love what you did with Lethy’s glasses in panel 4, where the glasses look reflective but if you squint you can still see her eyes through them, just like real glasses. Impressive.

  • Just wanted to say that I appreciate the style and feel of this world you’ve brought into being. It’s quite honestly one of the most unique looking worlds I’ve seen in adventure/fantasy comics thus far. I can’t find the “right” words to describe how the style of it all feels to me, but it’s like the modern world gone epic and mixed with the ancient in a sleek and sophisticated kind of way.

  • Once again I’m inspired to get off my butt and finally finish my webcomic. I can’t wait for more of the story to unfurl. I can already tell how deep this is going to get.

    And Luca’s a bit of an ass, isn’t he? ;)

  • the_pale_lady

    BWA!!! I love this guy

  • Katherine

    guys too if you’re into cross dressing for hallowe’en. just trying to be progressive.

  • Hel

    Work and international jurisprudence have kept me from reading much lately – now I find three amazing new pages to comment at once! Well, to keep it short, the timing and planning of these scenes is magistral, and this only page would suffice to elevate the Emperor to a timeless list of ‘big bad guys’. I like how he looks in that vast cold space. Now we’ll see how Phe reacts to this (actually, I had the impression that the last page’s question was directed to her, and I assumed she had been talking on her own with the ambassadors, though that would have been nearly …treason in a relationship like that of Luca and Phe. Maybe?) Will be waiting for more! :)

    • Phe is doing her best to actually be diplomatic XD Which, funnily enough, is sort of treasonous in this context.

  • fishy

    Huh. Lopine sounds like Lorraine, in France. Getting inspiration from European history, are we?

    I love the color. LOVE it. Its so tasteful, and tactful, and… delicious. Mmmmm… <3

    • Haha, actually I made the name after visiting a pygmy forest in CA :) The pines were very low!

  • How awesome is this? http://img11.imageshack.us/img11/9672/angoravote.jpg

    Sorry, had to share it! lol

    • Oh hahahah XD They finally accepted it! I submitted it like 2 months ago but they’ve been slow on the uptake :3 Thanks for sharing, I wanted to see it in action!

      • The icon looks great in action! It was also so damn fitting with today’s incentive. XD

  • Lovely middle panels of Luca. Looks really animated! I am not sure if I liked the blurry-paintlike-glass effect on distant objects and persons at first, but now I have grown into liking it. At first I thought it didn’t really fit into the style, but after re-reading the pages in chapter 2 I realized it goes well with the big, spacious, architecture theme in this chapter actually. :) Oh, btw, love Tesa’s design!

    Really good interview! :) I am so impressed about how you are taking on this big story like this. 40 chapters, wow! I have also a story project that I have been working on since I was about 12 (my baby!), but I decided to leave it in it’s written format since I realized drawing it would take way too much time unless I decided to leave some parts out. So I started a smaller comic project instead. For me, it’s really inspiring that you are going in for it with your whole heart. :) Makes me want to pick up my other project again, someday. It’s also really inspiring how you seem to work so much aside from drawing and yet do so much beautiful art! You have my full respect! <3

  • Kili


  • marinated-fish

    War and its longterm comsequences. Reparations! What a nasty thing.
    I really like how you weave diplomatic issues into this chapter. Through this passage with the ambassadors (poor women), one can try to figure out some of the background story going with Luca’s whole state system. (Of course, one could also go read the wiki, but that’s less fun than speculating a bit!) Oh, and after looking through the comments above a little bit, I have to say this is yesterday’s news!

    I envy the subtlety of your storytelling. XC

    (And judging from the reaction of the ambs, how you set Luca in scene and his position in the last panel I’d say he likes to be a little bit overly dramatic at times. Oh dear.)

    • Or I am making him overly dramatic XD The first version was so blah that I might have overswung in the other direction this time. This newest page is my favorite so far though, I am finishing it up right now!

  • Hola people, HAPPY HALLOWEN!!!

  • Adamantine Fist

    Absolutely awesome work. Your art always amazes me, and the plot…. THICKENS!

  • BentKatana

    For some reason I love how he points at Lopine, lol. Almost like, “Yeah, whatevs, I’ve got bigger fish to fry.” >:3 And I love how the soldier in the corner in the first panel has a little Pinter hat thing going on. xD

    • Good eye XD Haha, Pinter hat! Even though everyone from his area wears them, I guess Pinter gets to set the hat standard.

  • Man, your dialogue feels so believable to me. I like how Luca doesn’t always let the ambassadors finish; it’s very realistic, which is something I have been struggling with.

  • Marcutiolives

    I really do look to this comic as something to not only enjoy but study. I live your style and your pacing with the story, as well as your details.
    It’s wonderful~

  • kk

    in the last panel you is he supposed to be saying preparations?

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