Happy Valentine’s Day! I find that the best way to celebrate is by drawing some hairy old man chest, don’t you agree? Hahaha… a slightly more legitimate V-day pic under the vote!

Since I’ve been somewhat preoccupied the last few weeks, I haven’t really had time to look up newer/ lesser known webcomics. So this week I’ll pimp one that you might have already heard of, Dresden Codak. Aside from the fantastical (and sometimes unsettling) science, Mr. Diaz puts a lot of sweat and blood into making his comics into Art and I appreciate that. I’m sure you will as well!

PS “Thawed” is a somewhat insulting Pasori way to describe someone who is not up to par. TMI here, if you’re interested.


  • Evan

    Happy V day to you too! You timed this page perfectly. Looks awesome as always!

  • honk

    …Wait, “thawed”?

    • Yes… hm, maybe I should put a note about that.

      • squidmaster

        Isn’t he trying to say “flawed”?

      • Cestus

        Yes, a note please. ^^’

        • Cestus

          Ahhh…thank you.

  • kat

    Oooh I like this page! Phe is so sweet, and I feel bad for Luca.

  • Bawww they’re so crazily adorable. I am loving that second panel.

  • mandy

    Middle-aged couple make-up sex! Ewwwwwwww! :P

    And yes, I am also confused about “thawed”. Although, I am pretty sure it has something to do with Luca’s fob-ness.

    • Theres a note added about that in the comments :B

      • mandy

        Ahh. Thank you! Sorry I didn’t open my eyes before.

        The amount of detail you put into this blows my mind. Just out of curiosity, do you have the entire Pasori language made? Or is it just a few words here and there?

        • Well, I have a list of phonemes and grammar/syntax made up. I don’t have time to sit down and write a dictionary but I can add to my existing list based on the rules I’ve made :) I’m still working out the details of the written language, unfortunately.

          • Yochva

            I LOVE YOU. *crows* Linguistics!


            And I like this page. It appears like he’s overcompensating his emotions – but which way? Does he lash out from insecurity, or is he insecure because he’s so violent?

  • Jaybird

    Wow, best valentines page ever I say, this is supersweet!

  • squidmaster

    Oh, oh, I see the note about “thawed.” :) Interesting origin! The attention you put in your languages and worldbuilding amazes me more every day…

    I love this page. <3 It's sweet. And I for one find chest hair rather appealing. I'm tired of all those shiny hairless bishies running around. :( (IN FACT I WAS JUST DRAWING SOME TODAY, HEEHEE <3)

    Now, is "Vakka" another place, or is it a pejorative for Caris? I want to make sure before I go saying something dumb for the third time… :')

  • Emperial

    I’m sure you will get xmillion comments saying this, but yeah. Needs to be said. Phe is awesome! And hairy man chest FTW! (Okay, so that second bit there might not be a sentiment echoed down the long halls of blog comments, but if I just shout it REALLY LOUDLY…)

    Going by the Meekipedia, and my admittedly spastic math skills, Phe married Luca when she was 26. Luca needs to stop stressing about Rana’s age. I would really love to hop into your universe and give him a nice little chat about that!

    • Yes, but only because he worked hard for it! And had to walk uphill in the snow for 10 years Rana doesn’t do a damned thing all day, kids these days no respect etc etc

  • Wonderful page as always. I can’t wait for the next update! :)

  • Haven’t gotten around to comment yet, but I adore all the cultural details you add to the comic. It gives it such a believable feel! And perfect strip for Valentine’s Day. I love it.

  • rockfish

    Homigod, this is just the most adorable thing and I ‘awwwd’ at it, their ruffled post-sex-ness is so adorable, despite the fight.

  • Christine

    Just wanted to pop in and say ‘Awww, there’s nothing better than make-up sex’ lol XD

  • makani

    hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng <3

  • KatieD

    Awww… as a middle-aged reader, I have to say you nailed the mindset. This problem, that problem, the other problem, they’re all *your* responsibility, people are counting on you to get it right, and bad things will happen if you don’t. There’s a reason we get grey hair. :)

    Love Phe’s face and dialog in that last panel, she really loves him and is making every effort be supportive, even when that means pointing out he’s acting like a jerk.

  • Smallpotato

    Is that a scar or a ‘tribal mark’ on his right arm/shoulder? I noticed that Pinter has some kind of mark too (blue if I remember rightly) on his shoulder, so I’m asking…

  • Rusty

    Real men have body hair.

  • Akko

    I wish my bed was that big.

  • Blunderbuss

    Man, Suda was NOT kidding when he said these two went back and forth. One minute they’re having a verbally abusive fight, next minute they’re having sweaty make-up sex. It’s so adorable and yet slightly troubling at the same time.

    However, this just makes me hope that Luca does finally redeem himself – he’s got such a loving family right THERE, and he could actually be happy if he lets go of his anger.

    Yay for a married couple who have actual complexity! God that is so rare sometimes.

    And such good timing for Valentine’s Day. Awwwww.

  • cedarwolf22

    Love this divergence! Great buildup for what happens eventually. And oh! The hands 83

  • First thought: Awww.
    Second thought: Wait, is Rana still listening? Oh dear.

    I like this page a lot, especially the little things, like Luca’s clothes leading to the bed (they just couldn’t wait, huh? XD) and his scar. And Rana looks so pretty here.

    • …*Phe. Phe loks so pretty here Oh dear, my comment just became very awkward.

    • No, Rana ran off when she got the chance a few pages (weeks D:) ago. That would be really gross if she was still around T_T

  • TBman256

    suda and the GIRLS? you mean there’s potentially another hot babe in this comic? :D

    • Haha, there are some other babes, but the other daughter that Phe is referring to is 8 y/o

      • TBman256

        D’oh! XP

  • …Wow, simply the suggestion, the warm dark colors and the soft light reflected in their eyes make this page very sexy indeed. Such perfect color balance, a real delicacy to the eyes.

  • Cheri

    I just realized that Phe and Pinter are both Santri, or appear to be with their reddish hair and pigmented noses…
    I wonder why Pinter is so far south.

    • Yes, that is a good question :D

  • Erica

    Ahhhh I love this page. <3

    It's not just the poses they are in and the obvious "nakedness" but the COLORS! They make this page so warm and intimate. I just love it, it's so tender. I hope Luca doesn't try pushing her away anymore, she just wants the best for him. :) Awesome job.

  • Tams

    Dawwwww I love this I love these two. They’re very REAL – and three cheers for real men drawn with real body hair! xD

    Post-sex messy hair is so cute.

  • the_pale_lady

    I love this comic…..thank you

  • You have perfect timing x)

  • SilentSong

    Aw, old people love is so cute. I’m glad that you made it so that Luca’s problems with ruling affect his entire family, not just his own sanity. It gives the entire scenario a very realistic ripple effect.

  • Hairy chest rocks!^^

  • sweet_gardenia

    I squee’d. But quietly. man I’ve been wanting to fan-draw Phe and Luca snuggled up in the bed but I can’t beat that beautiful image you got there. Especially love the tenderness of Phe’s gesture and the softness of the lighting. it’s so lovely. heart heart heart

    And then and then! the next page after Phe says ” my wonderful emperor ” it’s gonna show Luca asleep going SNRGKKKKHHHHH with drool coming out of his mouth right right? ;)

    hope you are doing ok! thanks for keeping them pages a-comin’

    • Hey, stop reading my script notes >:B

      • sweet_gardenia

        *tap dances in your brain*


  • :’D

    They’re such a beautiful couple, its bittersweet really.

  • I think it’s perfect for Valentine’s day :3. They’re so sweet ^-^.

  • crotius

    make up sex is the best sex…

  • Bow chicka bow wow.

  • Stig Hemmer

    Awwww, like all the others have posted. :-)

    Suda may be thawed, but Luca is frozen. I think that is worse.

  • Awwww, this is so sweet. :> NIce page for Valentines :3333333
    Sexy chest hair. :3

  • AKFDSAGD–oh God, thank you for this page! CB

    Also, I like how Phe’s clothes are neatly folded on the end of the bed, while he apparently just ripped his off and threw them around…

    • Your wife is waiting for you on the bed with nothing but a blanket on. Do you
      a) neatly remove your clothes and fold them or
      b) rip them off and throw them around


  • Nadiasama

    Have I mentioned how I LOVE your coloring! It’s a nice mixture of cel-shading and painting and I love it. The colors on this page is awesome and the mood is so sweet. I must say, I saw this coming when she forcibly drug him into the room last page.
    And middle-aged sex is not ‘eww’. Remember comrades, we well all hopefully be middle-aged one day if we already aren’t and we will have sex with that significant other whom we love. The only time it is ever ‘eww’ in my opinion, is when the couple in question is related to you and that you unfortunately walk in on such a scene. *shudder*

  • I’m still a little curious as to where Luka’s teeth went :I

  • Neill

    Uh is it weird that I’ve never really considered Luca to be that attractive until now…? ;__;

    And also, out of curiosity, how long did it take you to color that Phe panel? It’s gorgeous!!

    • Not that long! Maybe 40 minutes. I mean, not long as compared to the rest of the page :

  • kiesu

    They are both so beautiful…

  • Honey_Thistle

    I LOVE this comic. It’s refreshingly expressive, has engaging characters, an inventive and interesting plot…and while stylized, it feels clean…. I really enjoy reading this comic and am looking forward to future posts! Let us know if and when you ever have anything published, yeah?
    Good luck!

  • stephanie

    ive got to be honest… ever since the Angora section of the story ended, i havent understood one comic page, and ive stopped reading so dedicatedly. basically just looking at the pictures, not understanding the names or what theyre talking about. All i know is that he and his wife got in an arguement.
    i will eventually continue to check the meek, but will check back weekly, instead of monthly.

    • Haha, thats okay. In your case maybe it would be more convenient to come back in like mid June when the chapter is finished so that you can read the whole thing straight through! It will probably make more sense then.

      • stephanie

        i probably will.. lol because i do love your pictures, theyre awesome. im sorry i just dont understand this part haha

  • Khaine

    Dirty, dirty phe, heehee!

  • Karlee

    That first panel is amazing :)
    (whoohoo, perspective!)

  • 80

    Hey! You drew a hairy old man chest on Valentines Day too!

    • Hmmmm

      • 80

        I was kidding. Sorry to cause concern.

  • Kat

    Yay, hairy old man chest! D:

  • Alexander

    I think I missed something. Girl(S)? I thought it was only Rana and Suda? Or were the other kids just never introduced?

    • The other daughter hasn’t shown up yet :)

  • Silver Lady

    Awww… this is the page of scnd chapter I liked most, till now. Phe is really a surprising, strong woman.

    (sigh) Deep down, all men are overgrown children…

  • That moment made me feel real warm inside. They’re such a nice couple…for royalty.

  • Fronzel

    And here I thought he was lisping “flawed”.

  • eliza

    i love his expression in panel 2. also, the term ‘thaw’ is completely awesome, and i wish i could use it in everyday conversation.

  • Maphysto

    This scene is all kinds of ‘Awww.’

  • Red Amos

    Cuter than hell.

  • Corenna

    I loooooooove the perspective of the first panel. What a beautiful comic!

  • Jacob

    This comic is so amazing <3
    I've been following it for a while and I only wish I could just sit down and read like.. the whole thing finished!
    I can't wait until the next one :3

    Love your art, and love your ideas~

  • Colt-Khaboom

    Boy it’s a good thing Rana didn’t come snooping in ten minutes later! She’d be a whole different kind of mentally scarred.

  • kristina

    hmmmm what’s up with the discoloration of the hand? something we’ll learn about later?

  • T-beau

    I love how phe looks in the last panel, what an admirable character! and great art work to boot. My compliments on a wonderful comic!

  • Sightedwolf

    Has anyone else noticed how much Phe and Angora look alike? I wonder if that was intentional, and becomes important later on?

  • Kiel West

    I really appreciate this fight and make-up. Very real.

  • Pasty

    I love these comics, but does anyone know where the vote pictures are now? I’ve clicked a lot of the links and none of them work D:

    • Oh yeah, sorry about that! I disabled my vote thing a while ago. You can find the archived incentives at the Facebook page :) They’re in one of the image folders.

      • Pasty

        Oh thank you for replying so quickly X3 Your comics are actually amazing, most webcomics don’t really keep my attention (because I’m lazy ;;>.>) but this one just seems above the rest XD

        • Haha, no problem XD Thanks very much for reading!

  • LadySkipper

    Baaaaaww <3
    XD Love the wooden leg (or is it a boot?) on the floor in the first panel.

  • Judo

    I think my biggest regret is that Phe is one of the most beautiful drawn women I have ever seen and now she is dead and I will not get to see her pretty face no mo’. I have bad luck with favourite characters in your comic, first Phe, then Boss. They all die!

  • Ray

    Panel 3… Luca’s seen the Silence

  • Thisguy

    I can’t believe they had sex anyway.
    Screw marriage counseling! Everyone’s getting laid!

  • Brandon

    Found this through a referral from an old Hark! A Vagrant comic and working my way through the archives is why I have not gotten enough sleep. THIS COMIC IS THE LITERAL BEST

  • Strangeshapes

    I now hear Phe as Eliza’s voice from Hamilton: “Look at where you are; look at where you started. The fact that you’re alive is a miracle; just stay alive, that would be enough. … And if your wife could share a fraction of your time, if she could grant you peace of mind, that would be enough.”

    Not that it works so well for either of them.

  • Jordan179

    As a hairy old man, I wholly agree with your sentiment.

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